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PE002600 - "Normal School Edmonton Year Book," 1941-42

A yearbook for the Alberta Normal School in Edmonton for 1941-1942. Contents include a history of normal schools in Alberta, a dedication (opposite a colourized mounted photograph of a mountain scene with a bride over a river), a message from the principal, poems and writing samples from students, photographs of students, staff, and scenes from campus, inspirational messages, and write-ups on sports teams and other activities and clubs. The last 25 pages are advertisements for local businesses, complete with its own directory. "Berthold Figur" written on the front loose endpaper.

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PE002846 - Safety Manual for the City of Winnipeg Hydro-Electric System

A safety manual for the City of Winnipeg hydro-electric systems, effective as of March 1, 1938. The manual is divided into sections from A to K and each section covers a different area of the hydro-electric systems. The areas are general rules for foremen; general rules applicable to all employees; transmission circuits; stations and substations; electric distribution lines, series arc, and incandescent lamp circuits; electric distribution underground; steam plants; central steam heating distribution; garage department; and the tramway department. The manual, as indicated by a partially torn slip of paper inside the manual, belonged to J. Bound, and the sections of the manual they were instructed to study are listed as B, C, and D. The slip is signed by the superintendent.

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PE002845 - Hotel register of guest names from August 1922 to November 1924

A hotel register of guest names from August 1922 to November 1924. The register pages are divided into five columns to mark down the date, the name of the guest, their town of residence, their room number at the hotel, and their time of arrival, although it is primarily only the name, residence, and room columns that are used in this ledger. The name of the hotel is not mentioned in the register, although the majority of the guests resided in towns in Alberta, primarily Edmonton, so presumably the hotel was also in Alberta. On the inside of the back cover, there are several handwritten notes regarding price charges to specific guests.

PE002810 - J. H. Kemp calendar with art print; Olds (Alta.), 1932

An advertisement calendar for "J. H. Kemp, Implements, Trucks, Autos and Wholesale Oils, Olds, Alta." Features a logo for "McCormick-Deering International Harvester Farm Machines." Art print is a painting of a young Norwegian peasant girl holding a wooden bucket and standing in a meadow among fjords, captioned "In the Land of the Midnight Sun" by Hans Dahl. Calendar contains moon phase information. "4/48" is written on the back.

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PE002710 - The 44th Annual List of Popular Books and Other Goods from Russel-Lang’s bookshop, 1924-25

The “44th Annual List of Popular Books and Other Goods from Russell-Lang’s, Western Canada’s oldest and best bookshop.” The bookshop was located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the booklet is for the 1924-1925 season. The bookstore, officially named Russell-Lang & Co, Ltd., is listed as opening in 1880. The booklet is divided into sections based primarily on genre, although some sections are based on age or book series. Several books are listed in each category along with the author’s name, the price, and a general comment about the book. Near the back of the booklet are four order forms that recipients of the booklet can tear out and send to the bookstore.

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PE002708 - Speech by the Honourable Zachariah Chandler regarding the proposed annexation of Winnipeg

The printed text of a speech delivered by the Honourable Zachariah Chandler of Michigan in the Senate of the United States on April 22, 1870. The subject of the speech was the proposed annexation of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The speech was a proposal for the President of the United States to appoint two or more diplomatic commissioners to open a dialogue with the people of Winnipeg, Manitoba and propose the annexation of the city as a territory or state of the United States. Throughout the speech, several responses from others are recorded such as the vice-president, but the majority of the content was said by Zachariah Chandler. The President of the United States at the time of this speech was Ulysses S. Grant. The pamphlet was printed at the Office of the Congressional Globe.

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PE002801 - "When you visit Banff stay at Mount Royal Hotel" tourist brochure; [c. 1920]

An advertisement for the Mount Royal Hotel in Banff, Alberta. Includes "Facts and Figures," a list of names of surrounding mountains and their peak altitudes, distance (in miles) from various Rocky Mountain locations, photographs, and mentions of other amenities and offerings. Manager N. H. Murray's name has been crossed out, and "Bert McCallum, Manager" printed underneath. Date estimate is dealer-provided.

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Private papers include correspondence, military, Asian, European, University and other materials. Contains vellum family documents with attached seals.

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PE002763 - J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co. Limited - Combined Want and Order Book - A.C. Penner, Arnaud, Manitoba, 1941

"This is a Combined Want and Order Book. Use the reverse side of Duplicate Sheet for Memos of Goods Wanted. The White Sheet then furnishes a convenient and ready order form, and when used with carbon sheet, which will be found stitched in the back of the book, furnishes a copy of your order on Duplicate Sheet. Be sure and put your name and shipping point on order."

The book is filled out by A. C. Penner of Arnaud, Manitoba with dated lists of hardware goods to purchase.

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PE002749 - "The Trail Magazine;" June, 1911, Winnipeg (Man.)

Vol. 3 No. 5 of the Trail Magazine. Primarily short stories, titles include "Imperial Defence," "Nash of the Royal Mounted," "Crusty's Coup," and "Heads or Tails." Also includes poetry, photographs and illustrations, a Q&A section with "Sure-Shot Bill," and advertisements for local businesses.

PE002748 - Letter and document on immigration work in Winnipeg; Ottawa, 1909

A document and cover letter sent by Frank Pedley in Ottawa, Ontario to Rev. J. R. Conn(?) at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. The letter refers the recipient to the document, which outlines the policy on bonuses and commissions to those engaging in "immigration work" with special mention of the Doukhobors, and denies preferential treatment to foreign settlers over Canadian citizens in regards to homesteading land distribution, among other agency-related issues.

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PE002747 - Canadian Pacific Railway irrigation ditch flume; 1913

A photograph of two men standing near an irrigation ditch, potentially in the area of Strathmore, Alberta as the home of C. P. R.'s Western Irrigation District headquarters. Note on the back reads "Dear Wife and Family, This is a view taken yesterday May 20th, 1913 it is one of the slides on the C.P.R. irregating ditch, which is the largest ditch in the world covering over 350,000 acres of lands, Jaw(?) at the bottom and Bill Pack on the top. Glad to hear you are all well. Albert."

