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Hryhory Kostiuk fonds
UAA Fonds 0541 · Arquivo · 1923 - 1988

This fonds consists of textual materials created by Hryhory Kostiuk and documents his prolific correspondences with a variety of individuals. The correspondence is often with friends and family but also frequently relates to the Slovo Association of Ukrainian Writers in Exile as well as other academic work.

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Leilani Muir fonds
UAA Fonds 0542 · Arquivo · 1950s-2019

The fonds consists of records related to Leilani Muir and her case Muir v. Alberta. See inventories associated with each accession for file lists.

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University Governance fonds
UAA Fonds 0544 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records pertaining to University Governance at the University of Alberta.

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Human Resources fonds
UAA Fonds 0546 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records pertaining to Human Resources at the University of Alberta.

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Chester Cuthbert fonds
UAA Fonds 0548 · Arquivo · 1930s-2000s
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Helen Forrester fonds
UAA Fonds 0549 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of the professional and personal papers of Helen Forrester, including manuscripts, research notes, proofs, publicity materials, personal and professional correspondence, newspaper clippings and reviews, speeches, audio recordings of her books and other materials.

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Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies fonds
UAA Fonds 0551 · Arquivo · 1986-1987

Fonds consists of records created by the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

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Theresa Alta Iddings fonds
UAA Fonds 0552 · Arquivo · 1900-1988

Fonds consists of records collected and created by Theresa Alta Wilton (née Iddings), from the University of Alberta Class of '24.

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Chinese Library Association fonds
UAA Fonds 0553 · Arquivo · 1978-1981

Accession consists of records created by the Chinese Library Association, including issues of their publication, Seacademy.

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Torches Theatre fonds
UAA Fonds 0555 · Arquivo · 1955-

Consists of records pertaining to Torches Theatre including production books.

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Office of Postgraduate Medical Education fonds
UAA Fonds 0556 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Office of Postgraduate Medical Education at the University of Alberta and its operations.

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Department of Anaesthesia fonds
UAA Fonds 0557 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Department of Anaesthesia at the University of Alberta.

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Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering fonds
UAA Fonds 0558 · Arquivo · ca. 1945-2000

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Alberta, formerly the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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Intellectual Property and Contracts Office fonds
UAA Fonds 0559 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Intellectual Property and Contracts Office at the University of Alberta.

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Gloria Strathern fonds
UAA Fonds 0561 · Arquivo · [1982-1988]

Fonds consists of writing and research materials of Gloria Strathern.

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Norman Yates fonds
UAA Fonds 0562 · Arquivo

Accession consists of the personal papers of Norman Yates.

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Technocracy fonds
UAA Fonds 0563 · Arquivo · 1995

The records have been arranged in three broad series: Series one is the records of the Edmonton Technocracy regional district; Series two is the Calgary Technocracy regional district records; and Series three is the records of a long-standing individual member of the Edmonton Technocracy group, John Gregory. Within each series are several sub-series to further facilitate the description of the record. Sub-series include: organizational records, office administration files, special collections from individual Technocracy members, outreach and publicity records, and publications. The predominant amount of the fonds is comprised of publications, including newsletters, pamphlets and booklets, reprints and other articles, periodicals, and books. Much of this material is the official publications of Technocracy, Inc. head office, or material published by individual sectors on matters of more local concern. Individual members also wrote papers on a variety of Technocracy topics, and submitted their writings to CHQ (Corporate Headquarters) for comment and approval before considering wider distribution. Also included are other articles, papers, theses and books that write about Technocracy as a topic or about subject-mater of interest to Technocracy members. A published series of lessons discussing Technocracy doctrine was published by Technocracy, Inc. and titled “Technocracy Study Course”; various editions of the Study Course publications are found in this fonds. Technocracy Headquarters also prepared regular ‘general mailings’ and operating instructions which were sent to all their members, and included information updates, book reviews, activity reports and plans for upcoming meetings and visits. Strategies for attracting membership and related outreach activities were discussed in the CHQ mailings, and member sectors responded in turn with monthly reports to CHQ detailing their membership and financial activity, meetings and outreach plans. Series three, John Gregory’s records, includes interesting correspondence between himself and Howard Scott, originator of Technocracy and long-serving Director-in-Chief of Technocracy, Inc. Issues around water and continental hydrology are one topic of their correspondence. Mr. Gregory also collected long playing albums that record a lecture Howard Scott gave in Ohio in 1952. While categorically not a populist movement, the Technocracy papers deposited with the University of Alberta Archives reflect the popular interwar currents of thought in North America regarding the political and economic organization of society. In this sense, the Technocracy movement is significant in the same manner that many prairie populist movements hold historical research value. The records are in excellent physical shape and provide valuable insight into a unique North American social movement.

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Office of Human Rights fonds
UAA Fonds 0565 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Office of Human Rights at the University of Alberta.

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Historical Society of Alberta fonds
UAA Fonds 0566 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Historical Society of Alberta including misk-Waskahegan Chapter (Edmonton) - Tour Committee files include research materials, guides, texts itineraries, and correspondence.

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Department of Genetics fonds
UAA Fonds 0568 · Arquivo · 1915-1982

Fonds consists of records related to the Department of Genetics.

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Meanook Biological Research Station fonds
UAA Fonds 0571 · Arquivo · 1983-1990

Fonds consists of records related to the operations of the Meanook Biological Research Station.

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Zinovii Shtokalko fonds
UAA Fonds 0572 · Arquivo · [1917-1992]
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International Centre fonds
UAA Fonds 0581 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the International Centre.

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Salon d'Histoire de la Francophonie Albertaine fonds
UAA Fonds 0582 · Arquivo · 1870 [photocopied 198-?] - 1986

Le fonds Salon contient divers documents relié aux origines et la création du Salon d’histoire de la francophonie albertaine, incluant informations d’employés, bulletins d’information, et autres. Le fonds contient des documents photocopiés et transcrits relié à l’histoire ancienne des francophones dans l’Ouest Canadien, tel que les journaux personnels de missionnaires. Le fonds contient aussi des brouillons de plusieurs textes publiés par le Salon, des procès-verbaux de réunions, des rapports, des reçus, des correspondances, des fiches d’abonnements, et informations sur les dépenses et planifications de divers activités et événements organisés par le Salon.

