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Photographs of 'Punch' Dickins, his family and friends, as well as landscapes and airplanes.

Field Notes

Field notes written by Robert Bell recording dates, temperatures, and coordinates. Notes pertain to the areas of Athabasca River and Slave River, Alberta.


Contains correspondence to Robert Bell from various associates. Letters describe a wide range of events and activities including managing trading posts, personal life, survey work, and specimen study. Most letters were written in locations across Canada and sent to Dr Bell at the Geological Survey headquarters in Montreal, Quebec.

Correspondence with Ryerson Press

Series includes business correspondence between Ryerson Press and Dorothy Livesay. Most letters are from various editors and managers regarding the publishing and publicity of Livesay's works. There are also copies of letters written by Livesay to various people at Ryerson Press. Correspondents include Lorne Pierce, Frank Flemington, Elsinore Haultain, Fred(?) Ellins, Enid Thornton, Earle Toppings, Campbell Hughes, George Truss, Georgeanna Hamilton, and Robin Farr. Correspondence is arranged chronologically.
Series also includes miscellaneous items such as newsclippings, postage receipts, royalty statements, review lists, and advertisements.

Poems: Typescripts and Manuscripts

This series consists of approximately 1,470 poems, which are represented as typescripts and/or manuscripts. File titles within this series reflect the arrangement of poems, which are grouped together based on the year and time frame in which those poems were written or, in the case of poems with no recorded date, the year and alphabetical span of those poems.
While nearly all of the poems are typescript, most poems in this series are in both typescript (ts) and manuscripts (ms) form. Many poems have multiple typescript copies and some have multiple manuscript copies. It is not clear whether Livesay herself created the typescripts, but many have handwritten notes, edits, or signatures from Livesay. When there is one or more typescript and one or more manuscript of a single poem, the materials are arranged together (ts/ms). Rarely, two different poems are written on one manuscript and therefore not all manuscript poems are arranged with their respective typescript.
This series also consists of clippings and photocopies of published poems (p), which are arranged with the typescript and/or manuscript of the same poem.

Salaries and benefits: negotiations, boards, committees, benefits, funds, leaves and market supplements

Includes negotiations, market supplements, Anti- inflation Board; Faculty Handbook Committee; study and sabbatical leaves; professional training fund; fringe benefits (health, disability and life insurance; pension plan; allowances for professional and moving expenses, housing loans, course fee remissions).

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Professional Correspondence

The 155 files comprising this series consist of correspondence between Dr. Lemieux and other professors. The principle topic of correspondence was scientific research but it also included the promotion of science education, financial support for research, and professional collaboration.

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The 31 files comprising this series consist of personal correspondence with family and friends and some photographs.

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Teaching and Outreach

The 118 files comprising this series consist of two thematic groups. There is correspondence, notes, public announcements, invitatations to speak and other supporting documentation for Dr. Lemieux's guest lectures on his research.There is also correspondence and notes concerning Dr. Lemieux's teaching as a professor at the University of Saskatchewan, the University of Ottawa, and predominantly the University of Alberta

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The 197 files comprising this series represent Dr. Lemieux's efforts to establish a viable pharmaceutical company in the province of Alberta. Dr. Lemieux worked with offices of the University of Alberta and the provincial government to build his private entities. Raylo and Chembiomed represnted the principal commericial ventures he built and supported and they created the predominant amound of private enterprise records in Lemieux's fonds. Dr. Lemeiux established Chembiomed in 1977 in order to bring to market his pioneering carbohydrate chemistry. The Alberta Research Council absorbed Chembiomed's research programs In 1991. in 1994, SYNSORB, a Calgary based pharmaceutical company took the research back into the commerical market. The company continues to develop.


The 205 files comprising this series consist of drafts, notes, and final versions of work Dr. Lemieux published in his academic career. Included in this series is a listing of 123 "Master Copies" (files number 203 to 224) of articles Lemieux published between 1946 and 1996. The annotated list, along with a final version of each publication, constitutes the predominant portion of Lemieux's scholarly publications in his lifetime. In addition there is a number of reviews, popular publciations, chapters of textbooks and other publsihing formats Lemieux used to disseminate his work.

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The 73 files comprising this series represent the public recognition Dr. Lemieux received for his contribution to scientific research in the discipline of Chemistry. Included in his list of accolades is the Order of Canada (1968) , the Wolf Prize in chemistry (1999), King Faisal International Award for Science (first Canadian) (1990), The Tishler Award, Harvard University (1983), Hawarth Award and Medal (1983), the Albert Einstein World Award of Science (1992), the NSERC Gold Medal Award (1991), C.S. Hudson Award of the American Chemical Society (1966), the Canadian Medical Association Medal of Honour, and many others. Included with the awards are letters of congratulations and the consultation files of awards committees.

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Academic Administration

The files in this series consist of annual reports to Faculty of Science including list of: grad students, papers, lectures, addresses, funding, professional acitivities, societies and university activities.

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The 85 files comprising this series consist of progress reports and final reports for grants, correspondence regarding research activity, documents relating to collaborative activity, literature reviews, research notes, plotting of chemical structures, letters of research collaboration, and the orginal draft of Dr. Lemieux's PhD dissertation, "Hindrance effects in cellulose substitution reactions."

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Series consists of research materials created by Dr. McLeod in performing his professional responsibilities as professor of history at the University of Alberta. The material is loosely organized in chronological order.

Professional Correspondence

Series consists of correspondence composed or received by Dr. McLeod in performing his professional responsibilities as professor of history at the University of Alberta. The material is loosely organized in chronological order. Most of the correspondence is typed.

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