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Banff, AB
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PE001562 - [Photo album containing predominantly Edmonton and Alberta images]

Some of the images are identified as from Edmonton's Alfred Blyth Studios. Alfred Blyth (1901-1980) moved to Edmonton from Scotland around 1913 and began work as a darkroom technician in 1916. In 1928, he opened his own studio, which he operated until his retirement in 1970. For more information, please see the biographical entry in the Provincial Museum of Alberta's Alfred Blyth fonds (available online at [accessed on 12 December 2018]).

Approximately half of the album's photographs document Edmonton and area landscapes, buildings, and events. These include images of the Legislature, the Public Library, local golf courses, the 1937 Coronation celebration, and the dedication of the Cenotaph. The remaining images capture scenes elsewhere in Alberta - for example, Banff, Jasper, and Cooking Lake - or outside the province. There are a number of photographs of Vancouver and the Pacific Coast of the United States. Northern scenes are particularly prominent, including images of Alaska and a page of photographs accompanied by the notation "Eskimo scenes."

PE000713 - C.P.R. publicity shots taken in the Rockies

Six (6) Canadian Pacific Railway publicity shots taken in the Rockies.  Prints bear captions on back:

  • Lake O’Hara cabins, Lake O’Hara, BC;
  • Yoho Lodge, BC;
  • Train along the Bow River near Lake Louise, Alberta;
  • C. P. Passenger Train – Spiral Tunnels near Field, BC;
  • C. P. Passenger Train nearing Banff, Alta.;
  • Banff Springs Hotel and Bow Valley, Banff, Alta.

PE001004 - Album of a Trip across Canada

An album of photographs by an unidentified but accomplished photographer, with some commercial photos from Barclay and Steele & Co. mixed throughout. The album documents a trip across Canada, from sea to sea, taking place in the late 1800s. Many scenes in British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains, the Prairies (including Aboriginals and cowboys), and Ontario and Quebec, but the album does not seem to be arranged chronologically.

26 photographs in B.C.,
22 in the Prairies,
10 in Quebec and Ontario.

Loose item from 1886 scrapbook: letter to mother (6 August 1886)

Letter from Pocock to his mother dated 6 August 1886. Pocock writes of his anticipated sick leave. He will receive treatment in Regina, but does not want to stay there for the recovery; he will put in a request to have his sick leave in either Toronto or Banff. He then anticipates being discharged and having to find a place to settle that has mild winter temperatures because of his frostbitten foot. He writes about setting up a cigar shop in Vancouver and selling the land once real estate prices go up.
He mentions an incident involving his friend Monty over a revolver; he then describes the revolver in detail supplied with a sketch of it. Pocock writes about his new found confidence and his preferences in fashion and personal grooming.
He mentions that there was a hailstorm the previous night from which there was "immense damage"; he sketched the size of the hail stones. Pocock purchased four [paintings?] of Lake Superior by Fred Bingham. He is writing essays on religious topics and is not ready to submit them.

Pocock, Roger

Photograph of police in Banff

Photograph of five police officers on horse-drawn cart. Writing on reverse reads "This is Police force-in-hand at Banff 1895. [Teamstere] Constable Gordon Front Seat. J.P. French aged 18 (Col. J.P.F., D.S.O.); Constable Clark; Baron Karl Craig (from Denmark); Cons. [?]lesworth (from Ottawa); Cons. Clark became C. of E. [Parson?]." Pocock likely acquired this photo in 1897 while on patrol with RCMP.

PE000806 - King Edward Hotel Christmas Day Menu

A menu for a Christmas Day meal served at the King Edward Hotel in Banff. Proprietor: N.K. Luxton. Dishes served included Blue Points from Baltimore, Oranges Glace au Kirsch from California, and Prairie Chicken Cutlets a la Montpensier from the Rocky Mountain Foothills.

PE001679 - Diary of Trip Through Canada

Diary and scrapbook written, compiled and bound by Anna Coombs, documenting her 1909 trip from London, England, through parts of Canada and the U.S. Describes visiting Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Banff, among other locations. Describes her experience of the journey, including the landscape and social life in Western Canada. Anecdotes include an account of visiting a Doukhabour village (pp. 36-7), and an incident where the car that the party is travelling in catches fire and is destroyed while travelling down a straw-covered road (pp. 37-38). Latter half includes a scrap book with postcards, brochures, time-tables, railway maps, etc. glued to the pages.

