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Pocock Scrapbook (1901 - 1903)

Pocock's 1901-1903 scrapbook consisting of graphic and textual material related to his travels, publications, and involvement in the Boer War.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of Pocock's family, White Fraser's Troop in Strathcona's (some people in photo identified), and scenes and people of the Boer War.
Watercolour paintings of soldier from Boer War, seascapes, interior and exterior views of boats, landscape of camp during Boer War, and various portraits.
Maps of Egypt and South Africa.
Clippings of Lena Ashwell's plays and performances, Lena Ashwell's obituary, the Duke of Cornwall's visit to Canada, and various articles related to Pocock's interests. Also includes clippings of stories and articles written by Pocock including "The Cargador", "Sundered Hearts", and "The Trail of Red Macleod".
Brochure published by Pocock's father.
Imprint cuttings of New Orleans; cathedrals and buildings in Pouen, Teneriffe and other parts of Spain; Durban; South Africa; Zuzuland; Cape Town; and other regions of Africa.
Letters to and from Pocock, including one from A.J. Dawson, journalist and author.
Diary entries for the years 1901-1903 about his travels.
Certificate of discharge as Assistant Steward from the Ship, "Rossall" (1901).
Ephemera such as railway tickets, permission ships, travelling pass, list of men taking discharge in April 1902.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1902 - 1903)

Pocock's 1902-1903 scrapbook consisting of textual and graphic materials related to his publications and travels in Europe.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of his sister, Daisy; himself in profile; and various individuals and scenes that illustrate Pocock's articles, such as men on horses.
Sketched portraits of Daisy and a self portrait.
Oil painting entitled "A Mother's Vision".
Watercolour paintings of landscapes, seascapes, unidentified people, and scenes of Bergen, Trondhjem, and Gardenstown.
Clippings of articles and stories written by Pocock including the "Great Adventurers" series and "A Gap in the World", "The Yokohoma Pirates", "The Lost Trooper", "The Terror on the Ice", "The War on the Skeena", "A British Consul's Daily Life", "The Search for Death", "North-West Mounted Police", "Hunting a Horse Thief", and "The Flying Dutchman".
Imprints of RCMP, Lena Ashwell and buildings and people in Trondhjem, Gardenstown, Aberdeen, and Banff, UK.
Ephemera including a ticket to see the coronation of King Edward VII, a menu, and various items from "The Nameless Club"
Diary entries for the years 1902-1903 (sparse).
Letter to Daisy.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1903 - 1904)

Pocock's 1903-1904 scrapbook consisting of graphic and textual materials related to his publications, travels in the UK, and other interests.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of Lena Ashwell, and unidentified portraits.
Sketch by Oliver Herford.
Letters from Rudyard Kipling and S.R. James
Clippings of reviews for Pocock's book "A Frontiersman", articles about Lena Ashwell, interview with Pocock, articles related to Pocock's interests, and articles and stories written by Pocock including "In the Land of Death", "Hunting in Western America", "Fur Farming in England", "The Mythological Gardens", "The City of Death", "The Black Box", "Christmas in Strange Places", "A Capitol Felony", "The Joys of a Cowboy's Life", "A Lord on the Range", "Amor de Cosmos", and "A Matter of Robbers".
Watercolour paintings and sketches of landscapes, buildings, and Munslow.
Imprints of Steele, villages in the UK, Blackfoot people, and Cowboys.
Playbill for play with Lena Ashwell.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1904)

Pocock's 1904 scrapbook consisting of graphic and textual materials that document his travels from Denmark to Greenland.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of people, ships, and places related to Pocock's expedition from Denmark to Greenland.
Brief diary entries of the day-to-day events from 19 December 1903 to 28 December 1904.
Letter of recommendation for Pocock from the Marquees of Landsdowne to supply an introduction to the Majesty's Minister in Copenhagen in attempt to let Pocock join the expedition from Denmark to Greenland, dated 19 April 1904.
Map of Copenhagen.
Map that charts the passage of Pocock's ship from Denmark to Greenland.
Hand-drawn maps of the area around Disko Bugt, and Upernivik.
Imprints of places around Denmark and Germany.
Watercolour and acrylic paintings of landscapes and seascapes from Denmark to Greenland.
Articles written by Pocock of his Greenland expedition called "The More Northerly House on Earth" and of the war in Russia such as "Russian Discontent", "Russia at War", "Russia in War Time", "The Russian Peasant Who is Revolting against the Government", and "Father Ivan - A Worker of Miracles".

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1890)

Pocock's 1890 scrapbook consists mostly of large photographs and imprint cuttings of British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains.
Scrapbook contains:
Imprint cuttings of scenes of B.C. and the Rocky Mountains.
Photographs of Kicking Horse Pass, Rodger's Pass, mountain scenes, Indigenous people, scenes of Bella Coola, Victoria, portraits (most unidentified), Lizzie Denny, two women convocating in caps and gowns, people and scenes of Port Essington, scenes of Skeena River, Fraser River First Nations, and scenes of Fraser River.

Pocock, Roger


he accession comprises 180 cm of textual records arranged by series arising from specific functions of the creating office. It includes records of activities related to an array of committees and functions including Canada Research Excellence Chairs, Physical Activity Strategic Operating Committee, Facilities Development Committee, Academic Planning, Enrolment Planning Envelope,
and President's Advisory Committee and Academic Measures Advancement Reports, Records include agendas, minutes of meetings, decisions, correspondence and reports.

The files are arranged according group or function to which the records relate and as part of the creator's file classification system.

Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)


Accession comprises Mixed Chorus four '45 Albums of Songs and One Scrap-book including black and white as well as colour positive photographs.

Mixed Chorus