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UAA-1988-088 · Accession · [1980-1986]
Part of Department of Radio and Television fonds

Accession consists of video cassettes pertaining to Special Convocations (1982-1986), Whatsoever Things Are True (1980), and Investing in Canada (n.d.).

Department of Radio and Television
UAA-1969-091 · Accession · 1945-1946
Part of Faculty of Extension fonds

Accession consists of records from the Department of Extension including memorabilia and programmes, "Chipmunk".

Department of Extension
UAA-1969-010 · Accession
Part of Faculty of Extension fonds

Accession consists of photographs created by the Department of Extension serving the university's photograph services requirements.

UAA-1971-146 · Accession · 1971
Part of Printing Services fonds

Accession consists of pamphlets about medical graduate training, the Faculty of Business Administration and Commerce, the Alberta Journal of Educational Research, the Alberta Law Review, student housing, parking, Lambda Chi Alpha, and other subjects.

Printing Services
UAA-1971-115 · Accession · [ca.1956]
Part of Glenbow Archives fonds

Accession consists of two post cards, one depicting the Dentistry/Pharmacy building, referred to in the photo as the Medical Building. The second is a photo of the University Hospital.

UAA-1971-104 · Accession · 1957-1963
Part of Maurice E. Hartnett fonds

Fonds consists of correspondence related to M. E. Hartnett's term as a member of the Senate.

Hartnett, Maurice E.
UAA-1973-147 · Accession · 1915-1929
Part of Glenbow Archives fonds

Photographs of Debating Society (1915-1916), Freshman Class (1915-1916), Graduating Class (1918) and Convocation (1929)

UAA-1970-177 · Accession · 1911-1948
Part of Publications Office fonds

Financial Ledgers (1911-1938) and other materials including Education contracts (1948) and Board of Governors minutes (19163)

Publications Office
UAA-2024-008 · Accession · 2000 - 2006

Materials relate to interviews that took place during the writing of the "I Was There" book by Ellen Schoeck.
Other materials included were removed and added to Biographical Files and the Buildings Files. These materials were "Some reflections on Computing and Computing Science at the University of Alberta" by Keith Smillie, as well as various notes and photocopies on the topics of Education Car Park (1983), South Field (1989), Stadium (1969/1988), and Windsor (1971-1988).

Schoeck, Ellen A.
Accession · 1940 - 1984
Part of Ivan Rudnytsky fonds

This accession consists of a rich variety of materials from the personal life and academic work of Ivan Lysiak Rudnytsky. As a historian and a professor, Rudnytska amassed an impressive collection of articles, booklets, rare book photocopies, bibliographies, thesis, and original research materials. Several boxes of materials relate to his time as the Associate Director of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS). A prolific letter writer, this accession also features his correspondence with a range of his contemporaries and family members. This correspondence includes postcards and small photographs.

Rudnytsky, Ivan
UAA-1979-004 · Accession · [1978-1979]
Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

Audio recordings of interviews with residents of Northern Alberta

McCormack, Patricia Alice
UAA-1986-106 · Accession · [1924-1980]
Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

Copies of photographs from an album of the Oblate Fathers of the Mission of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate from Fort Chipewyan.

Oblates of Mary Immaculate
UAA-1985-036 · Accession · [1977-1978]
Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

Audio recordings of interviews of Fort Chipewyan residents (1977), N.P.A. meeting panel discussion (1978) and J.D. Soper (n.d.)

Provincial Museum of Alberta
UAA-1972-074 · Accession · 1901-1961
Part of Robert Newton fonds

Accession consists of scrolls and medals belonging to Dr. Robert Newton.

Newton, Robert
UAA-1978-103 · Accession · 1977-1978
Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

Audio recordings of interviews by Patricia McCormack with Fort Chipewyan residents and negative of "Mary Cardinal".

McCormack, Patricia Alice
UAA-1971-035 · Accession · 1945-1966
Part of Office of the Comptroller fonds

Accession consists of estimates and financial statements from the Office of the Bursar.

Office of the Comptroller
Roger Pocock archives
FC 3216.3 P63 R64 · Collection · 1880 - 1991, predominant 1881 - 1931

The Roger Pocock Archive comprises of records created by or about Roger Pocock. Records created and collected by Pocock were done so over the course of his life and reflect his travels, occupations, and correspondence. These records include his scrapbooks, diaries, letters, contracts, clippings, published materials, photographs, and postcards. Records about Pocock were mostly created posthumously and include biographies and documents about the Legion of Frontiersmen. The archive is arranged into three series: Personal Papers, Published/Printed Materials, and Photographs and Postcards.

