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Indians of North America--Canada

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1890, Jan 8 – Letter to Marion

Place: Saltcoats

From: Alf [Thomas A. Patrick]

To: Marion / Miss Griffith, Byron, Ontario, Canada

Delivery: Canada Post, postmarked

Details: 5 pp + envelope, note on envelope “No. 257”

Notes: In his weekly letter to his fiancé, Marion Griffith, Alf comments that many people in the community are sick with a cold. Twelve “half-breeds” and some “Indians” from Fort Pelly are in Saltcoats to stock up on provisions. Alf made a deal with Chief Cotè to have his two deer hides tanned with the hair on. Alf plans on using the tanned hides for bedroom rugs.

“It’s ‘again the law’ to sell Pain Killer Price’s Extracts and several other things of this kind to Indians or halfbreeds. Those here to-day took advantage of ignorance of that fact. They got a pound of sweet mitre from me and ginger and Price’s Flavoring Extracts from Mr. Hallett clerk at Buchanan & Co.’s. I expect they are having a great old drunk tonight on these delicious beverages. Hallett and I are both liable to a fine if our ignorance of the law does not excuse us.”

Writing later, Alf tells of a busy few days of sick calls. Two people were stricken with convulsions and one with influenza. The shipment of drugs he ordered from Detroit did not arrive and is stuck in Customs at Portage La Prairie. “They have been ordered and paid for since Nov. 11th and so will be a long time coming indeed.”

Again writing later, Alf’s handwriting deteriorates as he is exhausted from a day of travelling between sick patients and now has influenza himself. He tells Marion that her travel plan suggestion, which apparently involves her taking the train to Portage La Prairie, is unwise. He wants to meet her in Birtle and be married on a Tuesday.

He ends the letter “[w]ith headache and weeping, sneezing nose and backache and sickness and just haste, I am. Yourownloving Alf.”

Patrick, Thomas Alfred

General Correspondence - 1910

General Correspondence – Personal letters and a Havergal College report for Flora Steele sent to Sam; includes a long letter sent to Mrs. Macleod from SBS providing information about Colonel Macleod’s involvement with the Blackfoot Treaty negotiations of 1877. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

Letter - Charcoal Indian murder case

Handwritten letter sent from SBS in Fort Macleod to "My dear Galbraith", discussing the Charcoal Blood Indian murder case; 19 October 1896; 3 pp.

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

Loose item from 1885 scrapbook: letter to mother (20, 25 July 1885)

A handwritten letter from Roger Pocock at Prince Albert to his mother in Ontario. The letter is descriptive of native dress and NWMP horse dress, complete with small illustrations to accompany the written description. Roger is uncertain about whether he will be able to remain with the NWMP, and discusses possible future options, including returning home for a visit. He continues the letter over a period of days, and describes for his mother problems with drunkenness in the Force, and related discipline problems. He also discusses the suicide of a Sioux prisoner in their Fort.

Pocock, Roger

Loose item from 1886 scrapbook: images and note

2 images and 1 note:
-1 image is a newspaper imprint titled "A Manitoba Farm." (6.1 x 10.2 cm)
-1 image is an original pencil sketch titled "A Kootenay Tepee" with the artist's initials "E.H.W." (14.5 x 11.5 cm)
-Note is about the time and place of an accident. There is no description of what the accident was. (3.7 x 7.9 cm)

Military Correspondence - Incoming

Correspondence sent to SBS in his capacity as Major-General, Commanding the 2nd Canadian Division, Shorncliffe Command; memos concerning enlistment information and an itinerary/program for Princess Louise’s tour of training facilities; a letter requesting information be sent to a parent of an ill soldier, a sheet concerning Indians from the File Hills Indian Agency, Balcarres, Saskatchewan who have contributed in some way to the war effort, and a letter received from [? Lodson], describing his command. Handwritten; typewritten

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

NWMP Correspondence - Incoming, 1894, 1895

Letters from United States Indian Department agents discussing topics of concerns to both sides of the border, and a letter dated October 23rd, 1894 to SBS from the Office of the Commissioner, NWMP and marked private. The letter details the need for ensuring the force does not grow too large, and economic restraints are recognized. The letter is signed by [J.H. McIlree].

McIlree, John Henry

NWMP Report, 1896

Report of the Kootenay district with mention of Charcoal (Blood Indian) wanted for murder.

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919

Steele's Scouts Excerpted Report, 1885

Excerpted report, possibly for publication in a newspaper or periodical, of Steele's account of his experience with the Steele's Scouts in tracking Big Bear and his band. Report is titled: "Gallant Attack on Big Bear's Band by the Mounted Police". Type-written, 5 pp.

Steele, Samuel B. (Samuel Benfield), 1848-1919