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  • NonCon 1978: Program booklet, Progress Report #3
  • NonCon 1979: Program booklet (two copies), Progress Report #3 (two copies)
  • NonCon 1980: Program package, small program booklet (two copies)
  • NonCon 1981: Program booklet (two copies)
  • NonCon 1982: Program booklet
  • NonCon 1984: Program booklet, Progress Report #2
  • NonCon 1985: Program Booklet
  • NonCon 1986: [Edmonton] Bid for the 1986 convention

The Final Frontier

Holdings: Vol. 8, No. 1 (1980; No. 2 is missing), 9 (1981; two copies), 10, No. 1&2 (1982), 11 (1982), 12, No. 1&2 (1982), 13, Annish section 1, 2, & 3 (1982), 14 (1982), 15 (1983), 16 (1983; two copies), 17 (1983), 18 (1983), 19, Annish (1983), 20 (1983), 21 (1984), 22 (1984), 23 (1984), 24 (1984; two copies), 28 (1985), 29 (1985), 31 (1985).

Inuit Broadcasting Corp.


  • Inuit Broadcasting Corporation newsletter in three languages (English, Inuktitut, & ? )
  • Inuit Broadcasting Corporation President's Report (1987)
  • Inuit Broadcasting Corporation - Brief to the Standing Committee on Communication and Culture - Tuesday November 17th 1987
  • Inuit Broadcasting Corporation Annual general Assembly Frobisher Bay, N.W.T. - September 28-30, 1982 - Resolution No. I
  • Inuit Broadcasting Corporation Annual general Assembly Frobisher Bay, N.W.T. - September 28-30, 1982 - Minutes
    -Verbatim from CBC Inuvik Territorial News, 7:30 am Monday, 13 September 1982 - Western Arctic Liberals Tell Cabinet To Provide Development and Jobs For North
    -Verbatim from CBC Inuvik Territorial News, 7:30 am Friday, 10 September 1982 - Lynda Sorenson Calls For Northern Development Initiatives
    -Verbatim from CBC Inuvik Territorial News, 7:45 am Thursday, 30 September 1982 - Ottawa Group Lobbies On North Without Representation
    -Verbatim from CBC Inuvik Territorial News, 5:30 pm Wednesday, 29 September 1982 - Federally Funded Ottawa Lobbyist Preaches On Beaufort Resources Development
    -Verbatim from CBC Inuvik Territorial News, 5:30 pm Wednesday, 29 September 1982 - Beaufort Communities Considering Business Deals With Oils Industry
    -Verbatim from CBC Inuvik Regional News, 12:30 am Wednesday, 29 September 1982 - Beaufort Communities Meet On Forming Development Corporations
    -Verbatim from CBC Inuvik Regional News, 12:30 am, Friday, 1 October 1982 - Cynthia and Cece Speak at Opening of NWT Native Womens Conference
    -Verbatim from CBC Inuvik Territorial News, 5:30 pm Wednesday, 6 October 1982 - Northern Affairs Gives Out Money To Communities To Study Resources Projects
    -Verbatim from CBC Inuvik Territorial News, 5:30 pm thuesday, 12 October 1982 - Municipal Corporations Required For Participation In Regional Development

[Metis Heritage Association]


  • A Proposal for the Development of Metis Heritage and Culture in the Northwest Territories 1988-89
  • Metis Culture: Pride of the Metis Nation in the Western Northwest Territories - A Submission to the Royal commission on Aboriginal Peoples Intervenor Participation Program (1993)

[Dene/Metis Housing]


  • Dene/Metis Housing Conference Opening statements by Bob Stevenson - Vice President of the Metis Association of the N.W.T.
  • Dene-Metis (and others) Housing Conference. - written in "Presented to Inuvik Housing Conference Oct 26-30, 1981 by Bob Stevenson"
  • Housing in the N.W.T - Feb. 1981
  • Dene/Metis Housing Assembly Yellowknife Nov. 17-19, 1981: Resolutions (2 copies)
  • Dene/Metis Housing Assembly Yellowknife Inn Nov. 17-19 1981(Agenda, Map Delegate List, flow Chart of Housing Dollars, C.M.H.C info, NT Housing Corp., Proposal for Home Ownership Assistance, & Evaluation of SSHAG Program 1981)
    All in yellow Folder:
    (Left Side)
  • Resolution
  • Memorandum - Nov. 17, 1981
  • Letter with 3 documents attached (1- Organization charts of the NWT Housing Corporation (hereafter Corp.) indicating positions at the HQ and at District Levels, 2 - A copy of the Corps. 1981 budget, 3 - Outlines of various programs administered by the Corp.)
  • Letter to the Board of Directors o from Froment 7 Williamson (Chartered Accountants)
  • Administration Policy and Procedures August 1981
    (Right Side)
  • Dene/Metis Housing Assembly Yellowknife Inn Nov. 17-19 1981: Resolutions
  • Northwest Territories Societies Ordinance: Form A: Application
  • Mackenzie Valley Housing Yellowknife, N.W.T - Sustaining Grant Submission 1982
  • Operating Statement for the Month of October 1981

