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William A.S. Sarjeant geological and palaeontological ephemera collection

  • Coleção
  • 1750 - 2003

The William A.S. Sarjeant geological and palaeontological ephemera collection contains a wide variety of materials (monographs, reports, journals, reprints. guidebooks, etc.) related to the study of geology and palaeontology. Some papers from non-geological fields of scientific inquiry are also present.

Supplemental tourism ephemera collection

  • Coleção
  • [19--?]-[200-?]

The Supplemental tourism ephemera collection contains booklets, pamphlets, guidebooks, and other promotional publications related to various tourist attractions. These materials have been divided into four categories:
• Museums and Historic Sites
• Parks and Natural Areas
• Visitor Guides
• Miscellaneous
The categories are further subdivided by location.
The contents of the Supplemental tourism ephemera collection are housed in a single container, listed as STE Box 1.

Joseph J. Birch Organ Music Collection

  • Coleção

The Joseph J. Birch collection consists of separate organ publications bound into two series of volumes: upright and oblong.

The Salzburg Collection

  • Coleção

The Salzburg Collection is one of the most important collections in Canada for Central European law studies. It represents the original law collection of the Seminary Library of the Archbishop of Salzburg, acquired by the University of Alberta in 1965. Bruce Peel Special Collections houses the pre-1800 publications, considered rare books. The newer, post-1800 publications, which represent about half of the collection, are housed in other locations, including the John A. Weir Memorial Law Library, the Research & Collections Resource Facility, and the Humanities and Social Sciences Library.

Following the recommendations of the Tridentine Council (Tridentinischer Konzil) of 1562, the Salzburg Provincial Council (Salzburger Provinzialkonzil) established the Archiepiscopal Seminary in Salzburg (Erzbischöfliches Priesterseminar zu Salzburg) with its decree of May 25, 1579. Its first statutes were written and signed in July 1579 by the rector, Georg Würfel. The library was founded at the same time as the seminary, with books contributed by the private library of the Archbishop.

Educational ephemera collection

  • Coleção
  • 1900-

This collection contains material related to the curricula, administration (including documents generated by departments of education and school boards), student life, and alumni activity of various educational organizations ranging from K-12 through post-secondary institutions.
The scholarly and creative output of students and faculty are not generally included here. Literary magazines – since they are often inextricably linked to student newspapers and yearbooks – stand as an exception. Some materials related to extra-curricular student societies and activities such as sports, drama, choirs, etc. will be described in other collections. Exceptions are made, however, for extra-curricular activities that do not possess an obvious home within other categories. For example, documents related to debating societies may be found here.
Categories of materials found here include:
• Yearbooks
• Student newspapers and other publications
• Handbooks and guides
• Alumni newsletters and reunion programmes
• Postcards
• Calendars
• Promotional pamphlets and brochures
• Programmes, dance cards, invitations etc. related to graduation ceremonies and other school-related social events
• Student directories and phonebooks
• Materials produced by and for home and school associations

Hans Gruen Mycology Collection

  • Coleção
  • 1927-1992

The collection consists of reprints and clippings from various scholarly journals, conference proceedings, speeches, lectures, theses, dissertations, and other sources relating to mycology and plant physiology. Items are in English and German, with a few French works. The bulk of the collection consists of German reprints (Series 2) and reprints/clippings of works by Kenneth Vivian Thimann, a highly respected scholar in the field of plant physiology.

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Arnold-Nitecki Africana Collection

  • Coleção
  • 1953 - 1988

The collection consists of Cameroonian literary manuscripts collected by Arnold, research material about Cameroon and other African countries, teaching material on African art (collected by Nitecki), and a significant collection of slides and audio recordings. The collection is divided into series by subject matter and media type.

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Winnipeg Railway Union Records Collection

  • Coleção

This collection contains documents and materials produced or used by Canadian Pacific Railway Unions - in particular, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen - in Winnipeg between 1898 and 1968. The collection includes financial records, meeting minutes and logbooks, administrative documentation such as application forms, and cirulars and correspondence.

Thurston Lacalli Marine Taxonomy Collection

  • Coleção
  • 1865 - 1997

The collection consists primarily of journal offprints and photocopied articles bound into volumes according to subject matter. This material was collected as part of Professor Lacalli’s personal library on marine invertebrate reproduction and development.

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  • Accession
  • 1984 - ?

The records comprise the general function and activities of the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine Occupational Health Program including:

  • Occupational Health Program, including organization, support, academic activities, documented in annual reports, memos and letters.
  • OHP General Teaching information including classes and seminars, masters' education offerings and continuing education programs.

  • Occupational Medicine Fellowship Training Program known as the "residency" in occupational medicine.

  • OHP Research with a focus on the principal sciences of the field including epidemiology, toxicology, and clinical occupational medicine.

  • OHP Service Agenda aimed at meeting the expectations of program sponsors and donors including the Occupational Health Consultation Clinic that continued for at least 15 years.

  • Environmental research including occupational and environmental medicine with a focus on air toxins.

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Social Sciences and Humanities Research Ephemera Collection

  • Coleção
  • 1910s

This collection contains material generated from research in a variety of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences. The majority of items held by the Social sciences and humanities research ephemera collection are issues of journals, but other types of publications (reprints, preprints, etc.) may also be found here.

George Arthur Plains Bison Collection

  • Coleção
  • ca. 1599-1992 (bulk 1960s-1980s)

The bulk of the collection consists of photocopied material pertaining to plains bison. There is also a substantial volume of offprints, newspaper clippings, published reports and pamphlets, all pertaining to various aspects of plains bison culture. A significant amount of ephemera from various conferences and organizations Arthur was involved in, as well as correspondence, research notes, and course materials are also contained in the collection.

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