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  • The Anglican Partridge Crop mission was founded by Abraham Cowley on the Little Dauphin River (now Dauphin River) between lakes Manitoba and St. Martin. It was renamed Fairford in 1851. It is within the province of Manitoba, Canada.

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Partridge Crop mission

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Partridge Crop mission

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1847 (Jul) from James Hunter to Smithurst

Place: Rivière du Pas, Cumberland Station

From: James Hunter

To: The Revd J. Smithurst, Indian Settlement, Red River

Details: 3pp and integral address face

Notes: Rev. Hunter is desperate for more flour. Rev. Hunter wants their fellow missionary, Rev. Cowley, to leave Partridge Crop and go to Lac la Ronge instead. He also received a letter from Rev. Cockran in Toronto. Rev. Hunter then offers a word of comfort to Rev. Smithurst who has been struggling spiritually recently.

Hunter, James

1849 (Sept) from Abraham Cowley to Smithurst

Place: Partridge Crop

From: Abraham Cowley

To: Rev. Mr. Smithurst, Indian Settlement, Red River

Details: 2pp

Notes: Rev. Cowley writes that his wife and children arrived from Red River safely. He thanks Rev. Smithurst for sending reading materials. He is also glad to hear that Rev. Smithurst's congregation is treating him better. He expects to travel to Red River during the winter and asks that Rev. Smithurst set aside some peas and beans for him for the spring, as the black birds and frost have destroyed his.

Cowley, Abraham

1850 (Feb) from Abraham Cowley to Smithurst

Place: Partridge Crop

From: A. Cowley

To: The Rev Mr. Smithurst, Red River Settlement

Details: 3pp including address face

Notes: Rev. Abraham Cowley writes about his recent journey back to Partridge Crop from the Red River Settlement. He came close to getting severe frostbite, partly through his own fault. The Native population at Partridge Crop is facing starvation due to the collapse of the local rabbit population. Rev. Cowley is scared of the cholera that is spreading in Europe, but a more pressing concern is that John Mackay is threatening to quit on him. Rev. Cowley also forgot to pick up seeds while he was in Red River [see his letter of September 1849, in which he was already asking for seeds].

Cowley, Abraham

1851 (Mar) from Abraham Cowley to Rev. John Smithurst

Place: Red River Settlement

From: Reverend Abraham Cowley, Partridge Crop

To: Reverend John Smithurst

Details: 3pp

Notes: Partridge Crop was a missionary outpost on the northern reaches of Lake Manitoba, and was later renamed Fairford in 1851 by Bishop Anderson.

The outpost was on the left bank of the Partridge Crop River and was established by McNap for Winter trading with the Indigenous people. The lengthy letter from Cowley mentions topics such as the recent arrival of the bishop, his meeting of confirmation candidates and inspecting the school.

This letter would have travelled by canoe down Lake Winnipeg to the Red River.

Cowley, Abraham