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Attached letter from Colonel P.W. Worsley

A handwritten letter from Col. P.W. Worsley of Halifax, N.S. sent to SBS requesting assistance in getting his son a position with the South African Constabulary. SBS forwarded the letter to Baden-Powell, who returned the letter along with his own reply to SBS. Marie sent both letters with her letter to SBS of July 18th, 1901.

Baden-Powell, Robert

Attached letter from Aunt J.J. to A.M. Jarvis

An attached handwritten letter from A.M. Jarvis's Aunt J.J. Harwood Steele notes that the aunt talks about the fine reputation of Strathcona's Horse, and mentions Lord Dundonal's impending visit. He also says that the aunt's return address of "Charlecote Park" is associated with Shakespeare.

Jarvis, A.M.

Attached letter to Marie Steele from Alex Jarvis

A handwritten letter to Marie Steele from Inspector Alex Jarvis with the NWMP in the Yukon. He writes about people and changes in Dawson, and discusses his thoughts about leaving the force. Marie sent this letter to Sam in a letter she wrote dated June 17th, 1902.

Jarvis, A.M.

Letter to SBS from Flora Steele

Attached letter to SBS from Flora Steele sent in a letter from Marie Steele, dated August 9th, 1907. Flora writes about the "machine" for her teeth that arrived from the U.S.A. and will be put on her teeth by her Uncle; she also describes a recent family visit to Dominion Park.

Steele, Flora

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