The Salon fonds contains various documents pertaining to the origins and creation of the Salon d’histoire de la francophonie albertaine, including employee information documents, information bulletins, and more. It contains some photocopied and transcribed documents related to the early history of Francophones in Western Canada, such as diaries of missionaries and newspaper excerpts. It also contains drafts of many texts published by the organization, meeting minutes, reports, receipts, correspondences, subscription slips, and the expenses and planning information for the various activities and events held by the organization.

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Violet Archer fonds
UAA Fonds 0583 · Arquivo · 1925-2000

The Violet Archer fonds span a period of over seventy years, and provide a valuable record of the composing, research, teaching and life experiences of a noted University professor and internationally recognized composer of music. The Violet Archer fonds is unusually complete, with intact records that illustrate both professional and personal facets of her life. As noted in the introduction, the Archer records, except for her original compositions and scores, arrived at the University of Alberta Archives without much evidence of original order or organization. While her scores and musical compositions had been listed and numbered by James Whittle, Department of Music librarian at the University of Alberta, the remainder of her records was transferred in large boxes to the Archives from her home in Ottawa. Boxes were labeled as coming from her basement, piano bench, bookshelves, etc. but were pretty mixed in each box. A large volume of the textual records is comprised of correspondence, and while the correspondence tended to be boxed together, within any single box would be a range of letters spanning any number of years. Correspondence from the 1950's was interspersed with correspondence from the 1990's. Each letter appeared to be methodically opened with a letter opener, read, and returned to the envelope (even Christmas and birthday cards were returned to their envelopes). Other like records were often boxed together; teaching files in single boxes, and boxes containing books, others with sound recordings, etc., providing the only evidence of extant original order. The large volume of records received, however, essentially loose and unorganized, necessitated the imposing of order by the archivist. Two page series were determined, that of professional and personal papers, and several sub-series delineated within each of these two series. Series One Professional and Career-related papers, are the largest of the two series and are organized into several sub-series. The sub-series designations are based on the contents of the records, and often chronological in terms of order within each sub-series. Within Series One are student records (Archer as student); teaching records, chronicling her years on faculty at North Texas State College, the University of Oklahoma, and the University of Alberta; correspondence files; composing records; and reference records. The sub-series are substantial in size, and provide a wealth of information about Archer's professional life. Within the correspondence files, there is outgoing and incoming chronologically arranged correspondence, letters with identified individuals, reference letters, correspondence with associations and organizations, and publishing project and music dealer correspondence. The composition and composing sub-series of records is further organized into performing rights organization records, music publishers contracts and correspondence, conference and workshop records, performances, honors and awards, and original Archer compositions. The sub-series of reference material is also extensive, and includes listings of the imprint, books, music by other composers, and a collection of sound recordings maintained by Archer. Of especial significance, are the files of original Archer scores and compositions. A significant number of her compositions are represented in these holdings, and provide evidence about the steps and processes involved in creating a piece of music from manuscript beginnings to a final published piece of music. Series Two, Violet Archer's personal papers, while much smaller in extent than Series One, provide a fascinating glimpse of the person behind the public persona of professor and composer. Her personal correspondence files, particularly the incoming and outgoing correspondence with her younger sister Carolyn, document the emotions, struggles, triumphs and challenges she faces as a woman functioning in a very male-dominated field and time period. Carolyn is the one person that Violet freely confides in, and she shares thoughts, feelings, and philosophies with her sister that are only touched upon in the other records housed in the fonds. Rounding out the personal records in Series Two are other correspondence files, financial records, insurance records, artwork, and a large photographic sub-series. The Violet Archer fonds provides numerous research opportunities. Students of music history, composition, and theory will find the records valuable, as well as individuals interested in researching a woman's career path in pre-and post-second world war North American society. There are records related to the music scene in both the U.S. and Canada, letters exchanged with well-known musicians, colleagues, writers and students; and many documents associated with the music publishing industry. The growth of the University of Alberta's music department is documented in the records, as is the growth of Canadian music organizations. The completeness, extent, and condition of the Violet Archer fonds ensure its strong informational and evidential research value.

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Borys Lewytzkyj fonds
UAA Fonds 0586 · Arquivo · 1932-1983

This fonds contains offprints of Lewytskyj's newspaper and journal articles (1941-1980), unpublished reports and conference papers, diploma and PhD from Ukrainian Free University (Munich). Also contained are rare Ukrainian political journals of the 1940s. Materials are both conservation photocopies and originals.

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Gordon R Freeman Fonds
UAA Fonds 0589 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of materials related to Dr. Gordon R. Freeman's career and research.

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Henry Ewasechko fonds
UAA Fonds 0590 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of the personal records of Henry Ewasechko and many rare pamphlets/publications and ephemera. 19th century cartoons are heavily represented with a run of "Grip in Canada" (1873-1894) and broken run of "Punch in Canada" (1849-1850) being outstanding examples.

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William Tuomi Fonds
UAA Fonds 0591 · Arquivo · 1911 - 1982

The fonds consists of material collected and created by Bill Tuomi during his career as a social activist and member of the Canadian Communist Party. Materials include news clippings, correspondence, Communist party publications, arrest and detention documents, and other materials.

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Department of Biological Sciences fonds
UAA Fonds 0592 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records related to the operations of the Department of Biological Sciences.

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Department of Microbiology fonds
UAA Fonds 0593 · Arquivo · [ca. 1968-1999]

Fonds consists of records related to the history and operations of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Alberta.

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Bibliotheque Saint-Jean fonds
UAA Fonds 0595 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Bibliotheque Saint-Jean at the University of Alberta.

