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UAA-1999-001 · Accession · [ca. 1900-1930]
Part of Office of the President fonds

Photographs, meeting minutes, and general textual material related to several Normal Schools in Alberta and other educational events.

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UAA-2022-014 · Accession · ca. 1888-2022
Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

Professional papers and teaching materials of Patricia Alice McCormack. Includes Fort Chipewyan and other Indigenous community research materials; course curriculum development and related materials; correspondence; thesis materials; documentation of major projects; copies of primary and secondary source material, and transcriptions; professional administrative paperwork.

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Patricia A. McCormack fonds
UAA Fonds 0331 · Archief · ca. 1888-2022

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Patricia McCormack and her work as an anthropologist, professor, and lecturer.

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UAA-2005-074 · Accession · 1892-1998
Part of Alberta Law Reform Institute fonds

Materials relating to Project 66, Real Property (Mortgage Remedies). Includes board agendas and minutes; correspondence; research materials, notes/papers; and publications.

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UAA-2023-021 · Accession · 1973-2011
Part of Laurent Godbout fonds

Accession consists of records about Faculté Saint-Jean, Franco-albertain issues, Théâtre à la carte, and Théâtre Français Edmonton. The theatre records include photographs, video recordings, programs, posters, and other records about theatre productions. The Faculté Saint-Jean records include photographs of campus, faculty, events, and students, as well as academic planning meeting minutes. The accession also contains research material and papers about French language education, records about the Institute pour le patrimoine de la francophonie de l'Ouest canadien and other French language rights groups, and other related records.

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UAL · Collectie

Pamphlets cover a wide range of important topics in the world communism, including the Sino-Soviet dispute. Includes a large number of pamphlets from the British Communist Party and its allies, and pamphlets printed in Albania.

Accession · [1980-1983]
Part of John E. Foster fonds

Accession consists of Festschrift for L.H. Thomas: Correspondence with contributors, University of Alberta Press; MSS of contributions.

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UAA-1979-023 · Accession · [1908-1950]
Part of John A. Allan fonds

Accession consists of photographs taken mostly by John Allan for the Alberta Geological Survey, as well as personal photographs of Allan.

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UAA-1977-062 · Accession · 1910-1967
Part of Department of Geology fonds

Office files, research materials and (John Allan Room) Library. Includes student research projects, field notes, graduate student records, office adminitstrative and operative records.

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UAA-1978-045 · Accession
Part of Julian Mills fonds

Photographs of family, arctic and riverboat related subjects along the Athabasca River, Lake Athabasca, Fort Simpson, Great Slave Lake and Fort McMurray. Also are included press clippings of Northern newspapers and the Camsell family.

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UAA-1974-153 · Accession · 1926-1971
Part of History Club fonds

Accession consists of minutes, correspondence, and other materials from The History Club.

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UAA-1974-131 · Accession · 1973-1974
Part of Board of Governors fonds

Accession consists of minutes of the Board of Governors and Executive Committee.

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UAA-1974-130 · Accession · 1973-1974
Part of Board of Governors fonds

Accession consists of appendices from the Board of Governors and Executive Committee.

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UAA-1974-126 · Accession · 1970-1974
Part of Special Sessions fonds

Accession consists of correspondence from the Herbert T. Coutts Retirement Committee, including correspondence about retirement arrangements and the Royal Bank Awards.

UAA-1974-075 · Accession · 1970-1973
Part of Board of Governors fonds

Accession consists of appendices to Board of Governors minutes (September 1972 - June 1973), appendices to Executive Board of Governors minutes (July 1972 - June 1972) and ad hoc Committee minutes (1970-1973).

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UAA-1974-070 · Accession · 1913-1962
Part of Office of the Provost fonds

Accession consists of meeting minutes from the Committee on Student Affairs (1913-1961), the House Committee (1914-1955) and the General Residence Committee (1957-1962).

UAA-1989-003 · Accession · 1932-1936
Part of Margaret H. Farnell fonds

Accession consists of memorabilia from the class of 1936 collected by Margaret Farnell, including a Freshette ribbon, sorority party cards, Wauneita Society dinner posters, records about university social activities and graduations, press clippings, University of Alberta songs, poems by Kemper Hammond Broadus, programs from Edmonton theatre groups, a student handbook, and other records.

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UAA-1985-042 · Accession · [1890]-1940
Part of Gertrude Balmer Watt fonds

Accession consists of records pertaining to Gertrude Watt including correspondence, publications, radio talks and memorabilia.