PE002758 - Why I Opposed the Budget [Dorise W. Nielsen, M.P.]

An undated open letter by Dorise W. Nielsen, Member of Parliament for North Battleford during World War II, in which she explains her reasons for opposing the federal war budget. Additionally, she requests that members of the Canadian public who also oppose the war budget to write to her in protest of the "injustice" of the war budget.

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PE001439 - "Resident Trapper's License" and correspondence for William Andrews; Glendon (Alta.), 1913-1923

A trappers license for the 1923-1924 season, and a letter authorizing transportation of a moose calf to Vegreville dated March 26, 1913, both addressed to William S. Andrews from the Alberta Department of Agriculture. The letter is signed by Benjamin Lawton as the "Chief Game Guardian," and his name also appears on the license as the "Game Commissioner."

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PE002760 - It Could Be Any One of Us by Alan Ayckbourn

Program for a 2012 performance of playwright Alan Ayckbourn's satirical mystery play It Could Be Any One of Us.

A Note from Craig Hall [Artistic Director]; Director's Notes; The Cast; Creative Team; Time and Place; Special Thanks; Playwright's Bio; Cast Biographies; Creative Team Biographies; A Closer Look [about the history of the play]; Vertigo Theatre: Who Are We?; Vertigo Theatre Society [Board of Directors; Staff]; Vertigo Theatre Gratefully Acknowledges the Support of Our Members and Donors; 2012-2013 Sponsors and Government Funders; upcoming plays at Vertigo Theatre; and various advertisements.

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PE001414 -"Sorting letters for service Comrades overseas;" Ottawa (Ont.), 1944

WWII-era photograph of Private Doris L. Colwell of Calgary (Alta.) working at the Canadian Army Base Post Office in Ottawa (Ont.), for use with the article titled "C.W.A.C. Christmas Mail" published in Canadian Press on Tuesday October 31, 1944. Attached caption reads "Pte. Colwell has been in the Canadian Women's Army Corps for almost a year and has been sorting letters for about six months - a job that requires nimble fingers and a good memory, because every pigeon hole in front of her represents a different unit of the Canadian Army overseas, and she is sorting letters by Military Units."

PE002769 - The Case for Alberta . . What Alberta Makes Makes Alberta 1905 . . . 1939

Australian political pamphlet, issued by the Douglas Social Credit Association [D.S.C.A.] of New South Wales, outlining the history and political victories of the Alberta Social Credit Party from 1905-1939. Stamped in blue ink "Electoral Campaign (Non-Party) to Abolish Poverty, 81 Belmont St., Perth".

Foreword [by John M. Macara, State President of the D.S.C.A. of N.S.W.].

Alberta's Victory [by Clifford Hugh (C.H.) Douglas].

Alberta's Case in Summary ["Real Assets of Province of Alberta, 1936-37"].

The Records Tell the Story - Progress Under the Social Credit Government ["The Legacy: Liberal Rule - 1905-1921"; "U.F.A. Rule - 1921-1935"; "The People's Legacy: Provincial and Municipal debt; Business failures; Unemployment; Inadequate health services; Wasteful school system"].

Social Credit Government Policies: "1. Curtail debt increases and save interest charges"; "2. Improve social services"; "3. Adjust private debts"; "4. Build better transportation and communication facilities"; "5. Encourage basic industries"; "6. Solve inequities of financial system by Co-operative Marketing and Moneary [sic] Reform".

Alberta's Debt; Social Credit Regime; Debt Comparison; Revenue Analysis; Forced Defaults; Debt Legislation; Debt Reduction; Education [Prior to 1935]; Health Services; Labour Legislation [A. Before Social Credit; B. After 1935]; Labour Administration; Industrial Progress; Benefits to Farmers; Roads and Bridges; Oil Administration; Co-operatives; Government Insurance; Marketing Board; Central Purchasing; Youth Training; Expansion; Northward Ho!; King's Printer; Civil Service.

The Interim Programme [by Hon. Solon E. Low, Provincial Treasurer] - Outlining the Background, Organisation and Purposes of the Treasury Branch System [1935 Mandate; Wealth is Here; Vicious System; Government Determined; Fascism; Face Realities; Not Banks; Important Feature; Maternal Benefits; Not Unorthodox].

Democracy Denied [Sovereignty Acknowledged, Democracy Denied]; Alberta Acts - Why Passed, What Happened, and What They Would Have Done [Credit of Alberta Regulation Act; Bank Taxation Act; Reduction and Settlement of Debt Act; Act to Ensure Publication of Accurate News and Information; Home Owners Security Act; Securities Tax Act - 1938; Credit of Alberta Regulation Act (1937 Amendment).

Progress in 1939 [In Retrospect; Purpose of the Interim Programme; Progress Under Interim Programme].

Included graphs:
Lands and Mines [Income Account Showing Net Revenue]; Petroleum and Natural Gas Prospecting Permits; Timber Production [From Berths, Sales, and Permits on Provincial and School Lands and in Forest Reserves]; Progress Oil Development [In In [sic] Barrels]; and Unemployment [January 1 to June 1, 1939].

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PE002770 - Report on Manitoba Products Exhibited at St. John, N.B., and Boston, U.S., 1883.

Report regarding agricultural products from Manitoba exhibited at the Dominion Exhibition, held in Saint John, New Brunswick, and at the American Exposition, held in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1883. Includes lists of the products exhibited, the names of exhibitors, and flattering "Press Comments on Manitoba Exhibits" [from both N.B. and Mass. news sources].

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PE002771 - Work Clothing and Sportswear Catalogue for Fall and Winter 1937-38

"We appreciate your confidence - your good will and your patronage. We know of no better method of meriting all these than by serving you with dependable merchandise. In co-operation with makers of G.W.G. brand garments this store makes available to you a more extensive selection of this brand than ever before. Make it a habit to consult this booklet before buying Work or Sports Clothing - each line illustrated is outstanding in style and quality."

