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Lethbridge, AB

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1903, Dec 1 – Letter to Marion

Place: Lethbridge, Alberta [district within N.W.T.]

From: T.A. Patrick

To: Mrs. Marion G. Patrick, Byron, Middlesex Co., Ont[ario]

Delivery: Canada Post, postmarked

Details: 2 pp on Hotel Lethbridge letterhead, watermarked with the pound note symbol (£) and the words “Extra Fine.” Envelope is printed with the words “Hotel Lethbridge, W. Henderson, Proprietor, Lethbridge, Alta., Canada” in black ink.

Notes: T.A. Patrick writes to his wife while he is in Alberta and she is away in Ontario stating, "I played over Sunday in Calgary and came here yesterday by way of MacLeod to see the country." He then advises his wife that she "had better spend Christmas with the folk," while he pays his "obligations to [his] constituency as soon as possible after [his] return." He writes that he lent his brother Jack "another $100.00 to square him up at Regina." He continues, "I presume you have received the last cheque I sent you, and you surely know that I am no judge of women's coats. I did not say petticoats. Whatever suits you will suit me though I certainly don't care much for imitations."

He finishes his letter writing, "my health is some better but not well yet. My love to the bairns the folk and your dear little self."

Patrick, Thomas Alfred

Liquor in the Territories

Two (2) clippings from the Lethbridge News newspaper dated April 5, 1888. The clippings make up the editorial response to NWMP Commissioner L.W. Herchmer’s annual report printed elsewhere in the same issue.

PE000221 - Diary of Mr. Maxworthy

A small, softcover diary (‘1935 DIARY’ on cover), which features brief daily entries about the activities of a Mr. Maxworthy, resident of Lethbridge [?] Alberta. Includes descriptions of trips around southern Alberta, meetings with family and friends, etc.

PE000226 - Grade Two Report Card from Fleetwood school

Report card for Clemens Christianson, a student in the second grade at Fleetwood school in Lethbridge, Alberta. Covering the 1934-1935 school year, the document lists attendance, conduct, academic progress and standing. Noted in remarks is an extended absence due to whooping cough. Lethbridge, Alberta.

PE000427 - P.O.W. Album “Gewidmet vom Präsidium des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes” [Bestowed by the Bureau of the German Red Cross]

The words “Gewidmet vom Präsidium des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes” [Bestowed by the Bureau of the German Red Cross] are printed on the title page. A postcard captioned "Rothenburg - Burgtor" is mounted on the first page. The album contains dozens of B&W photographs captioned in German hand-writing by an unidentified person.

Images with earlier dates tend to show gatherings of family and friends, young men in Nazi soldier uniforms, and travels through Germany, Italy and Africa.

  • Grafenwohr, Germany (1941)
  • Views from a train ride from Innsbruck over the Brenner Pass into Italy (1941)
  • Nazi soldiers in Benghazi, Libya (1941)
  • Beirut, Lebanon (1941)
  • Dresden, Germany (1944)

There are three group photos of soldiers in a prisoner of war (P.O.W.) camp in Lethbridge, Alberta dated 1944, including one of the prisoner band.
There are three snowy landscapes labelled “Kanada” dated “1945-46.”
Group photo of approx 70 men at “Tower Camp 114 G.W.C.” labelled “England – Oktober – 1946.”

PE000647 - Flyer celebrating “Fifty Years of Progress: 1889 – 1939” in Lethbridge, AB

Flyer titled “Fifty Years of Progress: 1889 – 1939,” telling the story of the creation of the Lethbridge, Alberta, Board of Trade and the board’s role in the development of the local airport, Kenyon Field. The back of the flyer is titled “Autographs” and features the signatures of pilots who flew in the air show celebrating the opening of Kenyon Field: Charles E. Selge, Charles Zmuda, George Starr and Arthur Davis.

PE001004 - Album of a Trip across Canada

An album of photographs by an unidentified but accomplished photographer, with some commercial photos from Barclay and Steele & Co. mixed throughout. The album documents a trip across Canada, from sea to sea, taking place in the late 1800s. Many scenes in British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains, the Prairies (including Aboriginals and cowboys), and Ontario and Quebec, but the album does not seem to be arranged chronologically.

26 photographs in B.C.,
22 in the Prairies,
10 in Quebec and Ontario.

