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Photos; letter of honored appointment; Chinese Ambassador's wishing message

photo 1: (black and white) With Edmonton Chinese Sports Association, singing Cantonese opera in 1953-1954. From left: Ma Zhaohuan (马兆欢), Ma Zhuoqun (马卓群), Ken (盤鏡湖).
photo 2: (black and white) Practising. From right to left: Ma Zhaohuan (马兆欢), Ma Zhuoqun (马卓群), Ken (盤鏡湖).
photo 3: Performance of Edmonton Hua Qiao Music Club (华侨音乐社) in June 1975 at Victoria Composite High School. Ken (right) and Su Shaotang (苏少棠) (middle).
photo 4: Ken, Ma Jinyi (马金怡), Liang Xingbo (梁醒波), Ma Huanbiao (马焕标) in June 1975.
photo 5: Ken presenting a reward pennant to Su Shaotang (苏少棠) in June 1975.
photo 6: 马金怡 with 甄炳沾 presenting a reward pennant to 梁宝珠 in June 1975.
photo 7: front: Ken's wife Verna (middle), 念's wife, 森's wife. Back: 梁醒波, 梁宝珠, 罗艳卿, 苏少棠 in June 1975.
photo 8-9: Edmonton Chinese Freemason's Sports Club and Jin Wah Sing Musical Society (洪门体育会和振华声分社) in July 1976.
photo 10-11: 麦炳荣, 李香琴 in 1976.
photo 12: Ken presenting a reward pennant to ?
photo 13: Edmonton Hung Fung Athletic Club invited them, and they visited Mr. Pon in December 1976.
photo 14: 20 x 25.5 cm colored photograph, Edmonton Sound of Opera Society group photo.
photo 15: Edmonton Freemason Jin Wah Sing Musical Society performance to celebrate Chinese New Year in 1980s.
photo 16: Ken performing on 25 November 1990.
photo 17: Ken presenting a reward pennant to maestro 冯华 on 29 November 1990.
photo 18: 28 x 35 cm black and white photo mounted on foam board. Qun Feng club of LA of U.S. (美国洛杉矶群峰社) hosting the fourth volleyball open competition on 31 August, 1980 in LA. Qun Feng Club gave the photo as a gift to 群青B 队 (same as photo 52 of file 21) [Located in Oversize File].
photo 19: Group photo of celebrating Alberta Chinese News founded in 1980s.
photo 20: With Bill Diachuk (PC MLA 1971-1986) at celebration Chinese New Year party of Edmonton Freemason Da Quan Association in 1980s.
photo 21: With Henry Woo (MLA, Sherwood Park, 1979-1986) in 1980s.
photo 22: Group photo of Chinese Freemason's 26th Congress in Canada in 1980s.
photo 23: 20 x 25.5 cm hand-tinted colour photograph. Mr. and Mrs Pon. (Ken and Verna).
photo 24: 11.5 x 17 cm photograph in 18 x 22 cm board mat (window and backing are glued together), photograph and mat are enclosed in attached cardboard envelope. 旋风 athletic group photo.
photo 25: 11.5 x 17 cm photograph in 16 x 21.5 cm board mat (window and backing are glued together). Edmonton 旋風 and 振華聲athletic group photo.
photo 26: (black and white), 旋风 athletic members at 31st Annual Chinese Volleyball Tournament.
photo 27: (black and white) Ken was the chair of Edmonton Hua Qiao Music Club(华侨音乐社) with the volleyball team in 1974.
photo 28: (black and white) in Edmonton in September 1958.
photo 29: (black and white) at Elite Café (Chinese food restaurant) in Viking (south east of Edmonton). From left: Shirley, Ken's wife-Verna, William, Lucy. February 1965.
photo 30: (black and white) in the Café in October 1964.
photo 31: (black and white) in front of the restaurant in November 1964.
photo 32: (black and white) in the kitchen of the restaurant in January 1965.
photo 33: (black and white) in the kitchen of the restaurant in January 1965.
photo 34: (black and white) outside at the back of the restaurant in May 1965.
photo 35: 9 x 11 cm hand-tinted colour photograph. Ken's wife Verna at their grocery store in 1960s.
photo 36: 9 x 11 cm hand-tinted colour photograph. Verna's mom, old sister and Verna at the grocery store in 1960s.
photo 37: 20 x 25 cm (black and white) photograph. Verna's parents with families. Front, left: Verna's mom, right: Verna's dad.
photo 38: 6 x 8 cm (black and white) photograph. Verna's dad when he was a teenager.
photo 39: 9 x 14 cm (black and white) photograph taken at Baisha (白沙) Studio. Left: Verna, her oldest brother and second older brother.
photo 40: 10 x 15 cm (black and white) photograph. Verna and second older brother with the oldest brother's two kids.
photo 41: "Looking for the root". Verna's family old house at Baisha (白沙) in 1987.
photo 42: "Looking for the root". Ken's family old house partially fallen at (白沙) Baisha in 1987.
photo 43: "Looking for the root". In front of 白沙公祠 in 1987.
photo 44: "Looking for the root". 白沙公祠 and nearby building in 1987.
45: Letter of honored appointment for Ken Pon (盤鏡湖) to be a consultant of the fourth reunion of Taishan Immigration in Canada on 1 September 1984.
46:Chinese Ambassador Wen Yezhan's (温業湛) handwritten well-wishing message to Chinese Freemason on 28 June 1991. Ken 47: 3 pages printed material about Chinese Freemason Daquan association, its history and its contributions.
48: 1 page printed material about Chinese Freemason Daquan association.


