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UAA-2003-043 · Accession · 1958-2003
Part of William Clare Wonders fonds

Notes, correspondence and textual material, much of it related to studies of northern geography and first nations people.

Wonders, William Clare
UAA-2003-031 · Accession · 1948-1969

A researcher in mathematics, material includes notebooks, research materials for the paper "Inverse and Complimentary Sequences of Natural Numbers", correspondence, handwritten notes, publications, administrative files and a photograph

Moser, Leo
UAA-2003-008 · Accession · 1882-2001
Part of Geoffrey Lester fonds

Materials relating to the development of railways in Alberta.

Textual materials concern the historical context and study of railway development in Alberta; and the administrative and operational files documenting the composition and publication of the Historical Atlas of Railways in Alberta.

Maps are extensive and document the planning and study of railways in Alberta.

Lester, Geoffrey
UAA-2004-030 · Accession · [1954-199?]

Textual materials include research, teaching and professional files. Graphical materials include sketches, posters, glass etchings and photographs. Other materials include newspaper clippings, awards, manuscripts,

Wohlfarth, Harry
UAA-2004-026 · Accession · 1984-2000

Meeting files and proceedings.

Plant Pathology Society of Alberta
UAA-2004-022 · Accession

Teaching, research, manuscripts and personal files, with an emphasis on Shakespeare.

de Luna, Barbara Nielson
UAA-2004-008 · Accession

887 musical scores including marches, waltzes, tarantellas, polkas, anthems, and overtures.

Hoyt, David
UAA-2004-004 · Accession · 1958-1998
Part of John Orrell fonds

Professional files include research materials on the history and construction of the Globe Theatre, draft copy of "The Birth of the Edmonton Professional Theatre, 1906-1910" and materials relating to J Sandiland's book "Western Canadian Dictionary and Phrase Book"

Orrell, John
UAA-2004-057 · Accession · [1946-1997]
Part of Gordon Peacock fonds

Research, theatre production and teaching materials related to the U of A Dept of Drama and Studio Theatre.

Graphic materials document the early history of Studio Theatre through B/W and colour slides and photographs.

Peacock, Gordon
UAA-2004-058 · Accession

Research and notes for computer programming.

Marsland, T.A.
UAA-2005-003 · Accession · [ca. 1965-2005]

Clippings, programmes and play scripts.

Schoctor Family
UAA-2005-007 · Accession · 1968-1995

Teaching records, symposium notes, project files and administration records.

Eisenstein, Z.
UAA-2005-026 · Accession · 1947-1972

Personal papers.

Bessai, Frank
UAA-2005-027 · Accession · 1938-1990
Part of John J. Lipinski fonds

Accession consists of personal papers, including assorted local medical journals, monographs about the history of medicine in Alberta, numerous medical & military certificates, a typescript copy of Lipinski's memoir, and photographs.

Lipinski, John J.
UAA-2005-037 · Accession · [1976-2000]

Biological research notes, correspondence, manuscripts, genome maps, DNA radiographs/prints and 35mm negatives.

Taylor, Diane
UAA-2005-045 · Accession · 1946-1948

Photographs of student activities at the U of A.

Buckmaster, Harvey A.
UAA-2005-047 · Accession · [ca. 1980-1997]

Scrapbook (letters, photographs, posters), 1988 handwritten travelogue, constitution, executive minutes, photographs and correspondence.

Maxie, Mary Sheddie
UAA-2005-048 · Accession · [ca. 1970-2005]

Teaching materials, administrative records, manuscripts, research notes, conference papers, published papers, and journals,

Barbour, Douglas
UAA-2005-049 · Accession · [ca. 1980-1997]

Medical research materials (notes, data, papers), correspondence, photographs, awards, material on obese rat strain establishment and administrative materials.

Russel, J. C.
UAA-2005-053 · Accession · 1992-1996

Operational papers

Heritage Interpretation International
UAA-2005-055 · Accession · [ca. 1955]

Research materials on medieval plays and photocopies of manuscripts.

Salter, Frederick Millet
UAA-2005-056 · Accession · 1994-1997

Syllabi, correspondence, administrative and operational records.

Western Board of Music
UAA-2005-057 · Accession · [ca. 1950-2000]

Personal papers; includes teaching materials for history courses taught at the University of Alberta

Wickenden, John Nicholas
UAA-2005-087 · Accession · [ca. 1940-1987]

Leo Moser Research Instructorship administrative documents and photo of Dr. Helen McArthur.

Moser, Leo
UAA-2006-003 · Accession · 1970-1990

The professional records of Lee Royce: include annotated production scripts (primarily from Edmonton's Studio Theatre), notebooks, theatrical programs and other theatre related materials.

Roberts, Gail
UAA-2006-007 · Accession · 1900-2005

Research material concerning Breton Plots History Research Project.

