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UAA-2005-046 · Accession · [ca. 1935-1960]
Part of Maxwell Mordecai Cantor fonds

Materials concerning pathological chemistry and other medical fields.

Research notes, lecture notes, lab reports, court proceedings, newspaper clippings, awards, Poulenc Ltd drug posters, correspondence, microscopic slides and 8mm colour films of family, lab and 1939 Royal Visit.

Cantor, Maxwell Mordecai
Item · [1958]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A travel guide to western North America by the Standard Oil Company of California. It covers the western states from the Pacific coast and goes as far east as Nebraska and Texas, and also includes British Columbia. The first page has been removed, but it would have read: "Welcome to the West. Joaquin Miller, famous Western poet, once wrote that eyes were made for this land. Wherever you drive across its length and breadth you find endless scenery that lives in the memory...sweeping plains, silvery deserts, majestic forests and mountains, haunting lakes and streams. And, at its farthest Western reaches, the moving beauty of the Pacific Ocean and its matchless shoreline. This booklet can furnish only a brief glimpse into the treasure of color and drama that lies ahead, but we hope you will find it an interesting, helpful traveling companion. Have a wonderful trip!" The verso is a colourized photograph captioned "Bear Tooth Mountains, Montana - Wyoming."

Standard Oil Company of California
Harris Signing Register
Item · 1987
Part of Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Harris signing register with registar CT Boyle at the University of Waterloo's fifty-fourth Convocation, where Harris received his Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science.

Harris in Academic Gown
Item · 1987
Part of Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Harris after the University of Waterloo's fifty-fourth Convocation wearing academic hood and gown. Pictured here with Chancellor James Hadsworth; [?]; WAE (Pete) McBryde, former Dean of Science; and Douglas Wright, President of Waterloo.

Item · April 1916
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

An issue of St. John's College [University of Manitoba] student magazine, published April 1916. Includes 1 B&W photograph and list of St. John's College Magazine Staff [Editorial and Business] for 1915-1916.

Editorial; "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" ["it is sweet and fitting to die for one's country"]; Our Empty College Halls; Election of Senior Student [Mr. N. C. Smith]; In Memoriam for Reginald E. "Rex" Parrott [with 1 photograph]; "Shakespeare" by The Warden; "Foreign Immigration (continued) II. initialed N. C. S. [N. C. Smith?]; "Running a Rapid" initialed H. C.; "The Clergyman's Problems in Our Rural Parishes" (continued from last issue) by the Reverend Canon Jeffery; Honor Roll [list of "St. John's Students on Active Service"]; Dining and Eating at the Olympia; Echoes from the Barracks by a "Linseed Lancer"; "My Youthful Attempts at a Menagerie" contributed by Doc. Pop, Our Zoological Expert; Athletic Association Notes; Literary Society Notes; Church Society Notes; Missionary Society Notes; Parlor Notes; Exchanges; Personals; Dry Humor from the Professors' Breakfast Table; and School Notes [Hockey, with 1 team photograph; Basketball; Personals].

Accession · 2017-2019
Part of University of Alberta Press fonds

Accession contains University of Albert Press publications for 2017 to 2019, including books edited and authored by Robert C. Rival; Jay Scherer, David Mills, and Linda Sloan McCulloch; Michael Stock; Tessa Jordan; Ursula Mathis-Moser and Marie Carriére; Geo Takach; Sandra Semchuk; Chandrima Chakraborty, Amber Dean, and Angela Failler; Roger Epp; Margaret Atwood; Pamela Brett-MacLean and Lianne McTavish; Aldona Jaworska; Rod Macleod; Darryl Raymaker; Norma Dunning; Susmita Roye; Douglas Barbour; Carissa Halton; Rona Altrows and Julie Sedivy; Melissa Tanti, Jeremy Haynes, Daniel Coleman, and Lorraine York; Jenna Butler; John Rae and William Barr; Amanda Wakaruk and Sam-Chin Li; Marita Dachsel; Michael Crummey; E.D. Blodgett; Naomi K. Lewis; Leslie Main Johnson;George Pavlich and Matthew P. Unger; Alana Fletcher and Morris Neyelle; William Wray Carney, Colin Babiuk, and Mark Hunter LaVigne; Nora Foster Stovel; Huia Tomlins-Jahnke, Sandra Styres, Spencer Lilley, and Dawn Zinga; and Therese Greenwood.

Accession · [19–] to 2000
Part of University of Alberta Archives audio visual collection

Accession contains audio cassettes containing songs, speeches, and presentations from University of Alberta events including events, such as a sports game and SUB theatre address, and topics such as history in Canada.