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UAA-1996-049 · Accession · 1983-1995
Part of Nexus Theatre fonds

Extensive collection of administrative and production files for the complete life of the theatre company.

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UAA-1989-055 · Accession · 1900-1988
Part of Theresa Alta Iddings fonds

Accession consists of memorabilia and photographs collected by Theresa Alta Iddings (later Mrs. Wilton) from the University of Alberta Class of '24.

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UAA-2015-010 · Accession · [ca. 1909-1959]
Part of Harold Orr fonds

Accession consists of framed photos and drawings from Harold Orr's office, depicting the University of Toronto Medical Athletic Association (1909-1910), the U of T Faculty of Medicine (1911), the University of Alberta Medical Building, various doctors and professors, Harold Orr's U of T graduation photo (1911), and other subjects.

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UAA-1974-042 · Accession · [ca. 1918-1960]
Part of Harold Orr fonds

Accession consists of publications, photographs, and memorabilia of Harold Orr, including publications about hot air disinfestors (1918-1919), a program from a Medical Undergraduate Society dinner (1942), and photographs of Colonel F. H. Mewburn, Dr. A. C. Rankin, and Dr. MacEachran.

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UAA-1978-123 · Accession
Part of William Clark fonds

Diaries, photographs, correspondence and interview transcript with W.D. Addison

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UAA-2006-024 · Accession · 1922-1978

Finley McInnes personal papers, audio tapes and photographs

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Accession · 1966-2019
Part of David John Hall fonds

Accession consists of textual records of Dr. David J. Hall's career as an academic historian and author, containing drafts, research notes, newspaper clippings, journal articles, correspondence and photocopied primary resources related to his work on the Clifford Sifton and Frank Oliver biographies, the book titled From Treaties to Reserves, as well as various other history projects and collaborations. Accession also contains material related to the Aspen View Regional Division No. 19 case in which Dr. Hall was called as an expert witness, as well as photographs primarily used in Dr. Hall's publications.

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UAA-1984-011 · Accession · 1889-1980
Part of James Donald Hawkins fonds

Accession consists of papers and photographs collected by Dr J. D. Hawkins to update A. E. Jamieson's "History of Dentistry in Alberta 1885-1968."

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UAA-1981-104 · Accession · [1906-1952]
Part of Heber C. Jamieson fonds

Correspondence, notes, photographs and reference materials for History of Medicine course and publications. Minutes of Ower Reporting Club (1929-1946) and Departmental Pathologists (1948-1950). Photographs of students and graduates [1906-1952]

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UAA-1974-041 · Accession · [ca. 1917-1925]
Part of Maimie Shaw Simpson fonds

Accession consists of photographs of student groups, including casts of theatre productions (1918-1925), the Students' Council (1919-1920), and the Desmoines Delegation (1919-1920).

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UAA-1974-040 · Accession · 1920-1967
Part of Edgar Stansfield fonds

Accession consists of papers from Edgar Stansfield, including "British and Italian Patents for Process and Apparatus for Carbonizing Coal and the like" (1920), a certificate for “The Ritual Of The Calling Of An Engineer" (1930), and a paper from the Symposium on the Science and Technology of Coal (1967).

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UAA-2019-033 · Accession · 2017-2019
Part of University of Alberta Press fonds

Accession contains University of Albert Press publications for 2017 to 2019, including books edited and authored by Robert C. Rival; Jay Scherer, David Mills, and Linda Sloan McCulloch; Michael Stock; Tessa Jordan; Ursula Mathis-Moser and Marie Carriére; Geo Takach; Sandra Semchuk; Chandrima Chakraborty, Amber Dean, and Angela Failler; Roger Epp; Margaret Atwood; Pamela Brett-MacLean and Lianne McTavish; Aldona Jaworska; Rod Macleod; Darryl Raymaker; Norma Dunning; Susmita Roye; Douglas Barbour; Carissa Halton; Rona Altrows and Julie Sedivy; Melissa Tanti, Jeremy Haynes, Daniel Coleman, and Lorraine York; Jenna Butler; John Rae and William Barr; Amanda Wakaruk and Sam-Chin Li; Marita Dachsel; Michael Crummey; E.D. Blodgett; Naomi K. Lewis; Leslie Main Johnson;George Pavlich and Matthew P. Unger; Alana Fletcher and Morris Neyelle; William Wray Carney, Colin Babiuk, and Mark Hunter LaVigne; Nora Foster Stovel; Huia Tomlins-Jahnke, Sandra Styres, Spencer Lilley, and Dawn Zinga; and Therese Greenwood.