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Legal Studies Program fonds
UAA Fonds 0596 · Arquivo · 1973-1997

Consists of materials from the University of Alberta's Faculty of Extension, Legal Studies. Materials include program files.

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Stage Polaris fonds
UAA Fonds 0597 · Arquivo
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Department of Comparative Literature fonds
UAA Fonds 0598 · Arquivo · 1970 - 2000

Fonds consists of published materials, "African Studies Bulletin" from the department.

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HUB fonds
UAA Fonds 0599 · Arquivo
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Department of Renewable Resources fonds
UAA Fonds 0600 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records pertaining to the Department of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta.

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Dr. Roderick Macleod fonds
UAA Fonds 0601 · Arquivo · 1965-2007

The fonds consists of report written as expert witness for Justices of the Peace; research notes and drafts for All True Things, the history of the University of Alberta; documentation of work related to the Historical Society of Alberta’s Records Publication Board; graduate student material from Duke University; course notes and other teaching material from UofA courses; professional correspondence; research notes and copies of MA thesis and PhD; reviews of publications; documentation of administrative work at the UofA; documentation of work as a graduate student advisor at the UofA department of history; other relation professional material. The format of the material is predominantly textual but includes two memory sticks and some graphic material.

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Elliot Henry Birdsall fonds
UAA Fonds 0602 · Arquivo · [ca. 1930-1939]

Fonds consists of four graduation certificates of E.H. Birdsall.

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Donald B. Smith fonds
UAA Fonds 0605 · Arquivo · 1934-1995

Fonds consists of records related to Donald B. Smith and his publications.

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Georg Kaiser Collection fonds
UAA Fonds 0606 · Arquivo

The Georg Kaiser Collection at the University of Alberta

The Georg Kaiser Collection, housed at the University of Alberta Archives, was acquired by the Department of Germanic Languages and the University of Alberta Libraries under the guidance of Prof. Ernest Reinhold, University of Alberta, with the assistance of Prof. Armin Arnold, McGill University. In July 1962, the University of Alberta and the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, agreed to establish at the University of Alberta a repository of photocopies or microfilm reproductions of manuscripts and documentary materials currently held in the Georg-Kaiser-Archiv of the Akademie der Künste. A similar agreement with the heirs of the Swiss poet Caesar von Arx, Kaiser’s closest friend, provided for the transfer from Switzerland to the University of Alberta of photocopies and microfilms of manuscripts, letters, and other documents written by or about Georg Kaiser during his life in exile. The Georg Kaiser Collection at the University of Alberta is privileged to possess a uniquely complete collection of the Kaiser fond.

The Collection includes dramatic, epic, lyric, and theoretical works written by Georg Kaiser as well as his correspondence. It further includes documents relating to the life of Georg Kaiser, who is one of the most prolific expressionist playwrights and who remains one of the most frequently-played dramatists from this period. The Collection is enhanced by original photographs of scenes, programs, and posters relating to the various productions of his plays. The primary materials consist mainly of photocopies of manuscripts and correspondence, including several original letters and original radio and stage scripts, whereas the secondary materials include original newspaper clippings and photocopies of the same, posters, photographs, correspondence, organizational materials and sound recordings of the Georg Kaiser 1878-1978 Symposium (1978: Edmonton), in addition to photocopies of theater programs, reviews, research papers, journal articles, as well as photocopies of trial documents. Copies of cards from the card catalogue of the Kaiser archives in Berlin are also included. Part of the collection which consists primarily of materials acquired from Switzerland is on microfilm, however, most microfilmed documents are also available in paper format.

The project

This bibliography is the result of a four month project initiated and directed by Prof. Marianne Henn and funded by the Research Initiatives Fund, Dean of Arts, Director of Libraries, Division of Germanic Languages, Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Studies at the University of Alberta, and private donors. The project was conducted in the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library with professional support provided by John Charles and Jeannine Green.

The goal of the project was to create an electronic database which will make the Georg Kaiser Collection accessible to scholars and researchers not only at the University of Alberta but also at other academic institutions in Canada and the United States. The target audience of the project includes faculty and students in the following disciplines: German literature, comparative literature, drama, and film studies. The material may also be of interest for interdisciplinary studies, studies of literary and theater criticism of a certain historical period, and studies of the influence of political history on literary production and on the reception of a writer and his works.

The Georg Kaiser Database was developed in Pro-Cite 3.2 for Windows. It includes 360 records describing the Georg Kaiser Collection.

The Georg Kaiser Bibliography with a keyword index is generated from the Database and enhanced into a pre-coordinated index in paper format to serve as a guide to the Collection. The Georg Kaiser Database (in Pro-Cite) will be networked and accessible through the LAN of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta.

The bibliography

The records of the Georg Kaiser Collection were received by the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library in two accessions, 96-2 and 96-161 (the number 96 being the code of the Library’s manuscript collections). This Bibliography describes the records of the Kaiser fond in 360 citations, corresponding to the 360 files in the two accessions. It includes primary and secondary materials from 1896 to 1997. Published monographs from the holdings of the University of Alberta Libraries are not included.

The organization of the citations in the Bibliography follows entirely the organization of the accessions 96-2 (i.e. 96-2-1 to 96-2-317) and 96-161 (i.e. 96-161-1 to 96-161-43). This organization was chosen to facilitate physical retrieval of records from the Collection and to make the Keyword index usable in paper format.

The number of each citation in the Bibliography corresponds to the accession number of the described file in the Georg Kaiser Collection, i.e. the citation number is the same as the file number (the last part of each accession number). For example, in the file number 96-2-5, its first part, 96-2-, is the accession number of the manuscript collection, and its last part, 5, is the file number within the collection; 5 is also the number within the appropriate accession in the Bibliography which precedes the corresponding citation.