Pocock, Roger
FC 3216 S2 · Collection · 1958-2017

The RCMP Book Collection of S/Sgt. Al Lund is comprised of books, comics, magazines, and print ephemera that document the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Over the course of fifty years, distinguished Staff Sergeant (retired) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Alert Henry (Al) Lund amassed the largest ever collection of Mountie books and serials. His collection was donated to the University of Alberta Libraries in tranches beginning in 2008, and all of the rare materials are now housed at Bruce Peel Special Collections. An exhibition catalogue showing highlights from the Lund Collection was published by the University of Alberta Libraries in 2017. Mounties on the Cover is a visually stunning catalogue that offers a sample of the thousands of cover illus­trations of Mounties that were published. The catalogue for this exhibition can be purchased through University of Alberta Press or Indigo or in person in the Peel library for $25 (cash only).

Prairie Ephemera Collection
FC 3234.2 P732 · Collection · 1800s and 1900s

The Prairie Ephemera collection consists of a wide range of photographic and manuscript materials related to the social, economic, and cultural development of the Prairie Provinces. The photographic collection – which consists of both individual images and albums – is highly varied. Scenes of farm and urban life are both well represented. The textual materials are equally diverse, including letters, diaries, meeting minutes, political campaign materials, song books, stock certificates, performance programs and advertisements, among other things. These materials include first hand accounts from homesteaders and visitors to the region discussing the nature of Prairie life in the pioneer period and through the 20th Century.

FC 3213 L55 · Collection

The Life, Events, and Players in the North-West is comprised of several smaller collections within Bruce Peel Special Collections that contain materials related to the history and culture of the north-west of what would become Canada.

FC 3212 K44 · Collection · 1676-1933

This archival collection contains a variety of documents pertaining to the fur trade and other political events in Canada between the years 1676 and 1933. Specifically, it contains printed material regarding the formation of the colony of British Columbia and its incorporation into Canada, as well as manuscripts that describe agreements and treaties made between the governments of the United States and Britain. The archive includes a wide range of business documents, including promissory notes, warrants, and other legal documents relating to payments and goods. It also contains a selection of Voyageur Contracts and documents pertaining to the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company.

Fur Trade Collection
FC 3207 F85 · Collection · 1666 - 1871

This archival collection is composed of textual and graphic materials related to the Hudson's Bay Company, the fur trade in Canada, and early European settlement in Canada. The collection includes correspondence between high-ranking employees at Hudson's Bay Company fur trade posts, personal correspondence between settlers or Hudson's Bay Company employees and their families, and Hudson's Bay Company reports, proclamations, contracts, and others records. The involvement of Indigenous peoples in the Canadian fur trade is also described throughout this collection. With a few exceptions, most items within the collection were created during the early- to mid-1800s.

TL 540 D53 C64 · Fonds · 1910s to 1990s

Includes photographs, as well as correspondence and miscellaneous materials from Dickins' professional and military career, plus personal memorabilia.

Dickins, Clennell Haggerston ('Punch')
Reta Rowan fonds
UAA Fonds 0362 · Fonds · 1886 - 1979

The Reta Rowan fonds covers the years from 1940 to 1971. The material consists of correspondence, minutes, briefs, reports, publications, periodicals, newspapers, drawings, print and negative photographs. The books in the Reta Rowan fonds were listed on a separate inventory in 1977. Originally, the majority of the files were arranged in chronological order under the society's or association's title, while the remainder were filed by the organization's name or by subject, or left unlabelled. Mrs. Rowan's arrangement has been followed where possible but all unlabelled or loose files have been placed in the proper year or provided with a subject title.

Rowan, Reta
UAA-1996-050 · Accession · 1950-1995
Part of J. Peter Meekison fonds

Personal and professional papers relating to the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, Meech Lake Constitutional Accord, 1992 Constitution negotiations, and Departmental administrative and teaching duties

Meekison, J. Peter
UAA-2022-014 · Accession · ca. 1888-2022
Part of Patricia A. McCormack fonds

Professional papers and teaching materials of Patricia Alice McCormack.

McCormack, Patricia Alice
UAA-1986-089 · Accession · 1932 - 1983
Part of Borys Lewytzkyj fonds

This accession is organized in the following series:
Series 1: Newspaper Articles, 1956-1981 (some signed with Lewytzky's pseudonym, Paul Sikora)
Series 2: Offprints of Journal Articles, 1958-1983
Series 3: Reports, 1953-1973
Series 4: Speeches, Conference Papers and Programs, 1960-1982
Series 5: Reviews of B. Lewytzkyj's Books, 1961-1977
Series 6: Miscellaneous Publications and Research Material, 1951-64
Series 7: Journals, 1932-1957
Series 8: Publications, 1945-1954
Series 9: Lewytzkyj's Ph.D. diploma from Ukrainian Free University, Munich, 1971 (in quadruplicate) - The diplomas (Item 55) are stored separately in the Oversize drawer.