Breton Plots History Research Project
UAA-2006-009 · Accession · 1943-2002

Personal and professional papers

Bessai, Diane
UAA-2006-024 · Accession · 1922-1978

Finley McInnes personal papers, audio tapes and photographs

Williams, Andrea McInnes
UAA-2006-054 · Accession · 1977-2004

Biological research materials, including handwritten notes, correspondence, research notes, negatives as well as work of her colleagues and assistants

Taylor, Diane
Accession · [ca.1973-2006]
Part of Ali-Amir Husain fonds

Accession consists of documents relating to Dr. Husain’s academic career.

Husain, Ali-Amir
UAA-2006-061 · Accession · 1996-2004

Records concerning the establishment and operation of CJSR, including:
CRTC application documents [1982-1983], listeners guides [1982], radio play transcripts [ca. 1982-1985] women's group correspondences and organizational documentation

Cumming, Steve
UAA-2006-071 · Accession · 1929-1972

Documents relating to R.G.H. Cormack's personal and professional life

Cormack, R.G.H.
UAA-2006-072 · Accession · 1943-1997

Documents relating to the civilian life and military career of Jean Pariseau

40 cm text
ca. 250 photographs

Pariseau, Jean
UAA-2006-087 · Accession · 1969-1981

Reports and studies

Bamfield Research Station
UAA-2006-167 · Accession · 1933-2006
Part of Office of Student Services fonds

Information pamphlets & handbooks, reports, surveys, newspaper clippings and news releases.

University Student Services
UAA-2007-014 · Accession · [ca. 2004]
Part of Geoffrey Lester fonds

Annotated printouts from The Alberta Atlas of Railways web site.

Includes 48 original drawings and maps.

See Over-size for Colour Proofs & Atlas.

Lester, Geoffrey
UAA-2007-016 · Accession · 1969 to 2006
Part of David John Hall fonds

Includes personal student records, studies in Canadian general history with an emphasis on Western Canada and Canadian Prairies, thesis supervision, professional correspondence, drafts and copies of articles and book reviews.

Hall, David John
UAA-2007-077 · Accession · 2002-2006

Draft materials and timeline for book: "I Was There"

Schoeck, Ellen A.
UAA-2007-078 · Accession · [1980-1999]

Materials relating to the collapse of Principal Group and Associated Investors of Canada.

Personal and professional materials of Suzanne Mah.

Mah, Suzanne
UAA-2007-082 · Accession · 1988-2001

Cellular biology research notes, data, papers and photographic materials performed at laboratories at the University of Alberta.

Shibuya, Ellen
UAA-2007-085 · Accession · 1973-1990

Research material, correspondence, articles and legal documentation regarding foreign policy formulation.

Includes thesis materials on Lord Hardringe of Penhurst's influence on British foreign policy in first two decades of 20th century.

Goold, J. D.
UAA-2007-089 · Accession · 1987-2006

Research and professional materials including manuscripts, correspondence, and other materials on the subject of American Economics, Labour History and Nineteenth Century Slavery / Anti-Slavery.

Lightner, David L.
UAA-2008-005 · Accession · 1946-2001
Part of Raymond Lemieux fonds

Professional, laboratory, personal and business records, correspondence and awards.

Lemieux, Raymond
UAA-2008-006 · Accession · [ca. 1930-1959]

Research and professional papers and documents on medieval European civilzation and John Calvin.

Collins, Ross William
UAA-2011-011 · Accession · 1967-2004
Part of Wayne Lamble fonds

Records document the work of Professor Wayne Lamble, Professor in the Faculty of Extension. Records include copies of Faculty of Extension Council Minutes, Applied Sciences (Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Resource Management); Agriculture and Forestry Extension Committee.

Lamble, Wayne
UAA-2008-014 · Accession · 1967-2008
Part of Dr. Roderick Macleod fonds

Professional records include: expert witness reports, research notes, drafts of book "All Things True - The History of the University of Alberta", documents related to The Historical Society of Alberta's Records Publication Board, his student materials from masters and PhD studies, departmental administrative records, student supervisory records and other materials.

Macleod, Roderick C.
UAA-2008-022 · Accession · 1965-1969

Topographical survey plans of the University of Alberta campus. Surveys include topographic information, street and building plans, walkways, utilities, railway lines and general information for civil and building engineering work.

Lukomskyj, Oleh
Accession · 1959-2005
Part of Edward Lozowski fonds

Accession consists of records pertaining to Edward Lozowski including correspondence, data sets, photographs, papers/drafts and other materials related to atmospheric ice related processes and events.

Lozowski, Edward
UAA-2008-039 · Accession · 1972

Materials document the construction of Micherner Park Two student housing complex.
Included are building plans, grounds surveys, receipts, invoices, contracts, busines cards and diary notebooks.

