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  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland became the official term from 1 January 1801.
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland became the official term in 1922.

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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

  • UF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • UF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

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United Kingdom

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1857 Copy of a Letter & Memo from Chief Justice Draper

From the docket: “Hudson’s Bay Company. Copy of the Letter addressed by Mr. Chief Justice Draper to Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for the Colonies, bearing date the 6th day of May 1857, together with a Copy of the Memorandum therein referred to, relative to the Hudson’s Bay Company. (Mr. Labouchere.) Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be Printed, 16 June 1857.”

This letter and enclosure request that British Parliament settle the question of the exact boundaries between the Hudson's Bay Company and the Province of Canada. From page 5: "The rights of the Hudson’s Bay Company, whatever they may be, are derived from the Crown; the Province of Canada has its boundaries assigned by the same authority; and now that it appears to be indispensable that those boundaries should be settled, and the true limits of Canada ascertained, it is to Her Majesty’s Government that the Province appeals to take such steps as in its wisdom are deemed fitting or necessary to have this important question set at rest.”

1858 Correspondence Relating to The Hudson's Bay Company

On the cover: Hudson's Bay Company-Return to an Address of the Honourable The House of Commons, dated 16 February 1858;-for, "Copies or Extracts of any Correspondence that has taken place between the Colonial Office and the Hudson's Bay Company, or the Government of Canada, in consequence of the Report of the Select Committee on the Affairs of the Company which sat in the last Session of Parliament."

1864 & 1865 Ordinance for the Budget of the Colony of British Columbia

Title: British Columbia. Anno Vicesimo Nono. No. 11. An Ordinance granting a Supplemental Supply of Thirty-two Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty-six Pounds, Seven Shillings, and Five Pence, out of the General Revenue of the Colony of British Columbia and its Dependencies, to the service of the years One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-four and five respectively.

Details the request to the British Government for additional funds for the running of the Colony of British Columbia.

1866 Ordinance for the Yearly Budget

Title: British Columbia. Anno Vicesimo Nono. Victoriae Reginae. No. 4. An Ordinance to apply the sum of Seven Hundred and Twenty Two Thousand One Hundred and Fourteen Dollars and Five Cents, out of the General Revenue of the Colony of British Columbia and its Dependencies, to the service of the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Six.

Details the request for money for the year from the British Government in order to run the Colony of British Columbia. Back page lists the salaries of government officials, as well as the cost for services.

Air League Bulletin, Vol. 2 No. 42 (October 1922)

Issue of the Air League Bulletin, a publication of the Air League of the British Empire. This issue contains an article about the world flight with details about those involved, the objectives, the itinerary, and foreseen weather issues.

Pocock Scrapbook (1891 - 1894)

Pocock's 1891-1894 scrapook consists of approximately 56 sheets of textual and graphic items plus tipped in and loose items. This scrapbook consists of written entries about his extensive travels along with original sketches and imprint cuttings that supplement his descriptions. The diary entries are mostly tipped in. There are also many clippings of Pocock's published articles and stories, and many of the articles are supplemented by photographs taken by Pocock. The scrapbook also contain clippings and other ephemera of Pocock's interests.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of family and others, mostly unidentified; Cartagena, people and places around Kootenay, Istanbul, mines, miners, and mining equipment; ports and ships; and people and places in Crimea.
Imprint cuttings of areas and places including New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Little Falls, New Hampshire, Virginia, Gibraltar, Seville, Tangier, Niagara Falls, The U.K., and Marseilles.
Theatre programs (often featuring Lena Ashwell) and concert programs.
Sketches of places around the U.K. such as Newcastle on Tyne, and other places such as Seville, Marseilles, Tangier, Cartagena, Sierra Nevada, and Cookham. There are also sketches of unidentified landscapes, seaports, buildings, and boats
Diary entries for the years 1891-1894, including descriptions of his travels from the UK to Lisbon, Gibraltar, Valencia, Cadiz, Algiers, to Tangier, and within the Black Sea.
Clippings of articles and stories written by Pocock including descriptions of the Behring Sea, Montana and of Sebastapol (sic)[Sevastopol, Crimea], "Ishmael", "A Romance of the Cornish Coast", "The Arrest of Deerfoot", "Brimstone Pete", "The Glory of Arms", "A Cowboy in Charge", "The Queen of the Dogger", and "Jameson's Raid". Other articles also include reviews for Pococks book "The Rules of the Game".
Certificates of discharge for Pocock from the services of the Board of Trade of the United Kingdom.
Hand-drawn maps of Gibraltar, Lisbon, Chideok, Istanbul, and the Sevastopol harbour.
Letters to his father and his sister, Daisy, and from various publishers such as Charles Dickens Jr., Stuart Reid, James Stogg, Oswald Crawford, Methuen & Co., and others.
Musical score for "The Ranchman's Bridal Song" written by Pocock and composed by E. Evelyn Barron.

Pocock, Roger