  1. A Dominion of Canada of Head Tax Certificate (C.I.5) dated 22 January 1919 for Mah, Leng Wing (马亮荣 in China, changed to 马恒察 in Canada).
  2. Pon Sha Mah's (盘翠萍) certificate of Canadian Citizenship on 21 February 1958.
  3. Two Liberty Bonds ($50 Chinese money) with No. 0317128 and 0317129 in 1937 (to against Japanese invasion).
  4. Two 27th year Gold Loans (one is $5 US dollars, the other is $10 US dollars) of the republic of China in 1938.
  5. Aviation Liberty Bond ( to against Japanese Invasion), with an envelope from Chinese Consulate General in Ottawa on 4 May 1941.
  6. 10 of Chinese $1000 term deposit receipts issued on 21 January 1941 and another 2 issued on 28 February 1941.
  7. A $15,000 bank saving deposit of Bank of China in 1943.
  8. 马恒察 received Jean Mah (马爱珍)'s beauty pageant champion photo as a gift in March 1958.
  9. The special issue of the fifth reunion of Mah society in 1970 in North America with Mah society history introduction.
  10. Pon Sha Mah's acknowledgement of application for Social Insurance Number on 15 April 1991.
  11. Mah Leng's a declaration of trust with Stockton Oil Syndicate No.2.
  12. A letter of notification to the investors on 8 July 1953.
  13. A report of Stockton Syndicate No.2 from its Trustee with an envelope on 29 August 1953.
  14. An envelope with stamps on 30 September 1966 (without content inside).
  15. 3 envelopes of print photos in 1950s' or 1960's.
  16. 46 photos:
    photo 1: Celebration of 89th anniversary of Chinese Dramatic Club (點問頓警世鐘劇社) on 21 May 2006 at ECMCC.
    photo 2-3: Photos of performances.
    photo 4-7: Susan Mah and Edward Chu (朱荣来) performances for 90th anniversary of Chinese Dramatic Club celebration on 20 May 2007 at ECMCC (wrong date on the photos).
    photo 8-10: Edmonton Chinese Dramatic Club of Canada (點問頓警世鐘劇社) in Calgary with Calgary Cando Music Society (卡加利金紫英音樂社) performed for seniors on 31 August 2008.
    photo 11: (black and white) 张超 "paper son" of Mah, Leng Wing.
    photo 12: (black and white) "paper son" 张超, at Canadian and American boarder in Niagara Fall.
    A page of Susan's background study on "paper sons".
    photo 13: (black and white) Ken's sister Pon Mary Mah (马佩新) (马恒察went back to China in 1935 or 1936 built a big new house, and at that time, Mary was born the same time when the new house was finished. So, named her 佩新, for the new house accomplishment.
    photo 14: (black and white) Family photo in 1954 or 1955.
    photo 15-16: (black and white) Ken's sister Mary (马佩新) married Jack Pon (盘钧卓) in 1953 or 1954 after engagement.
    photo 17-18: (black and white) Mary Mah (马佩新) and Jack Pon (盘钧卓) marriage ceremony on 8 August 1954 at Chinese United Church.
    photo 19-21: (black and white) Mary and Jack Pon's wedding banquet at New World Café (新世界).
    photo 22: (black and white) Ken standing in front of Jack's dad's car. Jack heard about a Chinese girl in Drumheller, so his family came from Edmonton to Drumheller to see Mary and proposed to her in 1952 or 1953.
    photo 23: (black and white) Drumheller in 1952. Mary Mah in the parade, only Chinese girl in the whole town of Drumheller.
    photo 24-25: (black and white) Ken, his parents and relatives in March, 1955. From left to right: 马锡添? , Ken's mom, dad, and Ken.
    photo 26: (black and white) At Drumheller's Chinese restaurant in 1951. From left to right: 盘翠萍, 马恒磊, Ken, Ken's dad (马恒察), Ken's sister Mary (马佩新).
    photo 27: (black and white) Ken's dad (马恒察) at Drumheller café in 1950s.
    photo 28: (black and white) Ken, Ken's mom and dad, and his nephew.
    photo 29: (black and white) Ken's brother in law Jack Pon in 1950s.
    photo 30: (black and white) Ken's sister Mary cooking at their home - a grocery store in 1950s.
    photo 31: (black and white) Mary at their grocery store at 95 St & 107 Ave.
    photo 32: (black and white) Jack Pon and his son.
    photo 33: (black and white) family photo on Edmond Pon (盘汉文)'s birthday in 1958. Jack, Mary, Edmond, Jack's mom, Jack's dad, (盘利隆), Donald Pon.
    photo 34: (black and white) Jack's family and Mary's family.
    photo 35: (black and white) Mary, Jack and their son.
    photo 36: (black and white) Mary Pon's son, her mother and father in law.
    photo 37: Jack's two kids.
    photo 38-39: Mr. Pon (Ken's mom's brother) and his family in 1950s.
    photo 40-46: Family photos, some at the front door of their house at 11941-83 street.


