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Coil Binders from U. of Minnesota

WE Harris became a Ph. D. student at the University of Minnesota in the fall of 1939. File includes: Analytical Seminar, Fall 1939; Anal. Chem. Seminar, May 1940; Chemical Microscopy.

Programmed Temperature Gas Chromatography

Book, "Programmed Temperature Gas Chromatography" by WE Harris and HW (Harry) Habgood, 1966, and reviews of book. Copy contains handwritten thanks to Phyllis Harris by Harry Habood and Walter Harris (see first page inside cover). WE Harris: "This is the first book to be published in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta."


Notes, etc "probably development for Chemical Analysis book". Includes an envelope with information on nomenclature to be used in 2nd edition of Chemical Analysis.

[Chemistry Slides]

"Kodak plates" cardboard box contains slides used by WE Harris in early lectures. Slides made by Department of Extension at the University of Alberta.


Articles and notes about energy and resources; includes notes by WE Harris and articles by Dr. F. Bentley and Dr. R. Folinsbee.

Bridge Book, 1998 - 2002

File contains self published book, "Bridge" by WE Harris, first (1998) and third (2002) printing. WE Harris used this book when teaching bridge lessons to beginners.

Bridge Lessons

File contains notes by WE Harris for teaching bridge lessons and an advertisement for bridge lessons. WE Harris donated his time to charities as a bridge teacher. The charities sold bridge lessons at silent auctions.

Bridge Book, 2011

File contains: softcover book, "Bridge: Direct, Simple & Winning" by WE Harris and HB Dunford 2011; and correspondence, notes etc.

Lecture Notes on Index Cards

Lecture notes on index cards. Topics include: Developments in Teaching Analytical Chemistry; Chemistry class lectures (Chromatography, Separations, etc); Instructions to Teaching Assistants (TAs); Thoughts on Teaching; Teaching and Research; 1974 talk to Dawson College; 1976 meeting with Hon. Drury; Energy; Three Critical Resources; Hazards and Risks; History of Analytical Chemistry; History - Personal.

Hazardous Waste Management in Alberta

File contains information compiled by WE Harris for presentations to TAC: (1) Hazardous Wastes Experience in Alberta 1979-84; (2) Hazardous Wastes and the Public - presentation to TAC May 1985; (3) Alberta Chronology: Special Wastes Facility.

AECL Report, 1987

AECL (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited) Semi-Annual Status Report of the Canadian Nuclear Fuel Waste Management Program, 1986 April 1 - September 30, Pinawa MB 1987. Report contains inserts and notes by WE Harris.

Risk Assessment Workshop Material

Material for workshops given by WE Harris. File includes: (1) "Risk Assessment" by WE Harris, with notes [no date]; (2) "Risk Assessment" for Environmental Services Association of Alberta workshop June 11, 1993; "Risk Assessment Low Dose, Workshop and Reading Material" for 7th Annual Calgary Environmental Conference, Oct 31, 1994

Hazardous Waste Team - Reports

File contains: (1) "Hazardous Waste Management in Alberta," a report by the Hazardous Waste Management Committee, Jan 1980 (signed by WE Harris as a member of the committee, p. 96); (2) "Observations, Discussions & Documentation RE Site Visits: England, Denmark, Germany" by WE Harris, Nov 1981 - "a report prepared as a member of the Hazardous Waste Implementation Team," regarding site visits to hazardous waste treatment sites in other countries; (3) "Hazardous Wastes in Alberta: Final Report," Dec 1981, by the Hazardous Waste Team Implementation Program (signed by WE Harris as a member of the team, p. 5).

ASWMC Nov-Dec 1985

Correspondence, notes etc; includes report by Woods Gordon, Nov 1985; and letter of resignation by WE Harris, 31 Dec 1985.

ASWMC Publications

Various articles and reports collected by WE Harris, including: "Siting a Fully Integrated Waste Management Facility in Alberta" by J. McQuaid-cook and KJ Simpson, Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association 36, Sept 1986; and "Development and Operation of a Waste Management System in Alberta, Canada" by J. McQuaid-Cook and CS Simons, Waste Management & Research 7, 219-227, 1989.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Seven trays of slides to do with hazardous waste disposal, possibly related to WE Harris' involvement with the Alberta Hazardous Waste Management Committee.

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