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Harris at the Base of a Mountain
Pièce · 1961
Fait partie de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Harris standing at the base of a mountain. Image found inside card from Audrey and Willard F Allen. Willard Allen was a friend and fellow chemistry teacher at the University of Alberta.

Cold Rooms
Pièce · [1961]
Fait partie de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Two cold rooms one for storing volatile and unstable chemicals and the other is equipped as a laboratory.

Main Supply Room
Pièce · [1961]
Fait partie de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Main supply room for the storage and retrieval of chemicals, glassware and other equipment needed for teaching and research. The supply room was located in the basement of the Physical Science Centre.

Chemical Analysis "Crew"
Pièce · 1973
Fait partie de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Chemical Analysis "Crew": R Kratochvil, J Plambeck, D Rabenstein, P Harris, L Ziola, B Burrows, G Horlick, G Johanson, WE Harris. Dated August 1973. Photograph taken outside of the Chemistry Building.

Pièce · 1980
Fait partie de Walter Edgar Harris fonds

Caption reads: "Symposium on Analytical Chemistry in honor of professor Walter E Harris on the occasion of his retirement from the University of Alberta August 15, 1980". The Symposium was organized by the analytical group at the University of Alberta. It consisted of eighteen presentations by Harris' fellow colleagues from across North America.

UAA-1968-009 · Accession · 1908-1927
Fait partie de Henry Marshall Tory fonds

Accession consists of the papers of Henry Marshall Tory, President of the University of Alberta, including records from the Board of Governors, records from the Senate, correspondence, financial records, buildings files, and other President's Office files.

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UAA-1978-045 · Accession
Fait partie de Julian Mills fonds

Photographs of family, arctic and riverboat related subjects along the Athabasca River, Lake Athabasca, Fort Simpson, Great Slave Lake and Fort McMurray. Also are included press clippings of Northern newspapers and the Camsell family.

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UAA-1991-063 · Accession · [1970-1990]
Fait partie de Mel Hurtig fonds

Committee for an Independent Canada

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Historical HIV/AIDS Pamphlet Collection
AEU-HVA · Collection · 1984-1995

This collection of health information is focused on pamphlets and fliers promoting primary prevention measures to the general public and, to a lesser degree, Health Professionals. The drop-down pages are organized as series level finding aids.

Most artifacts are in English and were produced in Canada or the United States of America. Also there are several artifacts in multiple versions by year, the changes in information between editions is both interesting and instructive.

Although primarily of interest for health researchers this collection may also be of interest to a variety of researchers; for example those interested in depictions of minorities including First Nations / Native Americans, Africans, Asians and sexual minorities. The collection may also be of interest to the following disciplines: Art (graphic design & illustration), Education, Counselling, Gender studies, Graphic novels, History, Linguistics (especially slang), Multiculturalism, Public Health policy, Social work, and Sociology.

General Audience
Série organique
Fait partie de Historical HIV/AIDS Pamphlet Collection

The 'General Audience' subcategories represent the largest portion of the collection. They were created to provide information to the general public and as such are diverse in form and depth of coverage.

There are various sets of editions or versions of the same brochure or booklet which provide insights into the evolution of popular myths and medical misconceptions, these items also provide examples of how language used to describe HIV /AIDS changed as the medical community gained more detailed understanding of the mechanism of the virus.

Typical titles for the items include: "What you should know" "Get the Facts!" and "How to Not get AIDS." Atypical and more provocative titles include: "AIDS Kills Women Men and Babies" and "What you think you know about AIDS could be dead wrong."

Many of the comic books and graphic brochures feature "superheroes" with names like 'King Kondom' and 'Grand Master Blaster.'

The 'Specific Audience' subcategories are items that were created to address the information needs of specific group, for example 'Caregivers' includes, friends, and parents, but does not include counsellors or health care professionals.

General AIDS
Sous-série organique
Fait partie de Historical HIV/AIDS Pamphlet Collection

This subseries contains general information on AIDS for a general audience. The geographical locations represented include several states and provinces, with two versions of a large format booklet from Sweden. The related health concerns sub-series provides the most detailed descriptions of other sexually transmitted infections and opportunistic diseases. This sub-series also contain specific information for intravenous drug users. The debunking myths sub-series provides insights in to the prejudices and assumptions about HIV /AIDS many people held in the 1980's and even into the early 1990's.

