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Provincial Archives of Alberta fonds
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Accession consists of photographs of the University of Alberta Faculty of Law 16th Graduating Class (1938-39) and the Gateway staff (1936-1937).


Accession consists of publications titled "Government Records Collections Held in the Provincial Archives of Alberta, Edmonton" and "Voices of Alberta: A Survey of Oral History Completed in Alberta up to 1980", edited by Jean E. Dryden.

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Accession consists of the memoirs of Dr. Walter Morrish, describing the medical student's life at the University of Alberta and work on the A. & G.W. Railway.

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Accession consists of a book titled "The Letters of Louisa McDougall, 1878-1887", edited by Elizabeth M. McCrum (Provincial Archives Occasional Paper no. 1).

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Accession consists of a scheme for organizing common series of records found in pastoral charge collections.

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Accession consists of a photograph of the University of Alberta campus, including St. Joseph's College, Plant Pathology, radio towers, Pembina Hall, the Medical Building, the Power Plant, the South Lab, and the Arts Building.


Accession consists of a recording of Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No.9 in D minor, Op 125, "The Choral Symphony," performed by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (Pierre Hetu conductor) with the combined choir of The Richard Eaton Singers, the Da Camera Singers and the University of Alberta Concert Choir (Larry Cook music director).


Accession consists of a listing of all Protestant Public Schools organized in the Province of Alberta. The list was compiled by Dale Holtslander.

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Accession consists of records from the collection of Sylvia Robertson at the Provincial Archives of Alberta, including invitations to the Second Annual Conversazione (February 2, 1911), the Sophomore's Reception (October 31, 1911), the Freshman's Reception (March 20, 1912), and the Sophomores Reception (October 17, 1912).

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Accession consists of files from Alberta Public Works relating to University of Alberta facilities construction.

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Accession consists of a booklet from the Provincial Archives of Alberta titled "Alberta at the Turn of the Century", edited by Eric Holmgren (Publication No. 2).

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Accession consists of an inventory of the papers of Dr. Karl Adolph Clark from the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

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Accession consists of a pamphlet from the Provincial Archives of Alberta titled "Alberta Government House" (Publication No. 1).

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Accession consists of a booklet from the Intrafraternity Council titled "Fraternities at the U of A" and photographs of University of Alberta residences, including Rutherford House with a Delta Upsilon symbol, Pembina Hall, Athabaska Hall, and Assiniboia Hall.


Accession consists of a catalogues of records in the Provincial Archives of Alberta from the Anglican Diocese of Athabasca and the Anglican Diocese of MacKenzie River.

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Accession consists of photographic transparencies from the Pollard Collection, including photographs of Horace Harvey, Nicholas Beck, and Charles Stuart.


Accession consists of interviews conducted by Mrs. Naomi Radford with Dr. John M. MacEachran, Ernest Pelluet, Mrs. Stanley H. McCuaig, and Mrs. E. W. Sheldon. The interviews were recorded for an oral history project at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

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Provincial Archives of Alberta fonds

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Fonds consists of records collected or created by the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

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