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Correspondence, 7 September 18[58]

Personal correspondence from Alexander McDonald at Little Whale River to his brother Allan McDonald at St. Andrews, C. E [Canada East?].

The letter notes the state of the recipient's livestock, relays news about family and other personal matters, and comments on unsettled debts.

Correspondence, 23 March 18[52]

Private correspondence from an unknown sender to an unknown recipient at Fort Garry.

The letter describes exchanges of goods and letters with other Hudson's Bay Company posts. It also notes the movement of livestock to Red River, news about women named Mrs MacChristie and Mrs Campbell, the storage of a Catholic Bishop's piano, and medical needs. A man named Mr Lockhart is also mentioned.

PE002163 - Lorne Louis Anderson archive; 1945-1961

The personal papers of Lorne Louis Anderson Esq., a legal surveyor and engineer from Ontario. He served with the Royal Canadian Artillery during World War II where he began training as a surveyor, and later completed a degree in civil engineering from the University of Toronto. In 1950 he was "engaged in subdivision surveys on Indian Reserves in Saskatchewan and Alberta" and assisted with "mineral claim surveys in Yukon Territory." Items include correspondence, a photograph, lecture notes, an enduring power of attorney, a preliminary exam for land surveyors, certifications and membership cards, maps, a resume, promotion and reassignment notifications, and other business documents, booklets, articles, and technical information relating to the field of legal surveying.

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PE002979 - Freeze Your Cask Off event card for cask ales in Alberta

A note card for the Freeze Your Cask Off Event on February 20, 2020, at the Ritchie Community League in Edmonton, Alberta. The event featured 16 winter-inspired cask ales from around Alberta. Inside the card is a list of each featured brewery along with their respective beers, a brief description of each beer, and a lined, blank section next to each beer for written notes. On the verso of the card, the price of beer tokens is listed as $3.50, which could be exchanged for a 10oz beer.

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PE002971 - A program for A Night of Jazz presented by the D.S. MacKenzie Music Program

A program for A Night of Jazz was presented by the DS Mackenzie Music Program featuring the students of Avalon, D.S. Mackenzie, and McKernan schools and their Alumni along with special guest Joel Gray playing the trumpet. The concert was held on March 12, 2020, at The Yardbird Suite in Edmonton, Alberta. The program outlines the musical numbers of the evening including the names of those performing and which musical group they belong to. The back of the program has a list of thanks and acknowledgements.

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PE002944 - Advertisement for rental suites at The Hat apartment complex; Edmonton (Alta.), [c. 2020]

Information on accomodations at "The Hat at Five Corners" high-rise apartment complex in Edmonton, Alberta. Three floor plans on loose pages are tucked into the folder, titled "The Cloche," "The Cloche I," and "The Trilby." The folder provides details on the building including amenities, suite features, the community and surrounding district, and contact information.

PE001084 - Untitled Photo Album – Qu’Appelle content

Photo album depicting a wide variety of scenes and locales, though subjects often appear to be affiliated with the Anglican Church. No annotations or identifying marks are supplied outside of the images themselves. Of particular note for the Prairie ephemera collection are the images, enclosed loosely, of vehicles of the Sunday School Mission in Qu’Appelle diocese, Saskatchewan. Other photographs depict St. Christopher’s College in Blackheath, London, a women’s training institution for church work.

PE001060 - Saskatchewan Ku Klux Klan Membership Ledger, and associated artifacts

The duotang contains an unused pages Ku Klux Klan membership ledger; at least one page appears to have been torn out. The first page contains a summary membership register, while following pages contain more detailed, individual membership forms, divided alphabetically by tabbed dividers. Each individual form contains field for name, address, account and ‘klavern’ numbers, induction and expulsion information, dates of birth and death, and a ledger to track financial transactions.

The imprint on the stamp reads: “Knights of the Ku Klux Klan • Invisible Empire” “Craik Klan No. 77 Craik, Sask.”