Persons living with HIV/AIDS
Sous-série organique
Fait partie de Historical HIV/AIDS Pamphlet Collection

Information that addresses the specific information needs of Persons Living with HIV / AIDS. Most of this collection are brochures with advice on improving health through diet, drugs, and vitamin supplements. One of these includes an easy reference chart for what foods to eat to alleviate specific symptoms. A comprehensive booklet from 1993 provides fairly detailed information regarding dental health and AIDS related health concerns. there are two booklets from Hazelden publishers one applies the "12 Steps" program to AIDS and the other is a very comprehensive guide to HIV / AIDS prevention and the importance of hope. There are two full page single staple booklets from AIDS Network of Edmonton, one of which is 55 pages long and includes excellent index, glossary and listing of service providers.

Sous-série organique
Fait partie de Historical HIV/AIDS Pamphlet Collection

Information for people of specific sexualities, or who engage in specific sexual practices.

Although the sub-series for sexual minority women is relatively small with only four items, they were published between 1986 and 1993. The single Spanish bilingual issue of 'LAP Notes' provides comprehensive information on rights, symptoms specific to women, problems accessing medical care and a snapshot of the attitudes and challenges lesbians faced at the time. It includes a letter from a lesbian living with AIDS in prison. NOTE the term 'Bisexual Woman' rarely appears in this entire series.

Within the sub-series for sexual minority men there are several brochures with erotic photographs or illustrations of naked men engaged in various sexual activities. This is worth noting as such images are mostly absent from any other series. One wallet sized fold out contains statistics on 'young men and HIV.' Most items have lists of safe versus unsafe sexual practices.

The heterosexual sub-series is dominated by items targeting specific ethnic groups with titles like "You don't have to be white of gay to get AIDS.' One of the Native American brochures connects AIDS to previous diseases the were imported with European colonizers like smallpox. In terms of risk of transmission some of the brochures list 'French-kissing' as unknown.

The sub-series specific to heterosexual women contains a wide variety of items most of which contain some information on pregnancy or mother to child transmission; some are specific to this concern. Many items exist in more than one version or are bilingual. There is a single photocopy brochure on symptoms specific to women. There are a few comprehensive booklets that include preventative measures for sex with other women but the majority of the information in them assumes the reader is a heterosexual woman. There is a single brochure that focuses on Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI's) which does not mention HIV /AIDS. Includes one bookmark and one business card information item.

Legion of Frontiersmen Collection
FC 8 L44 L47 · Collection

The Frontiersmen Collection is organized by country—Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and India—and includes correspondence, financial and legal records, meeting minutes, newsletters, and a variety of military forms, as well as photographs, maps, banners, and medals. It is home to the official Charter Certificate for the founding of the Legion of Frontiersmen Canadian Division, whose headquarters are located in Edmonton. The highlight of the collection is a group of nine field diaries penned by Roger Pocock dated 1905-1917. This collection is closely related to several others housed in Bruce Peel Special Collections, specifically the Sir Samuel Benfield Steele Family Archive and the Roger Pocock Archive. It continues to grow thanks to ongoing donations.

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Chinese Experience in Canada Collection
FC 106 C5 C46 · Collection · 1906 - 2015

This collection offers an expansive view of the experiences of Chinese immigrants to Canada, particularly in the Prairie Provinces. While many narratives of Chinese immigration to Canada focus on the construction of the CPR, the emphasis here is on the numerous and diverse roles that Chinese immigrants played in Canada's history. This collection explores the Chinese experience through immigration, entrepreneurship, schooling, and other elements of daily life. Among other things, it is made up of photographs, scrapbooks, business documents, personal correspondence, immigration records, magazines, books, phonograph records, and event programs. A great deal of credit is due to Helen Kwan Yee Cheung, who encouraged donations from the local Chinese community thus helping to build a uniquely community-based collection.

Accession · 1970 - 1983
Fait partie de Dr. Luce Gauthier fonds

This accession consists of records related to Dr. Luce Gauthier's career as a theoretical physicist, including research findings for Dr. Gauthier's PhD thesis in quantum mechanics, titled Test of Resonance Recognition Criteria in Potential Scattering. Additionally, this accession contains correspondence, research reports, copies of publications, course teaching materials, and keepsakes from Dr. Gauthier's time at the University of Alberta.

UAA-1980-005 · Accession · [1915-1920]
Fait partie de George Salt fonds

Accession consists of a souvenir folder containing 16 photographic views of University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, including residences.