Coombs, Anna

PE001991 - Alberta chickens postcard from G.M. Burgoyne

Postcard from G. M. Burgoyne in Calgary to Rev. J. G. Goddard in Liverpool, England. Mentions a trip to Banff and a stop in Calgary prior to returning home to Ponoka. Image is a composite photo depicting a train car with a load of giant chickens. Caption reads “A carload of extra fine Alberta chickens. No. 87.”

Burgoyne, G. M.

PE001002 - Sir Wilfrid Laurier's 1910 Train Trip Through Western Canada

A photograph album created by an unknown person, documenting the 1910 train trip completed by Sir Wilfrid Laurier, as Prime Minister, across western Canada. In July and August, Sir Laurier traveled on a special Grand Trunk Pacific train from Fort William, ON to Prince Rupert, B.C. and back, returning to Ottawa September 7, 1910. He was accompanied by numerous colleagues, including his private secretary, E. J. Lemaire; Minister of Railways and Canals, George Perry Graham, M.P.; Edward Mortimer Macdonald, M.P.; and Frederick Forsythe Pardee, M.P.

The B&W photographs are captioned in white on the black paper pages of the album. The photographs are only roughly in chronological order. The owner of the album titled the first page, "The Grand Trunk Pacific Trip." The acronym "G.T.P." is used for Grand Trunk Pacific railway throughout the album. Minister Graham is identified in the photographs by the acronym "G.P.G."

Photographs include:

  • Various photographs of the group chatting and milling around the train, occasionally posing for the photographer. Several of these photographs also show the train's crew.

  • A large welcome sign on the bridge in Fort William, ON.

  • Two photographs of the August 5th train wreck between the Laurier special train and a freight train on the C.P.R. track east of Moose Jaw between Belle Plaine and Pense. The train car is torn apart like a toy. No one in the prime minister's party was seriously injured.

  • One photograph of a man in a buggy, captioned "Joe" Clarke. This appears to be the future mayor of Edmonton.

  • Captioned photographs of the welcome received at Inverness [?], Winnipeg [MB], Melfort [SK], Selkirk [MB], Yorkton [SK], Medicine Hat [AB], Calgary [AB], Wetaskiwin [AB], Rosthern [SK], Banff [AB], Golden [B.C.], Prince Rupert [B.C.], and Victoria [B.C.].

  • Photograph of the "Welcome to our Premier" arch made of oats in Yorkton, SK.

  • Several photographs of Indigenous people.

  • Two photographs of "Buffalo at Banff," including a calf.

  • Several beautiful photographs of the Rocky Mountains.

  • Several photographs taken from the deck of a ship off the coast of Prince Rupert, B.C.

PE001698 - Pocket Guide to Banff & District

Describes the natural features and amenities available in Banff national park and the surrounding area. Lists accommodations, things to see, recreational opportunities and road trips from Banff. Brief descriptions of Kootenay and Yoho national parks. Addenda provide relevant park regulations and safety or survival tips. Cover is stamped “from Western Canada Road Route Service Ltd., 133a Sixth Avenue West, Calgary, Canada.”

Canadian National Parks

PE001669 - Booklet for Highland Gathering at Banff

Describes the sporting, dance and music events occurring at the 1932 Highland Gathering and Scottish Music Festival at the Banff Springs Hotel, Banff AB, August 27-30, 1931. Provides schedules and related interpretive information, with black and white photographs throughout.

Canadian Pacific

PE002036 - Edmonton Bulletin Calgary Banff trip winners, 1935

Depicts around 50 boys, and some men, likely their chaperones, who were the winners of a contest put on by the Edmonton Bulletin in 1935 for carriers of their newspaper to win a three day trip to Calgary and Banff. They are posed in front of a Canadian Pacific train at the station, and several of the boys are holding up copies of an Edmonton Bulletin page with a headline describing the contest: “Three Glamorous, Care-free Days at Calgary-Banff for Bulletin Carrier-Salesmen.” All of the winners are wearing matching Edmonton Bulletin hats. A caption on the back identifies some of the winners.