Georges Durocher fonds
UAA-2019-015 · Fonds · 1869-2004 [predominantly 1904-1984]

Le fonds est constitué de documents variés sur différents supports tels que : des microfilms, des annales, des livres, des journaux, des revues, des annuaires, des extraits de livres, des biographies, des recueils de chants, des illustrations, des extraits de conférence, des notices historiques, des notes de recherche, des bulletins, des mémoires, des coupures d’articles, des carnets de voyage, des livrets publicitaires, des annonces publicitaires, des bribes d’histoire, des notes d’études, des articles publiés dans des journaux, des rapports de réunion, des ordres de jour, des statuts et règlements, des feuilles de renseignements, des formulaires, des poèmes, des négatifs de photos, des lettres, des cartes géographiques, des prospectus, des brochures, des interviews, les inventaires, des logos, des dépliants, les horaires de cours, un recueil des anciens collégiens mort au champ d’honneur pendant le 2e guerre mondiale, des feuillets liturgiques, liste des évêques d’Edmonton 1871-1973, des brochures des jeux du Commonwealth d’Edmonton 1976-1978, les horaires des émissions de Ici Radio-Canada pendant les jeux du Commonwealth d’Edmonton 1978, des bribes d’histoire de la communauté franco-albertaine, des albums souvenirs, des circulaires, des portraits historiques, des albums souvenirs, des conférences, des index, des cassettes audio.

The fonds contains various documents in different formats such as: microfilms, annals, books, journals, magazines, directories, book excerpts, biographies, songbooks, illustrations, conference excerpts, historical records, research notes, bulletins, memoires, newspaper clippings, travel journals, promotional booklets, advertisements, historical snippets, study notes, articles published in journals, meeting reports, agendas, statutes and rules, instruction sheets, forms, poems, photo negatives, letters, maps, prospectuses, brochures, interviews, inventories, logos, pamphlets, class schedules, a collection of the college alumni who died in the field of honor during the 2nd World War, liturgical leaflets, a list of bisophes in Edmonton from 1871-1973, brochures for the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton from 1976-1978, the broadcast schedule of Ici Radio-Canada during the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, notes on the history of the Franco-Albertan community, souvenir albums, conferences, indexes, and audio cassettes.

Durocher, Georges
Eugène Trottier fonds
UAA-2019-011 · Fonds · 1907-2012 [predominantly 1955-1991]

Ce fonds présente les activités de l’ACFA, les services et la sécurité familiale contenues dans des rapports, des journaux, des ordres du jour, des annonces publicitaires, des listes et photos du personnel, des correspondances, des brochures, des conférences, des dépliants, des présentations, des procès-verbaux, des manuscrits, des livres, des annuaires, des notes pertinentes, des listes d’associés, des cartes d’affaires.

This fonds contains documentation on the activities of ACFA, the services and the familial security contained in reports, journals, agendas, public advertisements, lists and photos of staff, correspondence, brochures, conferences, pamphlets, presentations, meeting minutes, manuscripts, books, directories, pertinent notes, lists of associates, and business cards.

Trottier, Eugène
UAA-2017-002 · Accession · 1949 - 1999

1 pin from the University of Alberta Spring Convocation in 1949 and an pin from University of Alberta Fall Homecoming in 1999.

UAA-2023-001 · Accession · 1955-2003

The contents of the accession spans across almost fifty years and provides valuable insight into the development of Peel's Bibliography of the Canadian Prairies and Peel’s Prairie Provinces database. Mostly textual records and correspondence, the records depict efforts to find and select published works for the bibliographies, various stages of the book’s completion, and conversations between Peel staff and other institutions and individuals that went into the creation of the Bibliographies.

Peel, Bruce Braden
UAA-2023-002 · Accession · 1975 - 2006

Documents pertaining to Dr. John MacEachran, former U of A prof and chair of Alberta Eugenics Board, concerning controversy about naming of a lecture series.

Gratien Allaire fonds
UAA Fonds 0621 · Fonds · 1901-1991 [predominantly 1984-1991]

Le fonds est constitué de divers documents tels que des guides, des brouillons de documents de toutes sortes, des fiches de brouillon, des documents dactylographiés, des cartes, des annexes, des questionnaires, des brochures, des lettres, des formulaires, des factures, des photocopies des cartes d’appel et d’ébauche d’offre d’emploi, une liste de contacts, des notes dactylographiées de réunions, des formulaires d’information pour employés, les fiches de planification d’emploi, des demandes d’emploi, des horaires et descriptions de travail, un contrat de travail, une lettre de référence, des relevés de notes, des demandes de subventions, un mémorandum, des notes pertinentes de généalogies, des fiches de génération, des copies d’examens, des sondages d’enseignants, des notes de cours, des arbres généalogiques.

