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Sketch of NWMP Camp (1886)

A watercolour sketch by Pocock of a NWMP encampment in 1886. Writing on front reads "NWMP F. Troop Detachment Camp - Moon of Berries 1886".

Pocock, Roger

Series 3 Photographs and Postcards

Series documents some of the travels of Pocock and consists of photographs, postcards, and negatives. Images are primarily of the Canadian North-West along with portraits of Pocock and others, Mexico, Canadian Prairies, and Noway. Images were either taken by Pocock or purchased during his travels and usually correlate to the places he visited, as documented through his scrapbooks, diaries, and published autobiographies. Series is arranged chronologically into nine subseries: Portraits, Images of British Columbia, Journey from Fort Macleod to Mexico City, Journey with Randle Cecil, Images of the Canadian Prairies, Journey to Spitzbergen, Images used in Chorus to Adventurers, Semi-Retirement at Charterhouse, and Trip to Canada.

Series 2 Published/Printed Materials

Series documents some of the published works by Pocock, about Pocock, of about the Legion of Frontiersmen. It includes books, articles, and a musical score by Pocock, as well as biographies about Pocock and articles and handbooks from the Legion of Frontiersmen. Series is arranged into three subseries: Books by Pocock, Other publications by Pocock, and Publications by others.

Series 1 Personal Papers

Series documents the travels and occupations of Roger Pocock and consists of the personal papers of Pocock, including scrapbooks, diaries, correspondence, and other miscellaneous documents such as correspondence and contracts regarding the publication of his books, ephemera about his lecture series or from his travels, and documents from his services with the North-West Mounted Police and British fishing fleets. The geographical coverage of these records is global but primarily covers North-West Canada.

Serial novel "By My Own Hand" [ca. 1896]

Clippings pasted onto scrapbook sheets of the serial novel "By My Own Hand" by Pocock. The periodical publication and date are unknown, but it is likely around the time Pocock's book The Dragon Slayer (1896) was published.

Roger Pocock Archive

  • FC 3216.3 P63 R64
  • Collection
  • 1880 - 1991, predominant 1881 - 1931

The Roger Pocock Archive comprises records created by or about Roger Pocock. Records created and collected by Pocock were done so over the course of his life and reflect his travels, occupations, and correspondence. These records include his scrapbooks, diaries, letters, contracts, clippings, published materials, photographs, and postcards. Records about Pocock were mostly created posthumously and include biographies and documents about the Legion of Frontiersmen. The archive is arranged into three series: Personal Papers, Published/Printed Materials, and Photographs and Postcards.

Pocock, Roger

Potrait of Roger Pocock (1903)

Portrait of Pocock wearing a light-coloured button-up shirt and a bandana around his neck. Text on reverse reads "Roger Pocock, photograph taken in London in 1903" and writing reads "Pictorial Mag".

Postcard of St. Peters Dome, OR

Postcard of St. Peters Dome (rock formation) and the Columbia River in the background. Caption on front reads "St. Peters Dome & Columbia River" and on reverse "On the Road of a Thousand Wonders (Oregon); Pub. by Pacific Novelty Co. at S. F., Cal."

Postcard of Silverton, BC

Postcard over looking Silverton, BC, on Slocan Lake. Caption on front reads "Silverton, B.C." and on reverse "Publ. by Chas F. Nelson, New Denver, B.C. No. 1 Made in Germany".

Postcard of railway along Skeena River, BC

A postcard of the Skeena River in BC from along the Grand Trunk Pacific train track. Caption on front reads "Grand Trunk Pacific Track along the Skeena River, B.C." and on reverse reads "The Valentine & Sons' Publishing Co., Ltd. Montreal and Toronto, Printed in Great Britain, "Grand Trunk Pacific Railway"". It is unlikely that Pocock and Cecil visited the Skeena River and this was likely purchased while in Vancouver.

Postcard of rabbits near Lakeview, OR

Postcard of rabbits behind a fence on a snowy field. Caption on front reads "Rabbit Drive, near Lakeview, Oregon, Feb. 5th, 1911. 1811--Rabbits killed in Pen."