[Northern Addiction Services]


  • Yellowknife Detoxification - Rehabilitation Centre (Face Sheet) - 2 copies
  • Northern Addiction Services Recovery Program
  • List of Films Used in Rehab Program
  • Northern Addiction Services Rehab Program
  • Northern Addiction Services Detoxification Program
  • Northern Addiction Services Executive director's Report (Presented at Annual Meeting)
  • A Demonstration Of How A Cross Cultural Program Can Be Effective With Dene, Inuit, And Others In Yellowknife, N.W.T. by Winnie Fraser, Bev Mendelson and Thelma Tees (Northern Addiction Services, Yellowknife, N.W.T. )

Land Claims Materials

Assorted materials on aboriginal land claims, including:

  • A statement by Tom Molloy, [Federal] Government Chief Negotiator, on the Inuit land claim agreement
  • A cover letter from Thomas Suluk, accompanying an information package on the Nunavut land claim agreement
  • A May 16, 1989 Northwest Territories Government policy document on aboriginal claims
  • An open letter from James Eetoolook, Louis Pilakapsi, and Pauloosie Keeyootak, acting president of the TFN, president of Keewatin Inuit Association and President of Baffin Region Inuit Association respectively, on the Nunavut land claim agreement
  • A Dec. 22, 1986 Northwest Territories Government policy document on Land Lease - Only policy
  • The transcript of a July 28, 1988 press conference given by Bill McKnight, Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs, on the Dene/Metis land claim agreement-in-principle
  • The transcript of a June 13, 1988 address by Ted Moses, on a contemporary land claims agreement
  • A Jan. 13, 1988 letter from Brian K. Herbert, claims negotiator, to Brian Crane, in reply to a memorandum of the previous year
  • A decision paper on the Dene/Metis Claims Package
  • A Mar. 1987 presentation outline by Esso Resources Canada Ltd. on land claims and related issues
  • An undated copy of resolutions 10 - 12 from an unnamed organization (likely from the Dene National Assembly)
  • Reports by the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs on the Council for Yukon Indians comprehensive claims negotiations
  • An update on TFN Claim Negotiations
  • Briefing notes on the TFN claim & devolution
  • Apr. 11, 1986 draft arguments by the Dene Mapping Project for a 'land rich' claims settlement
  • Highlights of the report by the task force to review comprehensive claims policy, and a telex copy of a May 20, 1986 response by Tony Penikett, Government Leader in the Yukon Territorial Government, to the same report
  • A discussion paper by the Government of the Northwest Territories Executive Council, for submission to the task force to review comprehensive claims policy, and a draft proposal by the government for the same purpose
  • A May 30, 1988 copy of the Dene/Metis Comprehensive land claim agreement in principle
  • An Apr. 9, 1990 copy of the comprehensive land claim agreement between Canada and the Dene Nation and the Metis Association of the Northwest Territories
  • A July 9, 1982 copy of 'The Updater', an internal publication of the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

Collected Materials on Northwest Territories Resources

Collected materials on renewable and non-renewable resource policy and exploitation in the Northwest Territories, including the Northwest Territories Government policy on the encouragement of commercial renewable resource development, an outline of Northwest Territories renewable resource harvesters compensation program, a royal commision policy paper on land and resource management, a Northwest Territories Government strategy document on non-renewable resource development, a brochure-format by the Nova Corporation, and a newsletter-style document reporting on the Alaska highway gas pipeline.