UAA-2004-030 · Accession · [1954-199?]

Textual materials include research, teaching and professional files. Graphical materials include sketches, posters, glass etchings and photographs. Other materials include newspaper clippings, awards, manuscripts,

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UAA-1979-068 · Accession · [1886-1965]

Biographical information on Harold Purcey Brown including correspondence, news clippings, notes and publications

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UAA-1990-043 · Accession · [ca. 1900-1988]
Part of John Constantine Charyk fonds

Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, research records, sound recordings, memorabilia, related to the authorship of his books such as "The Little White School House"

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UAA-1973-159 · Accession · 21 Sept. 1973
Part of Allan L. Hepburn fonds

Accession consists of an audio recording of interviews by Dr. Allan Hepburn with Dr. J. S. Gardner (University of Alberta 1934) Dr. James Nixon (University of Alberta 1934, McGill 1935). The interview includes reminiscences of Dean A. C. Rankin, Dr. Edgerton Pope, Dr. H. H. Hepburn, Dr. W. Rowan, Dr. D. J. Revell, Dr. A. G. Rawlinson, Dr. Reuben Sandin, Dr. Charles Hunter, Dr. Evan Greene, Dr. John Scott, Dr. John J. Ower, Dr. C. Hurlburt, Dr. D. Leitch, Dr. H. Orr, Dr. Hank Mewburn, Dr. Ralph Shaner, Dr. William Wilson, Dr. Jack Fife, Dr. L. C. Conn, Dr. Ross Vant, and Dr. Heber Jamieson.

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UAA-1971-008 · Accession · 1908-1968
Part of Department of Psychology fonds

"Sixty Years of Psychology at the University of Alberta," by T.M. Nelson and R.M. Arvidson. Photographs of Psychology Department heads.

UAA-1973-042 · Accession · [ca. 1957-1965]
Part of Amateur Radio Club fonds

Accession consists of memorabilia from the University of Alberta Amateur Radio Club, including report sheets, a scrapbook, QSL cards, membership cards, a club stamp, and photographs of radio operators.

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UAA-2004-008 · Accession · 1847-1942
Part of David Hoyt fonds

Accession consists of 887 musical scores for orchestra published in 1847-1942, including marches, waltzes, tarantellas, polkas, anthems, and overtures.

UAA-1988-135 · Accession · [1977-1980]
Part of Henry T. Lewis fonds

Motion Picture: "The Fires of Spring". Original film footage, master footage, print copies, preview copies, out-takes, and other related materials. Film depicts controlled habitat burning in Northern Alberta. Ca. 300 minutes of film and related materials

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UAA-2022-002 · Accession · 1963-1999
Part of Epsilon Pi Tau fonds

Accession consists of records from Epsilon Pi Tau, especially from the Omicron Field Chapter. The records include general correspondence of Omicron Field Chapter (1965-1996), fraternity and chapter newsletters, meeting minutes, initiation programs, membership lists, the Code of Regulations, and other records. The correspondence includes planning records for initiations, symposiums, awards, and other events. The correspondence also includes correspondence from 1965-1972 between William E. Warner and Clarence H. Preitz about the establishment of the Omicron Field Chapter.

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Accession · 1989-2017
Part of Education Society of Edmonton fonds

Accession contains annual business documentation for the Education Society. Also contains anniversary commemorative pamphlets and book.

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UAA-1977-100 · Accession · 1913-1967
Part of Alan Emerson Cameron fonds

Personal and professional papers, awards, certificates, diplomas and photographs

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UAA-1973-033 · Accession · 1964-1971
Part of Edge (Periodical) fonds

Accession consists of a complete run of "Edge" magazine, office files, and memorabilia from the publication.

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UAA-1969-132 · Accession · 1909-1910
Part of Students' Union fonds

Accession consists of: a photograph of the Executive of the first Students' Council at the University of Alberta; and a photograph of the YWCA, possibly Student Faculty or the Wauneita Society. The names of individuals in the photographs are included.

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UAA-1979-112 · Accession · 1965-1970
Part of Ruth Bowen fonds

Accession consists of transcriptions of interviews with University professors and other people from the university's history. The accession also contains notes, reference materials, correspondence, and photographs of Dr. and Mrs. J. M. MacEachran.

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UAA-1983-099 · Accession · 1905-1973
Part of Helen Sheldon fonds

Personal memorabilia includes certificates, books photographs and press clipping

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UAA-1972-184 · Accession · 1969-1972
Part of General Faculties Council fonds

Accession consists of records from the General Promotions Committee (General Faculty Council), including agendas, minutes, and recommendations.