Postcard of Peace River Valley, AB

Postcard of a scenic view of Peace River Valley. Caption on front reads "Scene at dawn. Peace River Valley" and text on reverse reads "Series No. 138. "Copyright" The H. Enida Olive Co'y Ltd Calgary Canada". It is improbable that Pocock and Cecil ever visited Ft. Vermilion and this was likely purchased while in Calgary.

Postcard of Peace River at Ft. Vermilion, AB

Postcard of a steam boot on Peace River at Ft. Vermilion. Caption on front reads "Early Morning on Peace River at Ft. Vermillion[sic]" and text on reverse reads "Series No. 151. "Copyright" The H. Enida Olive Co'y Ltd Calgary. Canada." It is improbable that Pocock and Cecil ever visited Ft. Vermilion and this was likely purchased while in Calgary.

Postcard of log cabin in Oregon

Postcard of a log cabin in a forested area in Oregon. Caption on front reads "A Pioneer's Home among the Firs, Oregon" and on reverse reads "On the Road of a Thousand Wonders (Oregon). Pub. by Pacific Novelty Co. of S. F., Cal."

Postcard of dogsled in winter along Skeena River, BC

Postcard of a several dogsled teams in the winter in a forested area with mountains in the background. Caption on front reads "Mail Teams, Skeens River, B.C., During Construction of G.T.P.R.R." and on reverse reads "Pub. by McRae Bros., Ltd. Prince Rupert, B.C., Printed in Great Britain". It is unlikely that Pocock and Cecil visited the Skeena River and this was likely purchased while in Vancouver.

Portrait of unidentified man [1907 - 1929]

Postcard of an unidentified man sitting in an ornate chair. Writing on reverse reads "Vincent-Mitchell Studios; 1022 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 111 W. Lexington St., Baltimore, Md."

Portrait of Pocock in buckskin coat

Portrait of Pocock wearing a fringed buckskin coat. Writing on reverse reads "Cookham Monument" and text reads "Roger Pocock, photographed about 1900".

Poem by Eleanor C. Waring (1931)

A typewritten poem that is either dated 12 April 1931 or is titled "April 12th 1931" by Eleanor C. Waring. The words "Ronaele England" are crossed out at the bottom of the page.

Pocock, Roger. The Arctic Night. N.p.: n.p. [1896]

Fiction book: Pocock, Roger. The Arctic Night. N.p.: n.p., [1896]. Contains only the text block and no title page. Stamped periodically throughout with "Richard Clay & Sons, Limited; Bungay; 18 AUG 96".

Pocock, Roger

Pocock, Roger. Sword and Dragon. London: Hodder and Stoughton. (1909)

Pocock, Roger. Sword and Dragon. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1909. No signatures. Left within the pages it contains an envelope of photographic negatives of unidentified people and a small watercolour painting of "A Glimpse of the North Saskatchewan, 5:30 pm July 5th 1886. Prince Albert". Both the painting and writing are indicative of Pocock's hand.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock, Roger. Horses. London: John Murray. (1917)

Non-fiction book written by Roger Pocock: Pocock, Roger. Horses. London: John Murray, 1917. Signed by Pocock for Sam Steele and Harwood Steele. Originally owned by Sam Steele, the book was transferred to Harwood Steele in 1935.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1904)

Pocock's 1904 scrapbook consisting of graphic and textual materials that document his travels from Denmark to Greenland.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of people, ships, and places related to Pocock's expedition from Denmark to Greenland.
Brief diary entries of the day-to-day events from 19 December 1903 to 28 December 1904.
Letter of recommendation for Pocock from the Marquees of Landsdowne to supply an introduction to the Majesty's Minister in Copenhagen in attempt to let Pocock join the expedition from Denmark to Greenland, dated 19 April 1904.
Map of Copenhagen.
Map that charts the passage of Pocock's ship from Denmark to Greenland.
Hand-drawn maps of the area around Disko Bugt, and Upernivik.
Imprints of places around Denmark and Germany.
Watercolour and acrylic paintings of landscapes and seascapes from Denmark to Greenland.
Articles written by Pocock of his Greenland expedition called "The More Northerly House on Earth" and of the war in Russia such as "Russian Discontent", "Russia at War", "Russia in War Time", "The Russian Peasant Who is Revolting against the Government", and "Father Ivan - A Worker of Miracles".