Collected Offshore Drilling Materials

Contains assorted materials related to oil and gas drilling in the Northwest Territories, including a memorandum from the Canadian Arctic resources committee to Cabinet on exploratory drilling in the Beaufort Sea, correspondence between Dennis Patterson and Richard Nerysoo on the Federal offshore drilling legislation, a Apr.. 23, 1976 press statement from North Slope Mayor Eben Hopson on drilling the Beaufort Sea, a 1979 report on Beaufort Sea drilling by the Beaufort Sea Community Advisory Committee, and a draft 1988 accord between the Dederal and Northwest Territories Governments on offshore drilling

Collected Ministerial materials on constitutional development

Assorted materials on constitutional development, chiefly produced by or for government ministries, including:

  • Discussion notes for the 1985 First Ministers' Conference, produced by the Aboriginal Rights and Constitutional Development Secretariat
  • Various reports, presentation materials, and a list of delegates from the Jan. 25 - 26, 1984 Federal-Provincial meeting of ministers on Aboriginal constitutional matters, and a note to the delegates of the same meeting.
  • A photocopy of the Nov. 1983 issue of 'Kwädür: Newsletter of the Council for Yukon Indians'
  • A menu from the Yellowknife Inn, dated Jan. 25, 1984
  • Assorted photocopies of articles from 'The Parlimentarian'

Constitutional Alliance Materials

Assorted materials associated with the Constitutional Alliance, including a briefing note on the Alliance's April 30 - May 1, 1988 meeting, a summary of the same meeting, motions from the same meeting, a handwritten resolution from the April 1988 AGM, a May 1, 1988 statement of agreement, a summary of the Alliance's April 10, 1988 meeting, a statement of results from the same meeting, the Alliance's May 1, 1988 short term action plan, a brief Apr. 21, 1988 letter on member appointment by Alliance chairman Don Morin, a May 1, 1988 statement of agreement, , a Jan. 14, 1985 statement of principles of agreement, and a Feb. 22, 1985 report to the Northwest Territories legislative assembly by the alliance.

Tungavik Federation of Nunavut (TFN) Materials

Assorted materials associated with the Tungavik Federation of Nunavut (T.F.N.), including:

  • Briefing notes for a meeting with the Special Policy Committee on Aboriginal Rights and Constitutional Development
  • Briefing notes for the T.F.N. Oct. 25, 1985 meeting
  • A letter from Richard W. Nerysoo to Donat Milortuk, Chairmain of the Tungavik Federation, inviting the later to meet with the T.F.N. board
  • A Sept. 19, 1985 paper on Northern Oil and Gas Management Principles
  • A Sept. 18, 1985 letter from Richard W. Nerysoo to Donat Milortok replying to prior correspondence, and a copy of that Sept. 4 letter
  • A Oct. 3, 1985 letter from Paul Sammurtok, Project Director of the T.F.N., to David Crombie, Minister Indian Affairs and Northern Development
  • A summary of a Oct. 2, 1985 meeting.

Assembly of First Nations Materials

Assorted materials, chiefly relating to the Assembly of the First Nation, including:

  • A summary of a research proposal
  • The text of June 7, 2000 remarks by Philip Martin, Chief of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, to the Assembly of First Nations.

City of Yellowknife Resident Informational Materials

Assorted informational documents produced by the City of Yellowknife, including:

  • Department profiles and quick guides
  • An informational sheet on heat tape and bleeders
  • An invitation to former Yellowknife residents to visit the city's 50th anniversary celebrations.
  • A brief introductory message from the Mayor of Yellowknife
  • A brochure for the Mar. 18 - 24, 1984, Arctic Winter Games
  • An illustrated visitor's booklet
  • A brochure about water conservation
  • A sticker labelled 'I'm a Yellowknife Garbage Picker'
  • A city map of Yellowknife, which features additional background information on the city.

NWT Data Sheets

Fact sheets on the municipalities in the Northwest Territories, containing information on history, demography, political and economic circumstances, and available infrastructure and services.