Ellen Tam's mother Wai Hean Wong (黄惠贤) and father Chung Bun Tam(谭松斌)'s marriage certificate at 9:30 am on 26 April 1956 in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Marriage ordinance, Notice of Marriage on 20 February 1956.
Hong Kong business daily newspaper (工商日报 ) on 27 February 1956 with new married couples' names, Wai Hean Wong (黄惠贤) and Chung Bun Tam (谭松斌)'s names circled with red ink.
Wai Hean Wong (黄惠贤)'s Immigration Record of Landing of Canada on 23 January 1992.
Chung Bun Tam (谭松斌)'s Immigration Record of Landing of Canada on 23 January 1992.
Wai Hean Wong (黄惠贤)'s returning resident permit on 20 August 1993.
Chung Bun Tam (谭松斌)'s returning resident permit on 20 August 1993.
Wai Hean Wong (黄惠贤)'s statutory declaration of her birthday written in Chinese on 9 January 1992 in Hong Kong.
Chung Bun Tam (谭松斌)'s statutory declaration of his birthday written in English on 3 January 1975 in Hong Kong.
Chung Bun Tam (谭松斌)'s medical surveillance for Canadian Immigration officer at the Canadian Port of Entry on 22 November 1991 in Hong Kong, with a stamp of Immigration Canada on 23 January 1992 at the date he landed in Canada.
The Tam's Canadian Custom Clearance Papers on 23 January 1992 in the Employment and Immigration Canada envelope (with 11 pages of Asian express shipping papers and 5 pages of Casual Goods Accounting Document).
Ellen Tam's enrollment of Edmonton Real Estate Board Orientation Course paper with Income Tax. Receipt for Tuition Purpose from Faculty Extension of University of Alberta on 12 February 1992.
Ellen Tam's certification of a member in good standing of the Edmonton Real Estate Board Co-operative Listing Bureau Limited on 24 June 1992.
photo 1: The Tam's Family photo (black and white), taken in 1939 in Hong Kong (from left to right) Front: fifth brother's son, fourth brother's son, fourth brother's son, fourth brother's son. Middle: ninth brother, second wife and thirteenth sister, eleventh brother, husband, twelfth brother, first wife, Chung Bun Tam (谭松斌)-- the tenth on his 7 years old. Back: eighth brother, fifth brother's wife and their daughter, fourth brother's wife, fourth brother, fifth brother, seventh brother (fourteenth, fifteenth, sixteenth sister were not born at that time) [Located in Oversize File].
photo 2: Wai Hean Wong (黄惠贤) and Chung Bun Tam (谭松斌)'s colored hand-tinted photo with a poem on verso regarding their relationship on 20 September 1953, Lunar's August 15, Autumn Festival in Jiu Long.
photo 3: Wai Hean Wong (黄惠贤) and Chung Bun Tam (谭松斌)'s marriage certified photo (black and white) on 26 April 1956 in Hong Kong.
photo 4: Wai Hean Wong (黄惠贤) and Chung Bun Tam (谭松斌)'s wedding ceremony (black and white) in May 1956 in Hong Kong.
photo 5: The Tam's family photo (black and white): Chung Bun Tam's mother and her eight children and their families in 1958 in Guangzhou City.