Splinter, Gerhardt
UAA-2008-040 · Accession · 1922-1975
Part of Robert Macbeth fonds

Correspondence, drafts, research notes and photos concerning a monograph on the history of the first 50 years of the Department of Surgery, 1922-1975. Also includes lab notes and drawings from Macbeth's UofA medical studies (1938-1940);Tropical medicine textbooks; bound case notes and operative reports from 1948 McGill Univerisity Diploma Course in Surgery (1948-1952); Publications of the Faculty of Surgery (1961-1974). Also includes sketchbook for Anatomy 36 (1941-42); Discharge Summaries and Operation Reports: General Surgery Service, Children's Memorial Hospital, July 1, 1949-Sept. 30, 1949 and April 1, 1950-June 19, 1950.

Macbeth, Robert A.
Accession · 1987-1995
Part of Donald B. Smith fonds

Accession consists of typed and handwritten correspondence, reviews and working papers concerning the book, "Aboriginal Ontario" by Edward S. Rogers.

Smith, Donald B.
UAA-2009-027 · Accession · 1976-2000

Records documenting the theatre career of David Mann.

Mann, David
UAA-2009-031 · Accession · [ca. 1949-2000]
Part of Mary and Frank Glenfield fonds

Early theatre program and posters documenting the professional theatre career of Frank and Mary Glenfield. Theatre troops include Workshop West, Theatre Network, the Walterdale, Shadow Theatre, and Teatro la Quindicina.

Glenfield, Mary
UAA-2009-032 · Accession · 1933-1971

Certificates, diplomas, and photographs documenting the professional career of Dr. Walter Cameron MacKenzie.

MacKenzie, Walter Cameron
UAA-2009-050 · Accession · 1978-1993

Minutes, Reports, Correspondence, Library cards

University Libraries
UAA-2009-061 · Accession · 1975-1988

Scripts, posters, and other records relating to the professional theatre career of David Barnet.

Barnet, David
Accession · [ca. 1941-1971]
Part of Alexander Smith fonds

Accession consists of the teaching, research, and publishing records of professor of law, Dr. Alexander Smith.

Smith, Alexander
UAA-2012-001 · Accession · 1945-2006
Part of Mixed Chorus fonds

Items related to Mixed Chorus, including audio cassettes and vinyl, posters and programs.

Mixed Chorus
Accession · 1979 - 2003
Part of Helen Forrester fonds

Accession contains manuscripts in various stages of development, from hand drawn conceptual diagrams to corrected proofs. Included are: Research notes, uncorrected proofs, corrected proofs, typesetting proofs, finished monographs, audio recordings, publicity materials, cover art and proofs, newspaper clippings and reviews and relative correspondence. There are 15 titles represented plus some smaller works for anthologies and two manuscripts under the pen name, June Edwards. There are also two signed monographs by other authors.

Forrester, Helen
UAA-2012-009 · Accession · 1967-1976

Papers and other items authored by James Barrington, items relevant to U Thant, miscellaneous papers and offprints and photographs.

Barrington, James
UAA-2012-010 · Accession · 1934-1984
Part of John Constantine Charyk fonds

Textual materials relating to John Charyk's reasearch and authorship of a number of titles about on-room praririe schoolhouses including attendance registers, financial documents and ledgers, personal and biographical materials, original notes and correspondence, an oversized manucscript, a variety of poster-lie teaching aids, programs/brochures, course materials, index cards, certificats/awards and notebooks. This also includes 28 monographs, 9 oversized prints, 3 paintings, 4000+ slides, 650+ photographs, 1 cassette tabpe, 1 video cassette, 140 strips of negatives, 2 cloth artifacts, 1 antique slide viewer, one ribbon, one coin, a patch and a stamping utensil for wax seals.

Charyk, John Constantine
UAA-2012-013 · Accession · 1960s-1980

Personal papers and reasearch, publications, forlder of pressed water plants, lab books, notebooks.

Gorham, Paul
UAA-2012-017 · Accession · 1962-1985
Part of Karl Clark Fonds

Materials (photographs, slides), personal papers and correspondence, a signed mongraphy and assorted ephemera relating to Dr. Clark's work in the development of the Alberta Tar Sands.

UAA-2012-019 · Accession · 1940s-1960s

Walter Fryer's personal papers on Technocracy.

Fryers, Walt
UAA-2012-020 · Accession · 1968-1996

Materials realing to the personal and professional life of Patrick O'Callaghan, controversial editor and publisher, including correspondence, original and photocopied writing and research materials, speeches, legal documents, financial documents, personal and biographical materials and 31 photographs

O'Callaghan, Pat
UAA-2012-022 · Accession · 2000-2011
Part of Education Society of Edmonton fonds

Operational files including minutes, by-laws, and scholarships from the Education Society of Edmonton.

