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Horses -- Photographs
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Photograph of pack horse

Photograph of a horse with a pack saddle on it. Writing on reverse reads "pack saddle".

PE002821 - "The Leader" building; Regina (Sask.), c. 1883

A sepia-toned photograph of a building with men, boys, horses, and horse-drawn wagons outside. The boys appear to be loading newspapers into one of the wagons, and there is paper mess on the dirt road, mostly in front of the door to the building. Other distant buildings are visible in the background.

PE002929 - Horse-drawn Red River cart; [Winnipeg (Man.), c. 1880]

A sepia-toned photograph of an aen charet, or Red River cart, pulled by a horse and stopped in front of a clothing store. A First Nations man is standing behind the horse while holding a rifle, a child is standing in the cart, and a woman is standing behind the cart with her arm on the child's shoulder. Several white men are watching from the boardwalk, one of them holding a child. Location and date estimate are dealer-provided.

PE002162 - Photographs of travel and collective settlements in Alberta and B.C.; [1920s?]

A coverless album of photographs primarily of rural and farming activities. It appears to follow Mr. Scobie, Mr. McArton, Mr. Siemens, Mr. Webb, and Mr. Macalister on a trip to various settler communites in B.C. and Alberta. Numerous shots of livestock, mostly pigs, cows, and horses. Other subjects include trains, tractors, a rodeo in Doe River, B.C., various wood frame buildings, and group portraits.

PE001422 - Loose photograph album depicting rural life; Saskatchewan, c. 1926-1928

A loose collection of photographs and photographic postcards. Predominant subjects include horses, farming equipment and activities, children, and vehicles. One photograph shows some sort of canoeing event, and another is stamped "Genuine Sparkleton Prints, Regina Photo Supply Ltd" and dated September 28, 1926. Several photographs have been mounted onto black card album pages and then cut-out, retaining pieces of other photographs on the verso. Legible captions include "myself harvesting, not very clear," "Bill at Brighton," and "Herbert + the mare + colt. This is Kate the mare and colt 12 days old and roses, mother as well was taken at bounty fair fancy this mare having one colt."

PE002931 - "Banff Livery" stable and bronco busters; 1904

A sepia-toned photograph of a group of men and three horse-drawn wagons in front of a stable in Banff, Alberta, dated August, 1904. The caption, written by Theo. J. Childs(?), names everyone in the picture and gives some information. Most of them are "bronco busters." He also mentions his "log shack" and "Vermillion Mountain" in the background.

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PE002445 - Cabinet card depicting a farmer and three horses

A cabinet card with a photograph depicting a farmer harvesting grain while being pulled in a cart by three horses. The photograph is captioned “1005, Harvesting Scene in Alberta, Near Calgary.” Underneath the photograph, the photographer’s names “Boorne & May Limited” and the location “Calgary, Alberta” are embossed into the cabinet card.

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