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UAA 2018-003

  • Accession
  • 1938 - 1964

Comprises research notes, letters, tables, correspondence and sketches of RE Follinsbee of the University of Alberta's Department of Geology.

Follinsbee R.E

UAA 2018-007

The textual material consists primarily of draft copies and sources for the English translation "Le Canada et les Suisse" titled "The Swiss in Canada (since 1604)" an an assortment of material related to professional activities at the University of Alberta and internationally.

Photographic material are primarily personal photos for vacations and Icograda conference trips Jungkind took of the design and architecture of buildings, signs, cityscapes, and landscapes of his destination.

Oversize material contains an assortment of posters from other sources and includes posters for the 1978 Commonwealth Games held in Edmonton.

Jungkind, Walter

UAA 2018-010 (Strathcona Hospital Drawings)

Approximately 5 cm of material comprising three standard blueprints of the Strathcona Hospital (1911-1913) approximately 3' Width by 2' Height. Also includes broad-sheet style newspaper pages: 16 pages from Edmonton Journal 1913, 5 pages from Edmonton News Claim Dealer (1913), 7 pages from Edmonton Daily Bullet (1913). also includes 2 5 x 8 colour photos (no identification).

Wilson and Herald Architects

UAA 2018-011

Accession comprises 20 cm of Multiple Media.
Accession consists of one VHS entitled "And So They Move" (running time 14 minutes 41 seconds, Nine 3" x 4" Colour Photographs, and and Nine untitled 8 mm Film Reels (18 cm diameter) .

Austin, Patricia Louise

UAA 2018-015 (Office of the President)

The materials comprise 5400 cm of textual materials described to the file level. See attached file listing and inventory.
The material comprises 5400 cm of textual material in good condition comprising the operational records of the Office of the President including the President's Executive Committee, strategic planning, honourary degrees, accreditation, Centenary Steering committee, President's travel, Convocation Community Partnerships and President meetings more generally. The material pertains mainly to records of the Office the President during President Samarasekera (2005-2015)

Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor

UAA 2018-018

Records comprise minutes, events (retirements/dinners/banquets) agendas,correspondence, reports and related documentation of the Board of Governors, the Board Finance and Property Committee, Human Resource and Compensation Committee,University Relations Committee, Board Executive Committee, Facilities Development Committee, Learning Environment Committee,Undergraduate Awards and Scholarship Committee, Learning Environment Committee Campus Law Review Committee, Academic Standards Committee and reports from various faculties and reports to the Board

Board of Governors

UAA 2019-006 (Dr. Gordon R Freeman)

The accession consists of non-chemistry research conducted by Gordon r Freeman on a stone structure near Majorville located in South Eastern Alberta. There, Freeman discovered stones arranged by humans. One significant stone structure was identified as a widespread "Temple to the Sun, Moon and Morningstar". During the period 1980-2014, Freeman took many photos (2,000) of the temple and area. These images comprise a significant volume of the accession and were used widely in the seven volume publication: "Temple to the Sun, Moon and Morningstar". The book depicts that indigenous peoples on the Great Plains 5000 years ago had significant scientific knowledge of the motions of the lights in the sky. The records including photographs, field notes, research notes, site excavation information, presentation, conference information and presentations (namely Archeoastronomy conference 1998), correspondence and observations embody the work that led to the writing of two additional books of the site: Canada's Stonehenge (2009) and "Hidden Stonehenge" (2012).

Freeman, Gordon R.


  • UAA-1967-083
  • Accession
  • 1975-1976

Final exams

Faculty of Home Economics


  • UAA-1968-001
  • Accession
  • 1928-1961

Presidents' Papers: R.C. Wallace, W.A.R. Kerr, Robert Newton, Andrew Stewart, and Walter Johns.

Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor


  • UAA-1968-002
  • Accession
  • 1925-1968

Minutes of a committee appointed by the Senate to consider the question of a Memorial in Connection with the relation of the Great War; Program of Inauguration of Memorial Organ and Unveiling of Memorial Tablet in Convocation Hall (45 pages)

Thomas, Lewis Herbert


  • Accession
  • 1963-1973

Minutes, correspondence and related material of the "Committee to Review the University Act 1963-1973."1963-1973

Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research


  • UAA-1968-005
  • Accession
  • [1897-1936]

Alexander C. Rutherford personal papers and correspondence.

Rutherford Library


  • UAA-1968-011
  • Accession
  • 1944-1963

University of Alberta Calendars and Medical Calendars

Lee, Jean S.


Correspondence and itmes related to Dr. Burgess' tenure at the University of Alberta.

Burgess, Cecil Scott


  • UAA-1968-013
  • Accession
  • 1934-1944

University of Alberta Calendars (complete) and Medical Calandars

Lee, Jean S.


  • Accession
  • 1906-1962

Bound pamphlets, papers, early editions of the Gateway, H.M. Tory scrapbook and other miscellaneous material relating to the Univeristy of Alberta.

Office of the President


  • UAA-1968-015
  • Accession
  • [ca 1930-1968]


Publications Office


  • UAA-1968-017
  • Accession

Publications Office


Minutes of the Administration Board of the University of Alberta Radio Station

Department of Extension


Accession consists of a looseleaf book with records pertaining to the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Alberta.

Department of Romance Languages


Original administrative and teaching records of the Department of Classics. Includes original attendance records and department meeting minutes signed by Chair.