The fonds contains various documents such as guides, drafts of all sorts of documents, draft sheets, typewritten documents, cards, annexes, questionnaires, brochures, letters, forms, bills, calling cards, offers of employment, a list of contacts, typewritten notes from meetings, information forms for employees, employment planning documents, job applications, schedules and work descriptions, work contracts, a reference letter, a transcript, grant applications, a memorandum, pertinent notes on genealogies, generation documents, copies of exams, teacher surveys, class notes, and genealogical trees.

Allaire, Gratien
Item · 1996
Part of Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Image of the University of Alberta's analytical chemists. Photograph taken for University of Alberta New Trail article "Chain reaction: One man's longtime dedication to the study of analytical chemistry continues to reap awards", regarding the three men from the same faculty each receiving major international scientific awards within seven days. These three men: Harrison, Dovichi and Horlick, all gave credit to Harris' work in Analytical Chemistry education.

Item · ca. 1923
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

B&W prints, captioned, mounted, showing various scenes from Edmonton. Contents include:

  • Dominion Day Parade 1923 (4), including 1 print each of Premier Greenfield and the C.N.R. Pipe Band,
  • Images from around Edmonton (8), including 1 print each of the Saskatchewan River, stockyards, and 10439-69th Ave South,
  • Provincial Houses of Parliament (2),
  • University of Alberta buildings (2), including 1 print each of the Arts and Medical buildings.
Item · Feb. 1929
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Invitation to “Mr. McAra” from the Agricultural club to attend an Undergraduate Dance held on February 8, 1929 in Athabaska Hall at the University of Alberta. The front of the card is shaped and illustrated to look like saloon doors. Inside the card is a dance program filled in with the names of Mr. McAra’s dance partners from the evening. Edmonton, Alberta.

Roger Motut fonds
UAA Fonds 0622 · Fonds · 1882 - 2013

Ce fonds contient des rapports et documents, notes, reçus, journaux personnels, correspondence, cartes de voeux, certificats, documents légaux et successoraux, documents commémoratifs, des discours, photos de familles, records de service militaire, curriculum vitae, documents de conférences, brochures d'associations, des journaux, des bulletins et documents de réunions, des extraits de journaux et livres reliés a l'histoire de la famille Motut. Les matériaux sont des documents familiales et personnels relié au Dr. Roger Motut, son épouse Jeanne (Boisvert), et famille; le travail professionnel de Dr. Motut et son implication avec un variété d'associations tel que la Fédération Canadienne-française de l'Ouest, l'Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française, le Collège des Jésuites d’Edmonton, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, ACFA (Association Canadienne-française de l’Alberta), Le Conseil de la vie française en Amérique, Société Radio-Canada, Société historique de la Saskatchewan, Collège Saint-Jean and Faculté Saint-Jean; ainsi qu'une variété de rapports et documents sur la littérature Canadienne-française, la culture, l'éducation, le language, et l'histoire; bilinguisme, l'histoire Métis, et une variété d'histoires de familles et individus Canadien-français.

Fonds contains Reports and papers, notes, receipts, personal journals, correspondence, greeting cards, certificates, legal and estate documentation, commemorative documents, speeches, family photos, military service records, curriculum vitae, conference materials, association brochures, journals, bulletins and meeting documentation, newspaper clippings and books pertaining to the Motut family history. Records include personal family documents relating to Dr. Roger Motut, his wife Jeanne (Boisvert), and family; Dr. Motut’s professional work and his involvement with various associations including Fédération Canadienne-française de l’Ouest, Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française, Collège des Jésuites d’Edmonton, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, ACFA (Association Canadienne-française de l’Alberta), Le Conseil de la vie française en Amérique, Société Radio-Canada, Société historique de la Saskatchewan, Collège Saint-Jean and Faculté Saint-Jean; as well as various reports and papers on French-Canadian literature, culture, schooling, language and history; bilingualism; Métis history; and various histories of French-Canadian families and individuals.

Motut, Roger
Item · 14 Oct. 1887
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Poster warning settlers and others against cutting timber on government lands under pain of prosecution. Explains that homesteaders "having no timber of their own" can apply for a Free Permit from an Agent of the Crown to cut a quantity of timber not exceeding 1800 Lineal feet of Building Logs, 400 Roof Polls, 2000 Poplar Fence Rails, and 30 cords of dry Wood for fuel. Any settlers or others not entitled to the Free Permit can apply for a Permit to cut timber at rate, and includes list of rates.