Catalogue includes illustrated listings for jackets, shirts, and pants for men, women, and children. Pages 9-16 are glossy and include full-colour illustrations.

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PE002772 - Rural Directory of Who's Who in the Business and Professional World of Calgary 1937-38

Directory listing 77 local Calgary businesses and shops in 1937-1938.

"The Business and Professional men, whose names appear herein, have gone to considerable expense in publishing this booklet, so that they can place before you a convenient and reliable Directory for your requirements and professional appointments."

Includes an alphabetical index to the 77 businesses, listed by the type of service or product or offered.

PE002679 - "Routes Taken by Sam Steele" framed map of Canada; n.d.

A map of Canada featuring three marked paths travelled by Sam Steele; Collingwood to Fort Garry in 1870 and 1873, Fort Dufferin to Fort Edmonton in 1874, and Vancouver to the Klondike (Dawson) in 1898. Three illustrations show a man panning for gold, a First Nations community, and five people on a boat in a river.

PE002773 - Fort Saskatchewan and District Offers Opportunities to All

Informative promotional booklet regarding Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, designed to encourage prospective settlers to settle in Fort Saskatchewan and district.

The location and history of Fort Saskatchewan; "Schools and Churches"; some sport and recreation opportunities; "Big Game"; "Opportunities for Manufacturers"; "Local Industries"; and information regarding agricultural advantages and opportunities.

"River Scene, on the Saskatchewan River"; "Brick House and Barn of Camille Villeneuve"; "Williamson Bros.' Brick Barn"; "Delivery Day at Jas. Graham's Implement Warehouses"; "Brick Residence of El. Simmons"; "Town Hall, and Fort Saskatchewan Fire Brigade"; "Public School"; "Shera & Kidney's General Store"; "W. A. Dubuc's Brick Residence"; "Queen's Hotel, McDonald & McDonald, Props."; "Mansion House Hotel, J. Larose, Owner, A. Unterschutz, Lessee"; "Canadian Northern Railway Depot"; "Interior of Gordon & Dubuc's Hardware Store"; " "G" Division Post, Royal North West Mounted Police"; "Elk Island Park, Showing Buffalo Herd and Portion of Lake" [copyright C. M. Tait]; "From Left: Liquor Store; Drugs; Gen. Store; Hardware; Jeweler"; "D. Simmon's Ranch Showing Stock Wintering Out"; "Canadian Northern Railway Map Shewing Fort Saskatchewan as a Distributing Centre"; "Simmons Opera House and Residence"; "Court House"; and "[Grain] Elevators".

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PE002696 - Golden Jubilee 1905-1955, Edmonton Preceptory No. 46 Knights Templar

Souvenir program of events for the Edmonton Preceptory No. 46 Knights Templar's Golden Jubilee.

Names and contact information for Grand Master [Most Eminent Knight Perry S. Cochrane, M.D.], Deputy Grand Master [Right Eminent Knight Lorne Johnson], Grand Chancellor [Right Eminent Knight C. E. Wells], Provincial Grand Prior [Right Eminent Knight Wm. [William] A. Noble], Registrar [Right Eminent Knight G. Lynn Tipp], and Presiding Preceptor [Eminent Knight Fred E. Sloane]; Agenda [Emergent Assembly - November 2, 1955; Regular Assembly - November 9, 1955]; Golden Jubilee Dinner; "The Illustrious Order of The Red Cross" [a performance under the direction of Eminent Knight A. Peart]; A Few Interesting Highlights in Edmonton Preceptory - A Salute to the History of Edmonton Preceptory 46 K.T. [compiled by Eminent Knight E. G. Ellerton]; Membership Roster; and list of Officers, Auditors, Trustee, Executive Council, and Red Cross Council and Malta Guards [1955-1956]; and list of Preceptors [1905-1955].

Also includes 1 black and white [B&W] portrait of Eminent Knight Fred E. Sloane [Presiding Preceptor, 1955].

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PE002762 - Pulpit Pounding Bill and Other Rhymes of Aberhartia

"Pulpit Pounding Bill" is an exposition in rhyme of the political fantasia that has happened in Alberta since a pedagogue became a demagogue and a preacher, a politician. To those outside of Alberta the events recorded in verse may appear fantastic, bizarre and devoid of common sense. But to those who have a front seat and have observed the theatrical performance from the beginning, it is by detecting the comedy of the performance that the tragedy appears less disastrous.
Since the subject of these verses has seen fit to capitalize upon the credulity, the greed, the religious faith of many of the people of Alberta this caricature in verse does not hesitate to employ satire and ridicule. Mostly it is an attempt to to describe a political pantomime in a manner best suited to the actors.
Should you enjoy these verses - there is hope - should they offend - it will not be the first time. Our only hope is that this book may contribute to a better and saner province - free from political intolerance, divorced from an evangelical bigotry and the bitterness of political dissension. May we go forward gradually improving our lot, preferably by individual efforts rather than relying upon the vaporings of a "Pulpit Pounding Bill".

Included verses:
"A Prophesy"; "Alberta's Boy Blue"; "Square Deal Will"; "An Alberta A.B.C."; "Aberhart's Lament"; "The Athabaska Triumpth"; "The Conquest of Saskatchewan"; "Pulpit Pounding Bill"; "Old Father William"; "Verse or Worse"; "I Wonder If-"; "Still In Control?"; "The Visit of Bible Bill"; "Another Lament"; "Powell's Return to England"; "Abericks"; "Still Lamenting"; "The Laryngitis Blues"; "The Same Old Line"; "Aberhart's Dream"; "The Social Credit Dream"; "Having Saved Alberta?"; "Changing Times"; "Saskatchewan, We're Coming"; "Said Aberhart to Manning"; "Social Credit"; "Aberwocky"; and "The Gypsy's Tale".