Palynology: Palaeocene to Miocene N-R

First item in file-- Nagy, Esther: "Palynological data of the Neogene marginal facies in Hungary" (reprinted from IV Int. Polynol. Conf., Lucknow 1980) Last item in file-- Ruiz, Liliana C. and Mirta E. Quattrocchio: "Srivastavapollenites Exoticus Nov. Gen. Et Sp. De la Formacion Pedro Luro (Paleoceno), Cuenca del Colorado, Argentina" (reprinted from Ameghiniana v.30 no.3 1993), Spanish

Dinoflagellates: Living Motile Forms A-BE

First item in file-- Akselman, Rut: "Quistes Planctonicos de Dinoficeas en Areas de Plataforma del Atlantico Sudoccidental; 1. Reporte Taxonomico de la Familia Peridiniaceae Ehrenberg" (reprinted from Bolm Inst. Oceanogr., S Paulo v.35 no.1 1987), Portuguese Last item in file-- Berthold, W.U. et al: "Cytologische und okologische Aspekte der Morphogenese und Struktur rezenter und fossiler Protisten-Skelette" (reprinted from Zbl. Geol. Palaont. v.2 1976), German

Dinoflagellates: Living Motile Forms E-HAL

First item in file-- Edwards, Lucy E. and Victoria A.S. Andrle: "Distribution of Selected Dinoflagellate Cysts in Modern Marine Sediments" (in Neogene and Quaternary Dinoflagellate Cysts and Acritarchs: American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists Foundation 1992) Last item in file-- Hallegraeff, Gustaaf M.: "Red Tides in the Australasian Region" (Report 187, CSIRO Marine Laboratories 1987)

Microplankton B-D

First item in file-- Below, Raimond and Karl-Heinz Kirsch: "Die Kerogen-Fazies der Tonstein-Blattertonstein-Rhythmite des Ober-Barreme/Unter-Apt im Niedersachsischen Becken (Norddeutschland) am Beispiel der Bohrung Hoheneggelsen KB 50" (reprinted from Palaeontographica, v.242 nos.1-3, 1997) Last item in file-- Delcourt, A. and G. Sprumont: "Spores, grains de pollen, Hystrichospheres et Peridiniens dans le Wealdien de Feron-Glageon" (photocopied from Societe Geologique du Nord Annales, v.49 no.1 1959), French

Microplankton M-O

First item in file-- Maithy, P.K.: "Micro-organisms from the Bushimay System (Late Pre-Cambrian) of Kanshi, Zaire" (reprinted from The Palaeobotanist v.22 no.2 1973) Last item in file-- Olaru, Leonard and Tadeusz Gunia: "Palynological Correlations between the Pre-Cambrian Formations in the Sudetic Mountains (Poland) and the East Carpathians (Romania)" (reprinted from Analele Stiintifice ale Universitatii "Al. I. Cuza" Din Iasi v.33 1987)

Microplankton P-Y

First item in file-- Pacltova, Blanka: "Palaeocryptidium Deflandre from the Proterozoic of Bohemia" (reprinted from Casopis pro mineralogii a geologii v.17 no.4 1972) Last item in file-- Yin, Lei-ming: "Microfossils from Precambrian Rocks of the Daihongyu Formation of Jixian, North China" (reprinted from Acta Palaeontologica Sinica v.24 no.1 1985), Chinese with English abstract

Microplankton Q-S

First item in file-- Quattrocchio, Mirta E.: "Contribucion al conocimiento de la palinologia estratigrafica del Jurasico Superior en la cuenca neuquina" (reprinted from Opera Lilloana v.31 1980), Spanish Last item in file-- Smelror, Morten and Han Leereveld: "Dinoflagellate Cyst and Acritarch Assemblages from the Late Bathonian-Early Oxfordian of Montagne Crussol, Rhone Valley (South France)" (typed document, 19p text plus 10p diagrams, 1987)

Microplankton T-W

First item in file-- Talyzina, Nina M. et al: "Affinities of Early Cambrian acritarchs studied by using microscopy, fluorescence flow cytometry and biomarkers" (reprinted from Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 108 2000) Last item in file-- Wrenn, J.H. and S.W. Beckman: "Maceral and Total Organic Carbon Analyses of DVDP Drill Core 11" (reprinted from Dry Valley Drilling Project Antarctic Research Series v.33 1981)

Microplankton: Jurassic to Cretaceous HE-Y

First item in file-- He Cheng-quan and Huang Guan-jun: "Dinoflagellates from Late Middle Jurassic Suibin Formation of Suibin Area, Eastern Heilongjiang, NE China" (reprinted from Acta Micropalaeontologica Sinica v.14 no.1 1997), Chinese with English translation Last item in file-- Yu, Jingxian: "Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous Dinoflagellate Assemblages of Eastern Heilongjiang, China" (from Bulletin of the Shenyang Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences no.5 1982 81 p), translated from Chinese to English by Multilingual Services Division, Gov't of Canada

