Item FC 3216.3 P63 R64 - Loose item from 1886 scrapbook: letter to mother (12 May 1886)

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Loose item from 1886 scrapbook: letter to mother (12 May 1886)

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FC 3216.3 P63 R64

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  • 12 May 1886 (Produção)
    Pocock, Roger

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1 folded sheet and 1 sheet (6 pages) of textual material ; 19.8 x 12.3 cm

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História biográfica

Henry Roger Ashewell Pocock was born November 9, 1865 at Cookham, Berkshire, England. He came to Canada with his father in 1882, and settled in Brockville, Ontario. In 1882 and 1883, he attended the Guelph Agricultural College, and subsequently took a job as a surveyor for the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Pocock enlisted with the North-West Mounted Police at Fort Osborne in 1884. When the North-West Resistance broke out, Pocock marched with Colonel Irvine's relief force from Regina to Prince Albert in the winter weather, freezing his feet during the trek. As a result of the advanced frostbite to his feet, Pocock had to have several toes amputated, rendering him an invalid constable. He kept a diary/scrapbook for each year he was with the N.W.M.P., and later used the collections to write and publish a series of fictional books based on his experiences, the first successful of which was a biographical work titled "Following the Frontier" (N.Y., 1903) also published as "A Frontiersman" (London, 1903). According to Watters (A Check List of Canadian Literature, 1628-1950), Pocock published at least 15 titles between 1888 and 1931. In 1905, Pocock went on to found "The Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth." He died November 12, 1941.

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Letter from Pocock to his mother dated 12 May 1886. Pocock writes about his cigar selling business and its success. He plans on selling iced beverages in the recreation room to make more money. He then writes about the happenings of the week, commenting on the snowy and cold weather. He then describes his room and its contents.

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    The letter is a loose item from the 1886 Pocock Scrapbook.

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