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PE002722 - The Tuttle Land Company advertisement booklet offering evidence that “Farming Pays” in the Macoun-Halbrite district

A booklet from The Tuttle Land Company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, titled “Evidence.” The company sells and rents out farmland. The booklet includes various testimonies from farmers and photographs of farms and farmers in the Macoun-Halbrite District in Saskatchewan. The photographs were taken in the Fall of 1911. The purpose of the booklet is to provide evidence that scientific farming produces results and that “Farming Pays” in the district. The Tuttle Land Company advertises their propositions such as securing renters from their customer's land, refunding money to farmers who purchase their land and cultivate at least 75% of it, and they will refund car fare and expenses to anyone who inspects their land and is unsatisfied. The final page of the booklet includes a cropped photograph print of the private train car owned by The Tuttle Land Company.

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PE002723 - Small booklet titled “Opportunities for Investments in Sunny Alberta” published by L.R. Harris

A small booklet titled “Opportunities for Investments in Sunny Alberta” published by L.R. Harris, a real estate broker in Irvine, Alberta. The booklet discusses options for safe farmland investments in Alberta and justifies land purchases with facts about the climate and soil. The booklet also includes examples of properties available for sale around Irvine, Alberta.

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PE002726 - Pamphlet titled The Romance of Co-operative Achievement by George W. Robertson

A pamphlet titled “The Romance of Co-operative Achievement” by George W. Robertson, the secretary of the Saskatchewan Co-operative Wheat Producers Limited. This pamphlet is No. 6 in a series of pamphlets meant to give a wider distribution to lectures delivered at the Co-operative School in June 1929 at the University of Saskatchewan. This particular lecture makes the case for a “well-rounded economic program of co-operative enterprise” for several branches of farm life in Saskatchewan and not solely wheat production.

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PE002724 - Immigration promotion booklet for Canada, 1910

A booklet from the Canadian Emigration Department advertising immigration to Canada issued by the authority of the Minister of the Interior in Ottawa, Canada in 1910. The booklet calls for farmers, farm labourers, and domestic servants to immigrate to Canada to find work and states they are “the only people the Canadian immigration department advises to emigrate to Canada” and everyone else should get definite assurance of work or employment before moving to the country. The booklet covers topics such as persons wanted for work, wages, opportunities for farming in the Prairies, times to emigrate, ocean travel rates, and letters from satisfied settlers.

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PE002690 - Grand Bazaar in aid of Knox Presbyterian Church to be held at Daysland on Friday, November 20th, 1914

Information booklet regarding a bazaar or market being held in support of the Daysland Knox Presbyterian Church. Includes list of Bazaar Committee members, and list of stalls by number and by product sold [Stall No. 1: Fancy Work; Stall No. 2: Practical Work; Stall No. 3: Produce; Stall No. 4: Home Cooking; Stall No. 5: Confectionery; Stall No. 6: Refreshments].

Also contains a brief historical sketch of the Knox Presbyterian Church at Daysland from its beginnings in 1905 to the present [1914], basic facts about the Knox Presbyterian Church [including its Hours of Worship; Minister; Board of Management; Sunday School; and Ladies' Aid Society], various advertisements for local businesses, and information about the town of Daysland and its agricultural prospects.

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PE002734 - "Leduc Oil Field, Alberta, A Devonian Coral-Reef Discovery;" 1949

An article from Vol. 33, No. 4 of the Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists that has been "reprinted for private circulation." Includes information on the history, stratigraphy, formation, development, and yield of the Leduc oilfield in Alberta, with a focus on paleontological characteristics. It is signed "Compliments of D.B. Layer" on the front cover.

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PE002830 - Two photographs of the Lumber Stores Department staff at the Canadian National Railway Calder Yards

Two group photographs of the Lumber Stores Department staff at the Canadian National Railway Calder Yards in Edmonton, Alberta. Both photographs were taken in October 1926. The first photograph is captioned “Lumber Stores Dept. Calder Yards, Edmonton, Alta. Oct. 1926. C.N.R” and depicts a group of 24 men surrounded by stacks of lumber. The second photograph is captioned “Stores Dept. C.N.R. Calder Yards, Edmonton, Alta. Oct. 1926” and depicts a group of 27 men sitting and standing beside a railway car.

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PE002831 - French New Years greeting card from Catholic Reverend Frère Bergé at the Tawatinaw Reserve Parish, Alberta

A small French New Year's greeting card from Reverend Pierre Bergé who was stationed at the Tawatina Reserve Parish in Alberta, Canada. The front of the card has a small image of the Mother Mary praying over the Baby Jesus, and a silver embellished holly branch design encircles the image. The card reads “Meilleurs voeux de bonne at sainte année” which translates to “Best wishes for a happy new year.” On the back of the card, in handwriting, is written “Révérend Frère Bergé, Tawatinaw, Alberta, Canada.” The Tawatinaw Reserve was once a stop for the Canadian National Railway line.

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PE002785 - Prince Albert - Saskatchewan's Coming Manufacturing Centre

Promotional booklet containing statistics and illustrations showing the city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

"How Prince Albert Grows - Steady Growth Means Solid Prosperity" provides a table demonstrating figures of Population, Assessment, Customs Returns, and Building Permits and their growth between 1906 and 1911.

"What we have" and "What we are doing" provide information regarding amenities and public services currently, and upcoming amenities and developments, in Prince Albert.

Images on recto [unfolded accordion fold, left to right]:
Temporary Quarters of the Bank of Nova Scotia; The Royal Bank of Canada; The Canadian Bank of Commerce; The Northern Crown Bank; Bank of Ottawa; Imperial Bank; Post Office; Masonic Temple; One of Our Seven Churches; High School; Two Popular Hotels; A Busy Morning at the Depot; A Business Block; Sunday on River St. Boulevard.

Images on verso [unfolded accordion fold, right to left]:
City Hall; Traffic and Railway Bridge; In the Back Waters; Prince Albert Lumber Co.; Ten Million Feet of Logs; What Makes Prince Albert Prosperous; A Prosperous Farm Home; Birdseye View, Prince Albert [2 panel panoramic photograph].