Microplankton: Tertiary

First item in file-- Antonescu, Emanuel and Grigore Alexandrescu: "Donnees Preliminaires sur les Dinoflagelles des Couches de Hangu (Senonien-Paleocene)" (reprinted from D.S. Inst. Geol. geofiz. v.66 1979) Last item in file-- Guerstein, G. Raquel: "Palinologia Estratigrafica del Terciario de la Cuenca del Colorado, Republica Argentina, Parte 2: Especies marinas de la perforacion Nadir No. 1" (reprinted from Revista Espanola de Micropaleontologia v.22 no.2 1990)

Microplankton: Miocene and Pliocene B-M

First item in file-- Batten, David J. et al: "Palaeoenvironmental significance of a monospecific assemblage of dinoflagellate cysts from the Miocene Clarkia Beds, Idaho, USA" (reprinted from Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 153 1999 pp.161-177) Last item in file-- Mudie, P.J. et al: "Neogene to Recent Palynostratigraphy of Circum-Arctic Basins" (reprinted from Geological History of the Polar Oceans: Arctic Versus Antarctic pp.609-646)

Microplankton: Pleistocene and Holocene I-MA

First item in file-- Iversen, Johs: "Undersogelser over Litorinatransgressioner i Danmark" (reprinted from Medd. Fra Dansk Geol. Forening. Kobenhavn. v.9 1937), Norwegian Last item in file-- Matthiessen, Jens and Wolfram Brenner: "Chlorococcalalgen und Dinoflagellaten-Zysten in rezenten Sedimenten des Greifswalder Boddens (sudliche Ostsee)" (reprinted from Senckenbergiana maritima, v.27 nos.1/2 1996), English abstract; German text

Microplankton: Pleistocene and Holocene MC-S

First item in file-- McKee, Edwin D. et al: "Sedimentary Belts in Lagoon of Kapingamarangi Atoll" (reprinted from the Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists v.43 no.3 1959) Last item in file-- Sun, Xuekun and Andrew McMinn: "Recent dinoflagellate cyst distribution associated with the Subtropical Convergence on the Chatham Rise, east of New Zealand" (reprinted from Marine Micropaleontology 23 1994)

Microplankton: Acritarchs

Complete contents of File-- Bouche, P.M.: "Revue Bibliographique des Hystrichospheres (Acritarches) du Paleozoique et du Permo-Trias" (reprinted from Revue de l'Institut Francais du Petrole et Annales des Combustibles Liquides v.19 no.1 1964), French Combaz, A.: "Les Palynofacies" (reprinted from Revue de Micropaleontologie no.3 1964), French Combaz, A.: "Leiosphaeridaceae Eisenack, 1954, et Protoleiosphaeridae Timofeev, 1959 - Leurs Affinites, Leur Role Sedimentologique et Geologique" (reprinted from Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 1 1967), English summary; French text Combaz, Andre: "Geochimie et Paleomicrobiologie-Microspherules muriformes dans les roches-meres du petrole: hypothese sur leur origine" (reprinted from C.R. Acad. Sc. Paris, no.270 1970), French Combaz, A. et al: "Les 'Leiofusidae' Eisenack, 1938" (reprinted from Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 1 1967), English summary; French text Cramer and Cramer: "Consideraciones taxonomicas sobre las aritarcas del Silurico Nedio y Superior del Norte de Espana-English Section" (typed document, unidentified source 1968), predom. Spanish with English summary of essential points Deflandre, Georges and Marthe Deflandre-Rigaud: "Nomenclature et Systematique des Hystrichospheres (Sens. Lat.) Observations et Rectifications" (reprinted from Revue de Micropaleontologie no.4 1962), French Deflandre, Georges and William A.S. Sarjeant: "Nouvel examen de quelques holotypes de Dinoflagelles fossiles et d'Acritarches" (reprinted from Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Cahiers de Micropaleontologie Serie 2 no.1 1970), French Eisenack, Alfred: "Beitrage zur Acritarchen-Forschung (Contributions to Acritarch Research)" (reprinted from N. Jb. Geol. Palaont. v.147 no.3 1974), English abstract; German text Engel, Albert E.J. et al: "Alga-Like Forms in Onverwacht Series, South Africa: Oldest Recognized Lifelike Forms on Earth" (reprinted from Science v.161 1968) Fatka, Oldrich et al: "The Ordovician Acritarch Frankea: Some Critical Remarks" (reprinted from GEOBIOS v.30 no.3 1997) Fensome, R.A. et al: "Acritarchs and Fossil Prasinophytes; an Index to Genera, Species and Infraspecific Taxa" (unpublished; typed document; note from Sarjeant: "incomplete, later published, but useful for acritarch taxonomy") Gunia, Tadeusz and Bogumil Wierzcholowski: "Mikroproblematyki z Paragnejsow gor Bystrzyckich (Sudety)" (reprinted from Geologia Sudetica v.14 no.2 1979)

