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Calgary, AB
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PE000924 - "United Farmers of Alberta Annual Convention, 1916 - Calgary - Annual Address"

Booklet titled: "United Farmers of Alberta Annual Convention, 1916-Calgary-Annual Address." Below this is written: "Delivered by S.S. Dunham. L.L.B., Lethbridge-Second Vice-President." 

Cover is printed on light brown paper with blue flecks. Front cover features a black decorative border surrounding an image of a torch entwined with a ribbon alongside the title. The back cover contains only the union label for printing, and notes: Quick Print, Calgary. The interior contains fifteen (15) pages denoting the address given by S.S. Dunham at the annual U.F.A. Convention in Calgary. There is also a b&w portrait of S.S. Dunham on the second page.

PE004691 - Menu card for The Skyline restaurant

Menu card for The Skyline restaurant located at Macleod Trail, No. 2 Highway in Calgary, AB.  “Canada’s Finest Curb Service Restaurant and Golf Range.”  The cover is printed to look like cream leather and features an illustration of the restaurant on the front.  The back cover has a list of Fountain Specialties made with Palm Quality Products.  The front cover is cut away along the top right edge to show the name of the restaurant underneath. Inside, bound to the spine with two staples, is a small square booklet of Dinner entrees and facts both about the restaurant and Calgary.  Inside the back cover are printed two photographs of life-sized dinosaur sculptures captioned with information about the Calgary Zoo.   Printed by Albertan Job Press Ltd.

PE004784 - Knox United Church Choir, Calgary, Diamond Jubilee Concert Program

Program titled, "Knox United Church Choir, Calgary, Diamond Jubilee Concert, In Celebration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of Knox Church and in Honour of Mr. Clifford Higgin who has served as Organist and Choirmaster for Twenty-one Years. Tuesday, November Sixteenth, Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Three at Eight-Fifteen." Cover contains a large b&w picture of Clifford Higgin. Program contains a biography of Clifford Higgin, advertisements, and the program for the night.

PE000683 - Soo-Spokane Route train schedule

Train schedule for the Soo-Spokane Route run by the Spokane International Railway. Centrefold is a map of the route which runs from Portland, Oregon up through Calgary, Alberta and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and down to St. Paul, Minnesota. Includes time schedules of the international route and of connecting train lines, as well as a description of the trains and equipment in use.

PE000415 - Coaster from the New Noble Motor Hotel

Drink coaster, flower shaped, from the New Noble Motor Hotel (now the Hotel Arts) in Calgary, Alberta. Image on the front is a jockey and horse, circled by a horseshoe that says "Good Luck", along with the name and address of the motel.

PE004908 - Hotel Royal in Calgary, AB leaflet

Promotional Leaflet for the Hotel Royal, in Calgary, AB. It is divided in two sections: the left side features a photograph of the hotel while the left side contains its address and nearby amenities. The proprietor is listed as Rob. C. Thomas on the bottom right corner.

PE004860 - Alexandra Hotel promotional poster

Poster promoting the Alexandra Hotel. The slogan is written on the top centre, and reads “When in CALGARY stay at the Alexandra Hotel” with the hotel name printed in large type. At the centre of the poster there is a 16 x 12.5 cm b&w photograph of the hotel and a caption that reads “Fire-proof.” Amenities and rates are listed on the bottom. 

PE000902 - "Premier Truck Cabs and Bodies - Anthony Steel Dump Truck Bodies - D. Ackland & Son Limited - Winnipeg - Calgary - Chevrolet" booklet

Title reads: "Premier Truck Cabs and Bodies - Anthony Steel Dump Truck Bodies - D. Ackland & Son Limited - Winnipeg - Calgary - Chevrolet." Cover contains an ink drawing of a speeding truck with a farm scene in the background. Title and drawing are done in green ink. Interior contains descriptions and drawings of different truck parts and accessories available for purchase. A note on the back page says the booklet was printed by Birt Printing Co., Ltd, and compiled by W.H. Hart. There is an included page printed on thin green paper noting the Premier Truck, Cab and Body Price list at D. Ackland & Son, Limited, Winnipeg.