PE003043 - "Edmonton and the Bauhaus" exhibit accompaniment; 2019

Two identical copies of a supplemental information booklet for an exhibit titled "Edmonton and the Bauhaus: Centennial Celebrations of the Bauhaus 1919-2020, Presented for the 2019 Design Week at Harcourt House and the Alberta Culture Days." Contains information on the history of the Bauhaus School and it's influence on Modernist architectural design in Edmonton, Alberta, focusing on two specific architectural firms and their various projects.

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PE002943 - "Dance Motif 2019" program; Edmonton (Alta.)

A schedule of events for a production titled "Dance Motif 2019" by the Orchesis Dance Performance Group, held at the Myer Horowitz Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta, dated January 25-26, 2019. Includes a message from the director, choreographer's profiles, staff and volunteer list, acknowledgements and thanks, award recipients, and advertisements for local businesses.

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PE001147 - Elite Cafe Menu

Menu for the Elite Cafe in Banff, Alberta. In addition to food items, the menu also contains a selection of fountain ice cream and soft drink items on the reverse. Some items and prices have been added in either pencil handwriting, or as typed text.

PE001263 - Saskatoon Rodeo Poster

Poster advertising ‘Saskatchewan’s Greatest Rodeo’, to be held at the exhibition grounds in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The poster includes two photographs, taken from the Calgary Stampede, depicting horseback riding and wagon events.

PE001217 - Where to Go – and What to Do While Visiting Calgary

Advertising brochure, issued by the Tea Kettle Inn of Calgary, Alberta, which promotes Calgary as a tourist destination. The brochure includes background on Calgary in general, and detail on particular tourist attractions in the city. A substantial portion of the item, however, concentrates on promoting the Tea Kettle Inn specifically to tourists, including a photo of the Inn’s kitchen and an illustration of the business’ exterior.

PE001220 - The Canadian Rockies

Promotional booklet on the Canadian Rockies and Jasper, released by Canadian National Railways. The bulk of the booklet provides background and description of major landmarks in the Rockies from the point of view of the prospective tourist, with the remainder of the text being devoted to describing tourist accommodations along the CNR line through the mountains. Also included are a list of available gold courses, an advertisement for Canadian National Railways Hotels, and a list of worldwide agency representatives for the company. Amongst the photographs and illustrations contained in the booklet, depicting area landmarks and accommodations, are color paintings by Emily Carr.

PE001224 - Maligne Lake

Promotional booklet which illustrates the Maligne lake region, located in Jasper National Park, south of Jasper. Includes text extolling the natural beauty of the area, and a number of color illustrations of the lake environs. Additionally included is a map of the area, showing the position of the lake relative to Jasper and nearby highways.

PE002973 - Brochure advertising Ocheller homes

A 2019 brochure for Ocheller Homes, a building company in Edmonton, Alberta. The brochure provides information about the company, the unique features of their buildings, their building locations, and the commitments of the company. The brochure includes numerous photographs of the homes they’ve built as well as a copy of a handwritten note from the company stating they are excited to start this journey with the potential buyer.

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PE002584 - Postcard advertising the Canukeena Club’s Comrades Night

A postcard advertising “Comrades Night” hosted by the Canukeena Club at the Marlborough Hotel. The president of the club is listed as C.B. Howden and the secretary is listed as W. Ross Carter. The postcard is addressed to Brigadier T.V. Anderson, D.S.O. at the Fort Osborne Barracks in Winnipeg, Manitoba and stamped on March 18, 1933.

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PE002288 - Largely blank deed of land

A deed of land based in Winnipeg, Manitoba which is largely blank other than four signatures. Two from someone named Rod MacPherson and two from someone named James McBarrister. No dates, costs, or land locations are mentioned or filled out.

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PE002331 - Thank you note from F. Munroe to Mary Jones

A note written by F. Munroe on June 21st to Mary Jones thanking Mary for her note of congratulations and good wishes. The note mentions F. Munroe leaving the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Montreal, although the reasons for this departure are not explicitly stated.