PE001104 - Combined Irrigation Materials

Various pamphlets and informational booklets on irrigation in Alberta, comprising:

  • ‘Does it Pay to Irrigate in Sunny Southern Alberta?’: A booklet by W.H. Fairfield, superintendent of the Dominion Experimental Farm, promoting irrigation as a means to increase farm yields. Some statistical data is included.
  • ‘Irrigation Farming: Conservative results in 1919 in the Lethbridge District’: A booklet on the impact of irrigation on farm yields, including some statistical data.
  • ‘Irrigation Farming Around Lethbridge’: An article by G.R. Marnoch, reprinted from the Monetary Times, providing background on initiatives to construct irrigation works around Lethbridge.
  • ‘Better Balanced Farming’: An article by G.R. Marnoch, reprinted from the Monetary Times, providing the author’s opinion on agricultural development in Alberta.
  • ‘Why We Want Irrigation as an Adjunct to Dry Farming’: The text of an address by P. Baker and C. Jensen, given at the thirteenth annual convention of the Western Canada Irrigation Association.

PE001575 - Album: [Images of southern Alberta]

The album's images capture a wide range of subjects, including portraits, mountain and agricultural scenes, as well as residences, commercial buildings, and streetscapes from various towns. Although not all of the postcards possess captions or other information that identify the individuals or locales photographed, those that do are associated with southern Alberta or specific communities within the region. Images from Lethbridge, Cardston, Raymond, Magrath, and Waterton Lakes are all represented.

The 16 loose photographs generally capture individuals in various settings, although agricultural and logging scenes predominate. One image is of a mine or other industrial facility.

PE001577 - Photo album: [Images of the 1939 royal tour of Canada]

The album documents the 1939 visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to Canada and the United States. Approximately 100 of the images were taken during the Alberta portion of the tour, including pictures of events in Calgary, Banff, Bassano, Edmonton, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge. The remaining images capture the Royal Couple in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and the United States.

PE004755 - Old Boys’ 39th Battery Banquet and Reunion Program and News Clipping

Program for "39th Battery, C. F. A. 1915-19 Old Boys’ Banquet and Reunion, Marquis Hotel, Saturday, October 11th, 1952, Lethbridge, Alberta." Program is bi-fold, with the interior containing a menu and program of events for the night. The back page is blank, but was intended for autographs.

Clipping titled "Old Boys’ of 39th Battery Enjoy Reunion." Clipping contains three (3) b&w photographs of various members of the 39th battery, as well as captions below the photograph identifying the individuals. Photo credited to Herald Engraving.

PE004970 - Event involving First Nations people, the RCMP, and the people of Lethbridge, AB

Set of five B&W prints of a ceremonial event involving Aboriginal people, the RCMP, and the people of Lethbridge, Alberta:

  • 3.5" x 6" print of two girls, one seated, both in ceremonial dress, in front of tepee,
  • 5" x 7" print of two men seated on ground, in ceremonial dress, with people watching in background; RCMP member in red serge in background,
  • 8" x 10" print of group shot of chiefs in ceremonial dress, with white men wearing ceremonial bonnets,
  • 8" x 10" print of men standing on platform, wearing combinations of ceremonial dress and/or business suits, with one man delivering speech to crowd in foreground,
  • 8" x 10" print of three men in suits and ceremonial bonnets seated cross-legged on ground, sharing pipe; RCMP member in red serge in background.

PE004988 - Album of prints and watercolours by P.O.W. in Lethbridge, AB camp

Photo album containing prints and watercolours of the Lethbridge P.O.W. camp. Album shows the career of a German soldier from recruitment to P.O.W. camp in Alberta:

  • First twenty-five (25) pages show soldier from early training through to career in Rumania, Bulgaria, Italy, and North Africa;
  • Remaining eleven (11) pages of album shows soldier as P.O.W. in Lethbridge, Alberta and includes three (3) watercolours. Prints include group portraits, camp drama society, orchestra, and shots of the Wall and Huber families.

"Some Detectives" Clipping from the Lethbridge News June 21, 1888

An editorial extract from the Lethbridge News of 21st June 1888.

“Some Detective” headline is underlined in red. Referring to the North West Mounted Police, the writer asserts that “[t]he long-talked-of detective service has apparently fizzled down into a staff of whiskey informers.” Also comments on the unfair nature of the exemption the Canadian Pacific Railway has obtained from the liquor laws.