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1844 (Feb) from Anne Alsop to Rev. John Smithurst

Place: Red River Settlement

From: Mary Hodgson, Sycamore Cottage in Lea

To: Reverend John Smithurst

Details: 3pp

Notes: The writer Anne Alsop discusses family matters in great length and asks Smithurst to take an "Indian bride". Smithurst was a roommate to be involved with his cousin Florence Nightingale but the relationship was stopped by family members.

The letter would have been forwarded to the Church Missionary Society in London. The mail was carried up by Hudson's Bay Company Spring Supply Ship to York Factory and from there the letter would travel by boat up the Nelson River, through Lake Winnipeg and. up the Red River to Indian Settlement.

Alsop, Anne

PE002054 - "Our first home in Canada" 1910 photo

Depicts a couple with a young daughter and baby standing in front of a small house in a prairie setting. Captioned "Our first home in Canada" and "1909." Presumably Charles and Agnes Chase, with their daughter Leo as a child, and son Anson as a baby, in front of their home in Strathmore AB.

PE002053 - Logbook of burials in the Strathmore Cemetery

Logbook of burials in the Strathmore Cemetery, recording the names, sexes, dates of death and burials plots of people buried in the cemetery from 1911 until approximately 1951 [later entries may have been missed]. A manuscript title on the front cover reads "Strathmore Cemetery from 1911 to Nov. 1946, though the entries exceed this date range, in a different hand. The cover also reads "to Anson Chase." The log was begun by Charles Chase, original secretary of the Cemetary, and later taken up by his son Anson.

Chase, Charles

PE002051 - "By-law of the Town of Strathmore to provide for the control and regulation of the Cemetery" draft

Typescript draft of a bylaw to govern the Strathmore Cemetery. Establishes duties, rights and powers of the Secretary, originally Charles Chase, as well as rules for lots, and rights and duties of lot owners. Includes manuscript notes and additions in the margins, presumably by Charles Chase. Manuscript notes on the back of the last page indicate names, locations and dates of death for seven people buried in the cemetery, between 1914 and 1938.

Chase, Charles

PE002050 - Richard and Susan Neumeyer biography

Biographical sketch of Richard and Susan Neumeyer, early settlers of Strathmore, AB, written by their daughter Margaret Chase. Recounts their arrivals in the area, Richard's work as a ranch hand and cowboy lifestyle, Susan's adjustment from life in London, England, their 1914 marriage, and the events of their subsequent married life, including their 1927 move to Strathmore, where Richard worked for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Also mentions their recreational activities in Strathmore, such as curling and dancing. Richard died on April 14, 1927, and Susan on November 6, 1981.

Chase, Margaret

PE002049 - Anson and Margaret Chase biography

Autobiographical/biographical sketch of Margaret and Anson Chase's life in Strathmore, AB, written by Margaret Chase for contribution to a history of the area. The two married in Strathmore on October 20, 1931, and spent much of their subsequent married life there, until transferring to Vancouver in 1959. Recounts events in their life and the town in this time period, including their experience of the Depression, Anson's work for the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and recreational activities that took place in the town.

Chase, Margaret

PE002048 - My Early Memories by Anson Chase

Autobiographical sketch by Anson Chase, detailing his early life in Strathmore, AB, written for contribution to a history of the town. Chase recounts being the second child born directly in Strathmore, in 1909, where he went on to spend the first 50 years of his life. He describes events that took place in the town, quotidian and exceptional, including visits from a travelling circus, life during the First World War, the celebration of Armistice Day, the arrival of the the CPR line in town, and the formative experiences of his daily life.

Chase, Anson

PE002047 - Charles and Agnes Chase biography

Biography of Charles and Agnes Chase, written by their daughter, Mrs. Leo McKenzie, and son, Anson Chase. Was submitted as a contribution to a history of Strathmore. Briefly describes their early life and marriage in Michigan, and concentrates on their 1907 move to and subsequent life in the then nascent Village of Strathmore. The family built the first permanent dwelling in Strathmore, and actively led the settlement's development on many fronts. The biography goes on to describe this development, with a focus directed on but not limited to the activities of Mr. and Mrs. Chase. The biography and history cover a timespan from Charles Chase's birth in 1872, to the time of writing, in 1984.

Chase, Anson

PE002080 - 1990 Edmonton Jesuit College 1939-40 Philosophy Class Reunion souvenir book manuscript

  • Printed computer manuscript of the May 1990 Reunion of the 1939-40 Philosophy Class of the Edmonton Jesuit College. Includes CVs of the attendees, photos, a list of school Fathers from 1931-1942, and lyrics to songs. Attendees: Henri Bonnet, Lucien Bonnet, Gérard Breton, Claude de Champlain, Camille Georget, Paul Huot, Joseph Moreau, Roger Mutot, Robert Brunelle, Roger Dupuis, Edmour Gaudet, Gustave Houle, Clément Lagassé, Jean-Louis Lebel and Roger Lebeuf.