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PE002806 - "British Association for the Advancement of Science, Winnipeg Meeting, 1909" information handbook

"A Handbook of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg" prepared by the Publication Committee of the Winnipeg Local Executive Committee to present to the members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science for their visit from August 25 to September 1, 1909 (with options for extension based on member interests). Includes a proposed program and tentative itinerary, photographs, meteorological observations, information on locations within Winnipeg, Manitoba including a map marked with "probable meeting places," and another fold-out colored map of Canada.

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PE002807 - "Western Canada, Free Land" French immigration enticement brochure; 1905

A large fold-out paper brochure, written in French, providing information on farming and homesteading in Manitoba and the territories of Assiniboia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. The verso is a map of Canada, dated 1905 but prior to September and the formation of modern provincial borders, and includes the territories of Athabasca, Mackenzie, Franklin, Keewatin, and Ungava.

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PE002742 - Homestead in Carstairs (Alta.); [after 1905]

A photograph of a farm in the vicinity of Carstairs, Alberta, n.d., showing a house, a barn, various outbuildings, and a horse-drawn carriage carrying a couple. Stamp on verso reads "Simon Downie & Sons, Real Estate, Loan and Insurance Agents, Carstairs, Alberta, Can."

PE002744 - "Remember the Carloading Bees?" Saskatchewan Wheat Pool propaganda book; [c. 1950]

A fictional story told in second-person point of view about the average prairie province farmer's discontent with the privatized grain trade system, and answered by farmer-owned co-operative wheat pools. Illustrations feature farm buildings, horse-drawn carts, grain elevators, the Statue of Liberty, and images of crooked businessmen or "gamblers."

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PE002803 - "British Columbia, Canada's Pacific Province, It's Position, Advantages, Resources, and Climate;" [c. 1905]

An immigration enticement publication issued by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company that includes information on "farming, mining, lumbering, ranching, and fruit growing" in the province of British Columbia. A fold-out map is tipped in before the first page "showing the lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway" in southern B.C. and Alberta, and includes some of northern Washington and Montana. Another map printed on the inside of the front cover shows the C.P.R. across Canada, and another closer view of the area around Ottawa, Ontario showing "Eastern lines and connections," dated February 2, 1905. The name C. Green is handwritten on the top of both front and back covers, as well as on page 5 and dated September 4, 1908.

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PE002745 - "Historical Bulletin: Notes and Abstracts Dealing with Medical History;" Calgary (Alta.), 1946

Vol. 11, No. 1 of "Historical Bulletin," a supplement to the "Historical Nights" publication from the Calgary Associate Clinic, dated May, 1946. Article titles are "Dr. Hermann Biggs," "Medical Anomalies," "Medical Pioneering in Alberta," "Unforgettable Incidents in Private Practice," and "A Medical Miscellany." A label and note on the front covers calls attention to a "Salutation to Dr. G.D. Stanley on the occasion of his seventieth birthday" on page ten.

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PE002131 - "Boys' and Girls' Clubs Sewing and Cookery Contests Daily Record Book;" Winnipeg (Man.), c. 1919

A record book and score card for baking and sewing competitions for the Manitoba Boys' and Girls' Clubs exhibit at the 1919 Farm Congress and Soil Products' Exhibition in Winnipeg. Includes rules for the contests, recipe suggestions for the baking contest, and blank forms to record works completed. There are two entries in the baking contest record for 13 loaves of white bread and 27 buns. A small metallic-silver colored paper heart is laid-in between pages 6 and 7.

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PE001440 - Hudson’s Bay Company Cards regarding Fur Trade

6 Cards from Hudson Bay Company:
1- Saskatoon Exhibition (July 22-27, 1929) celebrating the completion of The Hudson Bay Railway.
2- Hudson's Bay Company Invitation for the season's fur trade, Vancouver, BC.
3- Address of Hudson Bay Company fur buying agencies across Canada.
4- Address of Hudson Bay Company fur buying agencies across Canada.
5- A price list of animal baits.
6- A card to trappers and store keepers.

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Symyrenko Family fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0526
  • Fondo

Symyrenko family documents, letters, diaries, newspaper articles, correspondence.

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PE001441 - Unused shipping notice, ID tag, and envelope for A. B. Shubert, Limited; Edmonton (Alta.), 1919

Correspondence to Mr. Walter Kendrew of Red Deer, Alberta. from "A.B. Shubert, Limited, The Largest House in the World Dealing Exclusively in North American Raw Furs." Contains an unused shipping notice, identification tag, and envelope. The shipping notice also includes "The Shubert Guarantee" on the verso, which outlines their shipping policy.

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PE002711 - Collection of papers pertaining to the Slavic Land Office, Winnipeg, Manitoba

A small collection of papers mostly about the Slavic Land Office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The first two letters are addressed to the Davey Brothers in Westbourne, Manitoba, although one is from [J. Topic] at the Slavic Land Office and dated April 5, 1930, and the other is from W.A. Oliver at the W.A. Oliver Agencies dated November 25, 1930. The letters both discuss separate situations of the purchasing and selling of land. The remaining pages are blank listing forms for the Slavic Land Company which was located at 307 Scott Black in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The forms provide space to fill out details such as the number of acres, the farm qualities of acres, price, included equipment, and mortgage details.

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PE001419 - "Arthur Thibaudeau, Globe Trotter;" Winnipeg (Man.), 1920

A card featuring information and a photographic print of Arthur Thibaudeau, a 25 year old French-Canadian globe trotter and potential con artist, who claimed to be walking around the world in answer to the challenge of the Revel Athletic Association of Paris, France (a fictional organization). The card claims he had walked more than 52,000 miles on foot and had 24,000 miles left to win the "World's Championship" and the $100,000 prize. Sales of these cards were his "only means of subsistance" and provided purchasers with the rules of the competition.