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1903 - 1904)

Pocock's 1903-1904 scrapbook consisting of graphic and textual materials related to his publications, travels in the UK, and other interests.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of Lena Ashwell, and unidentified portraits.
Sketch by Oliver Herford.
Letters from Rudyard Kipling and S.R. James
Clippings of reviews for Pocock's book "A Frontiersman", articles about Lena Ashwell, interview with Pocock, articles related to Pocock's interests, and articles and stories written by Pocock including "In the Land of Death", "Hunting in Western America", "Fur Farming in England", "The Mythological Gardens", "The City of Death", "The Black Box", "Christmas in Strange Places", "A Capitol Felony", "The Joys of a Cowboy's Life", "A Lord on the Range", "Amor de Cosmos", and "A Matter of Robbers".
Watercolour paintings and sketches of landscapes, buildings, and Munslow.
Imprints of Steele, villages in the UK, Blackfoot people, and Cowboys.
Playbill for play with Lena Ashwell.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1902 - 1903)

Pocock's 1902-1903 scrapbook consisting of textual and graphic materials related to his publications and travels in Europe.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of his sister, Daisy; himself in profile; and various individuals and scenes that illustrate Pocock's articles, such as men on horses.
Sketched portraits of Daisy and a self portrait.
Oil painting entitled "A Mother's Vision".
Watercolour paintings of landscapes, seascapes, unidentified people, and scenes of Bergen, Trondhjem, and Gardenstown.
Clippings of articles and stories written by Pocock including the "Great Adventurers" series and "A Gap in the World", "The Yokohoma Pirates", "The Lost Trooper", "The Terror on the Ice", "The War on the Skeena", "A British Consul's Daily Life", "The Search for Death", "North-West Mounted Police", "Hunting a Horse Thief", and "The Flying Dutchman".
Imprints of RCMP, Lena Ashwell and buildings and people in Trondhjem, Gardenstown, Aberdeen, and Banff, UK.
Ephemera including a ticket to see the coronation of King Edward VII, a menu, and various items from "The Nameless Club"
Diary entries for the years 1902-1903 (sparse).
Letter to Daisy.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1901 - 1903)

Pocock's 1901-1903 scrapbook consisting of graphic and textual material related to his travels, publications, and involvement in the Boer War.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of Pocock's family, White Fraser's Troop in Strathcona's (some people in photo identified), and scenes and people of the Boer War.
Watercolour paintings of soldier from Boer War, seascapes, interior and exterior views of boats, landscape of camp during Boer War, and various portraits.
Maps of Egypt and South Africa.
Clippings of Lena Ashwell's plays and performances, Lena Ashwell's obituary, the Duke of Cornwall's visit to Canada, and various articles related to Pocock's interests. Also includes clippings of stories and articles written by Pocock including "The Cargador", "Sundered Hearts", and "The Trail of Red Macleod".
Brochure published by Pocock's father.
Imprint cuttings of New Orleans; cathedrals and buildings in Pouen, Teneriffe and other parts of Spain; Durban; South Africa; Zuzuland; Cape Town; and other regions of Africa.
Letters to and from Pocock, including one from A.J. Dawson, journalist and author.
Diary entries for the years 1901-1903 about his travels.
Certificate of discharge as Assistant Steward from the Ship, "Rossall" (1901).
Ephemera such as railway tickets, permission ships, travelling pass, list of men taking discharge in April 1902.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1897 - [1900])

