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Information for specific occupations outside of Health and Medicine. Approximately half of the items in this series are intended for teachers, administrators or instructors in schools and colleges. It includes information from the UK, USA and Canada. There are Information bulletins from Alberta Education (Canada), the Department of Health and Human Services (USA) and the UK Department of Education and Science. there is one catalog of AIDS related teaching materials and three versions of an English as a Second Language teaching resource.

The other half of this series is for a variety of non-educational occupational settings, the majority are general and cover concerns like sharing equipment or lockers rooms with someone with AIDS. There are however two with very specific audiences, food and beverage workers and personal service (grooming) workers. there is also a single brochure that seems to be for anyone who works in downtown Vancouver B.C.

Health Professionals

This series contains four sub-series all of which are directed at Health Personnel or First Responders who may come into contact with bodily fluids during their normal work day.

Most of this series is information which targets the specific concerns of workers in public safety, health and emergency personnel. There is also information for Dentists. Most of this series in in the form of booklets or full sized bulletins or newsletters. One booklet which is present in three versions, two from 1984 and one from 1988, show both the progression of information and regional differences in how it was communicated.

Three items target concerns regarding Blood Donation and Blood Supply. The booklet from Saskatchewan Health is comprehensive in describing what all levels of hospital staff must do as 'Universal precautions against blood-born pathogens.'

Complementary Health Practitioners and practices are discussed in three newsletters on the following topics: Chinese Herbs, Clear Heat, and Acupuncture. The newsletters are 'Professional Health Concerns' and 'the Quan Yin Newsletter.'

There are a few training and resource items and one information kit from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA. This kit is especially interesting to Health researchers as it contains the collections only examples of scholarly articles and abstracts regarding condoms as an effective preventative measure. It dates from 1993 and includes tip-sheets for talking points with patients and three A4 sized posters promoting condom use.

UAA-1975-116 · Accession · [ca. 1910-1950]
Parte de James McPherson Parker fonds

Accession consists of photographs of waterways and oil sands of Alberta. The materials were collected by J. M. Parker from various sources for a lecture on the oil sands.

UAA-1981-067 · Accession · 1981
Parte de James McPherson Parker fonds

Accession consists of interviews of A. Cooke, recorded by J. M. Parker.

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UAA-1982-046 · Accession · 1975-1980
Parte de James McPherson Parker fonds

Accession consists of correspondence, research proposals, interviews, newspaper clippings, bibliographies, and other research material from the Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Project Research.

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UAA-1978-108 · Accession · 1912-1972
Parte de J. Dewey Soper Fonds

Manuscripts and field diaries in binders, published reports from Soper's library, processed reports and photocopies presented to Soper.

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TAC at Steep Rock Mine
Item · 1984
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on a field trip to Steep Rock Mine in Atikokan, September 1984. TAC went as part of their efforts to research the Canadian Shield. During WWII, the lake at this site had been drained and iron ore was recovered. It had since been refilling with water. Harris' job was to complete a risk assessment of the area. Slide found in the container labeled Hazardous Wastes.

Harris and Friends
Item · 1987
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Walter Harris, John Devereau and their wives posing in front of a sign at a gas station near Swan Hills Treatment Centre.

Physical Sciences Auditorium
Item · [1961]
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Physical Sciences Auditorium with 400 sloping seats full of students. The auditorium was housed in a seperate wing to the North of the Mathematics-Physics building and was used for large lecture classes, special lectures and public meetings. A projection booth is also located at the back of the room.

Undergraduate Laboratory
Item · [1961]
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Undergraduate laboratory with private working areas for up to twenty students. The side benches and cabinets display equiptment and materials in general use.

Physics Machine Shop
Item · [1961]
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Physics machine shop with wood and metal-working equipment to create materials for research and undergraduate laboratories. The machine shop was located in the basement of the physics-mathematics wing.


Unknown photograph owned by SG Davis. After Davis' passing, it was found among the files in his office and acquired by Harris.

Walter Harris and Harry Habgood
Item · 1964
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Image of Harris and Habgood. Harry Habgood co-authored Programmed Temperature Gas Chromatography with Harris, the first book published by anyone in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta.

Technical Advisory Committee
Item · 1989
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) photograph taken June 1989. Missing from the photo is John Convey. List of member credentials is attached to the original photo.

Harris Accepting Award from Cantwell
Item · 1988
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Harris accepting award from Fred Cantwell, a fellow University of Alberta chemistry staff member and presenter at the conference. This happened during the "Symposium in Honour of W.E. Harris : Analytical Chemistry- its Role in Socio-Economic Development" .

Alberta Centennial Medal Certificate
Item · 2005
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Walter Harris was awarded this certificate as part of Alberta's centennial celebrations. The certificate reads: "The Alberta Centennial Medal is conferred upon Walter Edgar Harris. In recognition of outstanding service to the people and province of Alberta September 1, 2005".

Harris in Trail, British Columbia
Item · [1937]
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Harris standing on a hill in Trail, British Columbia. Caption reads "Trail and CMS". The image was likely taken the summer after Harris' third year at University when he worked at Consolidated Minning and Smelting as a general labourer in the phosphate fertilizer plant. Slide used in personal presentation.

National Research Universal Reactor
Item · 1950s
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

National Research Universal reactor Atomic Energy of Canada United in Chalk River, Ontario. Harris spent one summer in Chalk River with R Betts on the isotopic separation of sodium-22 and sodium -24. Slide found in box labeled AECL for the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited likely used in lecture or public talk.

Low Dose Risk Assessment Lecture Notes
Item · 1997
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Full lecture notes on Walter Harris' talk "Risk Assessment" given to Sigma Xi at Corbett Hall on September 24 1997. See accession no. 2012-27-235.2 for corresponding lecture slides and accession no. 2012-27-235.1 for a poster that advertised the public talk.

Low Dose Risk Assessment Poster
Item · 1997
Parte de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Poster advertising the public lecture "Low Dose Risk Assessment" by Harris with opening remarks by Roger S Smith. The lecture was sponsored by the University of Alberta chapter Society of the Sigma XI- Research Society of North America and held on September 24, 1997. See accession no. 2012-27-235.2 for corresponding lecture slides and accession no. 2012-27-179.1 for respective lecture notes.

UAA-1986-059 · Accession · [1985]
Parte de New Canadian Encyclopedia fonds

Original paintings, drawings and graphs commissioned for use in the New Canadian Encyclopedia

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UAA-1994-099 · Accession · 1978-1997
Parte de Fringe Theatre Adventures fonds

Administrative and production files.
Fringe Festival materials include applications, posters, programmes and photographs.
Other materials include Chinook Theatre programs and School Tour materials (feed-back, evaluations and teacher study guides)

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Ernest C. Manning fonds
UAA Fonds 0325 · Arquivo · 1978 - 1982

Series illustrates the likeness of Ernest C. Manning from various sources, including newspaper articles, a cover of a biographical sketch by John Cashman, and a negative from the UAA. Series consists of 5 graphic materials that have been scanned and Photoshopped.

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