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PE002715 - Hotel stationery for the Hotel MacDonald of the Grand Trunk Pacific Hotels in Edmonton, Alberta

One blank page of hotel stationery for the Hotel MacDonald of the Grand Trunk Pacific Hotels in Edmonton, Alberta. The resident manager of the hotel is listed as J.V. Henderson. At the top of the page is a blue vignette of the Hotel MacDonald. The other Grand Trunk Pacific Hotels are listed as Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario, The Fort Garry in Winnipeg, Manitoba, The Qu’Appelle in Regina, Saskatchewan, and The Prince Rupert in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

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PE002716 - Canadian Wheat Board permit for Harold J. Seal, 1945-46

A Canadian Wheat Board permit booklet for the 1945 to 1946 season belonging to Harold J. Seal in Leduc, Alberta. The permit was granted to Harold Seal on October 24, 1945, and expired on December 3, 1946. Harold Seal reported owning an 80-acre farm, 56 acres of which were seeded acres of wheat and oats. Thirteen of those acres were authorized for wheat deliveries. Throughout the booklet are a few handwritten records of deliveries and grain purchases. At the back of the booklet are three pages outlining the Western Grain Regulations for 1945 to 1946.

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PE002720 - Letter from the Manitoba Sanatorium regarding a patient with tuberculosis

A letter addressed to Mr. Gordon Holden in Deloraine, Manitoba from the Manitoba Sanatorium in Ninette, Manitoba. The letter was written by A L. Paine, the Medical Superintendent of the sanatorium, on July 1, 1953. The contents of the letter discuss a patient named Bernice whose tuberculosis has returned. The superintendent discusses treatment options for Bernice such as a continued course of streptomycin or surgery.

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PE002721 - Photorealistic drawing of Peter “Lordly” Verigin and family

A portrait photorealism drawing of Peter Vasilevich Verigin, also known as Peter "Lordly" Verigin, presumably his wife Anastasia F. Golubova, and presumably his only son from his previous marriage, Peter Petrovich Verigin. The boy is drawn in full, standing beside a table and resting his hand on a book. Peter and Anastasia are drawn in portrait form, slightly turned towards the son in the centre. Peter “Lordly” Verigin was a Russian philosopher and the leader of the Community Doukhobors in Canada. The drawing on photographic paper was done by Thomas Gulshun, a well-known Ukrainian photographer, in Coleman, Alberta around [1917].

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PE002719 - Advertisement for Clark and Weedon real estate agents

A framed advertisement for Clark and Weedon in [1874] who are advertising their services as real estate agents, house agents, and auctioneers. The flyer states they have for sale numerous farms, town lots, and houses for rent at great prices. The company is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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PE002674 - A speech to the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba on "Henry's Journal;" 1888

A printed copy of a speech delivered to the Historical Society of Manitoba by vice-president Charles N. Bell on May 4, 1888. It consists mostly of quotes and summaries from a work titled "Journal of Alexander Henry to Lake Superior, Red River, Assiniboine, Rocky Mountains, Columbia and the Pacific, 1799 to 1811, to establish the fur trade" and focuses on the time period between July 1800 and June 1801 and Henry's interactions with the Saulteaux (Ojibwa, Nakawe) First Nations people. There is a second document included in the booklet between the cover and first page titled "Transactions and Proceedings of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, from it's Organization in 1879 till the close of the Society's Year 1888-89; being Transactions Nos. 1 to 34, and Annual Reports for the Years 1880-1888." It consists only of the first leaf of what was presumably another booklet and contains the table of contents.

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PE002675 - "Resorts in the Canadian Pacific Rockies" tourism guidebook; 1928

A guide to hotels, resorts, "bungalow camps," and destinations in the Rocky Mountains, published by Canadian Pacific Railways in 1928. The pages of the booklet are folded in half vertically as a group in order to tuck inside a cover half their size. It includes b&w photographs, coloured art prints, and information on activities, sights, and other offerings available at various locations along the Canadian Pacific route.

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PE002676 - Printed material relating to William Aberhart and the Social Credit System; [c. 1934]

Ephemeral information on the Social Credit movement founded by former Alberta Premier William Aberhart, circa 1934. "Study Group Feature No. 5" consists of academic material on the Social Credit System with handwritten notes, featuring "The Perfect Circle, the Blood Stream of the State." An unanswered questionnaire measuring agreement with the demand to increase the food quota and implement a clothing allowance has handwritten notes and doodles on the verso by Mr. Aberhart, dated Tuesday, February 5, and includes an illustration titled "Do it at once moment." Two of the newspaper clippings are articles titled "Chronicle Question Box" and consist of separated questions and answers on Social Credit, and the third is a photographic print of Aberhart.

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PE002677 - "Land Seekers Guide" immigration incentive publication; Western Canada, 1912

A pamphlet titled "Land Seekers Guide also Free Homestead Lands along the Grand Trunk Pacific in Western Canada," dated August, 1912. Provides information and photographs of southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, to encourage settlement of the area. Map is stamped in red ink to indicate railways, and includes notes on how to "find lands on the map" and "in the field."

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PE002740 - Three images of a catered outdoor event, staff, and preparation; Edmonton (Alta.), 1914

Three photographs of a banquet in the woods hosted by the King Edward Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta, dated 1914. One image shows the event, with table and chairs set up in a forested area and a large group of people seated. Another image shows a group portrait of kitchen staff posed on a bench outside, presumably in the same wooded area. The final image is of the kitchen, with staff preparing a large amount of baked goods and one man in a suit supervising. Date and host information provided by dealer.

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Neil Campbell fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0525
  • Fondo

Fonds consists of the personal and professional records of engineer and geologist Neil Campbell.

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Deans Council, Financial Statements, Committees: Finance and Property, Health, Safety and Environment, Learning and Discovery, University Appeals Board

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PE002673 - "The Western Provinces of Canada" immigration enticement handbook; [1914]

A booklet with in-depth information regarding farming and homesteading opportunities in Western Canada, "the Granary of the British Empire," published by the Canadian Pacific Railway Department of Natural Resources. It covers Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia and contains photographs of geographical features and agricultural functions. A large fold-out map is tipped-in after the last page and shows "system of land survey and lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company."

