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3.3 Journey from Fort Macleod to Mexico City (1899 - 1900)

Subseries consists of photographs and a typewritten passage related to Pocock's journey from Fort Macleod, AB, to Mexico City. He set forth from Fort MacLeod on 28 June 1899 and arrived in Mexico City 21 January 1900. Photographs were likely collected by Pocock during his travels. Subseries is arranged chronologically according to order of location visited.

Pocock Scrapbook (1897 - [1900])

Pocock's 1897 scrapbook containing mostly textual and graphic materials about his trip to Mexico. It also consists of cuttings of his publications and photographs.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of identified NWMP officers at Diamond Jubilee, NMWP outside at Fort Macleod (Steele and company), Blackfoot people, camp etc. on 4 July 1897 in Montana and Fort Macleod, unidentified landscapes, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, white horse bought in Chihuahua, Mexico, purchased photographs of Apache and Navajo people, many photos related to the Mexico ride.
Imprint cuttings of Indigenous people, NWMP, and pictures of Lena Ashwell.
Sketch of Pocock
Letters from John Barrie of Surrey, and Lloyd's Weekly and a letter about the sale of his father's house (with his father's signature on letter).
Cuttings of articles written by Pocock including the series about his ride to Mexico for Lloyd's Weekly, "Hunting in Western America", "Louis Riel's Private Diary", "Our Adventure Series", "A Matter of Anarchists", " A World in Flames", "A Race Round the Horn", "The Voyage of a Pirate", and "Most Wonderful Regiment in the World". There are also cuttings of various topics of interest to Pocock.
Bills of sale.
Diary entries about his ride to Mexico.
Maps of Arizona, New Mexico, Montana.

Pocock, Roger