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PE000692 - Telegrams and flyers related to Bill Shandro, one of the University of Alberta's star basketball and rugby players

This collection includes flyers and supportive telegrams:

  • Flyer for an inter-varsity rugby game, Saskatchewan vs. Alberta, Oct. 6, 1928,
  • Flyer for a provincial rugby game, Varsity vs. Tigers, Oct. 20, 1928,
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Telegram to Alberta University Basketball Team at the Royal Alexandra Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from “Glad and Jo,” Feb. 15, 19[30],
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Telegram to W H Shandro, c/o University of Alberta Mens Basketball Team at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, from “the girls,” sent by Margret Morrison, Feb. 27, 1930,
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Co. Telegram to Bill Shandro, c/o University of Alberta Mens Basketball Team at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, from “the team,” sent by Margret Morrison, Feb. 28, 1930.,
  • Canadian National Telegram to Captain Bill Shandro, University of Alberta Basketball Team at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, from Dr. and Mrs. Wyatt, Feb. 28, 1930.

PE000659 - Collection related to the 1980 McKenzie School Reunion and the 75th Anniversary of Saskatchewan

Collection of documents related to the McKenzie School Reunion and the 75th Anniversary of Saskatchewan celebration, both held in Kindersley, Saskatchewan in 1980. Items in this collection include:

  • Program of the church service held on Aug. 3, 1980 at St. Paul’s United Church, Kindersley, Sask., held for the guests of the McKenzie School Reunion. All other items were folded into this program.;
  • Invitation to attend the McKenzie School Reunion from Aug. 1st to 3rd, 1980. Includes the tentative itinerary and a guide to accommodations in town. Envelope is addressed to Mrs. Kathleen Reid Hadell of Victoria, B.C. and post marked 29 XII 1979.;
  • Typed letter “To Former Pupils of McKenzie School” requesting addresses for students who attended McKenzie School in 1927 and inquiring if there is sufficient interest among former students to justify organizing a school reunion. Includes a two page list of the names of all students enrolled in McKenzie school in 1927.;
  • Invitation to Reunion ’80 on card stock featuring Celebrate Saskatchewan 1905-1980 logo. This invitation and the following two items are contained in an envelope addressed Kathleen Hadell and post marked 5 III ’80.;
  • Typed letter inviting “Friend and/or Former Residents” of Kindersley, Saskatchewan to the 75th Anniversary events from Eric Halpenny, Chairman of the Kindersley Celebrate Saskatchewan Committee. Includes the program of planned events.;
  • Invitation to attend the McKenzie School Reunion from Aug. 1st to 3rd, 1980. Contains the same information as the invitation described above, but without spelling mistakes.

PE004905 - Landowner’s map with divisions and aerial photograph

Map depicting the sections in which the school districts of Lindal, Diamond, Elk Creek, and Deer Creek in Manitoba are divided according to land ownership. Each section contains the names of its owners. The map also numbers the applicable school districts and marks applicable international boundaries, township lines, section lines, quarter section lines, secondary highways, cemeteries, and any part owners of quarter sections. This map is accompanied by a colour aerial photograph of the region.

PE004868 - Letter Soliciting Aid for a Canadian-Soviet Friendship Committee during the Second World War

Letter sized, typewritten letter addressed to “Friend” and dated February 24, no year. The letter solicits aid on behalf of the town of Romny in the Russian Ukraine and outlines the items most necessary to the town (i.e. medical and surgical supplies, food, books, clothing, as well as information and services). Sent by Reverend William Keall of a Canadian-Soviet Friendship Committee during the Second World War.

PE004878 - Golden Anniversary of Powered Flight in Canada manuscript 

Manuscript in commemoration of the Golden Anniversary of Powered Flight in Canada. This is a collection of transcripts of 67 interviews conducted with pilots and flight engineers of the golden age of bush flying. These first person narrations are biographical and the manuscript's multiple parts constitute different experiences and perspectives of the birth and development of Canadian aviation, forming a comprehensive body of literature relating to the history of the Canadian aviation industry. The 64 transcripts are photocopies and vary in length. Also enclosed are photocopies of newspaper stories featuring members of the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame, as well as a brief description of the manuscript and its origins by Tony Cashman.

PE004904 - Totem Pole Tournaments brochure

This six-fold brochure of the Totem Pole Tournaments is divided into 6 sections which include: a list of events, rules & regulations, rates, timetable, and question & answer. The brochure is printed in colour; the cover features the event title, location, and dates and a prominent colour illustration of two Canadian National Railway agents presenting the totem trophy against a background of the Rocky Mountains.

