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Executive Files.

Series consists of 4 subseries: organizational files, correspondence, membership lists, and financial documentation. Series 1.2 (Correspondence) includes an envelope of correspondence, artwork and photography from Boris Zavgorodny, a Russian science fiction enthusiast and artist who corresponded with the ESFCAS during the 1980s.

Henry Marshall Tory fonds

  • UAA-1968-009
  • Fonds
  • 1927

The H.M. Tory fonds consists of 12 series. They are concerned predominantly with his work as President of the University of Alberta. As the first President of the University, many of the records document the creation of facilites and faculties. To this end there is legislative documentation; financial correspondence and adminstrative files; design records including corrpesondence with architects and engineers; faculty and staff records for Medicine, Agriculture, Education, Law, and Pharmacy; library and laboratory planning records; Convocation and registrations records, University communications and affiliation files; student relations records; documents relating to the First World War and Khaki University.

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President's Files.

Mel Hurtig, President and owner of Hurtig Publishers, was the individual responsible for dreaming up the idea of producing a Canadian Encyclopedia, and the mover and shaker behind getting funding and support for the project. As a well-respected member of Canada's publishing industry, he was able to attract attention and draw support from across the country for his encyclopedia project. The files in this series are from Mel Hurtig's personal project binders, and provide a complete over-view of the encyclopedia project. The records, detailed and varied, suggest at the planning and organization required to move such a large project through the planning, implementing, and production stages. The files are in excellent physical condition.

Mel Hurtig's files were originally kept in binders, and organized and numbered by topic. Original order was restored in this series as almost all of the files were originally assigned a letter corresponding to a specific Canadian Encyclopedia subject area. There were 32 different topics assigned the files, ranging from the organization and development of the project to specific production concerns. There is information related to fundraising for the proposed encyclopedia, as well as correspondence files, financial records, publicity clippings, procedures and style manual, reports, and technical areas concerning design and specifications concerns, project insurance, and sales and distribution of the encyclopedia.

The series title is based on the contents of the records.

Editor-in-Chief's Files.

The Editor-in-Chief's records comprise the largest series in the six series described in this inventory. James Marsh was hired for this position, and he assumed responsibility for the encyclopedia editorial staff, as well as for editorial policies, stylistic uniformity, cartography, illustrations, indexing and related editorial concerns. The series is primarily textual in format, and provides an in-depth view of the editorial policy practiced by the staff of the Canadian Encyclopedia. The Editor-in-Chief was the overseer of daily operations, and the communicating link between the President and Vice-President of the Company and the editorial staff. Mr. Marsh was often the individual assigned to deal with media and public relation events, and corresponded with the public, as well as the consultants and expert readers. The records are in good physical shape.

The Editor-in-Chief's files have been arranged into the following four sub-series: Editor-in-Chief's files; Editing files; Cartography files; and Illustrations and Photographs administrative files. Mr. Marsh assumed responsibility for final editing decisions, as well as for the administration of cartographic and illustrative inserts for the Canadian Encyclopedia. The largest of these sub-series is 3.1: Editor-in-Chief's files. Included here are general correspondence and memoranda files, editorial staff meetings and reports, Marsh's free-lance editorial and personal publishing files, and his assistant's (Micaela Gates) files. The editing files also contain information related to design and printing, promotion, style and format, and reference material for editors.
The series title is based on the contents of the records.

Production Staff Files.

This is a smaller series consisting of proofreading and verification files, translator files, and the Biography Editor's files. Galley entries were proofread, and facts in articles had to be verified to ensure accuracy. Publishing rights to The Canadian Encyclopedia were given to a Quebec publisher so the volumes could be translated into French. A Biography Editor, Mary Maude, was responsible for organizing the biography entries that were a part of every topic area. The Biography Editor worked closely with the Senior Editors to determine candidates for biographical entries in the Canadian Encyclopedia. The files are textual and in good shape.

The Production staff files have been arranged into the following three sub-series: Biography Editor's files; Proofreading and Verification files, and Translation files. The series is a small series, but important for revealing more of the staff structure necessary to such a large publishing project. There is a lot of correspondence, memoranda, contracts, entries with verification notes, and edited biographical entries.
The series title is based on the content of the records.

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