McDermid Studios

PE001576 - Photographs: [Images of the 1939 royal tour of Alberta]

Alfred Blyth (1901-1980) moved to Edmonton from Scotland around 1913 and began work as a darkroom technician in 1916. He opened his own photographic studio in 1928, which he operated until his retirement in 1970. For more information, please see the biographical entry in the Provincial Museum of Alberta's Alfred Blyth fonds (available online at [accessed on 11 December 2018]).

Although the photographs are not accompanied by annotations, they appear to document the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Alberta in 1939. Images of the Royal Couple - often pictured with Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie-King and other dignitaries - and crowd scenes predominate. Events at the Legislature, Calgary City Hall, the Banff Springs Hotel, as well as arrivals and departures from airports and railway depots are present.

Blyth, Alfred

PE001577 - Photo album: [Images of the 1939 royal tour of Canada]

The album documents the 1939 visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada and the United States. Approximately 100 of the images were taken during the Alberta portion of the tour, including pictures of events in Calgary, Banff, Bassano, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge. The remaining images capture the Royal Couple in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the United States.

PE001011 - Malcolm Tapp, Banff Springs Hotel Golf Pro Photo Album

Many of the photographs are staged Canadian Pacific publicity shots showing the handsome golf pro and the beautiful Banff Springs Hotel golf course. Tapp even appeared in a Hudson's Bay Company print advertisement. In this album, some photographs were taken by Nicholas Morant and a typewritten letter from him is included. Several photographs are of Malcolm Tapp posing with celebrity visitors to the resort, including singers Roy Rogers, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Bing Crosby, and Robert Goulet, as well as hockey legend Gordie Howe. There is a single print of Marilyn Monroe receiving a golf lesson from Tapp during her visit to Banff in 1953.

Of particular note:

  • 20.5 x 25.5 cm B&W photograph. A young Malcolm Tapp stands next to a man holding a clapboard. F510 / Cameraman Beesley / Scene No. A5. They are on the golf course and hold golf clubs. Camera on tripod is pointed by the cameraman at them.

  • Newspaper clipping: The Vancouver Sun: Sat., Mar. 21, 1964. Giant print ad for the Hudson’s Bay Company showing Malcolm Tapp posing on the golf course with various golf equipment and a young female model. “The Bay has the expert advice of professional Malcolm Tapp plus equipment for every golfer.”

  • 20 x 25.5 cm B&W original photograph used in the HBC advertisement.

  • 13 x 18 cm B&W photograph. [Taken in 1953 by John Vachon] – Marilyn Monroe smiling at the camera as Tapp gives her a golf lesson.

  • 16.5 x 21.5 cm B&W photograph. Shot inside the golf shop. An unknown man, Roy Rogers, and Malcolm Tapp (in a suit jacket and tie) stand together.

  • 16.5 x 21.5 cm B&W photograph. Four male golfers pose with golf clubs. Malcolm Tapp is leftmost. Singer Tennessee Ernie Ford is middle left in the white pants.

  • Four 16.5 x 21.5 cm B&W photographs of Bing Crosby and Malcolm Tapp.

  • 16.5 x 21.5 cm B&W photograph of Malcolm Tapp and a young Robert Goulet.

  • 16.5 x 21.5 cm B&W photograph of hockey legend Gordie Howe posing while talking with Malcolm Tapp in the golf shop. A smiling young boy looks directly into the camera.

Tapp, Malcolm

PE001010 - Great Canadian Rockies Golf Competition Poster

Framed poster for the 1st Great Canadian Rockies Golf Competition, held in 1972 at the Banff Springs Golf Club, the Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course, and the Pitt Meadows Golf Course. The poster is covered with the signatures of 39 Japanese participants. Four Japanese sponsoring agencies are printed on the poster. Banff Springs Golf Club pro Malcolm Tapp's signature appears above and to the left of the word "Banff."

PE001940 - Correspondences travelling art exhibition poster

Poster for the travelling exhibition “Correspondences,” organized by the Walter Phillips Art Gallery at the Banff Centre School of Fine Arts. Featured works by Christopher Pratt, George Legrady, John McEwan, Tony Brown and Tim Zuck. The exhibition was shown at the Mendel Art Gallery, in Saskatoon SK, the Sir George Williams Art Galleries in Montreal QC, the Mount Saint Vincent Art Gallery in Halifax NS, and the Art Gallery of York University in York ON, from April to December, 1983. Background is an abstractly blurred red and black photograph.