PE004712 - “Hi, Stranger! Stay a day in Calgary: Sunshine City of Alberta’s Foothills” brochure  

Tourism brochure titled “Hi, Stranger! Stay a day in Calgary: Sunshine City of Alberta’s Foothills.”  Published by the Young Men’s Section of the Calgary Board of Trade.  Gives a brief history of Calgary, highlights its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, describes places of interest in and around Calgary.  Includes a charming orange and black illustrated map of Calgary.  Mentions Calgary’s population is 85,000 strong, placing the brochure’s date of publication around 1940.  From the press of John D. McAra Limited, Calgary.

PE000778 - Souvenir Album Folder of Western Canada.

Nine (9) photographs depict images of Winnipeg, Brandon, Edmonton, Calgary, Moose Jaw, a standard passenger train, the train on the Canadian Pacific Railway, close-up of the Canadian Northern Railway Standard Passenger Train, and buffalo in the park at Wainwright, Alberta. These photographs are enclosed in a brown envelope containing various imagery typical of Western Canada. Printed by Hough Litho Limited (Toronto).

PE004738 - Program for the City of Calgary’s Commemoration Services on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.  

The program for the City of Calgary’s Commemoration Services on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.  Held in Victoria Park, Calgary, AB on June 2, 1953.  Printed in Canada by John D. McAra of Calgary.  The program’s front cover features a photograph of Queen Elizabeth II printed in purple ink.  The back cover features the City of Calgary’s coat of arms, also printed in purple.  The program consisted of events held at 12:30pm and later at 8pm, with speeches, music, dances, prayer, and fireworks.

PE000978 - "Military Ball Given in Honour of HRH The Prince of Wales" program

Program titled: "The Armouries, Calgary, Alberta, Military Ball Given in Honour of HRH The Prince of Wales by Brig. Gen. H.F. McDonald, C.M.G., D.S.O. and Officers of M.D. NO. 13. September sixteenth, nineteen hundred and nineteen." Front cover also includes the Alberta Coat of Arms. Interior of the program contains a list of dances to be performed and the accompanying music, with the opposite page containing blank spaces for writing engagements and rendezvous. Back cover is blank.

PE000729 - Press photos of Stoney Indians, several probably taken during Indian Days in Banff.

Nine (9) press photographs of Stoney Indians, several probably taken during Indian Days in Banff. Photos have captions on the back:

  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Annual Indian Day at Banff, Alberta; Stoney Indian Medicine Man in his medicine teepee [sic] (Courtesy Canadian Pacific Railway)."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Newspaper clipping showing printed photograph identifies figure as Walking Buffalo, former chief of the Stony Indians of Western Canada.
  • 7" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Indians, Stoney; parade around village and ride into Banff."
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Four minutes after the construction job was begun, the Stoney squaw and papooses are comfortably established in their new home—with a slight touch of modern conveniences to get the housework done."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Caption: "Stoney Indian 'Mr. Big,' This is Jonas Roder, second chief of the Stoney Indians tribe, dressed in full regalia for the annual Calgary, Alberta stampede. Far from the 'vanishing American,' the chief has much to say about how his tribesmen live."
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Golfing in the Canadian Rockies has its illusions. Chief John Hunter, a full blooded Stoney Indian, makes a picturesque caddy on the Banff course."
  • 7" x 9" B&W print. Caption: “ 'From where he sits' This papoose seems quite interested in the goings-on at the Calgary, Alberta, stampede. His mother, a Stoney Indians squaw stoops to squint, yet keeps a supporting hand against her back-riding youngster."
  • 7" x 8" B&W print. Caption: " 'The end of a busy day' Chief Spotted Eagle and his squaw Red Cloud Woman finish their shopping trip by indulging in a strawberry soda. Their eight-year-old daughter, Big Bird Woman (center), was a little shy." Print is very wrinkled.
  • 8" x 10" B&W print. Caption: "Indians, Stoney, fashion show at Banff Spring, Alberta."