Department of Classics


Accession consists of the University of Calgary programme for the installation of Dr. A. W. R. Carrothers, second president.

Office of the President


Accession consists of a brochure titled "Presentation by the Edmonton Education Society of a History of Alberta Normal Schools and of a Plaque Commemorating the Contributions of the Normal Schools to Education in Alberta"

Publications Office


Accession consists of photographs created by the Department of Extension serving the university's photograph services requirements.


Accession consists of seven Normal School yearbooks. Six Edmonton Normal School yearbooks "Aurora" (1936-1937,1938-1939,1939-1940, 1940-1941, 1942-1943, 1944-1945 and Camrose Memories 1934-1935.

Rare Book Library


Accession consists photographs, prints, and negatives pertaining to the University of Alberta, accumulated by the Rare Books and Archives since 1963


Accession consists of records pertaining to George Frederick McNally of the Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta, including correspondence, manuscript of biography, papers, photographs, and tape recorded interviews.


Correspondence, notes, photographs, and sketches documenting the personal and professional career of William Rowan.

Rowan, William


Reprint of "Sixty Years of Psychology at the University of Alberta." Canadian Psychologist/Psychologie Canadienne, Volums 9, No. 4, 1968.

Department of Psychology


Photos depict Department of Extension programmes and early events, persons and buildings on campus

Department of Extension


Photographs, correspondence, reports, memoirs from career of Dr. R. M. Shaw.

Shaw, Robert McLeod


Accession consists of University of Alberta campus photographs from the 1920s and 1940s.

Photographic Services


Booklet: "Education and Government" by Senator Donald Cameron, November 20, 1958
Photograph: "Ballot Counting, Students' Union, 1969

Publications Office


Memoirs of Registrar's Office, Miss Esther Miller, "Thirty-Seven Years, 1928-1965." Xerox copy.

Johns, Walter Hugh


  • UAA-1969-024
  • Accession
  • March 1969

A. J. Diamond and Barton Myers, Architects and Planners, booklet.

Diamond, A.J.


  • Accession
  • 1969

Magazine clipping: "History of the University Contingents, Canadian Officers' Training Corps."
Includes Alberta, New Brunswick, Mount Allison, Nova Scotia Technical College.


Accession consists of photographs documenting the activities of the Department of Extension.

Department of Extension


  • Accession
  • 1915-1965

Miscellaneous papers from the University of Alberta: Papers, Reports, Calendars, New Trail


  • Accession
  • 1940-1969

Bound reprints of articles and writings

Hartroft, W. Stanley


Accession consists of:
One Coat of Arms, original copy (original copy), 53.54 x 40.64 cm
One Coat of Arms, (mounted), 35.56 x 27.94 cm.

Glyde, Henry George


  • Accession
  • 1925-1952

Accession consists of a copy of a presentation address.

Nelson, Alberta


Accession consists of sound recordings and films from the Public Relations Office.

Public Relations Office


Accession consists of one soft-cover book, "The Gargoyle," Library Science Students' Association Yearbook.

School of Library Science


Photographs of Dr. M. Wyman and Dr. W. Worth; two press releases, two curriculum vitae.

Public Relations Office


  • UAA-1969-048
  • Accession

McIntyre, A. W.


  • UAA-1969-050
  • Accession
  • 1969

One University programme

Publcations Office


E.S. Keeping, "The Earlier Years of the Edmonton Centre, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada."

Keeping, Eleanor Silver


  • Accession
  • 5.27.1969

One photograph

Publications Office


  • Accession
  • 4.29.1969

Accession consists of Publications Office: Alumni Association, The New Trail.

Publications Office


Accession consists of Dr. E. Silver Keeping, "Mice and Men: Dr. Harold Orr and Medical Mycology".

Keeping, Eleanor Silver


Friends of the Indian Society: minutes, correspondence, and papers.

Rowan, Reta


Accession consists of Professor E. S. Keeping, "Twenty-One Years" Canadian Mathematical Congress, 1945-1966.

Keeping, Ernest Sydney


  • Accession
  • 190,819,111,912

Convocation programs.

Rare Book Library


  • Accession
  • 1969

Hazel McIntyre, "My Years at the University, 1919-1960". Memoirs

McIntyre, Hazel


  • UAA-1969-079
  • Accession
  • 1969

Department of Ecucational Psychology, "Dissertations and Theses"

Corman, Bernard R.


  • Accession
  • 8.1.1969

Faculty of Medcine: minutes


  • Accession
  • 1969

Accession consists of records including publications pertaining to various student clubs and associations at the University of Alberta. These include the English Club, the Soldier's Comforts Club, Bluestocking Club, Dramatic Society and the Writer's Club. As well as faculty associations, the Science Association and The Old Country University Association.
The accession also includes a manuscript by W.W. Greag.

Students' and Faculty Association


  • Accession
  • 1950-1961, 1951-1962, 1966

"Survey of the University of Alberta Libraries," by Stephen A McCarthy and Richard H. Logsdon; correspondence with President; Library Committee.

Peel, Bruce Braden


  • Accession
  • 1967-10-(14 and 26)

Invviews conducted by Mrs. Naomi Radford with Dr. J. M. MacEachran, Mrs. S.H. Mcuaig and Mrs. E. W. Sheldon

Provincial Archives of Alberta


Accession consists of publications Office: Folio, Vol. 5, nos. 1-34.

Public Relations Office

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