Walter Phillips Gallery

PE001912 - Against Great Odds: Posters of Nicaragua exhibition catalogue and poster

Catalogue and poster for the Against Great Odds: Posters of Nicaragua exhibition held at the Peter Whyte Gallery in Banff, AB. Catalogue features a reproduction of a poster made by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Culture from a Solentiname painting, and a description of the exhibition’s source material written by curator Elizabeth Brown. Details the Sandinista revolution, criticizes the CIA-backed Contras that opposed it, and describes the emergence of a popular artistic movement from this political climate, which included the creation of the posters displayed in the exhibition. A large sticker on the poster side reads “please return to the Edmonton Art Gallery.”

PE001951 - Fluxus Etc. art exhibition poster

Poster for the art exhibition “Fluxus Etc.” held at the Banff Centre’s Walter Phillips Gallery from October 5 – 27, 1985. Background is a work by Ben Vautier, featuring script expressing the theory (or anti-theory) of the Fluxus movement.

Banff Centre

PE001902 - Heroics: A Critical View art exhibition poster

Poster for the contemporary art exhibition “Heroics: A Critical View” shown in the Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre from February 2 – 28, 1988. Includes an image of the painting “Three Masked Men” by Stephen Hutchings, 1985. Artists involved: Ida Applebroog, Sara Diamond, Viola Frey, Leon Golub, Stephen Hutchings and Imants Tillers.

Walter Phillips Gallery

PE001918 - Turbulence art exhibition poster

Poster advertising the exhibition “Turbulence,” shown at the Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre in Banff, AB from July 7-24, 1988. Features exhibition details and a list of the artists involved: Carole Baillergeon, Kevin Carter, Benjamin Fleming, Louis Fortier, Marie-Josée Lafortune, Sharon Moodie, David Skingle and Paul Vandeborne. Background is an image of a work by Paul Vandeborne.

Walter Phillips Gallery

PE001926 - Banff Publishing Worksop program and poster

Program detailing the 1992 Banff Publishing Workshop. Includes workshop descriptions, application information, and participant testimonials. Back is a poster with a view of Banff from on a nearby mountain and text that reads “The Banff Publishing Workshop is no holiday in the mountains.”

Banff Publishing Workshop

PE001147 - Elite Cafe Menu

Menu for the Elite Cafe in Banff, Alberta. In addition to food items, the menu also contains a selection of fountain ice cream and soft drink items on the reverse. Some items and prices have been added in either pencil handwriting, or as typed text.

PE004758 - 1924 Canadian Pacific Railway Dining Car Service Luncheon and Beverages menu intended for “The British Association for the Advancement of Science, Ninety-Fourth Year”

Front cover features a B&W photograph of the Banff Springs Hotel and Bow River Valley, captioned as such.  Interior printed with the Luncheon and Beverages menu of the Canadian Pacific Railway Dining Car Service intended for “The British Association for the Advancement of Science, Ninety-Fourth Year” on the occasion of their “Transcontinental Tour, Toronto-Vancouver And Return, August 17 - September 4, 1924.”  Beverages menu includes prices and a selection of cigars and cigarettes.  Back cover is printed with an oval B&W photograph of Lake Louise and the Chateau, labelled as such, and a smaller photograph of a figure canoeing.  A blurb describes features of the “Canadian Pacific Rockies,” including the Canadian Pacific Hotels and bungalow camps located there.

PE004688 - Wine List and Cocktail Menu for the Calgary Elks Club

A menu in the shape of a tasseled fez hat.  Burn marks and drink stains on the front cover.  This menu is the Wine List and Cocktail Menu for the Calgary Elks Club located in the Elks Building in Calgary, AB.  It is bound with two staples.  Inside the front cover is a B&W photographic collage of the inside of the Elks Club, while the collage inside the back cover features photographs of teepees, city skyline, a dinosaur sculpture and the Banff Springs Hotel.  The menu is eight (8) pages of alcoholic drinks.  Printed by Foothill Printers Limited.

