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PS 8523 I95 Z46 1 · Series · 1919, 1924-1974
Part of Dorothy Livesay archives

This series consists of approximately 1,470 poems, which are represented as typescripts and/or manuscripts. File titles within this series reflect the arrangement of poems, which are grouped together based on the year and time frame in which those poems were written or, in the case of poems with no recorded date, the year and alphabetical span of those poems.
While nearly all of the poems are typescript, most poems in this series are in both typescript (ts) and manuscripts (ms) form. Many poems have multiple typescript copies and some have multiple manuscript copies. It is not clear whether Livesay herself created the typescripts, but many have handwritten notes, edits, or signatures from Livesay. When there is one or more typescript and one or more manuscript of a single poem, the materials are arranged together (ts/ms). Rarely, two different poems are written on one manuscript and therefore not all manuscript poems are arranged with their respective typescript.
This series also consists of clippings and photocopies of published poems (p), which are arranged with the typescript and/or manuscript of the same poem.

Dorothy Livesay archives
PS 8523 I95 Z46 · Fonds · 1919, 1924-1974

The archives reflect Dorothy Livesay's earlier work as a poet and consist of poetry manuscripts and typescripts, business correspondence, and typescript drafts of several publications. These records span from 1919 to 1974 and are arranged into four series: Poems: Typescripts and Manuscripts; Poems: Notebooks; Correspondence with Ryerson Press; and Publication Drafts and Author's Prints.

Livesay, Dorothy
Item · September, 1925 - June 1947
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Two year books from "S.N.S." (Saskatoon Normal School) for the school years of 1925-1926 and 1946-1947. They both include composite photographs of graduating students, writing samples and poetry, yearbook staff lists, athletics reports, editorials, and messages from the principal. The 1925-1926 copy has the inscription "Margaret M. Rennie, Room A. S.N.S." on the first page, many handwritten signitures under "Autographs" on pages 56-57, and the signature of orchestra conductor Mrs. Helen Davies Sherry on page 115. The 1946-1947 copy has two newspaper clippings attached to the inside of the front cover reporting on the death of Dr. Frederick James Gathercole, one being from the Leader-Post of Regina, Saskatchewan and dated Tuesday, December 28, 1993. Another clipping on the funeral service for Mrs. E. J. Ouellette is taped to page 34, and an obituary for Michael Joseph Schafer is taped to page 65 underneath his portrait, dated 1947. A retirement notice for Roy Lockert, also clipped from the Leader-Post and dated Friday, July 4, 1980, is attached to page 101. Pages 102-104 contain various other materials taped in including graduation programs, a red heart-shaped autograph book with signatures, and a typed memo on the decision of the Saskatoon Normal School Student's Assembly during their executive meeting on Tuesday, June 17, 1947 to "allot a sum of $50 to the next assembly for the buying of a radio." It also includes advertisements for local businesses.

Students of the Provincial Normal School, Saskatoon
Item · [ca. 1930]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

"From the boundary of Manitoba north to Lake Winnipeg, a distance of one hundred miles, runs an historic highway, which, as it passes through the City of Winnipeg, is known as Main Street. A buffalo trail, an Indian pathway, it saw later explorers, merchant adventurers, missionaries, soldiers and lawgivers, who crossed it on their way westward. It felt the surge of every tide of settlement. Here the mystery of the West was glimpsed. Here its spirit was felt, its music heard."

An illustrated history of Manitoba and Winnipeg's "Main Street" highway, told in verse. Each page has an accompanying illustration. Topics and illustrations include bison [buffalo]; Indigenous peoples; voyageurs; missions and missionaries; settlers; soldiers and historic battles; farmsteads; immigrants and immigration; religion; and the railway.

Item · [ca. 1930]
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Booklet containing three poems written by Captain Edgar J. Thomas, M.C.

"A Christmas Carol" and "A New Year Wassail" are written in honour of the Christmas and New Year holidays, respectively. "A Jubilee Ode ("Hail Native Manitoba")" was written in honour of the Natural Resources Transfer Agreement, "on the occasion of the Province taking over her Natural Resources - the 15th, of July, 1930".

Thomas, Edgar J., Capt.
Item · 1984
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Poetry. A collection of poems, short prose, and photographs or illustrations. Some poems and sections are autobiographical in nature.

Foreword; Statistical Record of P. J. Peters; Part I - A Personal Autobiography; Part II - Poems written in Israel; Part III - Other Poems; Part IV - Illustrations and selected poems published by the Carillon News of Steinbach.

Peters, P. J.