PE004688 - Wine List and Cocktail Menu for the Calgary Elks Club

A menu in the shape of a tasseled fez hat.  Burn marks and drink stains on the front cover.  This menu is the Wine List and Cocktail Menu for the Calgary Elks Club located in the Elks Building in Calgary, AB.  It is bound with two staples.  Inside the front cover is a B&W photographic collage of the inside of the Elks Club, while the collage inside the back cover features photographs of teepees, city skyline, a dinosaur sculpture and the Banff Springs Hotel.  The menu is eight (8) pages of alcoholic drinks.  Printed by Foothill Printers Limited.

PE004686 - Menu for Eamon’s Drive-Inn Restaurant

Menu card for Eamon’s Drive-Inn Restaurant located on the Banff Highway seven (7) miles west of Calgary, AB.  Printed in burgundy and green on cream-coloured card stock.  The back cover has two photographs, one of the restaurant interior highlighting the large windows looking out on the Rockies, and a second of the outside of the restaurant with striped awning and numerous parked 1950s-era cars.  Inside is an a la carte menu with a Combination Salad struck through and the price of Calgary Ginger Ale adjusted.

PE000638 - Members of the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge

Two B&W prints of members of the Loyal Order of Moose Lodge. The first was taken c. 1957 according to a hand-written annotation on the back. A stamp credits David Colville of the Calgary Herald as photographer. A sign in the second photo dates it to January 27, 1957; a stamp on the back credits Jack DeLorme of The Albertan as photographer. Calgary, Alberta.

PE000416 - BPO Elks Grand Lodge Convention, in Calgary, AB, in 1930

Sepia print, wide format, captioned, group photograph of the visitors and delegates at the BPO Elks Grand Lodge Convention, in Calgary, Alberta, in 1930. Photograph is of a large group – mostly men, but with a few women and children – in front of a large building. Photographed by W. J. Oliver.

PE000726 - Program for Palace Theatre in Calgary

Program for the Palace Theatre in Calgary, AB for the week of June 13, 1927. Contents include news about various actors, current films, upcoming films, coming musical attractions, and advertisements from local businesses and schools.

PE000666 - Collection of documents related to the creation of the nurses registry in Calgary during the Second World War

Collection of documents related to the creation of the nurses registry in Calgary during the Second World War.

  • Typed letter to “The graduate nurses of Calgary” from Kathleen Connor, Chairman of the Calgary District #3 Alberta Association of Registered Nurses, dated Feb. 5, 1942. Introduces the idea of creating a community nursing registry in order to support the war effort.
  • Typed documents with the heading “The following is condensed from the Report of the Committee on the Formation and Re-Organization of Registries, Province of Ontario, Ottawa, 28th March, 1940.”
  • Recommended by-laws of the Nurses Registry of Calgary District #3, typed, with the name “Mrs. F. Honeywell written in handwriting. No date.  

PE000403 - 1916 S.P.A League baseball champions, in Calgary, AB

B&W print, mounted, captioned group portrait of the 1916 S.P.A League baseball champions, in Calgary, Alberta. Team members are in suits with three trophies, with pitcher in separate oval in top left corner. Names and positions of players are captioned. Photographed by A. L. Hess of Calgary. Brown string through a single punched hole in the center at the top allows item to hang.

PE004846 - List of Properties in Arrears for Taxes for Auction in Calgary, AB

Book titled: "City of Calgary, Province of Alberta, List of Properties in Arrears for Taxes, Which Will be Sold by Public Auction, Commencing at 10 A.M., April 22nd, 1919." Calgary, March 7th, 1919. Book contains 219 pages of tables listing properties - some pages have hand-written marks in them. The final page has a printer’s mark: "The Avenue Press Printers, 610 Centre St. –Calgary."  

PE004689 - Menu for W. K. Chop Suey Restaurant

Menu card and tipped in sheet for W. K. Chop Suey Restaurant located at 209 Centre Street in Calgary, AB.  The menu shows numerous stains and is printed in green ink on a paler green card stock.  The menu is creased across the lower left corner.  There are forty-six (46) items on the menu.  The tipped in sheet is pink and features the menu in Chinese characters.  Printed by Hickey & Jones of Calgary, AB.