  • The manuscript is enclosed but not bound in an orange ring binder covered with doodles.

Motut, Roger

PE002036 - Edmonton Bulletin Calgary Banff trip winners, 1935

Depicts around 50 boys, and some men, likely their chaperones, who were the winners of a contest put on by the Edmonton Bulletin in 1935 for carriers of their newspaper to win a three day trip to Calgary and Banff. They are posed in front of a Canadian Pacific train at the station, and several of the boys are holding up copies of an Edmonton Bulletin page with a headline describing the contest: “Three Glamorous, Care-free Days at Calgary-Banff for Bulletin Carrier-Salesmen.” All of the winners are wearing matching Edmonton Bulletin hats. A caption on the back identifies some of the winners.

McDermid Studios

PE002016 - Shamrock Brand Baked Sausage truck advertisement

Photograph depicting a truck decorated to advertise Shamrock Brand Baked Sausage, manufactured by Burns & Co. Ltd. Truck has a pyramid in its bed that reads “The Peak of Excellence,” and a sign on the side that reads “Our latest creation, Shamrock Brand baked sausage. Ready to serve – hot or cold. Burns & Co. Ltd.” The truck is parked outside of a house; a man can be seen entering the door, and another passing on the street.

ABC Studios

PE002014 - Royal Alexandra Hospital graduating nurses group photo

Group photo of the graduating class of nurses at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, AB. 30 women in all, dressed in all-white nurse’s uniforms with ankle-length skirts, long sleeves and caps. Each is holding a bouquet of flowers and a diploma. One woman at back centre is wearing a black hat and coat; she appears to be in a position of authority.

PE002043 - 574 ½ Main Street, Winnipeg

Depicts 574 ½ Main Street, Winnipeg, between 1897 and 1899. Members of the Canadian Militia are riding past on horseback off to the side. A man leans on a bicycle at the crosswalk, and another on a cane, near a horse and wagon. An elaborate network of electrical wires runs on poles between the viewer and a grand building standing in a park.

Gray, Sam

PE002026 - Women members of the Calgary Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes lodge, group portrait

Depicts women members of the Calgary Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes lodge, lined up on the stairs in front of a stone building with decorative columns. The women in the front row are dressed alike, in white dresses with sashes. Caption reads “Officers and Member of L.A. No. 3 to Noble Lodge, R.A.O.B.”

Central Studio, Calgary

PE002028 - “Ralph Elmer’s Place” harvest scene

Depicts a group of farm workers, as well as some ladies dressed up in fancy clothes, together with teams of work horses, all posing around a very large bale of hay, with a large fork machine for lifting the hay onto the bale. Caption on the back reads “Ralph Elmer’s Place, Alberta Canada.”

PE002029 - Buffet scene

Depicts buffet tables full of food, with a chef and wait staff elegantly dressed posing behind them. The tables are set with elaborate centerpieces decorated with the union jack.

PE002018 - Spicer Coal Co. buildings, workers and horse teams photo set

Photos of the Spicer Coal Co. buildings and of company horse teams hauling loads of coal. The company was located in the Red Deer, AB region, near Camrose. Photos are numbered:

  • “No. 1” Company buildings, exterior view, with a pile of scrap lumber in the foreground.
  • “No. 2.” Company buildings in the distance, with a trail through the snow leading towards them.
  • “No. 3” Railroad tracks leading through the snow to a coal-processing building.
  • “No. 4” Horses pulling sleds, with workers posed around them.
  • “No. 5” Horse teams pulling sleds, some facing towards and some away from the camera, and workers with shovels.
  • “No. 6” A horse team mounted to a sled in the snow, with warmly-dressed workers gathered around.
  • “No. 7” Interior of a coal-processing building. Industrial machinery with gears, wheels and tanks.

Len Halyard, Saskatoon

Correspondence, 6 April 1837

Private correspondence from Alexander McLeod at Fort Resolution to John Stuart, c/o James Hargrave at Fort Garry, reaching Stuart at Finchurch Street, Hudson's Bay House, London.

McLeod writes of his personal affairs, including the slander and criticisms towards his handling of fur trading business.

PE001923 - Michelangelo Rediscovered lecture poster

Poster advertising a lecture by Dr. Walter Persegati of the Vatican Museum entitled “Michelangelo Rediscovered: The Cleaning of the Frescoes in the Sistine Chapel,” held at the University of Alberta on December 3, 1990. Red and blue text on a white background.

University of Alberta

PE001918 - Turbulence art exhibition poster

Poster advertising the exhibition “Turbulence,” shown at the Walter Phillips Gallery at the Banff Centre in Banff, AB from July 7-24, 1988. Features exhibition details and a list of the artists involved: Carole Baillergeon, Kevin Carter, Benjamin Fleming, Louis Fortier, Marie-Josée Lafortune, Sharon Moodie, David Skingle and Paul Vandeborne. Background is an image of a work by Paul Vandeborne.