19 performance photos; scrapbook page with 6 performance photos

photo 1-2: Performances in 2006.
photo 3-4: Cantonese Opera musicians, actors and actresses group photos on April 30, 2006.
photo 5: Musicians performed in 2006.
photo 6: Performance in 2007.
photo 7: A musician performance in 2007.
photo 8-18: 11 performance photos with unknown dates.
photo 19: Ox (2009) Chinese New Year banquet, singing in honour of seniors.
Scrapbook page with 6 performance photos in 2007.

Poster and 9 photos of performance

"Taming the Princess" (打金枝) Opera poster on May 3, 2009 for "The Edmonton Chinese Opera Association" (藝晉軒曲藝研習社) 12 years anniversary at Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium [Located in Oversize File].
9 photos of "Taming the Princess" (打金枝) Opera performance.


The fifth issue of the record of donations to support the National Salvation anti-Japanese war effort from the members of the Chinese Benevolent Association in Edmonton in 1940 (民國二十九年十二月).
Photo of Edmonton Chinatown Multicultural Centre (點問頓中華文化中心).
Poster of Chinatown gate [Located in Oversize File].


An interview article in Alberta Chinese Times (加中報) on Thursday May 23, 1991.
An interview article in The Canadian Chinese Times (加華報) on November 23, 1998.
West Edmonton Mall map and directory.
3 issues of West Edmonton Mall's World: Fall 1987, Holiday 1987, Christmas 1991.

Photo Album given to Charles V. Hancock from J. Hughes-Parry

Rare -- May be unique. Album was from the library of Charles V. Hancock, Literary Editor of the Birmingham Post. Album has a greeting card inscribed to Hancock with a photo of Hughes-Parry holding the record rod-caught fish for the Dee, a 42 lbs 5 oz salmon caught from the Welsch Dee river dated April 15, 1935. Photos in album are of Hughes-Parry fishing from a coracle (a little folding boat he invented)

S.I.N.I. [photograph album]

Includes photographs of the following places:

