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Mines and mineral resources

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Mines and mineral resources

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Mines and mineral resources

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Attached letter from A.E.C. Macdonell

An attached letter from A.E.C. Macdonel in Dawson, Yukon, re: shared mining claim payment, sent with Marie's letter of February 26th, 1902 (in brackets, it is noted that he is 'Marguerite's husband)

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

Attached letter from A.M. Jarvis

Copy of a typewritten letter written by A.M. Jarvis to J.B. Clarke concerning the claim "The Soldiers Three", and sent to SBS in a letter from Marie dated June 30th, 1901.

Clarke, J.B.

Attached letter from J.B. Clarke

Attached letter from SBS's cousin J. B. Clarke, addressed to Marie, and sent with Marie's letter of 18 June 1899 to SBS. The letter discusses, among other things, the Steele's mining claim.

Clarke, J.B.

Business Interests: Mining Interests - Yukon Territory Claims

Legal documents, reports, and correspondence related to mining interests in the Yukon Territory (Claims 18 above on Sulphur and 54 Bonanza); includes a letter from P.H. Belcher, mining partner of SBS's and Mining Inspector, Yukon addressed to Mrs. Steele but intended for forwarding to Sam Steele

Belcher, Percy H.

General Correspondence - 1907

General Correspondence – Personal letters, incoming and outgoing, re: various matters; including business and financial matters; and queries about farming and ranching opportunities around Calgary. Includes a letter from SBS's nephew Viv, who mentions his father (Henry Edward Steele) and his Uncle John's birthdates, among other things. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Harwood, C.A.

General Correspondence - 1907

General Correspondence – A letter from R.J. Morgan, re: Mining matters in Western Canada, and an article written by H.J. Woodside and sent to SBS, concerning crediting Robert Henderson as the first discoverer of gold in the Klondike; also includes a news clipping of a letter written to the Bruce Herald Newspaper from Woodside. Handwritten.

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

Hunker Creek Reports

Hand-written intelligence reports sent to Colonel Steele, reporting on activities on the Creek, including claim owner infractions; includes one undated report extract.

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

Letter to Marie from A.R. Macdonell

Handwritten letter to Marie in Fort Macleod from Alex Macdonell in Lethbridge, speaking of joint mining concerns and inviting Marie to send the children to them while she contemplates a move to join SBS in the Yukon. The letter is dated June 2nd, 1898.

Macdonell, Alexander R.

NWMP Correspondence - Incoming, Feb. 1899

Correspondence sent to Steele related to his duties in the Yukon, including that of Commission Council member, from Commissioner Ogilvie and others; includes a report and letters concerning the collection of mining royalties.

Ogilvie, William, Commissioner, Yukon Territory

NWMP Correspondence - Incoming, May 1898

Letter from J.W. [Willison] of the Caribou Police Post commenting on a number of topics including numbering boats, registering people, and investigating private mining options for himself and Steele (if interested).

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

NWMP Correspondence - Outgoing, [1897], 1898

Hand-written letter from Steele at Lake Bennett to the NWMP Comptroller requesting information about whether NWMP members can stake personal mining claims; draft of telegram written by Steele.

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

Report - Guy H. Kirkpatrick

Letter sent to SBS from Lt. Guy H. Kirkpatrick responding to charges of gold being removed from Glynn's Lydenburg Mine. Handwritten, 2 pp.

Kirkpatrick, Guy H. , Lietenant

South African Goldfields - Map

Two hand-drawn map sheets drawn on the back of a memo form Showing Goldfields, roads, and names of Chiefs and their locations.

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919