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Toronto, ON
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1846 (Apr) from John Strachan to Townley

Place: Toronto

From: John Toronto

To: Rev Adam Townley

Details: 2pp

Notes: A letter marked private, written by John Strachan, Bishop of Toronto. It is addressed to Reverend Adam Townley who was rector in Dunnville at the time, serving the parishes of Dunnville, Port Maitland, and South Cayuga in the Niagara District. Strachan discusses land titles in relation to a new church, and asks several questions to arrange travel. St. John the Evangelist church was built in South Cayuga and consecrated by Strachan in June 1846.

Strachan, John

1857 (Nov) from John Strachan to Arthur Palmer

Place: Toronto

From: John Toronto

To: Rev. A. Palmer

Details: 4pp

Notes: A copy of a private letter written by John Strachan, Bishop of Toronto to Rev. Arthur Palmer of Guelph, Canada West.

In this letter, Bishop Strachan responds to a letter written by Rev. Palmer which enclosed a letter sent to him by Mr. Geddes, a prominent member of the congregation at Elora. The bishop expresses anger and frustration with Reverend John Smithurst for abandoning his parish at Elora and refusing to tender his resignation. Mr. Geddes proposed a solution to the impasse, but the bishop gives detailed reasons why the proposal in unacceptable. Bishop Strachan plans to appoint a commission to investigate Rev. Smithurst's conduct.

The context of this letter is confusing, given that Bethune, Palmer, and Osler had already visited Elora and completed a report on Rev. Smithurst's absence dated October 22, 1857. Also, Rev. Smithurst indicated in his letter of November 3 to the Elora congregation that he had resigned. Perhaps a delayed postal delivery is to blame for this confusion.

Strachan, John

1857 (Oct) from George Whitaker to unknown

Place: Trinity College Toronto

From: George Whitaker

To: unknown

Details: Trinity College Toronto blue letterhead, one sheet of paper

Notes: A letter written by George Whitaker in his role as provost at Trinity College. He responds to a student who will receive his Master of Arts degree on November 12. The student also inquired about working for the college, to which Whitaker expresses interest.

Whitaker, George

1859 (May) Letter from J. B. Robinson

Place: Toronto

From: J.B. Robinson

To: [Reverend C.E. Thomson]

Delivery: unknown

Details: 2pp

Notes: A short letter regarding the approaching Diocesan Synod and representatives from St. John’s Church in Elora.
Note on the back says “J.B. Robinson Esq. Read May 13/59.” While the recipient is not named, it is likely to be Reverend C. E. Thomson who led the Elora parish in 1859. J. B. Robinson is possibly Sir John Beverley Robinson, the noted lawyer and judge.

Harris Accepting Award from Cantwell

Harris accepting award from Fred Cantwell, a fellow University of Alberta chemistry staff member and presenter at the conference. This happened during the "Symposium in Honour of W.E. Harris : Analytical Chemistry- its Role in Socio-Economic Development" .

Loose item from 1886 scrapbook: letter to mother (6 August 1886)

Letter from Pocock to his mother dated 6 August 1886. Pocock writes of his anticipated sick leave. He will receive treatment in Regina, but does not want to stay there for the recovery; he will put in a request to have his sick leave in either Toronto or Banff. He then anticipates being discharged and having to find a place to settle that has mild winter temperatures because of his frostbitten foot. He writes about setting up a cigar shop in Vancouver and selling the land once real estate prices go up.
He mentions an incident involving his friend Monty over a revolver; he then describes the revolver in detail supplied with a sketch of it. Pocock writes about his new found confidence and his preferences in fashion and personal grooming.
He mentions that there was a hailstorm the previous night from which there was "immense damage"; he sketched the size of the hail stones. Pocock purchased four [paintings?] of Lake Superior by Fred Bingham. He is writing essays on religious topics and is not ready to submit them.

Pocock, Roger

PE000754 - Paint Flyer "Brighten Up Your Home with Duco"

Duco Paint Flyer: "Brighten Up Your Home with Duco." Promotional colour flyer for Duco, a line of paint targeting home redecoration. This is a product of Flint Paint & Varnish, based in Toronto, Ontario. The illustration includes a woman in a maid’s uniform painting a chair, and a man painting a headboard.

PE000927 - Envelope from Western School Supply Limited - Used

An envelope from Western School Supply Limited addressed to Copp, Clark Company Limited, 495 Wellington St. W., Toronto, 2, Ont. Envelope has a 3 cent Canadian stamp, and includes a b&W ink drawing of a Western School Supply, Limited building. Above this drawing it states: If not called for in ten days return to Western School Supply Limited. Below this drawing it notes: School Equippers 1402 Rose Street Regina, Sask. Canada. There is a small circular postmark on the envelope stating it was received in Regina at 6 pm, November 5, 1931, Sask. The back of the envelope depicts a b&w drawing of a hanging globe. It is captioned: Hanging Globe No 505.

Pocock Scrapbook (1887)

Pocock's 1887 scrapbook consists of approximately 53 leaves of textual and graphic material. Most pages of pasted or tipped in clippings and imprints and handwritten diary entries and letters for the year 1887.

Scrapbook contains:
Sketches of Fort William.
Letters to and from his father, to Mr. Keeper, to his mother, to his sisters, Rose and Daisy, and others. Notable are the telegram telling Pocock of his mother's fatal injury from being thrown from a carriage and the critique of "Spirit of the Plains".
Photographs of his mother on her deathbed and various landscapes.
Imprint cuttings related to Indigenous life, Toronto scenes, Ottawa scenes, Canadian sports, wildlife, and landscapes.
Newsclippings of book reviews, news articles, history of the NWMP, article about his mother's death, jokes, poems (of some Pocock is the author), and current events.
Diary entries for 1887.
Hand-drawn map of Quebec area near Ottawa.

Pocock, Roger

Symposium in Honour of W.E. Harris: Analytical Chemistry

Image of Ewing Galen, Walter and Phyllis Harris taken during the "Symposium in Honour of W.E. Harris [50 years of service to analytical chemistry] : Analytical Chemistry- its Role in Socio-Economic Development" that was organized by National Water Quality Laboratory and Research Applications Branch of National Water Research, Burlington, Ontario as well as Water Resources Branch and Ontario Ministry of Environment Toronto, Ontario. It was the third chemical congress of North America combining the meeting of the American Chemical Society, Canadian Chemical Conference and Sociedad Quimica de Mexico held June 5-10, 1988.