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UAA-1970-073 · Accession · 1950-1959
Part of Faculty of Arts fonds

Accession consists of booklets and files related to the joint Committee to Co-ordinate University and High School Curricula and the Matriculation Study Committee.

UAA-1981-129 · Accession · [1979]
Part of Patricia Louise Austin fonds

Accession consists of materials from the Patricia Austin Memorial Exhibit including trophies, pins, framed documents, photographs and correspondence.

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UAA-2023-012 · Accession · 1963 - 2023

The accession comprises textual records including the written history, scrapbook, newspaper clippings, articles, notes and correspondence regarding the University of Alberta Golden Bears Football Team and the Golden Bowl game played November 16, 1963.

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UAA-1971-161 · Accession · 1915-1952
Part of Robert Newton fonds

Selected addresses and other papers. Includes inter alia, CKUA papers

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UAA-1972-122 · Accession · 1935-1944
Part of Faculty of Education fonds

Accession consists of Education alumni bulletins, including the Bulletin of the School of Education Society (1935-1937), the College of Education Alumni Association Quarterly Bulletin (1941), the College of Education Society Quarterly Bulletin (1941-1942), and Education Quarterly (1942-1944).

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UAA-1978-171 · Accession
Part of C.W. Mathers fonds

Accession represents a photo album containing original prints of the Edmonton photographer C.W. Mather

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UAA-1986-106 · Accession · [1924-1980]
Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

Copies of photographs from an album of the Oblate Fathers of the Mission of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate from Fort Chipewyan.

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UAA-1985-036 · Accession · [1977-1978]
Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

Audio recordings of interviews of Fort Chipewyan residents (1977), N.P.A. meeting panel discussion (1978) and J.D. Soper (n.d.)

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UAA-1978-103 · Accession · 1977-1978
Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

Audio recordings of interviews by Patricia McCormack with Fort Chipewyan residents and negative of "Mary Cardinal".

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UAA-1981-010 · Accession · [1931-1968]
Part of Muriel Oslie fonds

Accession consists of the personal diary of Muriel Oslie (in three volumes, 1931-1968), personal photographs, and taped interviews with Peace River residents.

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Accession · 1967-1978
Part of Muriel Oslie fonds

Accession consists of audio tape interviews with early settlers in the Peace Rive country.

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UAA-1982-046 · Accession · 1975-1980
Part of James McPherson Parker fonds

Accession consists of correspondence, research proposals, interviews, newspaper clippings, bibliographies, and other research material from the Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Project Research.

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UAA-1982-139 · Accession · 1948-1983
Part of William Elmer Adkins Fonds

Collection of photographs and documents regarding personal, Abasand, oil sands reports and oil companies (1948-1950). Includes audio interview of W.E. and Evelyn Adkins by J.M. Parker (1983).

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UAA-1988-092 · Accession · 1987
Part of Brigham Young Card fonds

Conference Papers: "The Mormon Presence in Canada" (at the University of Alberta).

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UAA-1988-088 · Accession · [1980-1986]
Part of Department of Radio and Television fonds

Accession consists of video cassettes pertaining to Special Convocations (1982-1986), Whatsoever Things Are True (1980), and Investing in Canada (n.d.).

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UAA-1988-074 · Accession · 1924-1954

F.H. Walker teaching diplomas and certificates (1924-1954) and sports emblems (1935-1938)

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UAA-1988-033 · Accession · 1917-1981

Edmonton and District Dental Society records (1917-1981) including the Society's Historian notes (1885-1967).

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Accession · 1983
Part of Tom Schwarzkopf fonds

Accession consists of Universiade '83 Media Centre materials includes materials for fencing events.

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UAA-1987-099 · Accession · 1967-1969
Part of Alberta Public Affairs Bureau fonds

Accession consists of photographs of the University of Alberta campus, buildings, Second Century Week, other events, and people.

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UAA-1987-091 · Accession · 1970-1986
Part of Peter John Murphy fonds

Accession consists of the records of Dr. Peter J. Murphy of the Department of Forestry, including professional activities (1979-1984) and other materials (1970-1975, 1986).

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UAA-1987-072 · Accession · 1987
Part of Brigham Young Card fonds

Conference: "The Mormon Presence in Canada: A North American Ethno-Religious People in Canadian Cultures" (Edmonton) - correspondence, proceedings and recordings of the sessions.

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