PE004746 - "All Expense 'Stop-Over' Tours Canadian Rockies Banff…Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, by Canadian Pacific - World’s Greatest Travel System" tourism brochure

Tourism brochure titled: "All Expense 'Stop-Over' Tours Canadian Rockies Banff…Lake Louise and Emerald Lake, by Canadian Pacific - World’s Greatest Travel System." Brochure opens up to a three page spread depicting the three major hotels the tour stops at - Banff Springs, Lake Louise Chateau, and Emerald Lake Chalet. Has large b&w pictures of all three areas, a list of Canadian Rockies Feature Events for 1940, and a small map of the Canadian Rockies. The back pages contain information on things to see and do in the Canadian Rockies, and information on how to get to the Canadian Rockies, as well as information on an Alaska Cruise with Princess Cruises.

PE004676 - Menu for Andrianne’s Restaurant

Menu card with tipped in sheet for Andrianne’s Restaurant, formerly the Hub Café, in Banff, AB.  The front cover shows grease marks in a vertical line and then speckled across the creased upper right corner.  The front and back covers of the cream-coloured card feature a green and brown illustration of a mountain, identified in a text box as Mt. Eisenhower, formerly known as Castle Mountain.  The a la carte menu includes cocktails, steaks and chops, sandwiches, fish and oysters in season, sundaes and fountain drinks, salads and cold plates, eggs and omelettes, toast and griddle cakes, and fruits – desserts - pies.  The tipped in sheet is typewritten and is dated Feb. 13/55, with the “3” drawn in pen over a “2.”  Various daily specials are listed with numerous dishes repeated from the menu card.

PE004791 - "Banff and the Canadian Rockies in Wintertime" tourism brochure

Tourism brochure titled "Banff and the Canadian Rockies in Wintertime." The back cover contains information on mileages from Banff to popular places. The interior of the brochure contains many advertisements, b&w pictures of things to do in Banff, brief descriptions of the different activities to do in Banff, and the program for the Banff Winter Carnival. Published by Publicity Committee of the Banff Winter Carnival.

PE004678 - Menu for Modern Coffee Shop

Menu card for Modern Coffee Shop in Banff, AB, and covered with eleven (11) signatures.  Legible names include Ken Stanley, Doreen Lockard, P. A. Atkinson, and Cathie Commons.  Printed on green card stock and covered with dirt and stains.  The menu items are printed in identical arrangement to PE004676 (Menu for Andrianne’s Restaurant, 1955) but with slightly lower prices.

PE004686 - Menu for Eamon’s Drive-Inn Restaurant

Menu card for Eamon’s Drive-Inn Restaurant located on the Banff Highway seven (7) miles west of Calgary, AB.  Printed in burgundy and green on cream-coloured card stock.  The back cover has two photographs, one of the restaurant interior highlighting the large windows looking out on the Rockies, and a second of the outside of the restaurant with striped awning and numerous parked 1950s-era cars.  Inside is an a la carte menu with a Combination Salad struck through and the price of Calgary Ginger Ale adjusted.

PE000581 - Trail Riders’ Sing Song

Book of song lyrics titled “Trail Riders’ Sing Song.” The location (Banff Springs Hotel), date and time (8:15 PM) are printed on the cover. There are 19 songs, all versions of popular songs rewritten to be about riding horses through the Rocky Mountains. Printed by Crag & Canyon Presses.

PE002011 - Selected Real Photographic Post Cards: The Canadian Pacific Rockies

A set of 20 real photo postcards of the Canadian Rockies, photographed by Byron Harmon. Not used for correspondence. Black and white photos with captions:

  • “1024. Mt Sir Donald”
  • “986. Lower Spiral Tunnel”
  • “931. Mt. Temple From Railway”
  • “911. Moraine Lake”
  • “910. Chateau Lake Louise”
  • “875” Depicts “The Great Divide” sign and monument to Sir James Hector.
  • “792. Banff Springs Hotel.”
  • “776. Mt. MacDonald East Portal Connaught Tunnel.”
  • “774. Mt. Chancellor.”
  • “772. Kicking Horse Canyon.”
  • “730. Cathedral Peak and Yoho Rd.”
  • “540. Lake Louise.”
  • “366. Hells Gate Fraser Canyon.”
  • “256. Illecillewaey Valley.”
  • “195. Elk.”
  • “131. Upper Spiral Tunnels, Field.”
  • “96. Buffalo.”
  • “64. Mt. Eisenhower.”
  • “57. Mt. Rundle, Banff.”
  • “47. Three Sisters, Banff.
  • Plus original packaging. “20 for $1.00”

