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FC 3207 F85 1.8.5 · Item · 7 September 18[58]
Part of Fur Trade Collection

Personal correspondence from Alexander McDonald at Little Whale River to his brother Allan McDonald at St. Andrews, C. E [Canada East?].

The letter notes the state of the recipient's livestock, relays news about family and other personal matters, and comments on unsettled debts.

FC 3207 F85 1.8.4 · Item · 23 March 18[52]
Part of Fur Trade Collection

Private correspondence from an unknown sender to an unknown recipient at Fort Garry.

The letter describes exchanges of goods and letters with other Hudson's Bay Company posts. It also notes the movement of livestock to Red River, news about women named Mrs MacChristie and Mrs Campbell, the storage of a Catholic Bishop's piano, and medical needs. A man named Mr Lockhart is also mentioned.

Item · Sept. 30
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A list of turkey grower applications that were reviewed by the Manitoba Turkey Producers’ Marketing Board on September 30. No year is listed. Each page is formatted in two columns and the names are organized alphabetically by last name. The addresses of each applicant are included. The list includes 108 names of applicants.

Manitoba Turkey Producers' Marketing Board
Item · 2024-04-18 - 2024-06-18
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Three issues of a test publication titled "Produce and Play, Issued in the Interest of the Canadian Malting Barley Grower," dated April, May, and June of 1952. They are divided into two sections; "Produce" containing an article concerning malting barley production, and "Play" containing an article on a recreational topic. The June issue contains a card with an invitation to comment on the value of the publication based on the three issues, and an undetached perforated section consists of a postcard survey with several questions.

Barley Improvement Institute
UAA-2023-006 · Accession · 1960 - 2023

The contents of the accession reflect Ellen Schoeck’s research process during the creation of her book Taking Care, as well as her experience as Director of the University Secretariat, a position through which she served a number of University presidents over a period of 28 years, including Myer Horowitz. Textual records consist of Schoeck’s research materials for Taking Care, and include photocopies of articles, yearbook pages, and reports, as well as interviews and other documents related to campus housing and alumni from the 1950s until present. Photographs and film negatives are from Schoeck’s time as Director of the University Secretariat, and are arranged chronologically according to the University president in office at the time, illustrating the experience working in the senior administration office through various presidencies.

Schoeck, Ellen A.
UAA-2023-012 · Accession · 1963 - 2023

The accession comprises textual records including the written history, scrapbook, newspaper clippings, articles, notes and correspondence regarding the University of Alberta Golden Bears Football Team and the Golden Bowl game played November 16, 1963.

Lampard, Robert
CRH · Collection · 1896-2023

The Cultural repositories and historical associations ephemera collection contains materials related to the administration and operations of various types of cultural organisations. Contents are divided into four main categories: historical associations, libraries and archives, and museums and historic sites. They are then further subdivided by the location of the sponsoring institution or organisation. Total number of items is approximately 565.

McFadden Family Collection
Series · 2008 - 2023
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Records and ephemera related to the lives and enterprises of multiple generations of the McFadden family. These materials have been produced, collected, and kept by members of the McFadden family over a period of more than 100 years.

Orlando Project fonds
UAA Fonds 0499 · Fonds · 1994-2023

Correspondence and records (material and digital) from 1994-present of the first collaborative digital humanities project in Canada; including materials pertaining to the publication of Orlando: Women's Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present (Cambridge University Press, 2006--); grant applications; meeting minutes; project documentaion; publishing contracts; digitial interfaces; encoded documents.

Orlando Project
CCF · Collection · 1899-2023

The Clubs, charities, and fraternal organisations ephemera collection contains publications related to the work of community groups. These materials include a wide range of administrative and promotional items.

Item · 2022 - 2023
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Plans and estimates for the 2022-23 crop year for Canadian grain based on reviews of the 2021-22 crop year. Includes a message from CN's CEO, and general information on factors affecting rail capacity and end-to-end supply chains.

