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Edward Hunter Gowan fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0288
  • Arquivo
  • 1935-1948

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Physicist and Meteorologist Dr. Edward Gowan.

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Evan Greene fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0290
  • Arquivo
  • 1900-1951

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Dr. Evan Greene and the Department of Anatomy.

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R. Douglas Ferrier fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0279
  • Arquivo
  • 1921-1932

Fonds consists of photographic records.

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Sperry Davis Fraser fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0283
  • Arquivo
  • 1920-1929

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Dr. Davis Fraser .

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Eric J. Hanson fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0293
  • Arquivo
  • 1921-1985

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Economist, Dr. Eric Hanson.

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Leslie R. Gue fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0292
  • Arquivo
  • 1959-1986

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Leslie Gue and his work as an educator.

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Accession consists of photographs of Strathcona Alberta: Friends camping at Cooking Lake (1905 photoprint), memoirs (published 1985-1988) covering letters (1986-1989) and an article by L.R. Faulkner

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Ernest Sydney Keeping fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0310
  • Arquivo
  • 1945-1966

Accession consists of records pertaining to Ernest Keeping.

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Professional Correspondence.

The records in this series are textual and consist of Byron Kratochvil’s professional correspondence files, pre-dating his position at the University of Alberta and continuing post-retirement. The papers are organized chronologically within each file and within each sub-series. The records are in excellent physical condition.

This record series encompasses the correspondence Byron Kratochvil maintained with colleagues, graduate students, research institutes, and the subject matter is almost always related to his teaching, research, or arrangements for visiting speakers and professional association conferences. The first sub-series is ‘Letters of Recommendation’, and includes letters of support, reference, and recommendation written by Professor Kratochvil for colleagues and students to support their various job applications, research grant applications, awards, and appointments. The second sub-series involves General Correspondence and includes exchanges with colleagues, students, and relates to shared research interests, seminar arrangements, and scientific meetings. The final sub-series includes Correspondence with Individuals, and is often related to faculty promotion considerations and visiting speaker arrangements.

The series title is based on the content of the records.

Professional Activities: Research/Publishing.

The records in this series are those that were received jointly from Byron Kratochvil and W. E. Harris in 1981, documenting the writing and publishing of their chemistry texts. The text books were among the first books printed via the University of Alberta’s Computer Department. The files contain various working drafts of the texts, documenting the many addendums, additions, and corrections made before their final versions were published. There are computer runs, and related research files and illustrative material used in the writing of the books. Many of the files are oversized and stored in over-sized boxes. The records are in good physical condition.

The records in this series document the writing and publishing of W. E. Harris’s and Byron Kratochvil’s chemistry text books, including: “Teaching Introductory Analytical Chemistry”; “Chemical Separations and Measurements, Background and Procedures for Analysis”; and An Introduction to Chemical Analysis”. The bulk of the records, by far, document the writing of the third text: “An Introduction to Chemical Analysis”. Included in the series are draft chapters for correction and review for all the texts, along with chapter consolidations and suggested art work and illustrative material, and for the ‘Introduction’ text, review copies, page printer outputs and line printer outputs.

Karlis A. Lesins fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0316
  • Arquivo
  • 1946-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Karlis Lesins of the Department of Plant Science at the University of Alberta.

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Reginald Lister fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0319
  • Arquivo
  • 1916-1958

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Arthur Gilbert McCalla fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0329
  • Arquivo
  • 1932-1983

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Plant Scientist Dr. Arthur McCalla of the Faculty of Agriculture.

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Patricia A. McCormack fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0331
  • Arquivo
  • 1929-1980

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Patricia McCormack and her work as an anthropologist.

Sem título

Travis W. Manning fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0326
  • Arquivo
  • 1947-1982

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Travis Manning and the Department of Agricultural Economics (Rural Economy).

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Log House

Photo depicts log house and other small buildings beside an embankment.

Fort Chipewyan

Photo depicts Fort Chipewyan seen from the water.

Unidentified Man

Photo depicts unidentified man in suit beside porch steps

Vermillion Chutes

Photo depicts boat or boats in the Vermillion Chutes, Peace River.

First School House at McMurray

Photo depicts first school house at [Fort] McMurray. A note on reverse side states "started by McTavish of McTavish Business College, Edmonton."

Men with Dog Team

Photo depicts men preparing a dog team and sleigh for travel.

Sweet Peas

Photo depicts sweet peas growing beside house.

The "Fort McMurray"

Photo depicts the sternwheeler "Fort McMurray", a Hudson's Bay Company boat running between Fort McMurray and Fort Fitzgerald.

Wrigley No. 1

Photo depicts the "Wrigley" No. 1, the first steamer on the Mackenzie River, built by Captain J. Smith. Captain Bell, John Reid, Pere Keranguy [SP?] and pilot Joseph Savoyard on deck. Taken near Fort Providence about September 1887.

Two Ships

Photo depicts two unidentified ships. Photo is slightly out-of-focus.

Ships and Barges

Photo depicts ships and barges at dock. Photo is out-of-focus.

Ice Pile-up at Mission Fence, Fort Simpson

Photo depicts ice piled up at mission fence at Fort Simpson during spring break-up with Charlie Christie, Bishop Lucas, E. Sprake-Jones and Julian A. Mills (boy).

Flood at Waterways

Photo depicts flood at Waterways in 1936. N.A.R. Station, Hudson's Bay Company warehouse and office in background.


Photo depicts buildings at Waterways

After The Storm, End of Steel

Postcard depicts man standing in front of log building, caption reads "After the storm. End of Steel A.G.W.R.R. [Alberta Great Waterways Rail Road]".

Women and Children on Ship

Photo depicts 2 women and two children in front of ship's wheelhouse with ship's captain. Woman on left appears to be Phyllis Burke [Mills].

Crew of the "S.S. Athabasca River"

Photo depicts the crew of the "S.S. Athabasca River." Front row (left to right): Captain Con Meyers, John Sutherland, Chief Engineer; back row: Angus McKinnon, 2nd Mate, Alex Linklater, Pilot, Jim Woods, 1st Mate, Alex Johnson, Purser, Herb Grey, 2nd Engineer.

Fort McMurray Women

Photo depicts a gathering of Fort McMurray women, outdoors in winter, circa 1940.

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