Liability of Persons Cutting Timber Without Authority explains the punishment for cutting timber without a permit.

Additionally includes an envelope addressed to Stuart Criddle, Esq. and stamped 22 May 1936.

Stephenson, E. F.
Item · [ca. 1938]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Bilingual English and French booklet containing information regarding the history of and some statistics for the city of St. Boniface, Manitoba to 1938.

[English] St. Boniface; Churches; Schools; Institutions; Industrial St. Boniface [includes information on location, transportation, power, water, communications, fire and police, and list of some local businesses]; [French] Saint-Boniface; Eglises; Maisons d'Education; Institutions; St-Boniface industriel.

City of St. Boniface
Item · [ca. 1951]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

"Settlement by Dutch families - Rocky Mountain House District" [pp. 1-7] includes general information about the town and district [location; soil type and agricultural prospects; commercial and social services such as produce markets, schools, and hospitals; employment opportunities outside of the agricultural sector; and recreation]. Contains photographs of farms and farmland, machinery, a planing mill, school buildings [Rocky Mountain House and Arbutus School], Rocky Mountain House main street, rivers and lakes, and groups of people ["Some of the farmers at the Dutch Field Day, Lacombe, June 21st, 1951"].

"Short histories of some of the Dutch settlers in the Rocky Mountain House district" [pp. 8-31] includes personal histories and photographs of 14 Dutch families who have settled in the district.

"... four representative listings in the district which show the type of farms available" [pp. 32-37] includes information and photographs regarding four farms for sale in the Rocky Mountain House district. Listings are subject to prior sale.

Canadian National Railways. Department of Colonization and Agriculture
Item · [n.d.]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A French booklet outlining the history of two statues, and the men they were modeled after. The statue on the cover is Pierre Gaultier de Varennes de la Vérendrye. The statue was created by Jan Bailleul and was unveiled in Québec on September 28th, 1922 and currently stands in front of the Parliament building in Québec. La Vérendrye was a French-Canadian military leader, fur trader, and explorer. He explored areas from Lake Superior to the Saskatchewan River. The second statue on the back cover is Pierre Boucher de Grosbois. The statue was created by Alfred Laliberté and unveiled in Québec on the same day, September 28th, 1922. This statue also currently stands outside the Parliament building in Québec. De Grosbois was a French soldier, interpreter, and eventual governor of Trois-Rivières in what is now Québec.

Item · August, 1948
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A manuscript of a report for the Game and Fisheries Branch of the Department of Mines and Natural Resources, dated August, 1948 and compiled of data gathered in May, July, and August of 1947. The report examines the potential effects of the Manitoba Central Basin Project on the birds, fish, and "fur animals" along the Saskatchewan River, and includes information on topography, geology, soils, climate, hydrology, and vegetation, as well as a description of the project, and conclusions and recommendations. 48 b&w numbered and captioned photographs, primarily of terrain and river-related facilities and activities, have been mounted onto various pages, and a large fold out map of the Manitoba central basin is laid-in after the last page.

Canada. Department of Mines and Resources
UAA-1981-121 · Accession · [1966]
Part of Department of Music fonds

Fourteen music scores for Second Century Week competition. Concert prepared by Violet Archer.

Department of Music
UAA-1995-048 · Accession · [1970-1990]
Part of Department of Drama fonds

Scripts, screenplays, videotapes, videocassettes, film auditions, workshops, and commercial shows.

Department of Drama
UAA-1980-165 · Accession · 1960-1970
Part of Faculty Women's Club fonds

Accession consists of minutes, correspondence, and other office files from the Faculty Women's Club.

Faculty Women's Club
UAA-1969-005 · Accession · 1914-1964
Part of Department of Classics fonds

Accession consists of original administrative and teaching records of the Department of Classics. The records included original attendance records and department meeting minutes signed by the Chair.

Department of Classics
UAA-1981-030 · Accession · 1963-1970
Part of Department of Political Science fonds

Accession consists of office files from the Department of Political Science, including records about grants and awards, graduate studies, assistantships, and other subjects.

Department of Political Science
UAA-1980-080 · Accession · 1970-1978
Part of Department of Political Science fonds

Accession consists of final exams and course outlines (1977-1978) and Departmental correspondence (1970-1973).

Department of Political Science
UAA-1983-162 · Accession · 1913-1968
Part of Office of the Comptroller fonds

Contracts (1925-1965) and office files, financial estimates and budget working papers (1913-1968)

Office of the Comptroller