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Mr. Adkins’ progress reports on the Alberta Oil Sands Project; consulting report on oil sands for Shell Oil Company.

Title based on content of series


Between 1882 and 1884, Pearce's duties as the Inspector of Dominion Lands Agencies made him the field agent for the Dominion Lands Board, based in Winnipeg. The Board's most important function was to rule on uncertain claims and on schemes not covered by normal routine. William Pearce's involvement began with the land claims of the Metis and white settlers who had settled along the North Saskatchewan River prior to the Institution of surveys. Pearce was subsequently called on to deal with similar problems at such diverse localities as Morley, Pincher Creek, Lee's Creek (Cardston), Lac la Biche, and Lac Ste. Anne.

Pearce's interest in settlement extended beyond his land claims work. As statistician for the Canadian Pacific Railway, he served as an advisor to the Natural Resources Department of the company. In fulfilling that role, Pearce collected extensive material on the twin questions of settlement and immigration, particularly after his work with the Economic and Development Commission in 1916.

The series title is based on the contents of records.

Personal Material.

Contains certificates, programmes, news clippings and reports and other material documenting Rowan's non-professional activities.

Title bases on content of series.

Radio Talks.

Series consists of Invitations, announcements, letters of acceptance, transcripts and speaking notes.

Title based on the content of the series.

Graphic Material.

Series consists of Invitations, announcements, letters of acceptance, transcripts and speaking notes.

Title based on the content of the series.

John Gregory Records.

John Gregory is a charter member of Technocracy, Inc., joining in 1936. He donated his papers, which form Series 3 of the Technocracy fonds, to the University Archives in March 2007. Mr. Gregory’s career was with the Alberta Research Council, serving as Head, Industrial and Engineering Services, and his papers reflect his interest in hydrology and engineering as it relates to Technocracy doctrine. There are interesting early Technocracy publications and original correspondence with Howard Scott. The material is in good physical shape..

The records in Series 3 have been sub-divided into two sub-series: Textual Material and Published Material. As in the other two series, the published documents form the bulk of the series. Within the publications sub-series are articles written about Technocracy and subjects of interest to Technocrats including a 1951 article by M. Hubbert King entitled “Energy From Fossil Fuels”. There are also official Technocracy, Inc. pamphlets and booklets, dating from 1934 to 2004, and article reprints from various Technocracy publications. Several runs of Technocracy periodicals are included in the series, and of particular note is a bound volume of Northern Technocrat issues (June 1937-August 1939) which were published monthly by the Edmonton Technocracy Section (R.D. 11353). The textual records include Gregory’s correspondence files with CHQ, and contain letters written between John Gregory and Howard Scott, discussing at length concepts of continental hydrology and waterways in North America. Seven long playing 331/3 rpm albums form part of the series, along with two volumes of the Technocracy Study Course.

The series title is based on the contents of records.

Clippings and Press Releases.

Series consists of newspaper clippings attached to letter-sized paper, photocopies of newspaper items concerning Theatre 3, and press releases regarding approaching productions. Records are organized by season and within seasons chronologically by production. The predominant source for newspaper clippings is the Edmonton Journal but sources also include The Rag Times (a local independent press) and The Gateway (University of Alberta student newspaper).

Finance and Planning records.

Series consists of subscriptions, fundraising documents, receipts, building plans and other records related to the financial and administrative operations of Theatre 3. The renewal forms subscriber lists and sales reports are unbound forms with handwritten subscription information and margin notes. The building plan is a bound document of over 200 pages documenting all aspects of theatre construction planning.

Farm Organization Records.

The bulk of the earliest Tomlinson records are found in this series; some of the records were collected for their historical significance by Tomlinson and were created by individuals he knew and respected (e.g. Raymond Garneau, L.E. Pharis, E.R. Fay, etc). There is a sizeable amount of original material in the series, including meeting minutes, convention papers, and correspondence. The records in this series are somewhat frail physically, and must be handled carefully.

The farm organization records have been arranged by specific organization title, including the Alberta Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Alberta Farmers' Union, Farmers' Union of Alberta, and the National Farmers' Union. There are also several farm publications and clipping files. This series contains a wealth of information about early (1940's, 1950's) agrarian organization and protest movements in Western Canada, and provide evidence surrounding the establishment of these organizations, and their relationship with one another. Of particular interest is the documentation of the movement to merge some of these organizations, thus increasing the farmers' political lobbying power.

The series title is based on the contents of records.

Union/Labour Movements.

The records are arranged in six sub-series (listed below) and are in chronological order within each sub-series. News clippings have been photocopied for conservation purposes, and most of the papers in this series are in excellent physical condition. The files contain a mixture of original textual documents as well as a selection of imprint and published items. Included are two excellent photographs of the American Dairy Lunch (Edmonton) employees' strike of 1948.

The labour and union movement records are arranged in the following sub-series: Edmonton and District Labour Council, Alberta Federation of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian Federation of Labour, specific unions (particularly Union Local 47 and Union Local 579), and labour/union issues. The records span a lengthy period of time, with the predominant dates being from the 1960's to 1980's. Doug Tomlinson was active in local unions, and his records document the sometimes turbulent history union and labour movements underwent in Alberta. He has records of many provincial labour protests, and an impressive collection of background reference material.

The series title is based on the contents of records.

Model Railway.

Contains information and correspondence regarding railway design and construction, including design of model railway at Lake Edith.


Contains job applications to various schools, universities, lecturing agencies, and biological societies.