PE004889 - "Short Biography of Artist Tom Roberts"

Short Biography of Artist Tom Roberts. The cover features a headline announcing “an exhibition and sale of paintings by Tom Roberts.” The inside of the slip contains a biography of the artist, while the back has the company name, the Eaton Company Limited, printed at the centre.

PE000799 - Short biography - "A Farewell to Clarence Richards"

Short biography- A Farewell to Clarence Richards. A booklet narrating the life and legacy of Clarence Richards. The cover reads "A Farewell to Clarence Richards,"  and the title page contains a prominent photograph of the subject as well as the title, name of the author (Tony Cashman), the date, and the author’s signature.

PE000948 - "Song of Welcome to Sir Wilfrid Laurier" handbill

Titled: "Song of Welcome to Sir Wilfrid Laurier." The top of the poster contains a b&w photograph of Sir Wilfrid Laurier, bordered by two ink drawings of lilies. The song follows the title, and there is a note to sing it to the tune of "Die Wacht am Rhein." Song was written by M. Salzwedel. A note at the bottom states: "Sung at Morden, Man., July 15th, 1910." 

PE004788 - "Personal Stuff By the Editor - Being a Christmas Greeting from … Elmer E. Roper."

Booklet titled, "Personal Stuff By the Editor - Being a Christmas Greeting from … Elmer E. Roper." Contains 16 pages of literary sketches, taken from “Personal Stuff,” a column in the Alberta Labor News, and meant as a Christmas greeting from the editor. Cover is in a light green colour, and contains a cartoon drawing of a man furiously typing on a type-writer.

PE000827 - "Farmer’s Handbook on Soils and Crops" published by the Country Guide

"Farmer’s Handbook on Soils and Crops." It includes illustrations from photos and drawings. It includes an index and ten headings, each with its own set of subheadings. The back of the handbook has a visibly erased arithmetic equation (initially written in pencil). Part of series: A guide to better farming; Book 5. Created by The Country Guide, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Cover contains title, subtitle, and photographs of farming items on orange cardboard.

PE004719 - Poster for Easter Dance in Warner, AB

Brown paper poster measuring 22 x 31 cm advertising an Easter Dance on Monday, April 2nd at the Community Hall in Warner.  Music by The Home Town Band “Playing UP TO DATE DANCE MUSIC / They’ll give you the Spring Feeling.”  Lunch to be served by U.F.W.A. in Hall, admission of fifty (50) cents, but ladies are free.  Dealer information indicates this poster is from 1956.  Warner is located in Alberta.

PE000854 - DRP Grain Codebook

“DRP Grain Codebook” revised to serve all sections of the Canadian Grain Trade. The purpose of this book is to facilitate coding and decoding for those involved in grain transactions. Published by Dawson Richardson Publications Limited. There are two slips containing handwritten notes. There are 15 sections in the book.

PE000994 - "Manitoba Horticulturist" volume 4, no. 2.

Pamphlet titled "Manitoba Horticulturist - Devoted to the better growing of Trees, Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers in Manitoba." Published by The Manitoba Horticultural and Forestry Association. This particular issue is part of volume 4, no. 2., and contains 6 pages detailing various horticultural issues.

PE004766 - “Dans les Montagnes Rocheuses Canadiennes” (trans: In the Canadian Rocky Mountains)  

Chapbook titled “Dans les Montagnes Rocheuses Canadiennes” or In the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Dedicated to Lord Shaughnessy, President of the C.P.R., and written by Gaëtane de Montreuil, pen-name of Georgiana Gill (Belanger).  This chapbook was letter-press printed in Quebec by Ernest Tremblay, Imprimeur, in 1916.  It is bound through two punched holes by a pink ribbon tied in a bow.  The cover is a matching pink paper and wraps around a single unopened signature.  Recorded in the Department of Agriculture in Ottawa in April, 1916.

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PE004790 - "Bramshott Souvenir Magazine, The Maple Leaf for Ever"

Book titled: "Bramshott Souvenir Magazine, The Maple Leaf for Ever." Front cover is decorated with a large ink drawing of a soldier holding an early Canadian flag, with a military camp in the background. The border on the front cover contains the various coats of arms for Canadian provinces along with maple leafs. The interior contains 128 pages depicting the various battalions and regiments at Bramshott Camp, poems and songs, and many b&w photographs of soldiers and regiments, as well as advertisements. Printed by the Press Bureau.