Canadian National Railway Company
UPC · Collection · 1888-2023

The Unions, professional associations, and co-operatives ephemera collection contains a wide variety of publications related to the work of labour organizations and co-operatives. These materials include annual reports and other administrative documents as well as membership directories, journals, and promotional items. The collection is divided into four general categories:
• Co-operatives
• Farm organisations and agricultural co-operatives
• Professional associations
• Unions, labour federations, and staff cohorts

Item · 2022
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A seed catalogue from Nutrien Ag Solutions. Includes information on canola, mustard, flax, soybean, corn, forage, and cereal seeds and crops, as well as insecticides and seed treatments. Laid-in after the last page is a sheet on the "Proven Performance Trials" by Nutrien Ag Solutions, which includes information on the program, a map showing testing locations, and a QR code for viewing the 2021 plot trials.

Nutrien Ag Solutions
UAA-2022-014 · Accession · ca. 1888-2022
Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

Professional papers and teaching materials of Patricia Alice McCormack. Includes Fort Chipewyan and other Indigenous community research materials; course curriculum development and related materials; correspondence; thesis materials; documentation of major projects; copies of primary and secondary source material, and transcriptions; professional administrative paperwork.

McCormack, Patricia Alice
Item · 2022
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A seed catalogue for DEKALB brand seeds. Includes information and product listings for varieties of canola, grain corn, silage corn, and soybeans, as well as advertisements for seed treatments, pesticides, and farm management software.

Bayer AG
Lloyd James Dempsey fonds
UAA Fonds 0647 · Fonds · 1961-2022

Fonds consists of the professional and research papers of Dr. Lloyd James Demsey, including teaching and course materials, grant applications, published papers, government commissioned reports, talks, manuscripts, theses, journals and newspaper articles, and records of his academic work. Much of the material relates to the study of Canadian indigenous culture, history and rights.

Dempsey, Lloyd James
UAA-2024-009 · Accession · 2022-05-16

Accession consists of 2 challenge coins given to University staff and students to recognize their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as a copy of the letter which would have been sent out with the coins.

Public Health Response Team
Item · Jun. 21, [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A note written by F. Munroe on June 21st to Mary Jones thanking Mary for her note of congratulations and good wishes. The note mentions F. Munroe leaving the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Montreal, although the reasons for this departure are not explicitly stated.

Munroe, F.
Collection · 1952-2021

The Government of Alberta ephemera collection contains pamphlets, booklets, and other ephemeral items issued by the Government of Alberta. These materials are organised by the department or agency of publication.

CIE · Collection · 1888-2021

The Commercial and industrial ephemera collection contains promotional and administrative materials produced by various businesses and organisations. The collection consists of [ca. 1650] items and is divided into 20 general categories of commercial activity.
• Arts and hobby supplies
• Automotive
• Banking, insurance, and financial services
• Banks and trust companies
• Clothing, linens, and textiles
• Department and general stores
• Directories and trade publications
• Economic development
• Food and beverage / Grocers
• Forestry and paper products
• Furniture, appliances, and household goods
• Hardware, lumber, and building materials
• Home construction
• Hospitality
• Mining
• Miscellaneous
• Miscellaneous businesses
• Oil and gas
• Publishers and printers
• Sporting goods

Item · 2021
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A catalogue of agricultural chemicals from Vedesian, "The Nutrient Use Efficiency People." Products advertised are AVAIL T5, NutriSphere-N, NUE-Charge G, Trident V, Primacy ALPHA, CropSync, Accolade, Preside Ultra, Primo GX2, N-Take, Lift Kit Pulse and Lift Kit Soybean, and PitPro.

Item · 2021
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Subtitled "Powering Sustainable Growth." The introductory section includes general information about Canadian National Railways, messages from the president and chair, sustainability initiatives, technological advancements, and the Board of Directors and senior officers. The financial section includes shareholder and investor information, statistics, management analysis, comparisons to previous years, operational cost and revenue breakdowns, etc.

Canadian National Railway Company
Item · Feb. 22, 2020
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A note card for the Freeze Your Cask Off Event on February 20, 2020, at the Ritchie Community League in Edmonton, Alberta. The event featured 16 winter-inspired cask ales from around Alberta. Inside the card is a list of each featured brewery along with their respective beers, a brief description of each beer, and a lined, blank section next to each beer for written notes. On the verso of the card, the price of beer tokens is listed as $3.50, which could be exchanged for a 10oz beer.

Ritchie Community League
Item · 2019 - 2020
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Plans and estimates for the 2019-20 crop year for Canadian grain based on reviews of the previous crop year. Includes a message from CN's CEO, and general information on the supply chain and capacity. Laid-in after the front cover is an update from February 2020. It provides an overview with information on the effects of "difficult weather challenges" and "the illegal blockades."