The Bibliography is divided into two parts corresponding with the two accessions, 96-2 and 96-161. Each part includes two sections, Section 1: Primary materials and Section 2: Secondary materials. In Section 1, the citations are organized alphabetically by document type; within each document type, they are arranged alphabetically by title or by subject of the item or file. In Section 2, the citations are organized in sub-sections by format and document type; within each sub-section, they follow in alphabetical order by the subject of the file.

Since the Bibliography focuses on primary materials, the citations included in Section 1 describe the records on item level. The only exceptions to this rule are the Correspondence and the Poetry sub-sections, where the citations describe the material on the file level. The latter level of description also applies to the secondary materials in Section 2.

The citations do not follow a particular citation style because they describe unpublished manuscripts. The citations for secondary materials, although they include published materials (newspaper clippings, journal articles, parts of books, etc.), provide a file level description.

The format of the citations was developed by the compiler of the Bibliography and represents a combination of cataloguing rules (AACR2r) and principles of archival description. In cases where single issues of periodicals or theater programs are described within particular citations, the description follows the reference list citation type provided in Turabian's Manual for Writers (1987). Each citation includes the following fields: Number, Title, Date, a Note with detailed description, and the Accession number of the file.

The main source of information for the data provided in each citation was the particular item or file that has been described. For the verification of titles, names, and dates, or in cases when the information was incomplete or missing from the main source, the following sources were used: Georg Kaiser Werke (Huder 1971); Georg Kaiser Briefe (Valk 1980); "Bibliographie" in Georg Kaiser (Pausch and Reinhold 1980); Georg Kaiser, Stücke, Erzählungen, Aufsätze, Gedichte (Huder 1966); Georg Kaiser Symposium (Pausch and Reinhold 1980). Any information in the citation that was not taken from the main source of information is enclosed in square brackets.

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Brian Llewellyn Evans fonds
UAA Fonds 0607 · Arquivo · 1950-2014

The Dr. Brian Llewellyn Evan fonds is a very rich and diverse acquisition of materials depicting the life and primarily teaching and research career of Brian Evans. The fonds comprises a broad scope of records comprising mainly of textual materials reflective of his teaching, research travel and role as a professor of history, University administrative functions in various roles and his involvement with the Chinese Community in Alberta.

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Scandinavian Studies Association fonds
UAA Fonds 0608 · Arquivo · 1989

Fonds consists of Scandiavian Studies Association Board Meetings and Agendas, Association Lotteries and Endownment documents, Governance and Bylaws, Audited Statements/ Reports, Publicity Material, Scandiavian Studies Association Program and Course-Related Information and Association Fundraising information.

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Jean-Louis Lebel fonds
UAA Fonds 0610 · Arquivo · 1965-1993 [predominantly 1968-1978]

Liste des documents relatifs à l’établissement des écoles bilingues de la région de Calgary et autres documents relatifs aux recherches de M. Jean-Louis Lebel.

List of documents related to the establishment of bilingual schools in the Calgary region and other documents related to Mr. Jean-Louis Lebel’s research.

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Ousmane Silla fonds
UAA Fonds 0611 · Arquivo · 1921-1989 [predominantly 1970-1979]

Ce fonds est constituée des correspondances, des mémos, des quittances, des articles académiques, des répertoires d’universités et d’Instituts, un plan d’action des parents des écoles francophones, des communiqués, des formulaires, des journaux, des publications, des revues, des ordres de travail, des transcriptions d’entrevues, des bulletins d’information, des publicités, des annuaires, des formulaires d’inscriptions, des pamphlets, des rapports, des règlements généraux, des bulletins de nouvelles, des procès-verbaux, des photos, des programmes de conférences, des listes d’ateliers, des programmes de conférences, des budgets, des tableaux, des bibliographies, des guides, des questionnaires, des dissertations, des demandes de subventions, des notes d’un discours, des adresses, des répertoires, des appels de communications, des tableaux statistiques, des enquêtes, des annonces publicitaires, des listes de récentes acquisitions, des catalogues, des factures, des références, un organigramme, des notes de recherche, un mémoire de maîtrise, un mémorandum.

This fonds contains correspondence, memos, receipts, academic articles, a repertoire of universities and institutes, a plan of action of parents from francophone schools, statements, forms, journals, publications, magazines, a work agenda, interview transcriptions, information bulletins, public advertisements, directories, registration forms, pamphlets, reports, general rules, news bulletins, meeting minutes, photos, conference programs, lists of workshops, budgets, tables, bibliographies, guides, questionnaires, dissertations, grant applications, speech notes, addresses, repertoires, calls for communication, statistics tables, inquiries, lists of recent acquisitions, catalogues, bills, references, an organizational chart, research notes, a master’s degree memoire, and a memorandum.

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Mel Hurtig fonds
UAA Fonds 0612 · Arquivo · 2004