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UAA-1977-026 · Accession · 1963-1976
Fait partie de Leslie C. Green fonds

Accession consists of a curriculum vitae, publications, and bibliography from Leslie C. Green.

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UAA-2023-006 · Accession · 1960 - 2023

The contents of the accession reflect Ellen Schoeck’s research process during the creation of her book Taking Care, as well as her experience as Director of the University Secretariat, a position through which she served a number of University presidents over a period of 28 years, including Myer Horowitz. Textual records consist of Schoeck’s research materials for Taking Care, and include photocopies of articles, yearbook pages, and reports, as well as interviews and other documents related to campus housing and alumni from the 1950s until present. Photographs and film negatives are from Schoeck’s time as Director of the University Secretariat, and are arranged chronologically according to the University president in office at the time, illustrating the experience working in the senior administration office through various presidencies.

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UAA-2023-012 · Accession · 1963 - 2023

The accession comprises textual records including the written history, scrapbook, newspaper clippings, articles, notes and correspondence regarding the University of Alberta Golden Bears Football Team and the Golden Bowl game played November 16, 1963.

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UAA-1982-027 · Accession · 1913-1942
Fait partie de Office of Administrative Systems fonds

Accession consists of photographs of H. Nolan (1913), F. Perraton (1913), Hazel Rutherford (1913), the Student's Council (1914-1915 and 1918-1919), the men's track team (1928-1929), the women's basketball team (1930-1931), senior N.C.O.'s and officers from the no. 4 I.T.S. R.C.A.F., and the R.C.A.F. Wellington Bomber Crew.

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UAA-1969-086 · Accession · Oct. 1967
Fait partie de Provincial Archives of Alberta fonds

Accession consists of interviews conducted by Mrs. Naomi Radford with Dr. John M. MacEachran, Ernest Pelluet, Mrs. Stanley H. McCuaig, and Mrs. E. W. Sheldon. The interviews were recorded for an oral history project at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

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UAA-1974-157 · Accession · 1947-1974


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UAA-1975-020 · Accession · 1939-1971

Correspondence, reports and other materials

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UAA-1977-104 · Accession · 1910-1930

"Vest Pocket Songbook" (1917-1918), U of A Cheer Book (1920), The Gateway (1910-1921), Trail (1922-1931) and lecture text: W.H. Alexander's "Publius Vergilius Maro: Poet of a Land and of a Race" (1930)

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UAA-1977-157 · Accession · [195-]-1963

Photographs of Karl A. Clarka and family at cabin at Cooking Lake

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UAA-1978-009 · Accession · 1890-1963

A family history - Homesteading at Dunstable, Alberta (1913-[1963]) including copies of agricultural fair programmes, press clippings and photographs

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UAA-1978-085 · Accession · [ca. 1915-1920]

Photographs of: Ladies Hockey Team (1916-1920), graduating class (1915) and Helena Barclay Hurlburt's student activities

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UAA-1979-067 · Accession · 1944-1979

Papers: [A Biography of Arthur Balmer Watt], by Frederick Balmer Watt (1979) and manuscripts "Who Dare to Live (1944), and "Landfall" (1946)

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UAA-1979-077 · Accession · 1979

Interviews of W.G. Hardy and Mrs. McQuaig for CBC program "Only Yesterday" and transcripts

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UAA-1985-030 · Accession

Abasands Oil Ltd: Clippings and articles

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UAA-1969-035 · Accession · 1922-1942
Fait partie de The Gateway fonds

Accession consists of volumes of the Gateway Newspaper. Volumes XIII to XXVI bound and volumes XVII to XXX are unbound.

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UAA-1973-042 · Accession · [ca. 1957-1965]

Amateur Radio Club reports, photographs and memorabilia

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UAA-1973-035 · Accession · 1922-1923

Aerial photograph of campus by Bowman

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Accession · 1908-1978
Fait partie de Office of Student Services fonds

Office files including minutes and reports from various university faculties, departments, the Senate, General Faculties Council, committees and clubs.

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UAA-1974-035 · Accession · 1913-1918

Photographs of student groups

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UAA-1971-008 · Accession · 1908-1968
Fait partie de Department of Psychology fonds

"Sixty Years of Psychology at teh University of Alberta," by T.M. Nelson and R.M. Arvidson. Photographs of Psychology Department heads.