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Prevost's Letter
FC 3212 K44 102.006 · Stuk · January 27, 1823
Part of Keenlyside Fur Trade Collection

This book is a compilation of documents prepared for the American House of Representatives by President James Monroe. The title page reads: "Message from the President of the United States, communicating the Letter of Mr. Prevost, and other Documents, relating to an establishment made at the mouth of Columbia River." Dated January 27, 1823. Printed by Gales & Seaton. Documents included concern Mr. Prevost, the North West Company, and John Jacob Astor.

Memorial of Charles Bulfinch
FC 3212 K44 102.009 · Stuk · January 13, 1840
Part of Keenlyside Fur Trade Collection

From the title page: "Doc. No. 43, 26th Congress, 1st Session, House of Representatives. Memorial of Charles Bulfinch, et al., praying that their title to certain lands in the Territory of Oregon may be confirmed. January 13, 1840. Referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs." Printed by Blair & Rives.

This document is a request that the United States government recognize the ownership of parcels of northwest pacific land bought by Captain Kendrick in 1791 from island natives during his exploration of modern day Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands. Captain Kendrick died in 1794. In 1840, several parties together petitioned Congress to enforce their rights to these lands: Charles Bulfinch, Sampson V. S. Wilder, Samuel B. Barrell, Henry Hatch, William Vernon, Joseph Kendrick, and Alfred Kendrick.

FC 3216.3 P63 R64 1.1.10 · Stuk · 1891-1894
Part of Roger Pocock archives

Pocock's 1891-1894 scrapook consists of approximately 56 sheets of textual and graphic items plus tipped in and loose items. This scrapbook consists of written entries about his extensive travels along with original sketches and imprint cuttings that supplement his descriptions. The diary entries are mostly tipped in. There are also many clippings of Pocock's published articles and stories, and many of the articles are supplemented by photographs taken by Pocock. The scrapbook also contain clippings and other ephemera of Pocock's interests.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of family and others, mostly unidentified; Cartagena, people and places around Kootenay, Istanbul, mines, miners, and mining equipment; ports and ships; and people and places in Crimea.
Imprint cuttings of areas and places including New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Little Falls, New Hampshire, Virginia, Gibraltar, Seville, Tangier, Niagara Falls, The U.K., and Marseilles.
Theatre programs (often featuring Lena Ashwell) and concert programs.
Sketches of places around the U.K. such as Newcastle on Tyne, and other places such as Seville, Marseilles, Tangier, Cartagena, Sierra Nevada, and Cookham. There are also sketches of unidentified landscapes, seaports, buildings, and boats
Diary entries for the years 1891-1894, including descriptions of his travels from the UK to Lisbon, Gibraltar, Valencia, Cadiz, Algiers, to Tangier, and within the Black Sea.
Clippings of articles and stories written by Pocock including descriptions of the Behring Sea, Montana and of Sebastapol (sic)[Sevastopol, Crimea], "Ishmael", "A Romance of the Cornish Coast", "The Arrest of Deerfoot", "Brimstone Pete", "The Glory of Arms", "A Cowboy in Charge", "The Queen of the Dogger", and "Jameson's Raid". Other articles also include reviews for Pococks book "The Rules of the Game".
Certificates of discharge for Pocock from the services of the Board of Trade of the United Kingdom.
Hand-drawn maps of Gibraltar, Lisbon, Chideok, Istanbul, and the Sevastopol harbour.
Letters to his father and his sister, Daisy, and from various publishers such as Charles Dickens Jr., Stuart Reid, James Stogg, Oswald Crawford, Methuen & Co., and others.
Musical score for "The Ranchman's Bridal Song" written by Pocock and composed by E. Evelyn Barron.

Zonder titel
Stuk · 1965-03-12 - 1965-04-09
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A filled out "Amending Import Entry" form from Canada Customs, prepared by Custom House Broker J. J. Coleman on behalf of Mr. D. McFadden. The form justifies the refund of $5.81 for adjusted customs duty and sales tax for the importation of "artificial insemination tubes for poultry" from the United States of America into Canada. The back of the form is unfilled and includes an "Owner's Declaration" and "Declaration of Consignee in Canada."

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