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Manitoba, Canada

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Manitoba, Canada

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Manitoba, Canada

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Loose item from 1886 scrapbook: images and note

2 images and 1 note:
-1 image is a newspaper imprint titled "A Manitoba Farm." (6.1 x 10.2 cm)
-1 image is an original pencil sketch titled "A Kootenay Tepee" with the artist's initials "E.H.W." (14.5 x 11.5 cm)
-Note is about the time and place of an accident. There is no description of what the accident was. (3.7 x 7.9 cm)

PE000714 - Bingo Gold Mines office with miners and officials posed out front

Description information taken from paper enclosed with photo: “Several miners and officials are posed in front of the log cabin office of the Bingo Gold Mines in Northern Manitoba. Bingo Gold Mines was one of the first Canadian mining companies to be convicted of tampering with gold samples. They were convicted of fraud in 1925 for salting ore samples with gold to encourage investors to buy stock in the gold mine.”

PE004699 - “Citizenship: Our Democracy” by the Departments of Education for Manitoba and Saskatchewan

A publication titled “Citizenship: Our Democracy” and authorized by the Departments of Education for the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  Stamped on the inside front cover appears to be “Property of King George School” but the ink is smeared and the stamp was not evenly applied.  The material within this publication is meant to be covered as part of the social studies curriculum for elementary school children.  “The course aims particularly to teach children loyalty to our King and to our country.”  Printed by Thos. H. McConica, King’s Printer for Saskatchewan in Regina.

PE004844 - "Western Canada - The Granary of the British Empire" book

Book titled: "Western Canada - The Granary of the British Empire." Cover is made from brown paper, with a drawing of a bushel of wheat on the front. The back cover contains an advertisement for the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Pacific Coast Highway. The interior contains maps and illustrations, as well as text. Contains information regarding Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, including crops, fruit, and animals sustainable in each location. Also includes information on land surveying, mineral land regulations, government land offices, settlers’ effects, general information, etc.

PE004849 - "The Manitoba Sugar Industry"

A report titled: The Manitoba Sugar Industry. It details the chemical components of sugar, an early history of its cultivation, sugar prices in Canada, sugar manufactured from sugar beets, seeding, cultivation and harvesting of beets, agricultural research done by The Manitoba Sugar Company on the cultivation of beets, etc. Report looks to have been written by The Manitoba Sugar Company.

PE004886 - Thanksgiving Remembrance Rededication

Thanksgiving Remembrance Rededication. Program for a mass in honour of the victory of the United Nations in Europe. Cover features photographs of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth against a background of the British flag; the Manitoba flag is featured at the bottom. This program was presented to Rhoda Elrick by the Department of Education, province of Manitoba.