Walter Phillips Gallery

PE001917 - Water Garden: Tomoyo Ihaya exhibition poster

Poster advertising the exhibition: “Water Garden: Tomoyo Ihaya,” shown from October 15-26, 2002 at the University of Alberta’s Fab Gallery. Carried out as a visual presentation for their Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking degree. Poster includes an image of a work by Ihaya.

University of Alberta Department of Art and Design

PE001925 - Ranch art installation poster

Poster for “Ranch: A three-dimensional painting by Alan Wood in the natural environment of the Rocky Mountain Ranch, [near] Calgary, Alberta, 1983.” Background is a large photo of a portion of the work in its environment, which features geometrically-stylized fence-like constructions painted multiple vivid colours, set in a grassy field.

PE001926 - Banff Publishing Worksop program and poster

Program detailing the 1992 Banff Publishing Workshop. Includes workshop descriptions, application information, and participant testimonials. Back is a poster with a view of Banff from on a nearby mountain and text that reads “The Banff Publishing Workshop is no holiday in the mountains.”

Banff Publishing Workshop

PE001930 - Themes in Design presentation series poster

Poster advertising the “Themes in Design” presentation series held at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, in February and March of 1990. Presentations listed: Liz McQuiston – Women in Design; Marshall Berman – Modernism vs. Postmodernism; Ken Baynes – Design Education in Public Schools; and Katherine McCoy – New Dutch Design.

Emily Carr University of Art and Design

PE001929 - Model Homes: Explorations in Alternative Living exhibition poster

Poster advertising the Model Homes: Explorations in Alternative Living exhibition held at the Edmonton Art Gallery from September 10 to November 12, 1999. Featured work by Kim Adams, Eleanor Bond, Don Lawrence, Liz Magor and Lucy Orta. Poster has images of works from the exhibitions, feature concepts and constructions of non-traditional housing designs.

Edmonton Art Gallery

PE001928 - Blast Into the Future! 2002 Alberta New Media Awards poster and invitation

Poster and invitation for the 2002 Alberta New Media Awards, their second annual iteration. Held in Calgary. Gives information on the awards. Poster has a large computer-generated 3D graphic on the front, of some sort of holographic beam with computer displays surrounding it that read “MEDIA.” Sent by post. Addressed to the Edmonton Art Gallery.

Alberta New Media Association

PE001931 - Zaharichuk exhibition poster and catalogue

Poster and catalogue for the Zaharichuk exhibition, featuring the works of Doris Zaharichuk, shown by the Edmonton Art Gallery from December 9, 1978 – January 8, 1979. Includes an image of a Zaharichuk painting, a brief biographical timeline of her life, and a list of works included in the exhibition.

Edmonton Art Gallery

PE001932 - Emily Carr College of Art and Design Florence Program poster

Poster advertising Emily Carr College of Art and Design’s Florence Program. Includes brief descriptions of programs for study abroad at Santa Reparata Studio in Florence, Italy, featuring the programs “Design in Italy,” “Drawing: The Human Figure,” “Mixed Media Printmaking,” and “Photography.” Background design is a sketch of an Italian architectural landmark, inked in vibrant colours.

Emily Carr University of Art and Design

PE001939 - Medicine Hat Print Show 1991 poster

Poster soliciting submissions for the 1991 Medicine Hat Print Show. Provides entry details. Background image is a reproduction of the lithograph “Outback” by Alexandra Haeseker, from the 1987 Medicine Hat Print Show, depicting a dog tied to a fence.

Medicine Hat Gallery Association

PE001937 - Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery exhibitions poster

Poster advertising exhibitions being shown at the Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery, at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, BC from May to August, 1982. Exhibitions listed: The Victorian Toy Theatre, Chinese Art from the Maltwood Collection, Furniture Designers and Craftsmen in the Victoria Region, Pasquale Verdicchio: photographs, Vrian Grison – Paintings and Alan Brooks – Wildlife Art. Includes an image of a Ming-dynasty era artwork, Spring in the Woods at Dawn, attributed to Ch’iu Ying.

Maltwood Art Museum and Gallery

PE001935 - Art of Aboriginal Australia exhibition poster

Poster advertising the Art of Aboriginal Australia exhibition shown at the Glenbow-Alberta Art Gallery in Calgary from September 22 – October 20, 1974. Sponsored by Rothmans of Pall Mall Canada Ltd., a tobacco company. Background is a photograph of statuettes from the exhibition.

Glenbow Museum

PE001934 - Japanese Culinary Pop exhibition poster with opening invitation

Poster for the Japanese Culinary Pop exhibition shown at the University of British Columbia Fine Arts Gallery from March 20 – April 11, 1970, with an invitation to the opening attached. Includes a description of the exhibition and a photograph of a food model from it, within a red circle on a white field, evoking the Japanese flag. Exhibition consisted of a collection of wax Japanese food models, for display at restaurants. Invitation mentions a John Martin Gilbert art exhibition to open concurrently.

University of British Columbia

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