This series is composed of ephemeral items such as clippings, greetings cards, etc relating to members of the Frontiersmen operating out of, or relating to, Home Command, located in the United Kingdom.


This series is composed of photographic items relating to members of the Frontiersmen operating out of, or relating to, Home Command, located in the United Kingdom.


This series is composed of periodicals, journals, and magazines published either by or relating to the Legion of Frontiersmen with relation to Home Command, located in the United Kingdom.


This series is composed of photographic items relating to members of the Frontiersmen operating out of, or relating to, members in countries outside of the major areas of operation for the Legion.

Research Files

Alphabetically-arranged files on a range of topics pertaining to the Legion of Frontiersmen. Includes correspondence, historical summaries, photocopies of photographs and documents


Contains correspondence to Robert Bell from various associates. Letters describe a wide range of events and activities including managing trading posts, personal life, survey work, and specimen study. Most letters were written in locations across Canada and sent to Dr Bell at the Geological Survey headquarters in Montreal, Quebec.


The Administrative records cover a period from 1980 to 1996 and document Chinook and Fringe Theater eras. They include minutes of the Board of Directors, various committee minutes, correspondence, financial statements, fund raising files, marketing reports, feasibility studies and on-site survey results. The records are grouped chronologically into five categories reflecting different administrative activities: Board of Directors work; general administration; financial duties; fund raising; and various reports.

Production Records

These records document the period from 1981 to 1997. They are arranged chronologically and include stage manager's notes, documents concerning music and sound, Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology records, lighting and technical records, company manager records and working scripts from thirty-five plays.


These records cover the period from 1978 to 1995. They concern publicity records organized chronologically for twenty plays. The publicity material includes originals and photocopies of prop lists, schedules, press releases, and brochures.

Administrative Records

Series consists of five correspondence files addressing a variety of administrative concerns. Much of the correspondence is written to or from Gordon Peacock, in his capacity as Associate Professor of Drama. The series also includes annual reports and interdepartmental memorandums. Correspondents also include significant theatre personalities including H.G. Glyde and Betty Mitchell. The series title is based on the content of the records.

University of Alberta Studio Theatre

Design Records

The items in this series provide a sample of the set designs and plans and costume designs created for Studio Theatre productions. Only a small proportion of the Studio Theatre productions are represented in this series, although the representation is increased if the production books plans and designs are considered.
The items are arranged as:

  1. Costume designs
  2. Set designs
  3. Set plans
    The order is chronological by production date. The costume designs are hand drawn and coloured and usually identified by the name of the character. Set designs, like costume designs, are hand drawn and coloured. The set plans include details on set elevations, prop placement, and stage dimenions. Designs are fragile and composed on low grade paper. Many are over sized and stored seperately.

University of Alberta Studio Theatre

Production files

Series consists of records documenting the technical, operative, and administrative activities of Studio Theatre productions. Records include programs, news clippings, and promotion material. The more recent files contain more records including background production research notes, financial records, and correspondence. A production file was maintained for each production. Title based on content of the files. photographs and oversize items were removed from the files and stored separately; news clippings were photocopied on to acid neutral paper and the original clippings removed. The files are maintained in chronological order by date of production.

University of Alberta Studio Theatre

Correspondence with Ryerson Press

Series includes business correspondence between Ryerson Press and Dorothy Livesay. Most letters are from various editors and managers regarding the publishing and publicity of Livesay's works. There are also copies of letters written by Livesay to various people at Ryerson Press. Correspondents include Lorne Pierce, Frank Flemington, Elsinore Haultain, Fred(?) Ellins, Enid Thornton, Earle Toppings, Campbell Hughes, George Truss, Georgeanna Hamilton, and Robin Farr. Correspondence is arranged chronologically.
Series also includes miscellaneous items such as newsclippings, postage receipts, royalty statements, review lists, and advertisements.

Pre 1700

This series contains all items in the collection created prior to 1700.


This series contains all items in the collection created between 1820 and 1829.

Performance Files

The performance files consist of material that documents the Mixed Chorus performances, including printed programs, sound recordings, and photographs. The programs are complete from 1945 through 1990, and in good physical shape. The sound recordings, consisting of both tape and disc recordings, are arranged chronologically. The photographs, which include prints, negatives, and a few transparencies and contact sheets, are also arranged chronologically within the following sub-headings: formal group portraits; scrapbook photographs, loose photographs, and alumni photographs.

Because of archival storage concerns, photographs and oversize items were removed from the files and stored separately; sound recordings are also stored separately and the original clippings removed. The records are maintained in chronological order, documenting Chorus activities from the mid-1940's to 1990.

The series titles are based on the contents of the records.

Executive/Director Files

The files in this series contribute significantly to the documentation of the growth of choral music at the University and in the Province as a whole. The activities of the Mixed Chorus, particularly for its first thirty years of operation, are well represented in these series files. The Chorus programs and posters are interesting for both their content and esthetic qualities and contribute to outsiders' understanding of the operation of the University of Alberta Mixed Chorus. The files are maintained in their original chronological order.

The Executive/Director files were maintained annually, and contain correspondence, minutes, and tour planning documentation. The files are complete from about 1946 through the 1970s, while the files maintained in the 1980's are sketchier and more ephemeral in content. The files primarily contain chronologically maintained correspondence, with the letters sent to directors Richard Eaton, and James Whittle interfiled with the correspondence kept by various members of the UAMC executive. Sub-headings within this series umbrella, all small in extent, include membership, social activities, commemorative/historical records, and publicity/promotion records.

The series title is based on the contents of records.

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