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PE002980 - NDP election flyer for Heather McPherson

An NDP election flyer for Heather McPherson in Edmonton, Alberta from 2019. The flyer provides information about Heather McPherson’s career and experience as well as plans the NDP has for Canadians. On the back of the flyer are infographics of polling projections in 2019 and the average vote percentage in Edmonton Strathcona for the 2006-2015 elections. The flyer also includes photographs of Heather in the community and contact information for her office.

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PE002972 - Eat Local Magazine, Fall 2019

A copy of Eat Local Magazine for Fall 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta. Their slogan is “Eating Well + Building Community.” The magazine includes articles such as an interview with the owner of Olive Me shop, a review of the Happing Nomming cookbook by Martine Partridge, and a Q&A with Mojo Jojo Pickles. The magazine also includes several recipes such as Peach and Pear Compote, Roasted Tomato Soup, Peppered Potato Soup, Creamy Mushroom Soup and a Dirty Chai Affogato. The magazine also includes numerous advertisements for local businesses.

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PE001307 - Little Bros Announcement booklet

Booklet issued by Little Bros. Fur Sales, Ltd., detailing changes made in the business model of the company. The company had decided to sell its wares in conjunction with the Settle Fur Exchange, a move that involved a change of address and name. The booklet argues that this move will benefit fur shippers.

PE001216 - The MacDonald Advertisement

Advertising brochure for the Macdonald Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. The brochure contains promotional text describing the hotel and available accommodations and amenities within, and also features several photographs of the hotel interior.

PE001223 - Lake Louise Bungalow Camp

Promotional brochure for the Lake Louise Bungalow Camp. Contains descriptions of the area, and of available accommodations and amenities at the camp, as well as a map that indicates the location of the camp in relation to nearby highways. Photographs within depict either scenes in the camp, or images of the surrounding scenery.

PE001320 - Totem Auto-Craftsmen Ltd. Flyer

Advertisement for investment in the Totem Auto-Craftsmen company, promoting the purchase of shares in the company. On the reverse, there is a coupon form to be cut away, allowing the sender to enter into a contest, based on an accompanying number puzzle above.

PE002793 - Sketching History - Rediscovering Edmonton's Architectural Heritage through Urban Sketching

Printed guide to the art exhibit "Sketching History" curated by Marlena Wyman [City of Edmonton 5th Historian Laureate]. Booklet contains full-colour reproductions of selected sketches included in the exhibit and short histories of the locations depicted in the sketches.

Curator's Statement [Marlena Wyman]; Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre; Ortona Armoury Arts Building; Papaschase First Nation History; Metis Land History in Edmonton; Rossdale Burial Ground; Edmonton Bridges; Edmonton's River Valley and Green Spaces; Mill Creek Ravine, Trestle Bridge, and Pool; Mactaggart Sanctuary, Whitemud Creek Ravine; Edmonton Residences; Highlands Streetscape; Owen Residence; John Walter Museum; Buena Vista Building / Glenora Bed and Breakfast; Hangar 11, Blatchford Field; St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral; Al Rashid Mosque; Strathcona Public Library; Strathcona Train Station; Edmonton Exhibition, Borden Park roller coaster; Garneau Theatre; Historic Barns; A. Minchau Blacksmith Shop; Molson Brewery; Acknowledgements; Artists' Biographies.

Participating artists of Urban Sketchers Edmonton include:
Merts Belmes; Julie Daly; Terry Elrod; Jo-Anne Farley; Jimmy Golden; Irina Kruglyakova; Brenda Raynard; Yvonne Rezek; Angie Sotiropoulos; Karen Wall; Joanne Wojtysiak; Marlena Wyman.

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PE001281 - Service for Ontario Trappers

Advertising document from the HBC, which lists the benefits to trappers of selling their furs to the HBC. The document includes a simple street map, showing the location of the HBC's Raw Fur Buying office in Toronto.