Canadian National Railway Company
Item · 2019-2020
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Printed guide to the art exhibit "Sketching History" curated by Marlena Wyman [City of Edmonton 5th Historian Laureate]. Booklet contains full-colour reproductions of selected sketches included in the exhibit and short histories of the locations depicted in the sketches.

Curator's Statement [Marlena Wyman]; Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre; Ortona Armoury Arts Building; Papaschase First Nation History; Metis Land History in Edmonton; Rossdale Burial Ground; Edmonton Bridges; Edmonton's River Valley and Green Spaces; Mill Creek Ravine, Trestle Bridge, and Pool; Mactaggart Sanctuary, Whitemud Creek Ravine; Edmonton Residences; Highlands Streetscape; Owen Residence; John Walter Museum; Buena Vista Building / Glenora Bed and Breakfast; Hangar 11, Blatchford Field; St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral; Al Rashid Mosque; Strathcona Public Library; Strathcona Train Station; Edmonton Exhibition, Borden Park roller coaster; Garneau Theatre; Historic Barns; A. Minchau Blacksmith Shop; Molson Brewery; Acknowledgements; Artists' Biographies.

Participating artists of Urban Sketchers Edmonton include:
Merts Belmes; Julie Daly; Terry Elrod; Jo-Anne Farley; Jimmy Golden; Irina Kruglyakova; Brenda Raynard; Yvonne Rezek; Angie Sotiropoulos; Karen Wall; Joanne Wojtysiak; Marlena Wyman.

Wyman, Marlena
Accession · [19-?] - [20-?]

This accession consists of eight oversized framed portraits of past Chief Librarians. The portraits range in size, from as small as 13x10" to as large as 16x20". Depicted in the portraits are former librarians Peter Freeman, Ernie Ingles, Marjorie Sherlock, Bruce Peel, and Frank Bowers. Also included in this accession are two unidentified portraits, and one piece of embroidered artwork.

Office of the Chief Librarian
TRE · Collection · 1858 to 2020

The Transportation ephemera collection contains a wide range of materials related to the operation and regulation of various forms of transport. These documents include schedules, promotional materials, histories and commemorative items, guides, and technical manuals. The Transportation ephemera collection is arranged by mode of travel and is divided into six categories:
• Automotive
• Aviation
• Miscellaneous
• Public transit
• Railway
• Shipping

[ca. 575] items

Item · Mar. 12, 2020
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A program for A Night of Jazz was presented by the DS Mackenzie Music Program featuring the students of Avalon, D.S. Mackenzie, and McKernan schools and their Alumni along with special guest Joel Gray playing the trumpet. The concert was held on March 12, 2020, at The Yardbird Suite in Edmonton, Alberta. The program outlines the musical numbers of the evening including the names of those performing and which musical group they belong to. The back of the program has a list of thanks and acknowledgements.

D.S. MacKenzie Junior High School
Item · 20th Century
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

The duotang contains an unused pages Ku Klux Klan membership ledger; at least one page appears to have been torn out. The first page contains a summary membership register, while following pages contain more detailed, individual membership forms, divided alphabetically by tabbed dividers. Each individual form contains field for name, address, account and ‘klavern’ numbers, induction and expulsion information, dates of birth and death, and a ledger to track financial transactions.

The imprint on the stamp reads: “Knights of the Ku Klux Klan • Invisible Empire” “Craik Klan No. 77 Craik, Sask.”

Item · 20th Century
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Photo album depicting a wide variety of scenes and locales, though subjects often appear to be affiliated with the Anglican Church. No annotations or identifying marks are supplied outside of the images themselves. Of particular note for the Prairie ephemera collection are the images, enclosed loosely, of vehicles of the Sunday School Mission in Qu’Appelle diocese, Saskatchewan. Other photographs depict St. Christopher’s College in Blackheath, London, a women’s training institution for church work.

Item · 2019 - 2020
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A pamphlet advertising Season Forty-Five of the Roxy Theatre Network for 2019 to 2020. A message from the Artistic Director indicates that the Roxy Theatre Network is moving to two new theatres and transitioning out of the Roxy to Gateway Theatre. Some of the shows that were performed during the season were Bed and Breakfast by Mark Crawford, Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes, by Hannah Moscovitch, Sleeping Beauty by Farren Timoteo and Jeff Unger, and The Children by Lucy Kirkwood. Each show listed includes a short description and some of the names of the cast and crew. The pamphlet also includes a list of the Board of Directors, detachable a Season Pass order form, a list of the theatre network sponsors and supporters, and contact information.