The Mel Hurtig fonds encompass a wide range of records, documenting the many areas of interest and pursuits Mr. Hurtig enjoyed in the professional, personal and political arenas of his life. In the first series, Hurtig Business Records, only a few files concern Hurtig’s Bookstore; most of the files relate instead to his publishing concerns. The series includes correspondence with authors and a series of files Hurtig called “Possible Future Books”, where book proposals and potential publishing projects were considered. The correspondence with authors is very interesting and the Hurtig Business records series provides the researcher with some sense of the complexity involved in the publishing world. There is extensive business correspondence files located in Series 1 and they have been arranged in date order by day, month and year. It is perhaps a misnomer to label Hurtig’s correspondence as business or personal or CIC/COC etc., because such tidy separations do not actually exist in his correspondence. All these ‘boundaries’ blend together. His letters to authors, for example, often contain information related to his CIC and COC initiatives, and the hundreds of invitations he receives for speaking engagements invite him to speak on topics encompassing his many interests and expertise. In the end, the letter-head the letters were sent on determined what series the correspondence was filed with; the letters located in this series were written on various Hurtig business logo stationery. The CIC and COC correspondence are likewise filed because of the letter-head or titles typed on the retained flimsy file copies. In more recent dates, the correspondence often consists of printed e-mails, again on numerous issues and topics, but is filed in the ‘Personal Records’ series because of when they were written in relation to Mel Hurtig’s stage of life and career. Separate finding-aids are available to the records of The Canadian Encyclopedia and The Junior Encyclopedia of Canada Mel Hurtig’s involvement with the Committee for an Independent Canada and with the Council of Canadians is well-documented in Series 2 and Series 3 of the fonds, particularly in regard to the issues both groups were involved with. Hurtig was a central figure in both organizations, and his correspondence files provide a valuable record of the day-to-day operations of these national bodies, as well as a more global view of the organizations and the public personas they presented. There are copies of board meeting documents and executive correspondence, as well as policy documentation, issue-oriented presentations, news releases and related clipping files. A major issue the COC, in particular, rallied against was the Free Trade Agreement and there is an extensive collection of research material and documents gathered for background reference and research purposes. The COC corresponded with federal politicians, well-known Canadians, and other action bodies (such as the Pro-Canada Network) in assembling their issues information library, as evidenced in the Series 3 files. Peace and disarmament issues are also extensively documented in the COC files. Series 4, consisting of Mel Hurtig’s political files, contains files related to his membership in and candidacy for the Federal Liberal Party and more extensively, his founding and leading of the National Party of Canada. The National Party records are fascinating in that they clearly document a unique event in the Canadian political landscape. In a time frame of about two years, a party was formed, ran a national election campaign, and was dissolved, with the records in this series documenting the dramatic unfolding of events. Mel Hurtig’s book writing files are retained in Series 5. There are complete drafts of the following Hurtig books: The Betrayal of Canada, At Twilight in the Country, The Vanishing Country, and Rushing to Armageddon. Chapter drafts contain editing comments, corrections and additions and deletions. There are also related clipping and publicity files that document the book signing and speaking tours post publication. Series 6 is broadly defined as personal records, and includes textual files, published material and photographs. While the files contain references to family and personal concerns, again there is the blurring of boundaries with a lot of the e-mail correspondence focusing on political and issue-oriented topics. Hurtig corresponds with well-known Canadians in campaigns designed to oppose missile defense, call attention to issues of Canadian sovereignty and affect political change. The photographs span a period of some sixty years, and also included in this series is a collection of books given to Hurtig by their authors, with Hurtig usually referenced in the book. The final series, Series 7, contains audio-visual records including video-tapes, cassette tapes, and compact discs. The subject matter of this material references all the previous series topics, and is listed in date order. The records are in excellent physical shape and provide a very complete documentation of the activities and passions of a well-known Canadian.

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Doug Tomlinson fonds
UAA Fonds 0613 · Arquivo · 2001

The Doug Tomlinson fonds encompass a wide range of records, documenting the many areas of interest and pursuits Mr. Tomlinson enjoyed. As well as preserving the records that document his personal experiences, Doug Tomlinson actively collected papers associated with organizations and groups he both admired and supported. Hence, the Tomlinson fond contain a valuable collection of papers related to early agrarian organization in Western Canada, particularly the Prairie Provinces, as well as some early imprint and documents dating from just after the turn of the twentieth century. The Doug Tomlinson records arrived in two separate accessions to the University of Alberta Archives, but are merged in this finding-aid. The records arrived in files, but original order was difficult to determine. The papers within a file were generally intact, but within boxes, the files did not appear to be in any specific order. The archivist then surveyed everything to weed out duplicates, and determine series titles for the records. The series titles are based on the record contents. The records consist primarily of textual material, and include original minutes, meeting documents, correspondence, as well as published items and ephemera. In addition to the important early agriculture organization records, there are records documenting union and labour history in Alberta, with particular reference to union locals 47 and 579. Doug Tomlinson's political involvements are represented, along with photographs and pamphlets he attained from the Ukrainian Society for Friendship (dating from the 1960's and later). His involvement with the peace movement, social justice movements, and seniors' rights groups are also well-documented in his papers. There is not much of the purely personal in his collection of papers, reflecting perhaps, the huge role issues and causes played in his, and in his family's, lives. Taken together, the records represent a rich documentation of Alberta's social and political evolution from a network of strictly agrarian communities to a fully evolved post-industrial society. The records are of value to students of Canadian social and political history and supplement any discipline's study of twentieth century Alberta from economics to sociology. Their value is also located in the dearth of primary material documenting Alberta socialism and left-wing movements.

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Banff Centre fonds
UAA Fonds 0615 · Arquivo · 1936-1991

Fonds consists of records related to the history and operations of the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (Banff Centre for short), and its previous iterations, the Banff School of Drama, the Banff School of Fine Arts, and the Banff Centre for Continuing Education.

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Earl William Buxton fonds
UAA Fonds 0616 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of records created as part of the career of Earl William Buxton.

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Générale fonds
UAA Fonds 0617 · Arquivo · 1922-2015

Fonds contient des matériaux reliés au militaire, l'histoire canadienne et française, les oblats, les archives française de l'UNESCO, le bilinguisme et le multiculturalisme, l'éducation française, le Centre d'études franco-canadiennes de l'Ouest (CEFCO), l'union des paroisses Saint-Anne et Saint-Joachim, le Centre de recherche en civilization canadienne-française (CRCCF), les calendriers 1982-1984 de la Faculté Saint-Jean, et la Société les Blés d'Or. Les matériaux inclut des rapports, tels que l'Alberta Archives Report, Documents de Travail, les Research Unit for French-Canadian Studies reports, et "Le Québec et les Communautés Francophones et Acadiennes du Canada"; correspondence; notices biographiques, des journaux et des extraits de journaux, bibliographies, et publications. De plus, il y a du matériel relié au Centre d'Expérience Préscolaire qui inclut des réponses de sondages (item 2), et un rapport final, des procès-verbaux, des budgets, et des règlements.