PE000614 - French language essay about dinosaurs

Essay, typed, imagining a trip back in time to observe the dinosaurs that lived near Drumheller, Alberta. Titled, "Une Excursion Fantastique à Drumheller." Likely written by a student for a junior high or high school assignment. Written in French. Reference to the “Centre des Arts Allies” or Allied Arts Centre, which was open in Calgary in the 1960s, dates the essay and locates its creation in Calgary, Alberta.

PE000933 - Crew repairing and building railroad lines in Calgary, AB

B&W photograph depicting several men working on a railroad line. There are some women and children acting as spectators. In the foreground is the railroad lines and several men working around it. In the background is a steam train, wheat silo, and a town. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph states: "Repairing the lines and putting in new lines at Calgary." There are also the numbers 762 next to this note, and the number 20 in the bottom right corner.

PE004833 - Brochure celebrating the opening of a second Bank of Toronto branch in Calgary

Brochure titled: Our Second Branch in Calgary. Details the opening of a new Bank of Toronto branch in Calgary, on 8th and 4th.  Lists its services, such as Business Banking, Oil Banking, and Personal Accounts. A small section details the professional profile of the new branch manager, Mr. P. W. Atkinson. When fully opened, brochure contains a large b&w aerial photograph of downtown Calgary from 5000 ft. (Photo taken by Photography Survey Corporation). Front and back covers are light green, with interior pictures detailed in green as well.

PE000837 - Cooks 82nd O.Batt. C.E.F. Calgary 1916

A group photograph of four (4) men in regular military uniforms and fifteen (15) cooks in their kitchen whites. Identified as Cooks 82nd O.Batt. C.E.F. Calgary 1916. Large British flag in background. Photograph taken by W. V. Ring Wright Block 221A Eighth Avenue Calgary.

PE000404 - Poster for the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede

Poster and calendar for the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. Calendar starts December 1957, and dates for the 1958 and 1959 Stampede are advertised. Caption at top of poster reads ‘The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’. Item has poster-hanging at top and bottom, with eye for hook at top.

PE004679 - Menu card for Town & Country Coffee Shop

Menu card for Town & Country Coffee Shop in the Greyhound Building in Calgary, AB.  The menu was printed by Hickey & Jones in Calgary on ivory card stock now showing numerous grease and coffee stains.  The front cover has an illustration of a friendly cowboy, and has  a visible indent on the top edge from a paperclip.  Inside are numerous Coffee Shop Specials, Salads, Sandwiches, Desserts, Beverages and Juices, and selections “From Our Soda Fountain.”  Sundaes include Cubanana (35 cents), 2 Good 2 be 4 Gotten (35 cents), Stop and Go (35 cents), and the “Awful Awful” Sundae / Awful Big, Awful Good (40 cents).  

PE000932 - Program for Mother's Day Service 1924

The program's front cover is filled with a green and white picture of an older woman sitting in a chair reading. She is positioned in front of a set of windows, and is surrounded by tables and books. A note written in pencil on the top right corner  states “Calgary” 20-. The cover reads at the top: "Mother’s Day Service Sunday, May 11th, 1924." Below the picture is simply the word Mother. The interior of the program indicates the order of service, including hymns and recitations. The back cover continues the order of service. A note on the bottom of the back page states: Prepared for and distributed by The Religious Education Council of Alberta, 302 I.O.O.F. Building, Calgary.

PE000231 - S.C. Cooper Business Correspondence

Six letters (one handwritten, five typed) concerning the business of S.C. Cooper. Includes bills, correspondence with London and Western Trusts co. Red ink drafts for outstanding payment letters have been written on the reverse of two sheets. Calgary, Alberta.

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PE000164 - Written Items Involving Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Hughes

Contains: One handwritten letter and sympathy card, addressed to Margaret Hughes, the wife of Dr. Raymond Hughes, from Eleanor (Robertson) Tregillus on behalf of the Calgary General Hospital nursing class of 1937. ca. 1959 -- [copy of obituary clipping has been included]; A typed letter addressed to Dr. M.G. McCallum referring to a letter (missing) written by Dr. Raymond Hughes concerning pensioners Mr. And Mrs. Harding. June 30th, 1953.