  • Studebaker Creek
  • Mirror Lake
  • Campbell River & Lake
  • Elk Falls
  • Alberni Mountain
  • Alberni Canal
  • Sprout River & Lake
  • Great Central Lake
  • Stamp River
  • Butchart Gardens

Fishing in Newfoundland

Includes photos by Lee Wulff, noted angler and author. Wulff was an American who spent a lot of his time fishing in Canada and did promotional work for Newfoundland, among other places.
Textual information includes:

  • Freshwater fishing
  • Big game fishing
  • One page map of Newfoundland

Ascension Fish & Game Club

This book is rare and offers a brief history of this club (originally the Green Lake Fish and Game Club), which occupies a lease over 22 square miles north of Montreal. The back 2 pages list past and present officers and members of the club.

Trout Lake [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • List of accommodations and facilities
  • Information on where it is located
  • Rates
  • Proprietors are Pat & Rich Broemeling
  • Published privately by Leno-Whimster Printing Ltd., Nelson B.C.

Douglas Lodge, Stuart Lake [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Activities such as hunting, fishing, walks, trails, riding, and swimming
  • Lodge information such as size, rates and how to get there
  • Map of "Northern Hunting and Fishing Grounds Adjacent to Douglas Lodge"
  • Small map on the back of British Columbia

Fishing is Good in Manitoba [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Issued by Province of Manitoba Department of Mines and Natural Resources, Hon. J.S. McDiarmid (Minister), D.M. Stephens (Deputy Minister)
  • Distributed by Tourist and Convention Bureau of Winnipeg and Manitoba (Lt.-Col, G.F.C. Poussette (Manager)
  • Licenses and regulations
  • Hunting information

Welcome to — Grand Forks and Scenic Sunshine Valley [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Statistics of Grand Forks District
  • A general description of the area provided by The Grand Forks District board of Trade
  • Gazette Printing co., LTD — Grand Forks, B.C.
  • Photo of the Aerial View of Grand Forks
  • One page description of the history of the area
  • One page dedicated to a copy of a hand-drawn map of the Grand Forks and Boundary District

Recreation Guide to Spooner Area [brochure]

Textual Information includes:

  • Map titled "Spooner Lake Region: Heart of Wisconsin's Indian Head Country" with the text: "For your vacation write Chamber of Commerce Spooner, Wisconsin"
  • A three-page directory of recommended resorts
  • A full-page (12 panels) map of the Spooner Lakes area in Wisconsin (copyright 1948, John T. Mathiesen)

Stuart Island Resort [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • How long it will take to get there by airplane, auto ferry and highway, and by float plane
  • Vancouver office address and telephone information and instructions to contact the Stuart Island Resort through the radio operator
  • Rate schedule effective from 15 May to 15 September 1969, including prices for accommodation and resort guests
  • Reservation form on the reverse side of the rate schedule sheet

Algonquin Park Ontario: Highland Inn [brochure]

Textual information includes:

  • Information on Algonquin Park including a two-day camping trip arranged by the hotel
  • Descriptions of recreational activities such as camping, boating, hiking, riding, fishing, bathing, tennis, badminton, and dancing
  • Hotel features such as church services, comfort, food, and service
  • Rates for rooms, guides, saddle horses, boats and canoes
  • Includes contact information
  • Printed by Grand & Toy LTD. Toronto

Margaret-Ann Armour fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1974 - 2019

Fonds consists of the research, teaching and professional files of Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, documenting her work in hazardous chemical waste handling and disposal, and her development of WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology).

Armour, Margaret-Ann


Related to the career of Helen Forrester. The collection consist of manuscirps in vaious states, from hand drawn conceptual diagrams to corrected proofs. Included are:Research notes, uncorrected proffs, corrected proofs, typsetting proofs, finished monographs, audio recordings, publicity materials, cover art and proofs, newpaper clippings and reviews and relative correspondence. There are 15 titles represented plus som esmaller works for anthologies and two manuscrips under the pen name, June Edwars. There are also two signed monographs by other authors.