PE001297 - Pay-Off 70-71

Advertising brochure from the HBC, which contains a catalogue of items intended for fur trappers, including traps, as well as general utility items such as snowshoes and knives.

PE002649 - Travelogue book titled “The Truth About Canada with Some Exciting Experiences in Alberta” by Morris W. Thomas

A book titled “The Truth About Canada with Some Exciting Experiences in Alberta” written by Morris W. Thomas from Clynderwen, England. The book chronologically details Morris W. Thomas’ voyage in 1905 from the United Kingdom to Canada, specifically Alberta and his experiences residing there for some time. The author discusses subjects such as farming in Alberta, winter activities, different seasons, harvesting, and the advantages and disadvantages of living in the prairies. There is a label on the inside of the book marking it as part of the Pembrokeshire Education Committee County Library.

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PE002713 - Set of assorted holiday cards with photographs of Edmonton, Alberta

A set of four holiday greeting cards and an included envelope. Each card has a different B&W photograph of a location in Edmonton, Alberta on the front. The photographs depict a dog train, the Grand Trunk Railway Hotel, and two shots of Jasper Avenue. Each card also has a small gold embossed circular design on the front with a holiday message. Inside each card is the same holiday greeting message. None of the cards have been signed.

PE002571 - Advertisement for a student performance of “The Imaginary Invalid”

An advertisement for a performance of “The Imaginary Invalid” by Moliere put on by the University Players form the University of Manitoba. The advertisement includes various reviews of the performance and several catch lines such as “The surest anti-toxin for melancholia– the most painless inoculation of joy-germs on record!”

PE001331 - “The Magic Key” Imperial Oil Brochure

Informational and promotional brochure, issued by Imperial Oil, which details the process of oil refining, as well as research efforts by Imperial Oil, and the efficiency of Imperial Oil’s Canadian refineries. When folded out, the reverse side of the brochure displays a flow chart illustration of the refining process, showing the process from the wellhead to the end consumer.

PE002976 - Brochure advertising Nest8, urban townhomes in Edmonton, Alberta

A 2019 brochure advertising Nest8, a development of urban townhomes by 548796 Architecture under Ocheller’s Limited Edition Collection in the Blatchford neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta. The brochure includes information about the layout and construction of the townhomes, notable aspects of the location, and bird’s eye view drawings of each townhome layout. There is also an included paper insert listing general specifications and upgrades that are available for each townhome.

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PE002576 - Two second place blue ribbons for Calgary Horticultural Society

Two second-place blue ribbons that were awarded to Mrs W.R. Gibson from the Calgary Horticultural Society. One ribbon was awarded for a Scabiosa plant and is listed as class number 73 and exhibit 5. The other ribbon was awarded for a Double Blue plant and is listed as class number 111 and exhibit 2. The Double Blue ribbon is listed as a Constance Hanson exhibit and on the back of the paper tag is stapled a handwritten note with potting instructions. The paper tags include advertising for garden supplies from Vigoro.

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PE002653 - “The Staff of Life: A Story of Winter Wheat Production in Southern Alberta, Canada “ pamphlet from the Canadian Pacific Railway

A pamphlet from the Canada Pacific Railway titled “The Staff of Life: A Story of Winter Wheat Production in Southern Alberta, Canada.” The pamphlet was printed by the Western Ptg. & Litho Co. in Calgary, Alberta. The pamphlet discusses wheat during winter, profits in winter wheat culture, irrigation, development policies, rainfall statistics, land values, and crop statistics among other topics. The map in the centre of the pamphlet illustrates Canadian Pacific Railway lines in the Western, Central, and Eastern sections of Southern Alberta.

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PE001244 - W. J. McNamara’s Platform

Promotional document for the Edmonton mayoral campaign of W. J. McNamara, which outlines the positions of the candidate. Alongside the text, the document also a portrait photograph of W. J. McNamara.

PE001276 - Join the Big Parade

Advertising document from the HBC, which promotes the reader to take up trapping in 'their spare time', and to sell the resulting pelts to the HBC. The flyer include a list of radio play times for the HBC-sponsored Eddy Arnold on Prairie radio stations.

