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Walter Edgar Harris fonds
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Materials relating to the personal and professional life of Walter E. Harris, noteworthy Canadian chemist and recipient of the Order of Canada. Including original transcripts in various states, research materials, teaching materials board and conference materials, reports, correspondence, maps, monographs/publications awards/ certificates and diplomas.

Harris, Walter Edgar


Correspondence between Professor Emeritus, W.E. Harris and W.G. Goward, a former graduate student in chemistry.

Harris, Walter Edgar


Drafts of "Department of Chemistry - History and Memoir" by WE Harris

Supplemental information to drafts

WE Harris is Professor Emeritus - Dept of Chemistry

Harris, Walter Edgar

Chem 312 Student Lab Manuals

File contains lab manuals for: 1962-63; 1963-64; and 1964-65. Two copies of the 1962-63 manual; one is a revision copy with extensive handwritten notes by WE Harris.

Early Instrumental Analysis Lab Manuals, 1956 - 1960

File contains: (1) 1956 Lab Manual for Instrumental Methods of Analysis, revision copy 1 dated 1957-60 by WE Harris; (2) 1956 Lab Manual for Instrumental Methods of Analysis, revision copy 2; (3) Instrumental Analysis Lab Manual, early 1960s version for Chem. 511 - 611, with annotations and inserts by WE Harris. Many of these experiments were later moved to Chemistry 58, the precursor to Chemistry 312 (Quantitative Analysis); others were moved to Chemistry 511 (Instrumental Analysis).

Material from Office of SG Davis, 2006

Correspondence, notes, photographs. Memo addressed to University Archives (BARD) from WE Harris, October 11, 2006, indicates that the material is from the office of Dr. SG Davis. Contents include folders labelled "Gunning"; "Analytical"; "Chemistry Building"; "Chemistry Department"; and "Davis."

Chemical Analysis

Chemical Analysis, by HA Laitenen, published by McGraw-Hill. First edition of book, with notes throughout by WE Harris. Also contains enclosures: index cards with notes for a March 1971 meeting; two pages of comments by WE Harris; review of book by Pilipenko; and revision recommendations by Mc-Graw Hill 1960.

Chemical Analysis, 2nd Ed.

Chemical Analysis, 2nd edition by HA Laitenen and WE Harris, published by McGraw-Hill. Contains notes and corrections throughout by WE Harris. "This copy has all the collated corrections."

More Personal Reflections, 2010

Summary of important career events written by WE Harris for family, includes: Timeline Analytical Chemistry; Awards; Symposiums; Publications and Initiations; Lectures; Other.


Notes, etc "probably development for Chemical Analysis book". Includes an envelope with information on nomenclature to be used in 2nd edition of Chemical Analysis.

Chemistry Data Sheet

Correspondence, notes, and other information about the Chemistry Data Sheet that was organized and copyrighted by WE Harris and SG Davis. File includes negatives and prints of various periodic table designs. File also includes an envelope addressed to University Archives (BARD), containing a memo from WE Harris, October 2006, describing the history of the Chemistry Data Sheet by WE Harris and SG (Stuart) Davis, and copyright registrations.

Personal Reflections, 2008

Personal thoughts by WE Harris written for family; includes: Career and financial topics; Early years in the Nashville [Alberta] district; Graduate school, marriage, career; Career reflections; Uranium; House sale and move; A Sunday analysis [about climate change and energy]; Memorial Raymond [older brother]; Memories of bridge; Personal thoughts on religion and science ; and includes an envelope of photocopies of photographs and one slide.

Programmed Temperature Gas Chromatography

Book, "Programmed Temperature Gas Chromatography" by WE Harris and HW (Harry) Habgood, 1966, and reviews of book. Copy contains handwritten thanks to Phyllis Harris by Harry Habood and Walter Harris (see first page inside cover). WE Harris: "This is the first book to be published in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta."