Pocock's 1897 scrapbook containing mostly textual and graphic materials about his trip to Mexico. It also consists of cuttings of his publications and photographs.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of identified NWMP officers at Diamond Jubilee, NMWP outside at Fort Macleod (Steele and company), Blackfoot people, camp etc. on 4 July 1897 in Montana and Fort Macleod, unidentified landscapes, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, white horse bought in Chihuahua, Mexico, purchased photographs of Apache and Navajo people, many photos related to the Mexico ride.
Imprint cuttings of Indigenous people, NWMP, and pictures of Lena Ashwell.
Sketch of Pocock
Letters from John Barrie of Surrey, and Lloyd's Weekly and a letter about the sale of his father's house (with his father's signature on letter).
Cuttings of articles written by Pocock including the series about his ride to Mexico for Lloyd's Weekly, "Hunting in Western America", "Louis Riel's Private Diary", "Our Adventure Series", "A Matter of Anarchists", " A World in Flames", "A Race Round the Horn", "The Voyage of a Pirate", and "Most Wonderful Regiment in the World". There are also cuttings of various topics of interest to Pocock.
Bills of sale.
Diary entries about his ride to Mexico.
Maps of Arizona, New Mexico, Montana.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1891 - 1894)

Pocock's 1891-1894 scrapook consists of approximately 56 sheets of textual and graphic items plus tipped in and loose items. This scrapbook consists of written entries about his extensive travels along with original sketches and imprint cuttings that supplement his descriptions. The diary entries are mostly tipped in. There are also many clippings of Pocock's published articles and stories, and many of the articles are supplemented by photographs taken by Pocock. The scrapbook also contain clippings and other ephemera of Pocock's interests.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of family and others, mostly unidentified; Cartagena, people and places around Kootenay, Istanbul, mines, miners, and mining equipment; ports and ships; and people and places in Crimea.
Imprint cuttings of areas and places including New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Little Falls, New Hampshire, Virginia, Gibraltar, Seville, Tangier, Niagara Falls, The U.K., and Marseilles.
Theatre programs (often featuring Lena Ashwell) and concert programs.
Sketches of places around the U.K. such as Newcastle on Tyne, and other places such as Seville, Marseilles, Tangier, Cartagena, Sierra Nevada, and Cookham. There are also sketches of unidentified landscapes, seaports, buildings, and boats
Diary entries for the years 1891-1894, including descriptions of his travels from the UK to Lisbon, Gibraltar, Valencia, Cadiz, Algiers, to Tangier, and within the Black Sea.
Clippings of articles and stories written by Pocock including descriptions of the Behring Sea, Montana and of Sebastapol (sic)[Sevastopol, Crimea], "Ishmael", "A Romance of the Cornish Coast", "The Arrest of Deerfoot", "Brimstone Pete", "The Glory of Arms", "A Cowboy in Charge", "The Queen of the Dogger", and "Jameson's Raid". Other articles also include reviews for Pococks book "The Rules of the Game".
Certificates of discharge for Pocock from the services of the Board of Trade of the United Kingdom.
Hand-drawn maps of Gibraltar, Lisbon, Chideok, Istanbul, and the Sevastopol harbour.
Letters to his father and his sister, Daisy, and from various publishers such as Charles Dickens Jr., Stuart Reid, James Stogg, Oswald Crawford, Methuen & Co., and others.
Musical score for "The Ranchman's Bridal Song" written by Pocock and composed by E. Evelyn Barron.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1890 - 1891)

Pocock's [1890-1891] scrapbook consists of approximately 163 sheets of newspaper clippings, handwritten entries, sketches, and photographs.
Scrapbook contains:
Sketches of a dugout canoe, Coeur d'Alene camp, Astoria, Kootenay area, Columbia River, Mt. Ranier, B.C. interior (Douglas Lake trail), Nelson Lake, and colour paintings of the [Kootenay Mines?].
Imprint cuttings of Nanaimo, Fort Victoria, the Columbia River, Kootenay area, Fort Astoria, wildlife, the "Duchess" on the Columbia River, Shuswap area, cartoons, Nelson and area, No. 2 Kodak camera, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area, Oregon, Columbia River, Montana area, San Francisco, Grand River, and Colorado area.
Clippings of published articles and stories written by Pocock including "Jack's Hearth", "The Muir Glacier", "Historical Notes", "The Streamer Beaver", "Discovery of Gold in B.C.", "A Kootenay Scheme", "In a Mining Camp (Oregon)" that includes sketches, various letters to the editor, and poems "The Gold Miner" and "The Lumberman". Other clippings includes articles from the Victoria newspaper, the need for advertising B.C., and articles about the Kootenay area, particularly the mines.
Postcards (loose) of the Grand Trunk Pacific track along the Skeena River, scenes at Hazelton, B.C., and mail teams (dog sled) at Skeena River during construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
Letters from Pocock to his father, and his sisters, Rose and Daisy, and a letter to Pocock from J.A. MacPherson of Boston, MA.
Diary entries including accounts of his travels in Kootenay, Idaho, and Oregon.
Published maps of Nelson, B.C., "Map to Accompany Report of Supt. S.B. Steele Commanding the Detachment of Mounted Police in British Columbia", and Idaho
Hand-drawn map of Wallace, ID.
Notice of mining claim stake (July 1890).
Pamphlet about Columbia.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1890)