PE001283 - Fur Animals and Fur Skins

An informational booklet supplied by HBC, and meant as an introductory text for novice fur trappers. The booklet provides information on the preparation of skins, as well as commentary on the relative values of different skin types for a variety of animals. The back of the booklet contains promotional material and photographs on the HBC as a whole.

PE002941 - "Getting Around Banff National Park" and "Camping in the Banff Area" tourist information booklets; 2019-2020

A pair of publications from Parks Canada for campers and tourists visiting Banff National Park in Alberta, dated 2019-2020 (published pre-pandemic). They include photographs, maps, rules and regulations, and information on wildlife, trails, campground etiquette, safe winter driving, etc.

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PE002982 - Map of the Public Transit System in Banff National Park

A map of the public transit system for Banff National Park in Alberta. The map was published by Parks Canada in 2019. The map displays the various transit lines in Banff, Alberta which consist of busses and shuttles. Each transit line is marked with a different colour. On the back of the map are lists of each stop on each transit line, the time of their first bus or shuttle, and then time estimates for the remainder of the day. The back of the map also includes several colour photographs of parks and notable locations around Banff.

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PE001323 - Nay & James Ltd. record of investments and insurance booklet

Booklet, issued by Nay & James Ltd., a Saskatchewan-based investment house, intended for recording the details of securities. The booklet contains lined pages, divided into columns for the recording of details for securities held by the booklet owner. The first and last pages of the booklets carry advertisements for Nay & James Ltd.

PE002339 - Promissory notebook for the Co-operative Lumber and Coal Co.

A promissory notebook for the Co-operative Lumber and Coal Co. in Leavings, Alberta. The pages are all identical with blank spaces to fill in information such as the borrower, the date, the amount of money borrowed, and when the sum should be repaid. The notebook pages also indicate that an interest of 8% will be charged per annum until the due date, or 10% if the payment goes past the due date.

PE001219 - Canadian Rockies Jasper and the Triangle Tour

Promotional booklet on the Canadian Rockies and Jasper, released by Canadian National Railways. The bulk of the booklet provides background and description of major landmarks in the Rockies from the point of view of the prospective tourist, with the remainder of the text being devoted to describing tourist accommodations along the CNR line through the mountains. Also included are a list of available gold courses, an advertisement for Canadian National Railways Hotels, and a list of worldwide agency representatives for the company. Amongst the photographs and illustrations contained in the booklet, depicting area landmarks and accommodations, is a color painting by Emily Carr.

PE001322 - Totem Auto-Craftsmen Ltd. Contest Advertisement

Advertising material which highlights promotion contests conducted by Totem Auto-Craftsmen Ltd. At least two contests are advertised in the item: one involving the estimation of the number of wheat grains in a jar, and another based on an included number puzzle. The contests are meant to solicit investment in company stock, as entry in either contest requires the entrant to make an investment in order to be entered into the contest.

PE004667 - Snap shots - Banff, Alta

An album of color and black and white postcards, black and white souvenir illustrations, and black and white vernacular photos.

The images pertain to a trip to Banff National Park, and Calgary, Alberta.

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PE002567 - Sky Line Trail Hikers of the Canadian Rockies constitution and maps

A Sky Line Trail Hikers of the Canadian Rockies maps and constitution booklet. The booklet lists the council members of the organization and outlines the various articles of the constitution such as meetings, funds, by-laws, notices, and amendments. The booklet also includes several maps of locations in the Canadian Rockies such as Emerald Lake and Yoho Valley, trail routes to Mount Assiniboine, and trails around Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Lake Wapta, and Lake O’Hara. The booklet was printed in Canada.

PE003044 - Call for community advocacy for the Rollie Miles Rec Centre; Edmonton (Alta.), [2019]

A pamphlet asking for emails to be sent to the City of Edmonton to confirm the community's desire for construction of the Rollie Miles Recreation Centre to proceed, and for more "small scale local rec options we can walk, bike and bus to" in general as a preference. The deadline given for feedback is September 30, 2019.