Lecture Notes on Index Cards

Lecture notes on index cards. Topics include: Developments in Teaching Analytical Chemistry; Chemistry class lectures (Chromatography, Separations, etc); Instructions to Teaching Assistants (TAs); Thoughts on Teaching; Teaching and Research; 1974 talk to Dawson College; 1976 meeting with Hon. Drury; Energy; Three Critical Resources; Hazards and Risks; History of Analytical Chemistry; History - Personal.

PP Posters 1999

Notes for presentation to Edmonton Planned Parenthood AGM, 29 March 1999, on the topic of birth control, population and resources.

Three Minicareers, 2010

In 2010 WE Harris wrote a personal summary of his activities on (1) Atomic Energy of Canada Technical Advisory Committee [TAC]; (2) University of Alberta President's Advisory Committee on Campus Reviews [PACCR]; (3) Alberta Environment Hazardous Waste Management Committee.


Articles and notes about energy and resources; includes notes by WE Harris and articles by Dr. F. Bentley and Dr. R. Folinsbee.

Teaching Analytical Chemistry

Correspondence, notes, articles and reports on teaching by WE Harris. File includes: "A Survey of Teaching Introductory Analytical Chemistry in Canada"; correspondence and notes for 1974 Symposium on Teaching Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis; and "Constant Load Balances - An Instructional Experiment."

Student Evaluations and Comments

Reports and correspondence; includes thank-you letters from students and Course Guide published by the University of Alberta Students' Union, 1968 (p. 24 has comments on WE Harris' course).

Submissions to the Millennium Project, 1999

WE Harris submitted three essays to the University of Alberta Association of Professors Emeriti for possible publication in their millennium project. The second essay was accepted and later published in "Echoes in the Halls." File contains "Submissions to the Millennium Project, 1999," with three essays: (1) Personal thoughts on religion and science; (2) President's Advisory Committee on Campus Reviews; (3) Aspects of the life of an analytical chemist. File also contains "Echoes in the Halls" by the Association of Professors Emeriti, 1999, which includes on p. 161 a chapter by WE Harris, "Looking at Ourselves: The President's Advisory Committee on Campus Reviews," along with correspondence, notes etc.

IUPAC, Prague 1967

Correspondence, notes etc regarding travel and attendance at the International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), Prague, 1967. Various materials in German.

Correspondence RE ACS 1966 Summer Symposium in Edmonton AB

Correspondence, notes etc regarding prepration for the 1966 ACS Symposium. Roy Keller was Program Chair and WE Harris was Local Arrangements Chair. File includes an overhead photograph showing the University of Alberta campus. Film strip with images of the University emblem.

International Symposium, Prague, October 1960

Correspondence, notes etc regarding travel and attendance at the International Symposium on Chemical Effects of Nuclear Transformations. Includes notes for presentation "Some chemical effects of nuclear transformations in the alkyl halides". Program, "International Symposium on Macromolecular Chemistry", 1960 in Russian, French and English.

CIC Symposium, Chalk River, Sept 1960

Notes for presentation "Some Chemical Effects of Nuclear Transformation in the Alkyl Halides," and correspondence regarding manuscript "Chemical effects of the activation of bromine in the alkyl bromides: the halomethanes."

Mercaptans paper, 1954

Correspondence, notes etc regarding the paper "Mercaptans in Butadiene - Acrylomitrile Emulsion Cepolymerization: Consumption Data and Effects on Polymerization Rate."

Two M.Sc. Theses

Two M.Sc. Theses supervised by WE Harris in the 1950s: "Water Solubility of Some High Molecular Weight Mercaptans," M.Sc. Thesis of William G. Goward, 1951; "The Diffusion Coefficients of Mercaptans," M.Sc. Thesis of Caurino Cesar Bombardiere, 1952.

Memoirs of Herbert Laitenen

"The Memoirs of Herbert August Laitenen, 1915 - 1991" with notes by WE Harris, p. 36-37. Herb Laitenen was a colleague of WE Harris at the University of Minnesota, and co-author of the textbook "Chemical Analysis" 2nd edition.