PE004990 - Album of Southern Alberta Life

Many photos have fallen out or been removed from this photo album.  Contents include:

  • Calgary Stampede with Edward, Prince of Wales (3),
  • Ranching/farming, particularly with sheep (18),
  • Aboriginal (4),
  • Horses (7),
  • Military (2),
  • Miscellaneous.

PE004690 - Menu for Sammy’s Coffee Bar

Menu for Sammy’s Coffee Bar in Calgary, AB.  The cover features a charcoal sketch of Sammy and the sentiment “Eat well my Friends as we are here to please you – Sammy.”  The sketch is signed Bowen.  The back cover carries another message in Sammy’s handwriting, “I have a jewelry store just around the corner.  I call it Switzer’s because it happens to be my last name.  We feature costume jewelry of the latest design.  Drop in and see for yourself. – Sammy P.S. Bring your dark glasses; the place will dazzle your eyes. P.S. We also have the finest in quality watches and diamonds priced just for you.”  Both fore edges of the cover have stains from what looks to be binder ring holes, suggesting this menu was stored in a sleeve in a binder at some point.  The restaurant makes its own ice cream and claims to be the first coffee shop in Alberta with T.V.  Sketches on the walls are by Calgary’s John Bowen.

PE004687 - Menu for The Safari Tea Stop

Menu for The Safari Tea Stop located at 507 – 8th avenue southwest Calgary, AB.  The cover is a copper foiled textured paper printed with dark brown ink.  The front cover is an illustration of a bare-chested man wearing a turban holding with one hand a diamond shape containing the word “Safari” while the other hand holds a knife.  Along the bottom are the words “Afternoon Tea Menu.”  The back cover is covered with a description of “The Bengal Safari” romantically detailing a hunting party adventure in India to which “Your Guides” have been C. W. Ainsworth and B. J. Harrison.  The cover and menu paper are punched with two holes but whatever cord or ribbon bound them is lost.  The menu paper is textured and sand-coloured.  It opens in a bi-fold door design and each menu item is framed in its own hanging wood sign illustration.  Along the top is a border of overlapping illustrations of exotic adventure.  

PE000418 - Joint meeting for the Canadian Western Union, 1930

B&W captioned print, a group photograph of three organizations under the Canadian Western Union: the Brotherhood Locomotive Firemen, Enginemen, and the Ladies Society. The three organizations met for a joint meeting in July 1930 in Calgary, Alberta. Photograph is of a large group of people with a few children in front of a medium sized white wooden building. Photographed by W. J. Oliver.

PE004841 - Receipt to International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Top of receipt reads: "International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers-1200 15th Street N.W. Washington 5, D.C." It has been issued to H. M. Wilson, initiated on October 22, 1919 and last paid in August, 1954. It states it’s for pension and death benefits, and is signed by the international secretary. There is an address stamped on the back, sending the receipt to Mr. A. E. Fearey, Financial Secretary, Lu. #348, P.O. Box 154, Calgary, Alberta.

PE004683 - Menu card for Pelican Fish & Chips

Menu card for Pelican Fish & Chips in Calgary, AB.  This menu card has rounded corners and has a full-colour picture of a bowl of ice cream on the front.  Underneath it reads “Crystal Ice Cream.”  The back cover shows an illustration of three kids at a soda fountain counter with text encouraging parents to send their kiddies for ice cream.  Small printing says the menu was lithographed in the U.S.A. by The Weiller Co. in Philadelphia.  Inside is the name of the restaurant, address 35 Fourth St. N.E., and the names of management, Jack Anderson and Jack King.  They serve a long list of sandwiches and dishes served with french fries.

PE004815 - Summary of Proceedings of the Thirteenth (13th) Annual Meeting of Alberta Wheat Pool Delegates 1935

Booklet titled: "Summary of Proceedings of Thirteenth Annual Meeting of Alberta Wheat Pool Delegates 1935, held at Calgary, Alberta November 26-30, 1935." Back cover contains a listing of the Alberta Wheat Pool delegates elected August 15th, 1935. The interior contains the proceedings of the event, including reports, elections, statements of operations, and a map of Alberta showing the wheat pool elevator points.

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