PE002330 - A brochure for the Royal Alexandra Hospital School of Nursing

A brochure for the Royal Alexandra Hospital School of Nursing in Edmonton, Alberta. The brochure lists the officers and the staff employed by the school and provides general information about the program such as admission requirements, the length of the course, directions in cases of illness, and vacation times. All of the courses for the three (3) year course are also listed. Some examples of the required courses are Dietetics, Orthopedics, Gynacology, and Operating Room Technique.

PE001285 - Fur Purchasing Agency Letter

An advertising letter from the HBC fur purchasing agency, on HBC letterhead, which encourages the reader to sell their pelts to the Company. Additionally included, in the English language only, is a fur shipping tag, as well as a postal envelope addressed to M. Alphonse Marsolais.

PE002968 - Collection of promotional items for the Pioneer Press Ltd

A small collection of promotional items from 2019 for the Pioneer Press Ltd print shop in Edmonton, Alberta, celebrating 125 years of operation. Included is a shot glass with the logo on the front that is still in its box, a metal medallion embossed with the company logo and two pamphlets. The first pamphlet outlines the history of the printing press which was started by R. P. Pettapiece who moved from Eastern Canada to Alberta and settled in Strathcona, Alberta. This pamphlet includes photographs of the early days of the printing press. The second pamphlet provides information about the products and services offered by Pioneer Press Ltd.

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PE002566 - Film and travel brochure for Banff, Alberta

A small travel brochure for the city of Banff, Alberta. On the cover of the brochure is a portrait of William S. Hart, the famous American actor and screenwriter. The brochure, seemingly for audience members who have just finished watching a show presumably starring William S. Hart, lists various local businesses in the Banff area.

PE002965 - Pamphlet advertising Season Forty-Five of the Roxy Theatre Network, 2019-2020

A pamphlet advertising Season Forty-Five of the Roxy Theatre Network for 2019 to 2020. A message from the Artistic Director indicates that the Roxy Theatre Network is moving to two new theatres and transitioning out of the Roxy to Gateway Theatre. Some of the shows that were performed during the season were Bed and Breakfast by Mark Crawford, Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes, by Hannah Moscovitch, Sleeping Beauty by Farren Timoteo and Jeff Unger, and The Children by Lucy Kirkwood. Each show listed includes a short description and some of the names of the cast and crew. The pamphlet also includes a list of the Board of Directors, detachable a Season Pass order form, a list of the theatre network sponsors and supporters, and contact information.

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PE001258 - Hudson’s Bay Company Information Booklet

Promotional and informational booklet issued by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Included within are an explanation of the company’s coat of arms, a brief history of the company, including detail on some current exhibits on display there, and a brief listing of the company’s current property holdings. Included alongside the text are several photographs of Lower Fort Garry and the Old Fort Garry gate, as well as an illustration and a map of Lower Fort Garry.

PE002342 - Union Bank of Canada pass book

Union Bank of Canada pass book belonging to Frederick Woodborne. The book is a record of Frederick Woodborne’s account balances each month. On the cover of the booklet, the instructions indicate depositors have to send their booklets to the bank at the end of each month to be balanced.

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PE001232 - Manitoba and Saskatchewan Bible Society Sixth Annual Report

Contains annual report documentation for the Society, including a list of Society officers, introductory statements, financial statements in brief, laws and regulations of the Society, and, making up the bulk of the booklet, a list of all individuals who have contributed to the Society across all branches, and the amounts committed.

PE002646 - Policy statement for the construction of the Canada Pacific Railway by J.W. Crouter

A policy statement for the construction of the Canada Pacific Railway written by J.W. Crouter. The policy is an argument that the railway should be constructed as a government work and constructed by Canadian citizens, as opposed to constructed by a private company. J.W. Crouter outlines a plan for the Canadian government to sell properties and land to make up the funds for the construction of the railway. J.W. Crouter also states that should the government reject this proposal, he will form a party which will take power from those in opposition.