IM Kolthoff

Correspondence, notes etc: includes correspondence regarding symposium honoring Kolthoff, 1982 and other correspondence about Kolthoff to 2009; various articles about Kolthoff, 1981 - 2008.

Kolthoff, IM

Correspondence, notes etc: includes correspondence with Kolthoff 1943 - 1972; newspaper clippings of Kolthoff's visit to Russia.

Polarography of Uranium

"The Polarography of Uranium" by WE Harris, Ph.D. Thesis submitted to the University of Minnesota, May 1944. Contains correspondence, including letters from Henry Heal, National Research Council of Canada, 1945.

University of Minnesota, Correspondence etc

Various correspondence, notes, transcripts, etc to do with WE Harris' time at the University of Minnesota: Ration coupons; Alien Registration cards; Immigration and Naturalization Service; Two articles about student life; Society memberships; 1943 job offers; Transcripts; Ph.D. degree, 1944; Telegram of congratulation from parents.

Determination of Mercaptan in Latex

Report for the wartime rubber project: "Preliminary Report III. The Determination of Mercaptan in Latex by Amperometric Titration with Silver Nitrate in Ammoniacal Alcoholic Medium" by IM Kolthoff and WE Harris, June 15, 1943.

My Expenses

Listing of expenses incurred by WE Harris during his undergraduate years at the University of Alberta, 1934-5 and 1936-7.

Articles and Photographs - WEH

Various newspaper clippings, articles and photographs about WE Harris, including: - Photo of Technical Advisory Committee members, 1989; Slide of Presidents' Advisory Council on Academic Reviews members, ca. 1985; B&W photo of WE Harris and Harry Habgood (co-author of Programmed Temperature Gas Chromatography), 1964; B&W photo of WE Harris in office, 1977; Color photo of WE Harris, Jed Harrison, Norm Dovichi, and Gary Horlick, Department of Chemistry, 1996; Closeup photo of WE Harris for Folio, 1996. Other Materials include: Brochure, "The Theory of Chromatography", 1968; Program, "19th Annual Summer Symposium Analytical Chemistry", 1966 held at the University of Alberta.


Contains notes from: Analytical Chemistry 105; MicroQualitative Analysis; Quantitative Inorganic Microanalysis; Voltammetry; Anal. Chem. Seminar by Dr. IM Kolthoff; Advanced Volumetric Methods 4/13/42; Calorimetric Statistical Mechanics; Analytical Applications of CuPFerron and Neocupferron; Analytical Review.

[Chemistry Slides]

"Kodak plates" cardboard box contains slides used by WE Harris in early lectures. Slides made by Department of Extension at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Harris Lecture, Sept 30, 1976

KCA 60 videocassette of lecture "The Three Critical Resources, Decisions, and Society with WE Harris", Sept 30, 1976. Harris' critical resources being: time, intelligence and energy.

Dr. Harris Interview

KCA 60 videocassette of interview of WE Harris: "Questions on The Three Critical Resources, Decisions, and Society with WE Harris", Sept 30, 1976. Questions came from students in his" geography" class and were read by Margaret Harris. List of questions can be found on the inside of the videocassette case, mainly concerning nuclear power. This is the preceeding video to item 247.

Vlcek, Brown

Audiotape of lectures given by visiting scholars A. Vlcek and Harrison Brown. Audiotape contains: A. Vlcek lecture 1, Polarographic background, Sept 8, 1961; A. Vlcek Lecture 2, Effect of Precoding(?) Reactions, Sept 11, 1961; A. Vlcek lecture, Science and Education in Czechoslovakia; Opening Ceremonies, May 25, 1961 - Future of Industrial Civilization - Brown; HS Brown - Chemistry of Planets; CKUA Interview, HS Brown; Science is an Irish Potato - Brown. A. Vlcek was a visiting chemist from Czechoslovakia; H. Brown is the author of "The Challenge of Man's Future" 1956 and "The Human Future Revisited" 1978.

Hazardous Waste

16 mm movie projector tape, "Hazardous Waste," a talk given by WE Harris; prepared at the University of Alberta.

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