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Item · May 4, 1888
Part of Prairie Ephemera Collection

A printed copy of a speech delivered to the Historical Society of Manitoba by vice-president Charles N. Bell on May 4, 1888. It consists mostly of quotes and summaries from a work titled "Journal of Alexander Henry to Lake Superior, Red River, Assiniboine, Rocky Mountains, Columbia and the Pacific, 1799 to 1811, to establish the fur trade" and focuses on the time period between July 1800 and June 1801 and Henry's interactions with the Saulteaux (Ojibwa, Nakawe) First Nations people. There is a second document included in the booklet between the cover and first page titled "Transactions and Proceedings of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba, from it's Organization in 1879 till the close of the Society's Year 1888-89; being Transactions Nos. 1 to 34, and Annual Reports for the Years 1880-1888." It consists only of the first leaf of what was presumably another booklet and contains the table of contents.

Bell, Charles N.