Fonds contains material relating to military, Canadian, and French history, the Oblats, UNESCO French archives, bilingualism and multiculturalism, French education, the Centre d'études franco-canadiennes de l'Ouest (Cefco), and the union of the Saint-Anne and Saint-Joachim parishes, the Centre de recherche en civilization canadienne-française (CRCCF), 1982-1984 Faculte Saint-Jean calendars, and La Société les Blés d'Or. Material includes reports, including the Alberta Archives Report, Documents de Travail, Research Unit for French-Canadian Studies reports, and "Le Québec et les Communautes Francophones et Acadiennes du Canada"; correspondence; biographical sketches; newspapers and clippings; bibliographies; and publications. Also included is material relating to the Centre D'Experience Prescolaire, including survey responses (item 2) and final report, meeting minutes, budgets, and bylaws.

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Lucien Auclair fonds
UAA Fonds 0618 · Arquivo · 1907-1986

Fonds contient des états financiers, des plans architecturaux, des procès verbaux, des documents constitutionnels, des listes des actionnaires, des lettres circulaires, des rapports, des listes et documents de comité, des bulletins, des organigrammes, de la correspondence, des programmes, des documents de recherche et conférences, des reçus, publicités, cartes géographiques, cartes de souhaits, budgets, notes, instructions, questionnaires, plans d'actions, pétitions, annuaires, mémoires, dépliants, catalogues, journaux, statuts et règlements, registres, invitations, livres, catéchismes, partitions de piano, revues, organes, et divers publications.

Fonds consists of financial documents, architectural plans, meeting minutes, constitutional documents, shareholder lists, circular letters, reports, committee lists and documents, bulletins, organizational chart, correspondance, programs, research and conference documents, receipts, advertisements, maps, greeting cards, budgets, notes, instructions, questionnaires, action plans, petitions, directories, memoirs, pamphlets, catalogs, journals, statutes and rules, registers, invitations, books, catechisms, piano sheet music, magazines, digests, and various publications.

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Paul Denis fonds
UAA Fonds 0619 · Arquivo · 1940-1974

Fonds contient deux tomes biographiques, plusieurs éditions de la revue bimestrielle Vie française, et une lettre du Général de Gaule de 1940.

Fonds consists of two biographical tomes, several editions of the bimonthly magazine Vie française, and a letter from the General de Gaule from 1940.

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Jean-Marcel Duciaume fonds
UAA Fonds 0620 · Arquivo · 1929-1996

Ce fonds est constitué des manuscrits, des photocopies, des éditions critiques, des articles, des correspondances diverses, des lettres, des généralités, des photographies, des inventaires.

This fonds contains manuscripts, photocopies, critical editions, articles, diverse correspondence, letters, generalities, photographs, and inventories.

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Gratien Allaire fonds
UAA Fonds 0621 · Arquivo · 1901-1991 [predominantly 1984-1991]

Le fonds est constitué de divers documents tels que des guides, des brouillons de documents de toutes sortes, des fiches de brouillon, des documents dactylographiés, des cartes, des annexes, des questionnaires, des brochures, des lettres, des formulaires, des factures, des photocopies des cartes d’appel et d’ébauche d’offre d’emploi, une liste de contacts, des notes dactylographiées de réunions, des formulaires d’information pour employés, les fiches de planification d’emploi, des demandes d’emploi, des horaires et descriptions de travail, un contrat de travail, une lettre de référence, des relevés de notes, des demandes de subventions, un mémorandum, des notes pertinentes de généalogies, des fiches de génération, des copies d’examens, des sondages d’enseignants, des notes de cours, des arbres généalogiques.

The fonds contains various documents such as guides, drafts of all sorts of documents, draft sheets, typewritten documents, cards, annexes, questionnaires, brochures, letters, forms, bills, calling cards, offers of employment, a list of contacts, typewritten notes from meetings, information forms for employees, employment planning documents, job applications, schedules and work descriptions, work contracts, a reference letter, a transcript, grant applications, a memorandum, pertinent notes on genealogies, generation documents, copies of exams, teacher surveys, class notes, and genealogical trees.

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Roger Motut fonds
UAA Fonds 0622 · Arquivo · 1882 - 2013

Ce fonds contient des rapports et documents, notes, reçus, journaux personnels, correspondence, cartes de voeux, certificats, documents légaux et successoraux, documents commémoratifs, des discours, photos de familles, records de service militaire, curriculum vitae, documents de conférences, brochures d'associations, des journaux, des bulletins et documents de réunions, des extraits de journaux et livres reliés a l'histoire de la famille Motut. Les matériaux sont des documents familiales et personnels relié au Dr. Roger Motut, son épouse Jeanne (Boisvert), et famille; le travail professionnel de Dr. Motut et son implication avec un variété d'associations tel que la Fédération Canadienne-française de l'Ouest, l'Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française, le Collège des Jésuites d’Edmonton, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, ACFA (Association Canadienne-française de l’Alberta), Le Conseil de la vie française en Amérique, Société Radio-Canada, Société historique de la Saskatchewan, Collège Saint-Jean and Faculté Saint-Jean; ainsi qu'une variété de rapports et documents sur la littérature Canadienne-française, la culture, l'éducation, le language, et l'histoire; bilinguisme, l'histoire Métis, et une variété d'histoires de familles et individus Canadien-français.

Fonds contains Reports and papers, notes, receipts, personal journals, correspondence, greeting cards, certificates, legal and estate documentation, commemorative documents, speeches, family photos, military service records, curriculum vitae, conference materials, association brochures, journals, bulletins and meeting documentation, newspaper clippings and books pertaining to the Motut family history. Records include personal family documents relating to Dr. Roger Motut, his wife Jeanne (Boisvert), and family; Dr. Motut’s professional work and his involvement with various associations including Fédération Canadienne-française de l’Ouest, Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française, Collège des Jésuites d’Edmonton, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, ACFA (Association Canadienne-française de l’Alberta), Le Conseil de la vie française en Amérique, Société Radio-Canada, Société historique de la Saskatchewan, Collège Saint-Jean and Faculté Saint-Jean; as well as various reports and papers on French-Canadian literature, culture, schooling, language and history; bilingualism; Métis history; and various histories of French-Canadian families and individuals.

