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Lachine, QC
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1848 (May) from Duncan Finlayson to Smithurst

Place: Lachine

From: Dun: Finlayson

To: The Revd Jn Smithurst, Red River Settlement

Details: 2pp and integral address face

Notes: Duncan Finlayson writes to Rev. Smithurst. Sir George Simpson is travelling by steam to Sault de St. Marie soon. He answers questions about subscriptions to the New York Albion and the Church. Finlayson is startled by the new republics in France and Prussia, and the fear in Russia, Austria, and the Italian states. He also mentions that Ireland is in "a very disturbed State."

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1692 Beaver note by Voyageur

A short note written in French.

Translation: "Gabriel Cardinal approves the obligation that Tetros and Cadieu, his friends, have undertaken towards Sieur Dufresne, in which he is responsible with them, this other than for what he has personally received, which is 42 livres 10 sols, which he promises to pay as his share of the partnership, in beaver at the price of the bureau. Drawn up this 1st of May, 1692."
Signed by Gabriel Cardinal (his mark and cross).

(witness certification) "I, the undersigned, certify that the said Cardinal gave me at Lachine, this note on which he has made his mark at the bottom, to be taken and used by Sieur Dufresne. This 1st of May, 1692."
Signed by Jean Arnaud.

(footnote) "The obligation is for 236 livres 1 sol." ('Obligation' possibly meaning 'the total debt for all partners.')

From notes provided by donor:

"A beaver note promising to pay the debt in 'beaver at the price of the bureau.' The 'bureau' was the appointed board of officials and traders in Quebec City that set the price of beaver, and in doing so set the value of the most important medium of exchange in New France, the beaver pelt.

Beaver notes, because they were secured by beaver skins at the price set by the bureau, often circulated amongst colonists due to the lack of hard currency. The notes were negotiable, and were considered money. Beaver notes are one of the earliest forms of paper currency in New France, pre-dating card money.

Gabriel Cardinal (1661 - ?) was a voyageur, and came from a family whose male members were primarily involved with the fur trade. He married in 1682.

Sieur Nicholas Jenvrin Dufresne (fl. 1690s-1700s) was a Montreal merchant.

Jean Arnaud (?-?) was a Church Warden of Montreal. He married in 1690."

Correspondence, 18 May 1849

Correspondence from Hector McKenzie at Hudson's Bay House, Lachine to William Mactavish at Saint Mary's, which is likely an anglicized version of Sault Ste. Marie.

The sender states that he has returned from a trip to Fort William and asks what Mactavish would like done with found possessions belonging to his deceased brother. Mackenzie also asks Mactavish how he likes his new placement and notes that he is sure to be popular with the ladies there.

1847 (Apr) from Duncan Finlayson to Smithurst

Place: Lachine

From: Dun: Finlayson

To: Revd Inv: Smithurst, Red River Settlement

Delivery: Carried by Hudson’s Bay Company canoe brigade to the Red River Settlement.

Details: 3pp + integral address.

Notes: A letter sent by Duncan Finlayson, Hudson’s Bay Company Director, to Reverend John Smithurst. The letter details issues related to supplies of wheat, and comments on the problems of receiving publications from England. Finlayson also mentions that Reverend William Cockran spent the winter in Toronto with his family. Rev. Cockran’s children had been ill and his son John died.

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"Pics Keep - Sir Frank Whittle 1976 CHD - 1930"

Small blank envelope labelled "Pics Keep - Sir Frank Whittle 1976 CHD - 1930", contains:
colour ; 9 cm x 13 cm print, group portrait of 4 older men, caption reads "Left - right, Mr Don Cruickshank - President Rolls-Royce Canada Ltd, Mr Jack Beauregard. V.P. Can Pratt & Whitney, Sir Frank Whittle Pioneer. Jet Engines, A Geo Parker Retired Aero Engineer-Engines, taken Oct 22/76 CASI meeting, Rolls-Royce Cafeteria, Lachine Que."

1843 (Mar) from James Keith to Smithurst

Place: Lachine near Montreal

From: James Keith

To: Reverend Smithurst, Red River Settlement

Details: 1pp and integral address

Notes: Discusses Rev. Smithurst's subscription to Church Weekly Paper, and his cancelled subscription to the Montreal Herald.

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1845 (Dec) from Duncan Finlayson to Smithurst

Place: Lachine

From: Dun: Finlayson

To: Revd John Smithurst, Red River Settlement

Details: 3pp with integral address face

Notes: Duncan Finlayson writes to Rev. Smithurst with various news. Finlayson relates details of a recent trip, expresses concern that war with the United States is looming, reports that illness has forced Lord Metcalfe to return to England, and informs Rev. Smithurst that money has been set aside to provide a Bishop for Rupert's Land.

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