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Harris Accepting Award from Cantwell

Harris accepting award from Fred Cantwell, a fellow University of Alberta chemistry staff member and presenter at the conference. This happened during the "Symposium in Honour of W.E. Harris : Analytical Chemistry- its Role in Socio-Economic Development" .

Alberta Centennial Medal Certificate

Walter Harris was awarded this certificate as part of Alberta's centennial celebrations. The certificate reads: "The Alberta Centennial Medal is conferred upon Walter Edgar Harris. In recognition of outstanding service to the people and province of Alberta September 1, 2005".

Harris Signing Register

Harris signing register with registar CT Boyle at the University of Waterloo's fifty-fourth Convocation, where Harris received his Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science.

Harris in Trail, British Columbia

Harris standing on a hill in Trail, British Columbia. Caption reads "Trail and CMS". The image was likely taken the summer after Harris' third year at University when he worked at Consolidated Minning and Smelting as a general labourer in the phosphate fertilizer plant. Slide used in personal presentation.

National Research Universal Reactor

National Research Universal reactor Atomic Energy of Canada United in Chalk River, Ontario. Harris spent one summer in Chalk River with R Betts on the isotopic separation of sodium-22 and sodium -24. Slide found in box labeled AECL for the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited likely used in lecture or public talk.

Low Dose Risk Assessment Lecture Notes

Full lecture notes on Walter Harris' talk "Risk Assessment" given to Sigma Xi at Corbett Hall on September 24 1997. See accession no. 2012-27-235.2 for corresponding lecture slides and accession no. 2012-27-235.1 for a poster that advertised the public talk.

Low Dose Risk Assessment Poster

Poster advertising the public lecture "Low Dose Risk Assessment" by Harris with opening remarks by Roger S Smith. The lecture was sponsored by the University of Alberta chapter Society of the Sigma XI- Research Society of North America and held on September 24, 1997. See accession no. 2012-27-235.2 for corresponding lecture slides and accession no. 2012-27-179.1 for respective lecture notes.

TAC at Steep Rock Mine

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) on a field trip to Steep Rock Mine in Atikokan, September 1984. TAC went as part of their efforts to research the Canadian Shield. During WWII, the lake at this site had been drained and iron ore was recovered. It had since been refilling with water. Harris' job was to complete a risk assessment of the area. Slide found in the container labeled Hazardous Wastes.

Physical Sciences Auditorium

Physical Sciences Auditorium with 400 sloping seats full of students. The auditorium was housed in a seperate wing to the North of the Mathematics-Physics building and was used for large lecture classes, special lectures and public meetings. A projection booth is also located at the back of the room.

Physics Machine Shop

Physics machine shop with wood and metal-working equipment to create materials for research and undergraduate laboratories. The machine shop was located in the basement of the physics-mathematics wing.


Unknown photograph owned by SG Davis. After Davis' passing, it was found among the files in his office and acquired by Harris.

Walter Jungkind fonds

  • UAA Fonds 0463
  • Fonds
  • 1960-1995

The fonds consists of nearly 31 meters of material mainly of correspondence and files from the dates of 1960-1995 from Walter Jungkind’s work in several organizations including Icograda, the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada; the Society of Graphic Designers of Alberta; the creation of Graphic Design at the University of Alberta and the University of Alberta’s Visual Identity.

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  • UAA-1974-153
  • Accession
  • 1926-1971

The History Club - minutes, correspondence and other materials

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Department of Mathematics, minutes (1913-01-16 - 1961-05-08)
Mathematical Club, Math and Physics Club, minutes. (1913-10-29 - 1961-05-08)

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Thomas Blench
Regime Behavious of Canals and Rivers
Hydraulics of Canals and Rivers of Mobile Boundary
1 Book Bound, 1 Reprint

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Accession consists of the personal papers of Edwin Daniel including conference and Association of the Academic Staff files.

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  • UAA-1986-114
  • Accession
  • [1953 or 1954]

Engineers' Ball - Table Favours: Liquids in bottles, noses and bones

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Copies of photographs of student days in Rocky Mountains Park - by S.D. Fraser

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  • UAA-2008-006
  • Accession
  • [ca. 1930-1959]

Research and professional papers and documents on medieval European civilzation and John Calvin.

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Accession consist of the personal files of E. A. Corbett including correspondence, honours, administrative files, and research notes.

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Accession includes photographs of the University of Alberta's Rugby team and Convocation Hall.

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  • UAA-1977-039
  • Accession
  • 1926

Photographs from personal album

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  • UAA-1977-045
  • Accession
  • 1914-1919

Photographs of student groups and ladies hockey

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Accession consists of the personal and professional papers of Cedric Lowe including reference materials, course materials, undergraduate notes, and drafts of research papers.

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Accession consists of correspondence, publishers contracts and articles published in The Rebel, Canadian Forum and Life.

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Accession consists of programmes and tickets from University of Alberta student activities (1929-1930) and Evergreen and Gold yearbooks (1929-1934).

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  • UAA-1987-146
  • Accession
  • 1942

Maps used by C. Becker during career as a bush pilot. Alberta and North West Chamber of Mines.

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Photograph of first executive of Women's Canadian Club - Legal Officers of Edmonton, N.W.T.

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Materials from Elizabeth Libby Lloyd Elsey (Class of 1912): Student memorabilia, dance cards, class notes, assignments, teachers contract and class plans. Photographs of Law Class (1952/53) and A.C. Rutherford in Chancellor's Robes (1972)

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Personal papers include: correspondence, extensive photographs, numerous scrapbook, clippings, certificates, publications and other personal materials

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Accession consists of records pertaining to Herbert Smith including personal papers, publications, and radio talks.

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Accession consists of photographs taken mostly by John Allan for the Alberta Geological Survey, as well as personal photographs of Allan.

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Accession consists of photographs of students and activities, mainly dentistry and medicine (1926-1932), and dentistry examination papers (1921-1931).

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Accession consists of student memorabilia and photographs of university buildings.

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Accession consists of A.G. McCalla, papers and publications, (1932-1969), as well as, inter alia, CKUA files (81-120).

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Accession consists of the personal and professional records of Dr. Arthur McCalla including correspondence, speeches, and materials from research projects.

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Accession consists of the personal diary of Muriel Oslie (in three volumes, 1931-1968), personal photographs, and taped interviews with Peace River residents.

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Accession consists of books acquired, edited, or given as gifts to W. A. R. Kerr. Some of the books were presented to Kerr as prizes from Upper Canada College and are embossed with the college's crest. The accession also contains photographs of Kerr, Henry Marshall Tory, and an unidentified child.

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Accession consists of audio cassettes containing interviews with Norman Yates by Elizabeth Beauchamp (M.FA thesis).

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Selected addresses and other papers. Includes inter alia, CKUA papers

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R. Newton articles written for "Whisper" (a magazine produced by Willows Christian Science Community) and contains memoirs

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Accession consists of photographs of University of Alberta people, campus and events, from the Edmonton Journal.

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