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PE002797 - 15th Annual Convention, Alberta Social Credit League, Palliser Hotel, Calgary, Nov. 24-25, 1949.

Group photograph showing the attendees of the 15th Annual Convention of the Alberta Social Credit League. The large crowd is seated in a conference room in the Palliser Hotel in Calgary, Alberta. Alberta Premier Ernest Charles Manning is visible, seated fifth from the left in the front row of the photograph.

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  • UAA-2009-010
  • Accession
  • 1933

Five pamphlets (each in duplicate) examining and promoting the idea of Technocracy: Wayne W. Parrish, "An Outline of Technocracy;" Allen Raymond, "What Is Technocracy?;" Harold Loeb, "Life in a Technocracy: What it Might be Like;" Howard Scott, "Introduction to Technocracy;" Frank Arkright, "The ABC of Technocracy." All material collected by Walt Fryers in advocacy of Technocracy. Includes a three-pages overview of the need for Technocracy written by Walt Fryers. Also includes two copies of Congressional Hearing of M. King Hubbert re: his connection with Technocracy while employed by the US government during WWII, 1943

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  • UAA-2013-020
  • Accession
  • n.a

Technocracy Publication: "The Technocrat", "The Northwest Technocrat", "Technocratic Trendsetter Research Bulletin", "Technocracy Digest", Technocracy:The New America".

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  • UAA-2012-019
  • Accession
  • 1940s-1960s

Walter Fryer's personal papers on Technocracy.

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PE001418 - Banff Bungalow Motor Camp Invites You

Promotional brochure advertising the Banff Motor Bungalow Camp at Tunnel Mountain, Banff, Alberta. Describes the hotel's amenities and rates, and provides 5 B&W photographs showing the bungalow's interiors and a tourist map of the area.

"Situated on Tunnel Mountain Adjacent to Government Camp Ground - Five Minutes from Business Centre of Banff - Each Bungalow with Shower Bath and Kitchenette".

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PE001417 - Christmas Greetings from Manitoba card

A Christmas greeting card signed by May Gill. "Wishing you all the joys of Christmas and Health and every Happiness in the New Year - From May Gill".

Includes an untitled poem about Canadian wheat attributed to "G. D. Lynch".

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PE001390 - Storm Mountain Bungalow Camp, Banff-Windermere Highway, Canadian Pacific Rockies

A promotional booklet for Storm Mountain Bungalow Camp along the Banff-Lake Louise-Windermere Highway in the Canadian Rockies, with information about prices and places to visit.

Storm Mountain Bungalow Camp; Storm Mountain; Magnificent Views; The Camp; Rates.

Untitled photograph of an automobile parked in front of the bungalow camp; "The Sleeping Bungalows, Storm Mountain Camp"; "1. Along the Banff-Windermere Road"; "2. One of the Sleeping Bungalows, Storm Mountain Camp"; "3. The Living Room, Storm Mountain Camp"; "4. Storm Mountain from the camp"; untitled map showing the Banff-Lake Louise-Windermere highway area, with the location of the Storm Mountain Bungalow Camp at Vermilion Pass indicated by a black arrow.

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PE001389 - Wapta Bungalow Camp, Canadian Pacific Rockies

A promotional booklet for Wapta Bungalow Camp in the Canadian Rockies, including information about prices, places to visit and activities to do.

Wapta Bungalow Camp; Wapta Camp; The Magic Key; Echoes of the Past; What a View!; First of all Lunch; Sherbrooke Lake; A Hanging Lake; Kicking Horse Canyon; The Tea House; Ross Lake; Page the Mediterranean!; Lake O'Hara; The Yoho River; Yoho Camp; On the Trail; The Yoho Glacier; Twin Falls; Summit Lake; To Emerald Lake; Emerald Lake; The [Emerald Lake] Chalet.

Uncaptioned image of Wapta Camp archway; uncaptioned image of group on horseback with bungalow in background; "Sherbrooke Lake"; "Kicking Horse Canyon Rest"; "The Field - Lake Louise Road" [Leonard Frank]; "1. These Indian totem poles came from Vancouver Island"; "2. One of the Sleeping Bungalows, Wapta Camp"; "3. Both Sherbrooke and Wapta Lakes afford trout fishing"; "4. A corner of the Club House, Wapta Camp"; "On the Trail to Sherbrooke Lake"; "1. Emerald Lake Chalet"; "2. Takakkaw Falls, in the Yoho Valley"; "3. Lake O'Hara Bungalow Camp"; "4. Wapta Lake Camp"; "A Drink on the Side"; "Lake Wapta"; uncaptioned image of a patio at [Wapta Bungalow Camp?].

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Ivan Rudnytsky fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0365
  • Fondo
  • 1940 - 1984

Fonds consists of personal and research papers of Dr. Ivan L. Rudnytsky.

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PE001452 - The Annual Report for 1953 - Logan Neighborhood House (294 Ellen Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba)

The first annual report of Logan Neighborhood House (294 Ellen Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba), a drop-in and programming centre affiliated with The Community Chest designed to provide social and recreational services for community members, from preschool-aged children to senior citizens. The report suggests that 154 families [as many as 750 individuals] took out $1.00 family memberships to Logan Neighbourhood House in its first year of operation, and those memberships were used an average of 1800 times each month.

History of Logan Neighbourhood House - 1953; The President's Report, 1953; The Executive Director's Report, 1953; Programme Report - 1953; Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements For period of September 16, 1952 to December 31, 1953; Balance Sheet As on December 31, 1953; Board of Directors of Logan Neighbourhood House 1952-1953 [Officers; Chairmen of Committees; Other Board Members].