Forrester, Helen


Accession consists of 40cm of textual records related to the creator's research of Alexander Doull (Civil Engineer) and railways in England, Scotland, Ireland and Canada. Includes 60 described files of correspondence with various archives in Canada and the UK, copies of articles, notes and research information related to railways in Canada and the UK. Also includes 15cm of described photographs comprising images of railway lines, railway, construction and trains in Canada including images of the first train into Edmonton AB (1902).

Violet Archer fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1925-2000

The Violet Archer fonds span a period of over seventy years, and provide a valuable record of the composing, research, teaching and life experiences of a noted University professor and internationally recognized composer of music. The Violet Archer fonds is unusually complete, with intact records that illustrate both professional and personal facets of her life. As noted in the introduction, the Archer records, except for her original compositions and scores, arrived at the University of Alberta Archives without much evidence of original order or organization. While her scores and musical compositions had been listed and numbered by James Whittle, Department of Music librarian at the University of Alberta, the remainder of her records was transferred in large boxes to the Archives from her home in Ottawa. Boxes were labeled as coming from her basement, piano bench, bookshelves, etc. but were pretty mixed in each box. A large volume of the textual records is comprised of correspondence, and while the correspondence tended to be boxed together, within any single box would be a range of letters spanning any number of years. Correspondence from the 1950's was interspersed with correspondence from the 1990's. Each letter appeared to be methodically opened with a letter opener, read, and returned to the envelope (even Christmas and birthday cards were returned to their envelopes). Other like records were often boxed together; teaching files in single boxes, and boxes containing books, others with sound recordings, etc., providing the only evidence of extant original order. The large volume of records received, however, essentially loose and unorganized, necessitated the imposing of order by the archivist. Two page series were determined, that of professional and personal papers, and several sub-series delineated within each of these two series. Series One Professional and Career-related papers, are the largest of the two series and are organized into several sub-series. The sub-series designations are based on the contents of the records, and often chronological in terms of order within each sub-series. Within Series One are student records (Archer as student); teaching records, chronicling her years on faculty at North Texas State College, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Alberta; correspondence files; composing records; and reference records. The sub-series are substantial in size, and provide a wealth of information about Archer's professional life. Within the correspondence files, there is outgoing and incoming chronologically arranged correspondence, letters with identified individuals, reference letters, correspondence with associations and organizations, and publishing project and music dealer correspondence. The composition and composing sub-series of records is further organized into performing rights organization records, music publishers contracts and correspondence, conference and workshop records, performances, honors and awards, and original Archer compositions. The sub-series of reference material is also extensive, and includes listings of the imprint, books, music by other composers, and a collection of sound recordings maintained by Archer. Of especial significance, are the files of original Archer scores and compositions. A significant number of her compositions are represented in these holdings, and provide evidence about the steps and processes involved in creating a piece of music from manuscript beginnings to a final published piece of music. Series Two, Violet Archer's personal papers, while much smaller in extent than Series One, provide a fascinating glimpse of the person behind the public persona of professor and composer. Her personal correspondence files, particularly the incoming and outgoing correspondence with her younger sister Carolyn, document the emotions, struggles, triumphs and challenges she faces as a woman functioning in a very male-dominated field and time period. Carolyn is the one person that Violet freely confides in, and she shares thoughts, feelings, and philosophies with her sister that are only touched upon in the other records housed in the fonds. Rounding out the personal records in Series Two are other correspondence files, financial records, insurance records, artwork, and a large photographic sub-series. The Violet Archer fonds provides numerous research opportunities. Students of music history, composition, and theory will find the records valuable, as well as individuals interested in researching a woman's career path in pre-and post-second world war North American society. There are records related to the music scene in both the U.S. and Canada, letters exchanged with well-known musicians, colleagues, writers and students; and many documents associated with the music publishing industry. The growth of the University of Alberta's music department is documented in the records, as is the growth of Canadian music organizations. The completeness, extent, and condition of the Violet Archer fonds ensure its strong informational and evidential research value.

Archer, Violet

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