Harmon, Byron

PE000229 - Various blank stationery from Rocky Mountain hotels

A collection of blank stationery and a print related to hotels in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta:

  • A folded, colour print of the Banff Springs Hotel. No date.
  • A colour illustration as letterhead for a sheet of blank Banff Springs Hotel stationery. No date.
  • A sheet of blank Banff Springs Hotel stationery featuring B&W prints of Canadian Pacific. No date.
  • An empty envelope from the Jasper Park Lodge, with artwork depicting various recreational activities and wildlife in the rockies. No date.
  • Blank sheet of stationery from the Sanitarium Hotel in Banff. Banff, Alberta, [prior to 1915].

PE004707 - Hotel rates at the Banff Springs Hotel

A folded card listing the rates at the Banff Springs Hotel, owned by Canadian Pacific, for the 1940 season, lasting from June 8 to September 8.  Rates vary based on whether the room has a view of Bow Valley or Sulphur Mountain, with the Bow Valley view costing more.  Extra amenities include playing golf and swimming in fresh and sulphur swimming pools.

PE004794 - Program for Viggo Kihl Master Classes in Pianoforte Playing Technique and Pedagogy.

Program titled: "The University of Alberta Department of Extension, Fine Arts Division, Presents Viggo Kihl, in Master Classes in Pianoforte Playing Technique and Pedagogy." Below the title is a b&w picture of Viggo Kihl, followed by a short biography. The classes are noted to take place in Edmonton from July 20th to 31st, for a 10 day course, and in Banff, from August 3rd to 14th, for a 10 day course. The interior contains class outlines, the fees for private instruction, general information regarding registration, enrollment, and living accommodation, as well as a blank application. Tucked inside the programme is a handwritten note, addressed to Mr. E. A. Corbett, regarding the registration date for the Viggo Kihl Piano Performance class. Letter is signed by B. Violet Kofeld. The back cover contains press comments.

PE000864 - Miniature Guest Booklet -Banff Springs Hotel

A tiny guest booklet for guests of the Banff Springs Hotel. This miniature booklet contains information on tourist activities and available hotel services. In the middle is a fold-out map of an aerial view of the valley with mountains labelled.

The cover is printed green and features an illustration of a golfer against a background image of the hotel.

PE000729 - Press photos of Stoney Indians, several probably taken during Indian Days in Banff.

Nine (9) press photographs of Stoney Indians, several probably taken during Indian Days in Banff. Photos have captions on the back:

  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Annual Indian Day at Banff, Alberta; Stoney Indian Medicine Man in his medicine teepee [sic] (Courtesy Canadian Pacific Railway)."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Newspaper clipping showing printed photograph identifies figure as Walking Buffalo, former chief of the Stony Indians of Western Canada.
  • 7" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Indians, Stoney; parade around village and ride into Banff."
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Four minutes after the construction job was begun, the Stoney squaw and papooses are comfortably established in their new home—with a slight touch of modern conveniences to get the housework done."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Caption: "Stoney Indian 'Mr. Big,' This is Jonas Roder, second chief of the Stoney Indians tribe, dressed in full regalia for the annual Calgary, Alberta stampede. Far from the 'vanishing American,' the chief has much to say about how his tribesmen live."
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Golfing in the Canadian Rockies has its illusions. Chief John Hunter, a full blooded Stoney Indian, makes a picturesque caddy on the Banff course."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Caption: “ 'From where he sits' This papoose seems quite interested in the goings-on at the Calgary, Alberta, stampede. His mother, a Stoney Indians squaw stoops to squint, yet keeps a supporting hand against her back-riding youngster."
  • 7" x 8" B&W print. Caption: " 'The end of a busy day' Chief Spotted Eagle and his squaw Red Cloud Woman finish their shopping trip by indulging in a strawberry soda. Their eight-year-old daughter, Big Bird Woman (center), was a little shy." Print is very wrinkled.
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Indians, Stoney, fashion show at Banff Spring, Alberta."