Lewytzkyj, Borys
Sir Samuel Steele Collection
2008.1 · Fonds · 1870-1978

Contains correspondences, personal and professional papers, diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, maps, financial and legal records, and AV materials. The collection is mainly comprised of records created by Samuel Steele, Marie Harwood Steele, Harwood Steele, and Flora Steele.

Explore the digital collection at

Macdonell, Albert Edward Cortland
UAA-1977-037 · Accession · 1915-1971
Part of Ralph Faust Shaner fonds

Personal papers include student notes, lecture notes, correspondence, photographs and other materials

Shaner, Ralph Faust
UAA-1970-189 · Accession · 1962-1968
Part of CUSO International fonds

Accession consists of office files from CUSO International, including

CUSO International
UAA-2023-010 · Accession · 1974 - 2000
Part of University Libraries fonds

The archives comprise documentation about the history of thee East Asian Studies Llbrary holdings comprising Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) collection at UA library from 1970s to 2000. Aside from library correspondence, there are also reports on East Asian studies department (founding and expansion) especially as they relate to library concerns along with budget and statistical information.

Rutherford Library
UAA-1970-176 · Accession · 1917-1958
Part of University Libraries fonds

Accession consists of the University of Alberta Honour Roll (corrected to November 30, 1917) and Feeders' Day press bulletins (1953, 1954, 1958).

UAA-1973-047 · Accession · 1908-[ca. 1912]
Part of Students' Union fonds

Photographs of Gateway editorial staff [1911-1912] and first Students' Union Executive (1908)

Teviotdale, Agnes K.
UAA-1969-109 · Accession · 1967-1968
Part of Students' Union fonds

Accession consists of photographs from the Students' Union.

Students' Union
UAA-1970-091 · Accession · 1908-1968
Part of Office of the Registrar and Student Awards fonds

Accession consists of minutes, reports, office files and other material for: Senate, General Faculties Council, Departments and Schools of the University.

Office of the Registrar and Student Awards
UAA-1970-131 · Accession · 1966-1969
Part of Marilyn Pilkington fonds

Accession consists of records collected by Marilyn Pilkington, including President's files, Vice-President's files, and excerpts from personal scrapbooks.

Shaw, Marilyn Pilkington
UAA-1970-016 · Accession · [ca. 1917-1925]
Part of Halley Hamilton Gaetz fonds

Accession consists of 13 black and white photographs of the Arts Building, the University Hospital, medical class pictures, family pictures, Prof. and Mrs. Gaetz, Dr. McEachran, Gov. Gen. Michener, the Gaetz Cornett Drug Store, and other subjects.

UAA-1970-067 · Accession · 1945-1965
Part of University Libraries fonds

Accession consists of office files from the University of Alberta's Chief Librarian.

Office of the Chief Librarian
UAA-1975-139 · Accession · 1953-1957
Part of General Faculties Council fonds

Accession consists of reports of committees of the General Faculties Council about the evening credit program, admission requirements, and Dr. Crosby's report.

General Faculties Council
UAA-1973-125 · Accession · 1961-1970
Part of Special Sessions fonds

Accession consists of committee minutes and annual reports from the Summer Session and Evening Credit Program.

Special Sessions
UAA-1984-043 · Accession · 1949-1966
Part of Karl Clark Fonds

Accession consists of the private family correspondence of Karl A. Clark, including personal news and descriptions of oil sands research.

Clark, Karl
UAA-1983-038 · Accession · 1964-1983
Part of Mary Clark Sheppard fonds

Accession consists of photographs of the Great Canadian Oil Sands plant in Fort McMurray (1964-1967) and interviews with tar sands researchers (and colleagues of Karl Clark) Gordon Hodgson, Mary Livingstone, and Lillian MacLennan (1982-1983).

Sheppard, Mary Clark
UAA-1978-114 · Accession · [ca. 1905-1959]
Part of Mary Clark Sheppard fonds

Accession consists of Clark family photo albums, including photographs of the Shearer family, the Cocks family, Karl Clark, and others. Many of the photographs have captions.

Sheppard, Mary Clark
UAA-1983-039 · Accession · 1915-1919
Part of Karl Clark Fonds

Accession consists of photographs from the private album of Karl A. Clark, depicting family members, locations in western Canada, the Road Materials Survey, and other subjects. The accession also contains a photograph of the staff of the Research Council of Alberta from Mrs. D. S. Pasternak.

Clark, Karl
UAA-1977-044 · Accession · 1893-1968
Part of Karl Clark Fonds

Accession consists of records collected by Karl A. Clark, including a scrapbook (1900-1951), family letters (1936-1958, 1967-1968) and "Recollections of Life in Germany" by his father M. S. Clark (1893-1895).