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PE001398 - A rare Winnipeg cabinet card photograph of a returning [Manitoban?] soldier dressed in Boer War uniform and slouch hat

A mounted photograph of a returning [Manitoban?] soldier dressed in a South African [Boer] War uniform and slouch hat. The soldier is also wearing a bandolier and holding a rifle. The medal pinned to the soldier's chest closely resembles and is possibly the Queen's South Africa Medal, the campaign medal awarded to those who served in the Boer War.

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Files of Julian Wassyan: MSS, notes, offprints and undated photographs

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PE001392 - See America First - Daylight Trip Thru the Canadian Rockies - The World's Greatest Highway

An advertisement booklet produced by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company ca. 1915 regarding tourism in the Canadian Rockies, including information about trips, rates, and places to visit.

Daylight Trip Through the Canadian Rockies (Going West); Banff [Banff Hotel; Pony Trips and Drives]; Lake Louise; Field, B.C. [Drives and Pony Trips]; Glacier; The Canadian Pacific Exhibit at San Francisco, 1915; En Route; Alaska and Return $60.00 [Meals and Berth Included]; For Rates - Routes - Tickets - Reservations - Descriptive Folders Have Our Representative Call on You.

"Entrance to Canadian Rockies - Near Banff"; "Banff Hotel - Banff, Alta."; "Lakes in the Clouds - Lake Louise"; "Kicking Horse Canyon, Field, B.C."; "Glacier, B.C."; "Canadian Pacific Pavilion, Panama Pacific Exposition, San Francisco, Cal., 1915"; "Princess Victoria Plying the Route Between Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle"; "S.S. Princess Alice - Alaska Service".

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Legion of Frontiersmen Collection

  • FC 8 L44 L47
  • Colección

The Frontiersmen Collection is organized by country—Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and India—and includes correspondence, financial and legal records, meeting minutes, newsletters, and a variety of military forms, as well as photographs, maps, banners, and medals. It is home to the official Charter Certificate for the founding of the Legion of Frontiersmen Canadian Division, whose headquarters are located in Edmonton. The highlight of the collection is a group of nine field diaries penned by Roger Pocock dated 1905-1917. This collection is closely related to several others housed in Bruce Peel Special Collections, specifically the Sir Samuel Benfield Steele Family Archive and the Roger Pocock Archive. It continues to grow thanks to ongoing donations.

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PE001454 - End of Year Report of Alberta Protestant Home for Children, Edmonton, Alberta, 1958

The annual report of the Alberta Protestant Home for Children [10621 92nd Street], for the year ending of December 31, 1958.

Report for the Year Ending December 31, 1958; "Others" [a poem by Mr. and Mrs. N. A. McPherson, Superintendent and Matron]; Report of President; Secretary's Report; Auditors' Report; Treasurer's Report [Receipts; Disbursements]; Cash Donations; Endowment Fund [Receipts; Assets; Home Improvement Fund]; Gifts in Kind (Food, Clothing, and Services); Committees (1959); Officers; Board of Directors.

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PE001429 - The Orange Home News - Containing the Annual Report of the Orange Benevolent Society of Saskatchewan for the year ending December 31, 1929

An August 1930 issue of the Orange Home News, containing the Annual Report of the Orange Benevolent Society of Saskatchewan for the year ending December 31, 1929.

Lists of Officers and Committees of the Orange Benevolent Society of Saskatchewan for 1930; President's Report [Mrs. W. A. Adams, President]; The Grand Mistress; The Grand Master; The Matron; The Secretary Treasurer; The Placement of Children; The School Agreement; Tags and Dime Banks; The Froom Endowment Fund; Remember the Children in Your Will; Financial Report; Revenue Account; Balance Sheet [As at 31st December, 1929]; Liabilities; Contributions; Our Prayer.

Additionally contains print advertisements for various local businesses.

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PE002172 - First and Second Annual Calendars for the University of Calgary, Alberta, for the years 1913-1914 and 1914-1915

A set of 2 booklets, 1 covering the academic session for 1913-14 and 1 covering the session for 1914-1915, containing information on the first University of Calgary.

The 1913-1914 calendar includes: Outline of Dates [important dates for students and faculty], University of Calgary faculty and staff registers [Visitor; Board of Governors; Advisory Members; Senate; Faculty of Arts; Lecturers in Faculty of Law]; its Purpose and Plan ["A Strong Arts Course"; "A Training That Shall Be Practical"; "The Strongest Men as Teachers"; "A University on Private Foundation"]; Historical Resume [and a note on its "Temporary Quarters" at the Calgary Public Library]; The Site; Prospects and Advantages; Entrance Requirements ["Ad Eundem Statum"; "Matriculation Examinations"; "Supplemental Examinations"]; Outline of Requirements for the B.A. [Bachelor of Arts] Degree [First Year; Second Year]; Fees; Scholarships; Medals; Social and Athletic; Courses of Instruction in the Faculty of Arts [Greek; Latin; French; German; History; English Literature; English Composition; Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; Economics]; Information Concerning the Department of Law [First Intermediate; Second Intermediate; Final]; and list of "Our Donors".

The 1914-1915 calendar includes updates to all of the information in the previous year, as well as additional information regarding: Scholarships and Medals [awarded the previous year]; Student Societies; and information regarding courses offered under a new "Department of Extension".

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PE001432 - The Western Canada Petroleum Association Membership Register . . . 1950

Membership register of the Western Canada Petroleum Association for the year ending December 1950.

Officers [President; First Vice-President; Second Vice-President; Executive Vice-President; Secretary-Treasurer]; Directors; Oil Companies (Producing, Refining, Marketing, Exploration); Drilling Contractors [Oil Well Drilling; Core and Shot Hole Drilling Contractors]; Supply Houses; Oil Well Servicing Companies; Geophysical Companies; Corporations; Financial Firms; Engineers, Geologists and Consultants; Travel Agency; Legal Firms; Banks; Accountants; Oilfield Cars and Trucks; Oilfield Insurance; Casing Pulling; Individuals; Advertising Agency; Addenda - Too Late to Classify [blank page].

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