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Accession consists of digital recordings, images, and PDFs of John Szczepaniak interviews for The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers. Sound and video recordings consist of interviews with Japanese game developers. All records are in digital format.

In May 2013 Szcepaniak's The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers started as a Kickstarter project to produce a book with interviews covering things never documented before in Japanese game development. Using his contacts from his time in journalism and magazine production he built a list of interviewees. The interviews were published in 3 volumes and contained over 100 interviewees. 95% of the interviews accumulated audio which has been transcribed and published. As well, more than half the interviews were supplemented with textual records provided via email. In some cases entire interviews were done exclusively through email correspondence. Given the large amount of email, these are not included in the archived records.

Szczepaniak, John