PE004820 - "Farm Blacksmithing Forge Welding and Making Post Drills and Forge Blowers"

Booklet titled: "Farm Blacksmithing Forge Welding and Making Post Drills and Forge Blowers, by L. G. Brownlee." Cover is brown construction paper with an ink drawing on the front depicting two post drills and a forge blower. Credit for the drawing is given to Nancy A. Hindley. Printed and published in Canada by Star-Publishing, Springdale, Alberta. The booklet cost $0.50 at the time. Printed in November, 1947. Contains 30 pages which outlines how to build post drills and forge blowers, along with the necessary shop tools, and two sections on forge welding and farm blacksmithing. Contains a table of contents, images, and a coupon for ½ off the next version. Booklet is in good condition, with a red stain on the front cover, and slight damage to the pages in the top left corner. 

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PE000763 - Letter to Members of Aleph Zadik Aleph

Typewritten letter to members of Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA) sent by Sam Beber. Contents include a listing of the Supreme Advisory Council members of the Aleph Zadik Aleph of the B’Nai B’rith. The letter implores the visiting members of the A.Z.A. to comport themselves properly during their visit. The letter is in good condition and includes the A.Z.A. seal on the bottom left corner.

PE004697 - Program for the official opening of the Nanton Scout-Guide Hall

The program for the official opening of the Nanton Scout-Guide Hall on April 24, 1957.  The front cover features a full-colour illustration of a moustached Scout leader with a young Boy Scout next to him.  The cover is otherwise blank with slight yellowing.  Inside, a single sheet of white paper is held in place by a single staple.  This paper features a photograph of the Scout-Guide hall, and the program of events marking its opening.  Mayor Dr. Little gave an address, with speeches from Mrs. Schlosser from provincial Guide headquarters and Mr. Fry from provincial Scout headquarters. 

PE000901 - Canadian Postmasters Association (B.C. and Yukon Branch) Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference.

Title reads: "Canadian Postmasters Association (B.C. and Yukon Branch) Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference." Below this is a pixelated picture of a hotel set next to a roadway. Below the picture it reads: "Leon Hotel, Port Moody, B.C. June 4th, 5th, 6th, 1962. Souvenir Programme." The back cover is blank. The interior is printed on regular paper stock, and details the day to day itinerary of the conference. Also includes various advertisements for sponsors of the conference, as well as a President’s Message on the second page.

PE000928 - Program for "The Birth of a Nation" shown at the Empire Theatre

Program for "The Birth of a Nation" shown at the Empire Theatre. Front cover contains a b&w border, separated into four segments.

  • The top segment reads: Empire Program.
  • The next segment down reads: One Week Starting Monday, February 14th - Matinee Daily - The Basil Corporation Presents D. W. Griffith’s - “The Birth of a Nation” - A Spectacular Drama in Two Acts - Founded on Thomas Dixon’s Story - “The Clansman” - Basil S. Courtney, General Manager - Symphony Orchestra of Twenty - Under the leadership of Mr. Alf. Dalby - Note—There will be an intermission of eight minutes between Acts 1 and 2. 
  • The bottom two segments contain advertisements for various businesses.

The interior of the program is also separated into 9 segments. Most contain advertisements; however two contain a list of cast and characters of the movie. The back page contains information regarding the picture, with three headings titled: The Griffith Trade Mark; Facts About the Picture, and Making Altogether. Printed by The Model Press Cor. Queens & Rice.

PE000903 - Program for Stratford Festival performance of "Medea"

Program for the play: "Medea." Program is printed on brown paper and includes a large b&w photo depicting two characters-one of which is Medea. The top of the program notes:"Thirdstage - 26th Season June 5 to October 14 - Stratford Festival Canada 1978." The back of the program is white with an ink drawing of two geese and a note: "IBM Canada Limited through its support of the Third Stage Program in the 1978 Season wishes to acknowledge the valuable contribution the Stratford Festival is making to the development of Canadian theatre." Below this is IBM’s logo. The interior contains the details of the play, including cast, director, and b&w photographs taken from the play. There are also a few advertisements for sponsors of the festival. A note at the bottom of one of the pages states it was printed in Canada/Beacon Herald Fine Printing Division.  

