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Moose Jaw, SK

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PE000683 - Soo-Spokane Route train schedule

Train schedule for the Soo-Spokane Route run by the Spokane International Railway. Centrefold is a map of the route which runs from Portland, Oregon up through Calgary, Alberta and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and down to St. Paul, Minnesota. Includes time schedules of the international route and of connecting train lines, as well as a description of the trains and equipment in use.

PE000689 - Two Letters on C.P.R. Stationery

Two handwritten letters written on Canadian Pacific Railway letterhead. Letter from “John” to his mother describing his train trip across the prairies. Written Nov. 5, 1902 near Moose Jaw station, Saskatchewan. Letter from “Jessie” to “Annie” describing the delays in the author’s train travel. Written Nov. 6, 1902 on the train at Cochrane, Alberta.

PE000737 - U.C.T. float for King George's Jubilee Parade in Moose Jaw, SK

Print showing a group of people on and near a horse-drawn wagon with a car directly behind the wagon.  Signs on the wagon and car, respectively, read: “25 years ago we welcomed 'King George’s Ascension…' in this way!” and “To-Day.. 'We Honor His Jubilee' in this way!”  The signs have emblems from the Moose Jaw Council.  Inscription on back reads: “U.C.T. Float; M.J. Parade; Dad back seat of buggy 3rd left.”

PE000778 - Souvenir Album Folder of Western Canada.

Nine (9) photographs depict images of Winnipeg, Brandon, Edmonton, Calgary, Moose Jaw, a standard passenger train, the train on the Canadian Pacific Railway, close-up of the Canadian Northern Railway Standard Passenger Train, and buffalo in the park at Wainwright, Alberta. These photographs are enclosed in a brown envelope containing various imagery typical of Western Canada. Printed by Hough Litho Limited (Toronto).

PE000779 - Program for the Seventh Annual Freemasonry Reunion at Moose Jaw Lodge of Perfection

Program for the seventh annual Freemasonry reunion at the Moose Jaw Lodge of Perfection. It is bound in a blue/purple cover with copper-coloured lettering indicating the title of the event and the organization’s logo. The program includes details of the event and a list of members and candidates. Each page is framed by an ornate blue margin around the content.

PE001122 - Moose Jaw Boys' & Girls' Fair

Booklet, produced by the Moose Jaw, SK YMCA, to accompany the 1936 Boys’ and Girls’ Fair in that city. Contains events program, list of sponsors and committee members, rules and regulations for the fair in general, and contest rules for various competitions. In addition, the booklet also features a substantial number of advertisements from local businesses.

PE001624 - Moose Jaw College Provincial Champions

A championship photo featuring 5 younger men and (presumably) their coach posing with their trophies. The larger central trophy says “Dunlop Tire and Rubber Goods Co. Limited Team Road Race Trophy” and the individual trophies say “Dunlop Five Mile Road Race – Regina.” The photograph is captioned with “Moose Jaw College Provincial Champions Sask 1925 – Winners of Five Mile Road Race” and then the names of those in the photo “C.M. Newman, I. Balmer, Dean Robbins, D.V.C. Balmper, A.N. Ensor, J.N. Cornish”

PE004787 - "Moose Jaw, Canada, The Railroad Centre of Saskatchewan" tourism brochure

Tourism booklet titled: "Moose Jaw, Canada, The Railroad Centre of Saskatchewan." Cover contains a picture of a moose with a small map showing the main roadways into and out of Moose Jaw. The back cover contains an advertisement for International Securities Co., Ltd. When opened, the inside cover contains statistics of Moose Jaw, including population, customs house figures, Assessment, and Building Permits. The opposite page contains a ‘book’ of pictures, which unfolds to reveal nine (9) b&w pictures of various buildings in Moose Jaw on one side, and eight (8) b&w pictures of farming in Moose Jaw on the opposite side. A page has detached from the rest, containing two (2) additional pictures per side.

PE004857 - Certification of donation to the Ku Klux Klan of Kanada

Receipt slip certifying a $10.00 donation by Ronald [last name illegible] to the Propagating Fund of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Kanada. It states that the sender “enters the portal Moose Jaw Klan, Realm of Sask.”  The slip is signed by Scott Emery on behalf of the Ku Klux Klan of Kanada. This form is printed but filled in using handwriting.