Education Society of Edmonton
UAA-2012-024 · Accession · 1936-1981

materials relating to the personal and professional life of Russell Alexander Hemstock, engineer, oil and gas executive and geotehnical reseach leader. This collection uncludes technical pepers, original/reproduced/published articles/reports, correspondence, legal documents, patents and patent applications, invitations, programs, video cassettes, photographs, plaques and certificates.

Hemstock, Russell
UAA-2012-038 · Accession · 1934-1984

Materials relating to the Canadian Western Hockey League, its inception through to its demise. This collection inclueds the research materials used for the creation of the donot's two historical memoirs, those monogrpahs, programs, media guides, board materials, contracts/agreements, financial records, legal documentation and extensive correspondence.

Stott, Jon C.
UAA-2013-018 · Accession · n.a

Materials including professional correspondence, notes, photocopies, newspapers and clippings, newsletters/periodicals, book and auction catalogues and research materials.

Thiessen, J. Grant
UAA-2013-019 · Accession · n.a

Materials relating to the professional life of Francis Sitwell as a professor and administrator including correspondence, conference and board materials, notes, photocopies, newspaper clippings, research materials, newsletters, lectures and other teaching materials, 7 contact sheets with corresponding negatives, 11 photographs, 1700 slides, drawings and a placemat.

Sitwell, O. F. G.
UAA-2013-032 · Accession · 1900-1930's

30 cm of textual materials relating to Dale Thomson and his family history, mostly in Germany, 139 photographs of various ages and sizes, 19 hard cover monographs, 1 paperback, 39 serials, 2 gallery catalogues, 1 notebook with sketches and a scrapbooks

Scott, Stuart M.
UAA-2013-033 · Accession · 1800-2010

Materials relating to the professional life of Desmond Brown as a professor, researcher, and academic. The donors extensive research into the legal history and the Canadian Criminal Code some personal files, photographs, travel materials and further legal and historical research.

Brown, Desmond
UAA-2013-059 · Accession
Part of Georg Kaiser Collection fonds

Textual materials of Georg Kaiser including bibliographical index cards of 19th and 20th century and contemporary authors (emphasis on Georg Kaiser), research/ scholastic/academic materials, minimal correspondence and manuscript materials, dealer / auction/ exhibition catalogues of relative antiquarian materials, conference / symposium materials and 38 monographs in wrappers.

UAA-2013-041 · Accession · 2000-2006

Personal papers of Norman and Magda Jones, pimarily correspondence.

Jones, David
UAA-2013-056 · Accession · 1875-2013

Materials relating to the research papers of S. James Gooding, Author, publisher and authority on firearms and other material memorabilia.Textual materials including correspondence. personal and professional and included printed emails, research materials, notebooks, illustrations/sketches, maps, sales and auction catalogues, instruction manuals/booklets/pamphlets/broadsides, financial documents, periodicals and other published materials. 1700+ photographs, negatives, slides and colour printouts of photographs and 1 CD containing manuscript materials.

Gooding, Jim
UAA-2015-010 · Accession · 1920s - 1950s

Framed photos of Harold Orr and related friends and colleagues. Includes 6 pdf images of photos stores electronically.

Lampard, Robert
UAA-2015-005 · Accession · 1926-1947

Photos, degrees, clippings, certificates, and the medical class pin of Dr. W. Gourlay.

Gourlay, Betty
UAA-2015-003 · Accession
Part of Alberta Law Reform Institute fonds

Board agenda materials, Dunlop materials, correspondence, remedies of unsecured creditors workshop, creditors remedy committee meeting minutes and materials, seizures chapters, correspondence, materials and comments, Business names survey responses, court ordered enforcement chapters, correspondence and materials and comments.


Board Minutes, correspondence, Law discussion groups, discussion papers, annotated acts, research papers, draft reports, statutory designations, jury information, contract law.

UAA-2014-027 · Accession · 1928-1992

2 boxes of personal materials of the Department of Plant Science. Includes photos, annual reports, press bulletins, slides, newsletters, correspondence, manuscripts and department theses.

Vanden Born, William H.
UAA-2016-010 · Accession · 2012-2014
Part of Faculty Women's Club fonds

Faculty Women's Club: Minutes, Newsletters, Interest Group Annual Reports, Executive Member List. FWC Brochures, Anniversary Items of Historical interest.

Faculty Women's Club
UAA-2016-012 · Accession · 2001-2007

Records related to Risk Management Steering Committee records 2001-2002 and 2005-2007

Department of Education
UAA-2021-001 · Accession · 1911
Part of Faculty of Engineering fonds

The accession comprises 394 Faculty of Engineering graduating class composites and related association images including the mining and geology society.

Faculty of Engineering
UAA-1971-213 · Accession · [ca. 1890-1940]
Part of Cecil Scott Burgess fonds

Cecil Scott Burgess, papers, notes, and sketches (1910-1940).

Burgess, Cecil Scott