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UAA-1976-072 · Accession · 1972-1975
Parte de Department of Art and Design fonds

Accession consists of photographs of works of art by Lois Whitford, Rick Chenier, John Freeman, Charles Western, Margaret May, Catherine Samson Mott, Ksenia Aronetz, and Liz Gagnon.

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UAA-1977-179 · Accession · [ca. 1910-1920]
Parte de Museums and Collections Services fonds

Accession consists of photographs of students and staff, including: a gathering of students and staff in the dining hall of Athabasca Hall; a soap chute at Athabasca Hall for freshmen initiation; and an unidentified student theatrical production.

UAA-1980-141 · Accession · 1963-1972
Parte de Studio Theatre fonds

Accession consists of photographs of Studio Theatre productions.

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UAA-1982-019 · Accession · 1978-1981
Parte de General Faculties Council fonds

Accession consists of agendas, minutes, and committee files from the General Faculties Council Library Committee.

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UAA-1984-011 · Accession · 1889-1980
Parte de James Donald Hawkins fonds

Accession consists of papers and photographs collected by Dr J. D. Hawkins to update A. E. Jamieson's "History of Dentistry in Alberta 1885-1968."

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