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Campus Saint-Jean fonds
UAA Fonds 0623 · Arquivo · 1920-2008

Ce fonds inclus des matériaux qui provient de et qui sont relié aux évènements et l'histoire du Campus Saint-Jean, ainsi que de l'information et matériaux relié aux Oblats et divers organisations. Le fonds inclus la correspondence, des annuaires, des notices biographiques, des procès-verbaux, des journaux Le Franco et des extraits, des bulletins d'information (Le Saint-Jean, La Presse Active, etc.), des photographs, des négatifs photographiques, et des diapositives. Le fonds contient aussi beaucoup de matériel relié à la Chorale Saint-Jean et des concerts en française, qui inclus des programmes, des affiches, des articles de journaux et publicités, des CDs, et des photos.

Accession includes materials from and relating to the events and history of Campus Saint-Jean with information and material relating to the Oblats and foundation Diverses, including correspondence, yearbooks, biographical sketches, meeting minutes, Le Franco newspapers and clippings, newsletters (including Le Saint-Jean and La Presse Active), photographs, negatives, and slides. Accession also contains extensive material relating to the Chorale Saint-Jean Choir and French language concerts, including programs, posters, newspaper articles and advertisements, CDs, and photos.

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L'Amicale Saint-Jean fonds
UAA Fonds 0624 · Arquivo · 1949-2015 [predominantly 1949-1986]

Le fonds contient des documents administratifs de l'association et de la documentation relative au Collège et au Juniorat. On y trouve de la correspondence, des listes d'addresses d'anciens, des coupures de presses, de rapports financiers de l'Amicale, des photos, de dépliants, de nombreux exemplaires de journaux étudiants de plusieurs autres institutions du pays, ainsi que des albums souvenirs et des annuaires de quelques unes de celle-ci. Le fonds a été divisé en trois parties: 1) Dossiers administratifs, 2) journaux, 3) albums souvenirs et annuaires. Tout les documents sont des originaux. Les annuaires, prospectus et rapports annuels des années 1978 à 1988 ont été ajoutés par la suite.

Fonds consists of administrative documents of the association and documentation related to the Collège and Juniorat. It contains correspondence, lists of alumni addresses, newspaper clippings, financial reports of l'Amicale, photos, pamphlets, several issues of student journals from institutions across the country, and souvenir albums and registries (or yearbooks) of some of these. The fonds has been divided into 3 parts: 1) Administrative folders, 2) journals, 3) souvenirs albums and registries. All documents are originals. The registries, prospectus, and annual reports from the years 1978 to 1988 were added afterwards.

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Germaine Dupont fonds
UAA Fonds 0625 · Arquivo · 1930-1990

Fonds contient des bulletins d’information sur les Oblats, des albums souvenirs, des livres d’histoire sur l’église catholique en Alberta central, des albums souvenir sur le collège des jésuites, un livre de chant liturgique, des publications religieuses.

Fonds contains information bulletins on the Oblates, souvenir albums, books on the history of the Catholic church in central Alberta, souvenir albums on the Jesuit college, a book of liturgical songs, and religious publications.

Soeur Marie-Anne Plamondon fonds
UAA Fonds 0626 · Arquivo · 1908-2003 [predominantly 1985-2003]

Fonds contient des textes historiques, des arbres généalogiques, des obituaires, des photos, des manuscrits, des lettres, des cartes, des textes, des autobiographies, des articles de journaux, des paroles de chants et musique, et des itinéraires.

Fonds consists of historical texts, genealogical trees, obituaries, photos, manuscripts, letters, cards, texts, autobiographies, journal articles, song lyrics and music, and itineraries.

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Institut pour le patrimoine fonds
UAA Fonds 0627 · Arquivo · 1983-1998

Fonds contient la correspondence, rapports, des documents, des documents de projets, des notes de comités, des documents de conférences, des coupures de journaux, des publications francophones relié au Centre d'études franco-canadiennes de l'Ouest (CEFCO), l'Association canadienne-française pour l'avancement des Sciences (ACFAS), Institut de Recherche (IR), FRANCALTA, ainsi que l'information sur l'histoire des Oblats qui inclus un colloque des Oblats, autres programmes de campus francophones au Canada, et l'histoire Franco-albertaine.

Fonds consists of correspondence, reports, papers, project work, committee notes, conference materials, newspaper clippings, various French language publications pertaining to the Centre d'études franco-canadiennes de l'Ouest (CEFCO), Association canadienne-française pour l’avancement des Sciences (ACFAS), Institut de Recherche (IR), FRANCALTA, as well as information on the history of the Oblates including an Oblates Colloquium, other French campus programs in Canada, and Franco-Alberta history.

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Frank McMahon fonds
UAA Fonds 0629 · Arquivo · 1923 - 2014, predominant 1970 - 2000

Fonds contient des sondages, des résumés d'entrevues, des matériaux de cours, des rapports, des répertoires de projets, des historiques, des ententes, des lettres, des procès-verbaux, des articles, des dépliants, des mémos, et des vidéos.

Fonds contains questionnaires, interview summaries, course materials, reports, project inventories, timelines, agreements, letters, meeting minutes, articles, flyers, memos, and videos.

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France Levasseur-Ouimet fonds
UAA Fonds 0630 · Arquivo · [19–?] -

Fonds contient des documents relié à l'écriture et manuscrits, des conférences, l'histoire du Campus Saint-Jean, l'education et les services francophones en Alberta, des organizations tels que la fédération des aînés franco-albertains, l'Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta, la Cabane à Sucre, la société Radio-Canada et la société Radio-Edmonton. Les formats inclus de la correspondence, des manuscrits, des programmes, des journaux (Le Franco), des procès-verbaux, et des pièces de musiques.

