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Accession consists of talks and papers by Porteous, J. W.:
1 Talk given by J. W. Porteous in London on the occaision of the opening of Leonardo da Vinci's models of invention, 34 pp. [1950]
2 Talk "The Possiblity of Adopting Wartime Program in Radio and Rada to Domesic Affairs," by J. W. Porteous, 2 pp. [ca. 1955]
3 Talk "C.K.U.A., 1927-45" by J. W. Porteous. Histocal sketch of C.K.U.A. Radio Station, 4pp. [ca 1950]
4 Talk, "In connection with the visiti to C.K.U.A. of the Edmonton Branch of Engineering Institute of Canada." by J. W. Porteous, 9 pp

  1. Talk , "Voltage, Current and Impedance" by J. W. Porteous, 5 pp.
  2. Correspondence, William Rowan to J. W. Porteous, 1952-11-13
  3. Log Book, VE 4AJS. From 1937-09-24
  4. Correspondence, Charles E. Garnett to J. W. Porteous, 1960-03-29, 2pp.
  5. Royal Society of Arts. List of Fellows. 1959-11-01
  6. Royal Society of Arts. Descriptive Bulletin. 1960
  7. Journal of the Royal Society of Arts 1960-03
  8. Royal Society of Arts. Calendar of Meetings. 1962-02
  9. Royal Society of Arts. Charter and By-Laws.

Porteous, John Wardlaw

Speech: "Red River Expedition"

A speech by SBS presented at the Old Timer's Banquet in Winnipeg in ca. April, 1909, and titled: "Red River Expedition". 4 copies of speech, type-written, annotated by SBS, 6 pp.

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

General Correspondence - 1914

General Correspondence – Personal letters from [Anni I. Cousin] and [S.] R. Snider, re: Steele speaking to their clubs; as well as a letter from Steele’s editor M.G. Niblett. Handwritten

Niblett, Mollie Glen

General Correspondence - 1910

General Correspondence – Personal letters, re: various matters; includes a letter from T. Bland Strange, G.A. French, and a letter from a Steele relative discussing his genealogical research into the Steele family; also an invitation for Steele to speak to the Canadian Club of Winnipeg. Handwritten.

French, George Arthur

General Correspondence - 1909

General Correspondence – Personal letters, re: various matters; includes several letters from family members; two letters from Charles Winter of Militia and Defence Canada, and letters from other acquaintances and friends. Handwritten; Typewritten.

MacGregor, Esther Miller (Marian Keith)

General Correspondence - 1909

General Correspondence – Personal letters, re: various matters; including congratulations to Steele for his promotion to Winnipeg; a dictated letter from A.M. Jarvis, a letter from R.J. Gwynne and invitations to speak. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Gwynne, R.J.

Business Interests: Speeches

Speeches given by SBS to various gatherings; topics include: Lord Strathcona's Trust; Red River expedition; military defence; and NWMP and the early West. There are several copies of some speeches

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919