PE000771 - Program for Aqua Follies: A Musical Ballet

Aqua Follies: A Musical Ballet. The front page features the title, choreographer, date, and a listing of swimming officials. The inside lists each part of the event, including athletic exhibitions and hymns sung. The back provides a biography of the choreographer and trainer, and an illustration of a shooting star. Contains the seal of the Canadian Amateur Swimming Association on the top left corner. Hosted by the Manitoba Section of the Canadian Amateur Swimming Association.

PE004682 - Menu card for My Wigwam restaurant

Menu card for My Wigwam restaurant in Okotoks, AB.  The cover is printed to look like brown leather, complete with realistic shading along the fore edges.  The front cover has a large illustration of a First Nations chief’s head and headdress of buffalo horns.  The chief also wears a red medal showing the bust of a young queen, presumably Queen Victoria.  Inside are listed a breakfast menu and an a la carte menu.  A typed list of evening specials showing finger smudges is attached with a paperclip to the inside of the menu card.

PE000580 - "Appalling Disaster: Men Women and Children are Buried Under A[valanche]: Whole Families Are Wiped Out: Frank Is Now A City in the Deepest M[ourning].”

Copy of The Frank Sentinel (Vol. 2, Is. 27) with article describing the Frank Slide disaster. Includes a list of the known dead or injured. Text is very worn and difficult to read. Corrections have been made in ballpoint pen to main article. Printed in Frank, Alberta.

PE000686 - “Rifle Owned By Buffalo Bill Among Calgarian’s Collection” Published in Gun Talk (Vol. 2 No. 4)

Clipping of an article titled “Rifle Owned By Buffalo Bill Among Calgarian’s Collection,” with no author attribution. Article describes the rifle and pistol collection of Calgarian R. W. Burns, which was shown at the annual gun show of the Alberta Arms and Cartridge Collectors’ Association. Found on pages 18-19 in Gun Talk, newsletter of the Saskatchewan Gun Collectors Association, Vol. 2 No. 4. Features B&W picture of Burns and eight of his rifles.

PE000759 - The Alberta Homestead Journal

The Alberta Homestead Journal. 12-page journal printed in Edmonton, AB, described as a journal for the farmer and his family. It features stories on agriculture, farmer conventions, farm equipment sales advertisements and opinion columns.

PE000953 - "Golden Jubilee Fifty Years of Progress Edition News=Record" Newspaper

Newspaper titled: Golden Jubilee Fifty Years of Progress Edition News=Record. Title page contains three drawings - one of a mounted RCMP, one of a horse-drawn wagon, and one of two indigenous people. There is a large dedication in the middle of the title page to those who helped settle the prairies, with the dates 1889-1939. Newspaper is volume 35, number 31, printed in Lumsden, Sask on November 1939. Newspaper sold for 25c per copy. Back cover contains an advertisement for men's suits and coats.

PE000995 - "St. Vital Lance" newspapers

Five (5) newspaper issues titled "St. Vital Lance" from St. Vital, Manitoba. All range throughout the year 1932, are 4 pages in length and detail the various happenings in St. Vital. Cost is $0.05 per copy, or $1.00 per year.

PE004752 - Northwest Uprising covered in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper

Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, printed in New York, No. 1,544, vol. LX. Front cover contains a large b&w ink drawing of four figures, three on snowshoes with one carrying a child, in a winter landscape. Caption reads: "Canada - The Uprising in the Northwest - White Inhabitants of the Saskatchewan Region Leaving a Settlement, After an Indian Raid." Remainder of the paper contains news from around the world, including Canada and the Riel Rebellion.

PE000573 - Letter from Rev. Salamon answering Lavallée’s questions.

Handwritten letter from Rev. Salamon to Lavallée, on Qu’Appelle Indian School letterhead which has been crossed out and changed to say “Sacred Heart Rectory.” Rev. Salamon answers Lavallée’s questions. Apr. 8, 1978, Lebret, Sask. For further correspondence between Lavallée and Reverend Salamon see also PE000572 (F-2-0-0-11) and PE000574 (F-2-0-0-13).

PE000767 - Invitation to a church dance held at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

Church Invitation to Miss Annie Mo Anashong from St. Paul’s Church. The invitation states that “the young men of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church” request the invitee’s pleasure. The event was to take place in the Lecture Room. The invitation folds to an 8 x 16 cm rectangle and the edges of the right and bottom were decoratively cut in a series of small waves. Other decorative features are darker drops throughout the entire paper. It is in good condition but the colour has faded.

