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Fort Macleod, AB
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PE000915 - "Marquis Wheat - The World’s Best Wheat" leaflet

Leaflet titled: "Marquis Wheat - The World’s Best Wheat." The rest of the ad states: "Seed for sale by F.A. Adams, Macleod, Alberta. Producer of the best bushel; best 100 pounds; best 5 bushels of hard wheat at Alberta Provincial Seed Fair, March, 1912. Also grew and sold to H. Holmes, Raymond, seed from which he produced the best bushel at this Congress. My Marquis Wheat Strain is Right. GET THE BEST. Exhibit Under Grand Stand on Grounds. Price $2.00 a bushel F.O.B. Macleod, Alberta." 

3.3 Journey from Fort Macleod to Mexico City (1899 - 1900)

Subseries consists of photographs and a typewritten passage related to Pocock's journey from Fort Macleod, AB, to Mexico City. He set forth from Fort MacLeod on 28 June 1899 and arrived in Mexico City 21 January 1900. Photographs were likely collected by Pocock during his travels. Subseries is arranged chronologically according to order of location visited.