Clark, Karl
UAA-1975-082 · Accession · 1926-1949
Part of Karl Clark Fonds

Accession consists of the personal diaries of Karl Clark about a trip to the United States (1926), bituminous sands and the Athabaska River (1927), and Bitumont (1949). The 1927 diary is accompanied by photographs.

Clark, Karl
UAA-2023-018 · Accession · 1955 - 1994
Part of Chuji Hiruki Fonds

Consisting of a wide range of teaching and research materials created by Dr. Hiruki and colleagues during his career, this accession represents his dedication and contributions to the field of plant pathology. With materials from the 1950s to the 1990s, the accession includes images and samples of plant specimens, presentation slides, lecture notes, laboratory notebooks, conference materials and other records related to the work conducted in Dr. Hiruki’s lab at the University of Alberta, as well as awards and certificates he received. Activities that led to the creation of these records include: field research, lecture and conference preparation, and laboratory work such as experiments using inoculation and fluorescence, camera testing, and documenting the progression of disease/infection in plants. The materials are arranged in accordance with media type.

Hiruki, Chuji
Accession · 1884-1964
Part of Louis Auguste Romanet fonds

Louis Auguste Romanet, 1884-1964; Writings, correspondence, photographs. Includes MSS "Kabluk of the Eskimo." Glass plate negatives of Gaston Herodier, 1880s - 1940s.

Romanet, Louis Auguste
Accession · 1987-1995
Part of Donald B. Smith fonds

Accession consists of typed and handwritten correspondence, reviews and working papers concerning the book, "Aboriginal Ontario" by Edward S. Rogers.

Smith, Donald B.
UAA Fonds 0527 · Fonds · 2001-2008

The fonds consists of administrative and research records of the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure project.

Canadian Century Research Infrastructure
UAA-1978-108 · Accession · 1912-1972
Part of J. Dewey Soper Fonds

Manuscripts and field diaries in binders, published reports from Soper's library, processed reports and photocopies presented to Soper.

Soper, J. Dewey
UAA-1981-017 · Accession · 1907-1971
Part of Lewis Gwynne Thomas fonds

Accession consists of personal and professional files, notes, books, correspondence and other reference materials of L. G. Thomas (primarily 1956-1971).

Thomas, Lewis Gwynne
UAA-1980-170 · Accession · [before 1980]
Part of Lewis Herbert Thomas fonds

Accession consists of history lecture notes by Dr. Lewis H. Thomas.

Thomas, Lewis Herbert
Accession · 1975
Part of Lewis Herbert Thomas fonds

Book and research materials for "The struggle for responsible government in the Northwest Territories, 1870-97", by L.H. Thomas, including much material citing A.L. Burt

Thomas, Lewis Herbert
Accession · 2017-2019
Part of University of Alberta Press fonds

Accession contains University of Albert Press publications for 2017 to 2019, including books edited and authored by Robert C. Rival; Jay Scherer, David Mills, and Linda Sloan McCulloch; Michael Stock; Tessa Jordan; Ursula Mathis-Moser and Marie Carriére; Geo Takach; Sandra Semchuk; Chandrima Chakraborty, Amber Dean, and Angela Failler; Roger Epp; Margaret Atwood; Pamela Brett-MacLean and Lianne McTavish; Aldona Jaworska; Rod Macleod; Darryl Raymaker; Norma Dunning; Susmita Roye; Douglas Barbour; Carissa Halton; Rona Altrows and Julie Sedivy; Melissa Tanti, Jeremy Haynes, Daniel Coleman, and Lorraine York; Jenna Butler; John Rae and William Barr; Amanda Wakaruk and Sam-Chin Li; Marita Dachsel; Michael Crummey; E.D. Blodgett; Naomi K. Lewis; Leslie Main Johnson;George Pavlich and Matthew P. Unger; Alana Fletcher and Morris Neyelle; William Wray Carney, Colin Babiuk, and Mark Hunter LaVigne; Nora Foster Stovel; Huia Tomlins-Jahnke, Sandra Styres, Spencer Lilley, and Dawn Zinga; and Therese Greenwood.

Accession · 1931-1970
Part of Ivan Rudnytsky fonds

Accession includes diaries written by Ivan Rudnytsky, family papers, photographs and memoribilia.

Rudnytsky, Ivan
UAA-1997-113 · Accession · [ca. 1940-1970]
Part of Hugh M. Raup fonds

Personal records relating to Arctic and northern research; included are field notes, aerial photographs, maps, drafts and manuscripts of published papers, plant lists, and photographs of research sites and surrounding areas.

Raup, Hugh Miller