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PE002975 - Michael Phair School Opening Ceremony program

A program for the Michael Phair School Opening Ceremony on January 22, 2018, in Edmonton, Alberta. At the beginning of the program, there is a message from the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent. The program also includes a short biography about Michael Phair’s life, the order of events for the ceremony, and an infographic about the materials and tools available to students at the school. The program was created by Edmonton Public Schools.

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PE002324 - Two photo albums depicting 19th century Winnipeg and various surrounding locations

Two photo albums with B&W photographs of varying sizes that depict buildings, cemeteries, houses, people, and nature scenes in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. These photo albums, or the photographs in them, may have belonged to Daniel McDonald, an insurance company manager who moved from Scotland to Winnipeg in 1883. McDonald’s home is photographed several times throughout the albums and there are several photographs of graves bearing the surname McDonald, as well as a photograph of Daniel McDonald himself.

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PE002974 - Map for the opening of Allard Hall at MacEwan University

A map titled “Allard Hall Self-Guided Tour.” The map was created for the opening of Allard Hall in September 2017 at MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. On the cover is a list of stop and space names for the self-guided tour with short descriptions of each space. Inside are bird's eye layouts of each floor such as the basement and parkade, the main floor, the second floor, and the third floor, and on the back is a layout of the fourth floor.

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PE002978 - Advertisement for Snap Open Studio Saturday Sessions

An advertisement card for Open Studio Saturday Sessions at the SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Print-artists) Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta. The information on the card states that “Open Studio provides print artists and current or previous SNAP students the opportunity to access the printshop on a drop-in basis.” The card lists the upcoming open studio dates which were in 2017 and 2018, as well as the drop-in pricing, and SNAP’s contact information and social media information.

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PE002998 - Welcome to Rogers Place - September 2016

Commemorative booklet produced in honour of the September 2016 opening of Rogers Place Arena in Edmonton, Alberta. Construction on the multi-use arena began in March 2014 and was completed on 8 September 2016. The arena is the home of the Edmonton Oilers [NHL] and the Edmonton Oil Kings [WHL] hockey teams.

"The Journey"; "This Is Your Building" [comments from Edmonton mayor Don Iveson and Oilers Entertainment Group CEO Bob Nicholson]; Ford Hall [entrance]; "Tsą Tsą Ke K'e - Iron Foot Place" [mosaic art piece by Alex Janvier]; "Pure Entertainment" [Centre-Hung Scoreboard; 1,200 TV Screens; Wi-fi]; "Food Fix" [food and beverage options in Rogers Place]; photograph captioned "The First Skate - Connor McDavid and a few of his teammates joined some local minor hockey players for the first informal skate in Rogers Place history."; 5 maps showing Rogers Place Main Concourse; Mezzanine Level [Mezzanine Clubs]; Scotiabank Suite Level [Scotiabank Suites; Theatre Boxes]; PCL Loge Level [Sportsnet Club]; Upper Concourse [Sky Lounge]; "Rogers Place - By the Numbers" [figures and fun facts about some of Rogers Place's features]; Downtown Community Arena; Public Art ["Figures in Motion" sculpture and painting by Al Henderson; "Skater's Arch" sculpture by Douglas Bentham; "Essential Tree" sculpture by realties:united].

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PE002966 - Brochure for the Van Gogh Museum Edition On Tour exclusive Canadian launch at Southgate Centre, 2015

A brochure for the Van Gogh Museum Edition On Tour Exclusive Canadian Launch at the centre court of Southgate Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. The exhibition was held from October 16 to November 15, 2015 and put on by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The exhibition consisted of nine identical replicas of several of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings called “Reliefographs.” The brochure provides photographs of each of the paintings as well as a description paragraph for each. The brochure also provides instructions for entering a contest to win a trip to Amsterdam.

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