Fonds consists of materials relating to writings and scripts, conferences, the history of Campus Saint Jean, french education and services in Alberta, and organizations such as la fédération des aînés franco-albertains, association canadienne-française de l'Alberta, La Cabane á Sucre, société radio-Canada and société radio-Edmonton. Formats include correspondence, scripts, programs, newspapers (Le Franco), meeting minutes, and sheet music.

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Paul Dubé fonds
UAA Fonds 0631 · Arquivo · 1976-2006

Fonds contient des matériaux (qui inclus des documents de la court) relié à le procès impliquant Paul Dubé, Jean-Claude Mahé, et Angeline Mortel et les écoles francophones, comprenant les documents de court et des extraits de journaux. Le fonds contient aussi des documents relié au droits de languages minoritaires au Canada.

Fonds consists of materials (including court documents) relating to a court case involving Paul Dubé, Jean-Claude Mahé, and Angeline Mortel and French schools, including court documents and newspaper clippings. The fonds also consists of records relating to minority language rights in Canada.

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Chorale Saint-Jean fonds
UAA Fonds 0632 · Arquivo · 1914 - 2018

Fonds contient des documents relié à la Chorale Saint-Jean tels que des programmes, des extraits de journaux, des publicités de journaux, des pièces de musique, des feuilles de présences (et absences), listes de participants à la chorale, des opéras, des recueils de chants.

Fonds consists of records relating to Chorale Saint-Jean Choir including programs, newspaper clippings, newspaper advertisements, music scores, choir attendance sheets, choir participant lists, operas, and song books.

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Albert Lafrance fonds
UAA Fonds 0633 · Arquivo · 1923-2015

Ce fonds contient des documents et rapports financiers, des budgets, de la correspondence, des programmes de concerts et d'évènements, des catalogues d'inventaire, des filières audio (MP3), des horaires, des bulletins d'information, des pièces de musique, des coordonnées, des procès-verbaux et ordres du jour, des rapports de projet, des extraits de journaux, des dépliants, des cartes géographiques, des photos, et des pièces de théâtre.

This fonds contains dfinancial documents and reports, budgets, correspondence, concert and event programmes, inventory catalogues, audio files (MP3), schedules, information bulletins, sheet music, contact information, meeting minutes and agendas, project reports, journal clippings, pamphlets, maps, photos, and theatrical play manuscripts.

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W. Stanley Hartroft fonds
UAA Fonds 0635 · Arquivo · 1940-1969

File consists of records relating to the career of Dr. W. Stanley Hartroft.

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Inger Riis fonds
UAA Fonds 0637 · Arquivo · 1925-1929

Fonds consists of records relating to Inger Riis' time as a student at the University of Alberta.

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Christopher X. Ringrose fonds
UAA Fonds 0638 · Arquivo · 1971

Fonds consists of the records of Christopher Xerxes Ringrose, including his book of poetry, "Western Reunion."

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Robert A. Logan fonds
UAA Fonds 0639 · Arquivo · 1934-1968

Fonds consists of records created or collected by Richard A. Logan.

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Rutherford, Jamieson, Rutherford and Mccuaig fonds
UAA Fonds 0640 · Arquivo · 1894-1924

Fonds consists of general correspondence, financial records and client case files of the law firm of Rutherford, Jamieson, Rutherford and Mccuaig and its predecessors.

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J. W. Sinclair fonds
UAA Fonds 0641 · Arquivo · [ca. 1931-1933]

Fonds consists of records related to J. W. Sinclair, including photographs from northern Canada.

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Hazel McIntyre fonds
UAA Fonds 0642 · Arquivo · 1969

Fonds consists of records related to Hazel McIntyre's time at the University of Alberta.

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Claudette Tardif fonds
UAA Fonds 0644 · Arquivo

Fonds contient des documents textuels relié au travail professionnel de Claudette Tardif tel que des résumés (CV), rapports, correspondence, matériel de cours, et des notes. Le fonds contient aussi des photos de famille.

Fonds consists of textual records pertaining to Claudette Tardif's professional work including materials such as resumes, reports, correspondences, course materials and notes. The fonds also contains family photographs.

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John J. Lipinski fonds
UAA Fonds 0646 · Arquivo · 1930-1998

Fonds consists of records related to John Lipinski's career as a medical professional and his time as a student at the University of Alberta.

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Lloyd James Dempsey fonds
UAA Fonds 0647 · Arquivo · 1961-2022

Fonds consists of the professional and research papers of Dr. Lloyd James Demsey, including teaching and course materials, grant applications, published papers, government commissioned reports, talks, manuscripts, theses, journals and newspaper articles, and records of his academic work. Much of the material relates to the study of Canadian indigenous culture, history and rights.

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Gordon Hirabayashi fonds
UAA Fonds 0648 · Arquivo

Fonds consists of the personal and professional papers of Gordon Hirabayashi and includes photographs, video cassettes, slides, articles, essays and research materials pertaining to his time and activities in Canada.

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Raymond Lemieux fonds
UAA Fonds 0649 · Arquivo · 1946-2004

The fonds consists of predominantly textual records that document the academic, business, and administrative career of Dr. Raymond Lemieux. The records remain in their original, loosely chronological order. The series are

The Raymond Lemieux fonds consists of records documenting the teaching, research and publication, and business interests he pursued throughout his life.

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Hugh Grayson-Smith fonds
UAA Fonds 0651 · Arquivo · [after 1964]

Fonds consists records created by physics professor Hugh Grayson-Smith.

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Barter Theatre fonds
UAA Fonds 0652 · Arquivo · 1972 - 1978

The fonds consists of programs, press clippings, publicity notices, photos, slides, and show lists pertaining to the productions put on by Alberta Barter Theatre between the years 1972 and 1978. The records are in roughly chronological order according to their production.

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Margaret Hogarth fonds
UAA Fonds 0653 · Arquivo · [ca. 1917-1925]

Fonds consists of records from the University of Alberta collected by Margaret Hogarth.

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