PE004861 - "Schweres Schicksal oder 'Gottes Wege sind nicht unsere Wege': Aus dem Leben des kranken Peter Dyck gegenwärtig im Carman Hospital, Manitoba"

This self-published book is a memoir/biography. The title, translated to English, is "Misfortune, God’s Ways are not Our ways: From the Life of Peter Dyck, currently sick at the Carman Hospital, Manitoba." The cover is blue paper and has a B&W photograph of a large house, presumably Carman Hospital, Manitoba.

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PE000887 - Prayer Book for Ukrainian Catholic Youth

A prayer book for Ukrainian Catholic youth. Cover is black patterned cardboard with a brown-gold picture of a cross entwined with flowers. Contains 96 pages of Bible readings in both Ukrainian and English. Inside pages are quite thin and worn, however book is in good condition aside from first page, which is torn. The name of Metropolitan Vasylï? of the Ukrainian Catholic Church can be found on the back of the first page.

PE000888 - Ukrainian Orthodox record book for family deaths

The cover has a silver design of the Ukrainian Orthodox cross. The first few pages contain writing in Ukrainian, and include two ink drawings: one of the crucified Christ being gazed upon by three people; one depicting a woman kneeling in prayer in front of a cross in the jungle. The remaining pages contain blank lines for writing the names of the dead. 

PE000936 - Palm Sunday 1956 program for Central United Church

Program outlining the worship service at Central United Church for Palm Sunday, March 25, 1956. The front cover is lilac in color and includes a watercolour picture of Jesus riding a donkey, surrounded by worshippers, with children strewing palm branches in front of him. The picture is bordered by green palm branches, and the text below the picture reads: "Palm Sunday-And the multitude that went before and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna to the son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest. –Matthew 21:9." The interior details the programs for the morning and evening services, as well as the life and work of the church. The back cover lists the church officers. There is a note on the back cover stating: Litho in U.S.A. No. 5615L, Copyright 1956 Augsburg Publishing House. 

PE004836 - Program for "Srebrny Jubileusz Kapłaństwa" (Polish for: Silver Jubilee of the Priesthood)

Program titled: "Srebrny Jubileusz Kap?a?stwa" which is Polish for: "Silver Jubilee of the Priesthood." Lists the events over the two (2) day celebration of the jubilee, and a menu for a dinner. Also contains five (5) b&w photographs of various Polish churches/monuments in Canada. Front cover is elegantly drawn, with a leaf motif, crosses, grapes and vines, a small house and a boat. Middle of the front cover shows a b&w photograph of a priest through a picture window cut into the front cover. When opened to the second page, the picture is captioned Ad Multos Annos! (Latin for: To many years!) Wiel. O. A. Sylla, O. M. I. Program is entirely written in Polish and Latin.

PE004798 - "Act of Visitation of St. Mary’s Province by Very Rev. John P. Walsh"

Book titled: "Act of Visitation of St. Mary’s Province by Very Rev. John P. Walsh, O.M.I., Assistant General, March 6- to June 9, 1956." Book contains 40 pages, which provide an overview of the mandate, execution, act of visitation, and division of the visit, as well as recommendations for the oblates regarding religious life, exercises, practices, etc. Contains a letter written by the Superior General in Rome, to the oblates of St. Mary’s Province.

PE000834 - "Indian Education in the North West" Booklet

Booklet is titled "Indian Education in the North West." Cover is brown cardboard and includes a framed title and the author’s name, Rev. Thompson Ferrier, who argues for the fight to “civilize, educate, and Christianize the Indian.” Published by the Department of Missionary Literature of the Methodist Church, Canada. 

PE000955 - "Programm zur 50-jährigen Gedenkfeier der ersten Einwanderung von Mennoniten in Manitoba" (Programme for the 50 year commemoration of the first immigration of Mennonites to Manitoba)

Title reads: "Programm zur 50-jährigen Gedenkfeier der ersten Einwanderung von Mennoniten in Manitoba." (Program for the 50 year commemoration of the first immigration of Mennonites to Manitoba). The interior contains the program for the day, and selections of song to be sung in the congregation.

PE004880 - House of Commons Debates on Religious Education for Native Children

Report on a debate within the House of Commons regarding the appropriateness of providing native children with a denominational education. The debate features an opposition of a) Mr. Higgins, who recommends providing native children religious/spiritual education that is traditional to their people, and b) Mr. Brown, who argues that it is in the best interest of native children to receive a Christian education.

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