Roxy Theatre Network
File · 20th Century
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Advertisement for the products of the Brooks Aniline Works Ltd., in particular the ‘Bone Ash’ fertilizer, and the ‘Lime-O-Lean’ seed treatment. The booklet takes the form of a first-hand lecture or narrative on the benefits of Brooks’ products to the average farmer, while the single sheet is a more conventional promotion, bearing instructions for using the company’s products.

Item · [c. 2020]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Information on accomodations at "The Hat at Five Corners" high-rise apartment complex in Edmonton, Alberta. Three floor plans on loose pages are tucked into the folder, titled "The Cloche," "The Cloche I," and "The Trilby." The folder provides details on the building including amenities, suite features, the community and surrounding district, and contact information.

Item · 2019
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

An advertising book for Canadian Pacific Railway, providing information on services, safety, locations, marketing, storage, community involvement, etc. Page 11 is a fold-out map of southern Canada and northern United States showing the railroad network. Laid-in between pages 10-11 is a loose page detailing "plans to invest a half billion dollars in new, highly efficient hopper cars."

Canadian Pacific Railway
Item · [2019]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

An NDP election flyer for Heather McPherson in Edmonton, Alberta from 2019. The flyer provides information about Heather McPherson’s career and experience as well as plans the NDP has for Canadians. On the back of the flyer are infographics of polling projections in 2019 and the average vote percentage in Edmonton Strathcona for the 2006-2015 elections. The flyer also includes photographs of Heather in the community and contact information for her office.

New Democratic Party
Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A postcard advertising “Comrades Night” hosted by the Canukeena Club at the Marlborough Hotel. The president of the club is listed as C.B. Howden and the secretary is listed as W. Ross Carter. The postcard is addressed to Brigadier T.V. Anderson, D.S.O. at the Fort Osborne Barracks in Winnipeg, Manitoba and stamped on March 18, 1933.

Canukeena Club
[lake and landscape]
TL 540 D53 C64 · File · [19--]
Part of Clennell 'Punch' Dickins fonds

colour ; 9 cm x 13 cm print, aerial photograph of lake and landscape, caption reads "CH Dickins, Typical northern scene on edge of tree line, no neg."

PE001147 - Elite Cafe Menu
Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Menu for the Elite Cafe in Banff, Alberta. In addition to food items, the menu also contains a selection of fountain ice cream and soft drink items on the reverse. Some items and prices have been added in either pencil handwriting, or as typed text.

Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Poster advertising ‘Saskatchewan’s Greatest Rodeo’, to be held at the exhibition grounds in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The poster includes two photographs, taken from the Calgary Stampede, depicting horseback riding and wagon events.

UAA Fonds 0468 · Fonds · [19–?] -

Fonds contient plusieurs journaux Le Franco depuis plusieurs années.

Fonds consists of several journals Le France dating back several years.

Le Franco Albertain
UAA-1980-052 · Accession · [19--]
Part of Harold J. Brodie fonds

Accession consists of publications and research materials of Dr. Harold J. Brodie.

Brodie, Harold J.
UAA-2023-003 · Accession · 1995-2019
Part of Leilani Muir fonds

The accession consists of information on Leilani Muir case from lawyers: fact sheet, chronology, highlights from the reasons for judgment; copy of correspondence, and Provincial Training School clinical record, application form; news clippings on Muir case; obituaries, statement of death, and other documents related to L. Muir's passing; photocopies of the Alberta Law Reports: Muir v. Alberta; and articles on eugenics in Alberta. See inventory for a detailed file list.

Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A deed of land based in Winnipeg, Manitoba which is largely blank other than four signatures. Two from someone named Rod MacPherson and two from someone named James McBarrister. No dates, costs, or land locations are mentioned or filled out.

MacPherson, Rod
Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Advertising brochure, issued by the Tea Kettle Inn of Calgary, Alberta, which promotes Calgary as a tourist destination. The brochure includes background on Calgary in general, and detail on particular tourist attractions in the city. A substantial portion of the item, however, concentrates on promoting the Tea Kettle Inn specifically to tourists, including a photo of the Inn’s kitchen and an illustration of the business’ exterior.

Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Promotional booklet on the Canadian Rockies and Jasper, released by Canadian National Railways. The bulk of the booklet provides background and description of major landmarks in the Rockies from the point of view of the prospective tourist, with the remainder of the text being devoted to describing tourist accommodations along the CNR line through the mountains. Also included are a list of available gold courses, an advertisement for Canadian National Railways Hotels, and a list of worldwide agency representatives for the company. Amongst the photographs and illustrations contained in the booklet, depicting area landmarks and accommodations, are color paintings by Emily Carr.

PE001224 - Maligne Lake
Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Promotional booklet which illustrates the Maligne lake region, located in Jasper National Park, south of Jasper. Includes text extolling the natural beauty of the area, and a number of color illustrations of the lake environs. Additionally included is a map of the area, showing the position of the lake relative to Jasper and nearby highways.

Item · 2019
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A 2019 brochure for Ocheller Homes, a building company in Edmonton, Alberta. The brochure provides information about the company, the unique features of their buildings, their building locations, and the commitments of the company. The brochure includes numerous photographs of the homes they’ve built as well as a copy of a handwritten note from the company stating they are excited to start this journey with the potential buyer.

TL 540 D53 C64 · File · [19--]
Part of Clennell 'Punch' Dickins fonds

[Series of 4 Resolution Island Aerial prints]:
b&w ; 21 cm x 26 cm print, aerial photograph of Resolution Island, depicting snow-covered landscape and airstrip [circled], caption reads "Airstrip at Resolution Is., viewed downhill from the west. Road on the right leads to the Module", date on verso Feb 1961
b&w ; 21 cm x 26 cm print, aerial photograph of Resolution Island, depicting snow-covered landscape and coastline as well as 'module' and airstrip [circled], caption reads "Resolution Is. Module and Airstrip (circled), viewed from the east."
b&w ; 21 cm x 26 cm print, aerial photograph of Resolution Island, depicting snow-covered landscape and airstrip, caption reads "Airstrip viewed to the west, (uphill), during an approach from the east."
b&w ; 21 cm x 26 cm print, aerial photograph of Resolution Island, depicting snow-covered landscape, airstrip [marked 1300 ft in length], caption reads "Airstrip at Resolution Is. From the North Road on south end leads up to the Module."

TL 540 D53 C64 · File · [19--]
Part of Clennell 'Punch' Dickins fonds

Yellow Kodak 'your colour prints' envelope labelled "EPA Forest fire, Resolution Island, Sandy Lake Nfld, Book Material", containing:
colour ; 9 cm x 13 cm print of two floatplanes near a rocky shore, with caption "Sandy Lake Newfoundland"
colour ; 9 cm x 13 cm print, aerial shot of forest fire along coastline, with caption "Forest fire, Typical"
colour ; 9 cm x 13 cm print, aerial shot of radar facility on rocky, snow-covered terrain, with caption "Resolution Island Radar station, 1300ft strip"
colour ; 9 cm x 13 cm print of facility as above from different angle showing sea in background, with caption "Resolution Island, D.E.W. Base radar, 1300ft landing strip"

TL 540 D53 C64 · File · [19--]
Part of Clennell 'Punch' Dickins fonds

Small envelope labelled "CHD & Constance, Constance dupl. S.I. Card, CHD Duplicate of S.I. Card, CHD Cert. Of Confirmation, Note of plot # Edm cemetery where mother & father buried", contains:
Folded note with typed text "Edmonton Cemetry [sic]. Grave 9. Sub Sec. 1. or I. Block 48." and handwritten "Ambrose Dickins, Jessie Dickins, Father & mother of Punch Dickins"

[thirteen empty envelopes]
TL 540 D53 C64 · File · [19--]
Part of Clennell 'Punch' Dickins fonds

