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Item · 1916
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

Report of the proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Convention of the Alberta Agricultural Fairs Association, held 1 and 2 March 1916 in at the Hotel McDonald in Edmonton, Alberta.

Contents include:
List of names of officers [Honorary President; Honorary Vice-President; President; Vice-President; Directors; Secretary-Treasurer]; list of names of convention attendees; "Minutes of Last Meeting"; "Address by Mr. Galbraith" [Superintendent of Fairs and Institutes]; "Financial Report of the Alberta Agricultural Fairs Association - Statement of Receipts and Disbursements for the Twelve Months Ending 31st December, 1915"; "Report of the Executive Committee"; "Letter from Shorthorn Breeders' Association"; "Address by Premier [A. L.] Sifton"; "Address by Hon. Duncan Marshall" [Minister of Agriculture - first of two addresses]; "Discussion on Dairy Shorthorns"; "Address by Professor Reynolds" [Manitoba Agricultural College - first of two addresses]; "Address by Professor Bracken" [Saskatchewan University]; "Address by Mr. Hunter" [President of the Provincial Poultry Association]; "Address by Mr. [E. L.] Richardson" [President of the Alberta Agricultural Fairs Association] on "An Improved System for the Payment of Prizes at Exhibitions"; "Address by Deputy Mayor Frith" [Acting Mayor of the City of Edmonton]; "Address by Professor Howes" [Dean of Alberta Agricultural College]; "Address by Professor Reynolds" [second of two addresses]; "Address by Hon. Duncan Marshall" [second of two addresses]; "General Discussion"; "Resolution" [No. 1]; "Report of Fair Dates Committee"; "Schedule of Fair Dates for 1916"; "Resolutions No. 3 - No. 8"; "Rules and Regulations" [regarding Resolution No. 8]; "Resolution No. 9 - No. 10"; "Place of Next Convention" [Claresholm, Alberta]; "Election of Officers" [Honorary President and Vice-President; President; Vice-President; Directors]; and "Directors' Meeting".

Alberta Agricultural Fairs Association