Microplankton: Acritarchs (Lower Palaeozoic)

First item in file-- Baudelot, Sabine and Gilbert Bessiere: "Donnees palynostratigraphiques sur le Paleozoique inferieur du Massif de Mouthoumet (Hautes Corbieres, Aude)" (reprinted from Ann. Soc. Geol. Nord v.47 no.1 1977) Last item in file-- Wray, John L.: "Paleozoic Palynomorphs from Libya" (reprinted from Palynology in Oil Exploration 1964)

Microplankton: Acritarchs (Upper Palaeozoic)

Complete Contents of File-- Attar, A. et al: "Etude Palynologique du Devonien Terminal et du Carbonifere Inferieur du Bassin d'Illizi (Fort-Polignac) Algerie" (reprinted from Revue de L'Institut Francais du Petrole v.35 no.4 1980), French Horowitz, A.: "Palynostratigraphy of the Upper Paleozoic-Lower Mesozoic Sequence in Zohar 8 Borehole (Southern Israel)" (photocopied; The Institute for Petroleum Research and Geophysics Report 1038, 1970) Two items in Russian Kalvacheva, R.K. and G.A. Catalov: "Palynomorphen Aus Den Phyllitoiden Tonschiefern Des Strandza-Gebirges" (reprinted from Comptes rendus de l'Academie bulgare des Sciences v.27 no.10 1974), German Pitrat, Charles W.: "Phytoplankton and the Late Paleozoic Wave of Extinction" (reprinted from Palaeogeography v.8 1970) Sinha, V.: "Some 'Acritarchs' and other Microfossils from Barakar Stage of Lower Gondwanas, India" (photocopied; Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow 1969) Taugourdeau, Philippe: "Micropaleontologie-Tentative d'evaluation quantitative de population de Microfossiles du Paleozoique Saharien" (reprinted from C.R. Acad. Sc. Paris v.299 no.20 1984), French

Nannoplankton: Calcareous A-E

First item in file-- Arafa, A.A.: "Calcareous nannofossils from the Kareem Formation (Middle Miocene), Gulf of Suez area, Egypt" (reprinted from N. Jb. Geol. 1982) Last item in file-- Ellis, C. Howard and William H. Lohman: "Toweius Petalosus New Species, A Paleocene Calcareous Nannofossil from Alabama" (reprinted from Tulane Studies in Geology and Paleontology v.10 no.2 1973)

Nannoplankton: Calcareous F-J

First item in file-- Flugel, Erik and Helmut E. Franz: "Uber die lithogenetische Bedeutung von Coccolithen in Malmkalken des Flachwasserbereiches" (reprinted from Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae v.60 no.1 1967) Last item in file-- Jafar, Sayed A.: "Discovery of Mixed Coccoliths from Mud Volcanoes of Baratang Island, Andamans, India" (reprinted from Current Science, v.54 no.5 1985)

Stratigraphy: Cretaceous M-Z

First item in file-- Matsumoto, Tatsuro et al: "Stratigraphy of the Cenomanian-Turonian transition in the Hobetsu district, Hokkaido" (reprinted from the Bulletin of the Hobetsu Museum no.10 1994), English abstract; Japanese text Last item in file-- Zaborski, P.M.P.: "Campano-Maastrichtian ammonites, correlation and palaeogeography in Nigeria" (reprinted from Journal of African Earth Sciences v.1 no.1 1983)

Slough Creek Project

Includes maps, correspondence, a report, and 3 black and white aerial survey photos.

Arthur was hired by Ducks Unlimited to investigate one of their project areas near Pleasantdale, Saskatchewan.

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