13 empty envelopes, previously used by Dickins to house photographs and other materials - writing on envelopes may provide additional information on items housed elsewhere:
"negs & prints Collingwood children with Dorothy Collingwood (cousin) 1918 Putney - London Eng"
"McK. Riv District Prints - Mis Winter to sort, Keep"
"C.H.D. personal - photos Cdn P.&.W. group at Greenfield Village near Detroit. Ford Motor Co. hosts - 1938, Wop May, Hollick Kenyon"
"Prints, People and Family - Parents - etc. 1916 to 1936 Keep"
"Winter, McKenzie [sic] River, First flight north to Resolution - Simpson - aircraft & prop damage at Ft Resolution on southbound flight from Simpson, Jan 1929"
"Grt Bear Lake, July 1980 & 1930"
"McKenzie [sic] River, Prints of Aklavik - 1929, Ft Smith 1927, Ft. Providence - 1929, & at McMurray Jan/29. First flight to Simpson, Resolution etc, Prop damage etc. 1929. Parmenter, [Lundy?], Reilly, Dickins Jan 1929"
"Great Bear Lake, etc, Eldorado prints & McKenzie [sic] River"
"Prints, McKenzie [sic] River, First flights Summer 1929, Aklavik etc."
"Negatives, McKenzie [sic] River & Bear Lake etc. 1929-30, 1928 McAlpine trip, Coppermine, Aklavik etc Keep"
"Various North Prints, Wasson, Simmonds, etc. Coppermine & Eldorado"
"Mostly McKenzie [sic] River & Northern Canada Keep, Book material"
"Negatives, McKenzie [sic] River, Gt Bear Lake & North, Keep"

PE001297 - Pay-Off 70-71
Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Advertising brochure from the HBC, which contains a catalogue of items intended for fur trappers, including traps, as well as general utility items such as snowshoes and knives.

Item · 2019
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A copy of Eat Local Magazine for Fall 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta. Their slogan is “Eating Well + Building Community.” The magazine includes articles such as an interview with the owner of Olive Me shop, a review of the Happing Nomming cookbook by Martine Partridge, and a Q&A with Mojo Jojo Pickles. The magazine also includes several recipes such as Peach and Pear Compote, Roasted Tomato Soup, Peppered Potato Soup, Creamy Mushroom Soup and a Dirty Chai Affogato. The magazine also includes numerous advertisements for local businesses.

Eat Local Magazine
File · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Various menus from the restaurant ‘Jimmie’s’, comprising:

  • The fountain menu, carrying mostly sundae and ice cream soda options
  • ‘Menu a la Carte’, carrying entrée, appetizers and beverages
  • The breakfast menu, carrying breakfast dishes and beverages.
  • A daily specials menu, carrying entrée options.
  • A single page overall restaurant menu

The first three menus in the above list are illustrated with line drawings of sportsmen in various sporting activities, and bear a photograph of the interior of the restaurant on the back. The single-sheet menus are relatively unadorned.

Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A book titled “The Truth About Canada with Some Exciting Experiences in Alberta” written by Morris W. Thomas from Clynderwen, England. The book chronologically details Morris W. Thomas’ voyage in 1905 from the United Kingdom to Canada, specifically Alberta and his experiences residing there for some time. The author discusses subjects such as farming in Alberta, winter activities, different seasons, harvesting, and the advantages and disadvantages of living in the prairies. There is a label on the inside of the book marking it as part of the Pembrokeshire Education Committee County Library.

Thomas, Morris W.
Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A set of four holiday greeting cards and an included envelope. Each card has a different B&W photograph of a location in Edmonton, Alberta on the front. The photographs depict a dog train, the Grand Trunk Railway Hotel, and two shots of Jasper Avenue. Each card also has a small gold embossed circular design on the front with a holiday message. Inside each card is the same holiday greeting message. None of the cards have been signed.

UAA Fonds 0474 · Fonds · [19–?] -

Fonds contient des matériaux relié au Théâtre Français Edmonton (TFE) tel que des programmes de théâtre, des albums "scrapbook", des photographs, et des cassettes vidéos.

Fonds consists of materials related to the Théâtre français Edmonton (TFE) such as playbills, scrapbooks and photographs. Fonds also includes videocassettes.

Théâtre Français d'Edmonton
Leilani Muir fonds
UAA Fonds 0542 · Fonds · 1950s-2019

The fonds consists of records related to Leilani Muir and her case Muir v. Alberta. See inventories associated with each accession for file lists.

Muir, Leilani
Item · [19-?]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Booklet issued by Little Bros. Fur Sales, Ltd., detailing changes made in the business model of the company. The company had decided to sell its wares in conjunction with the Settle Fur Exchange, a move that involved a change of address and name. The booklet argues that this move will benefit fur shippers.