Pocock's 1890 scrapbook consists mostly of large photographs and imprint cuttings of British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains.
Scrapbook contains:
Imprint cuttings of scenes of B.C. and the Rocky Mountains.
Photographs of Kicking Horse Pass, Rodger's Pass, mountain scenes, Indigenous people, scenes of Bella Coola, Victoria, portraits (most unidentified), Lizzie Denny, two women convocating in caps and gowns, people and scenes of Port Essington, scenes of Skeena River, Fraser River First Nations, and scenes of Fraser River.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1888)

Pocock's 1888 scrapbook consists of textual and graphic material related his travels in British Columbia and Alaska.

Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of small portraits of unnamed people, wildlife, and scenes of British Columbia and Alaska.
Clippings of reviews of his book, "Tales of Western Life", articles about Alaska, articles about Pocock's travels and visits with Indigenous people, published critiques on his writing, a published editorial on Pocock's condemnation of how Indigenous people are being treated by the government, jokes and humourous stories, and current events.
Sketches and paintings of scenes in British Columbia and Alaska, totems, and Indigenous people.
Diary entries for the year 1888.
Letters to his father, his sister, Ethel, and from various people (such as lawyers and character references for Pocock).
Maps of British Columbia.
Typewritten manuscript copies of Pocock's stories "A Modern Pirate: The Story of an Adventure in Behring Sea" (35 pages) and "Seventh Watch: The Yokohama Pirates" (28 pages).

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1887 - 1888)

Pocock's 1887-1888 scrapbook consists of approximately 71 sheets of handwritten entries, cuttings of articles and imprints either pasted or tipped in, and letters kept loosely between pages.

Scrapbook contains:
Diary entries for the years 1887-1888
Handwritten financial records.
Notifications of his publication "Tales of Western Life".
Sketches of buildings and paintings of "Day After the Fire - June 14th,1886" (artist not credited).
Letters to his father (handwritten and typewritten), Frank, and his sister, Daisy.
Manuscript copy of "The Tale of a Tenderfoot".
Imprint cuttings of ranching, scenery, landscapes and towns of British Columbia, RCMP, trains and train stations, Calgary, wildlife, and Indigenous people.
Article clippings of jokes, religious editorials, and articles about his injury of breaking his arm.
Maps of British Columbia.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1887)

Pocock's 1887 scrapbook consists of approximately 53 leaves of textual and graphic material. Most pages of pasted or tipped in clippings and imprints and handwritten diary entries and letters for the year 1887.

Scrapbook contains:
Sketches of Fort William.
Letters to and from his father, to Mr. Keeper, to his mother, to his sisters, Rose and Daisy, and others. Notable are the telegram telling Pocock of his mother's fatal injury from being thrown from a carriage and the critique of "Spirit of the Plains".
Photographs of his mother on her deathbed and various landscapes.
Imprint cuttings related to Indigenous life, Toronto scenes, Ottawa scenes, Canadian sports, wildlife, and landscapes.
Newsclippings of book reviews, news articles, history of the NWMP, article about his mother's death, jokes, poems (of some Pocock is the author), and current events.
Diary entries for 1887.
Hand-drawn map of Quebec area near Ottawa.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1886)

Pocock's 1886 scrapbook contains handwritten entries (many dated), numerous tipped and pasted in original sketches and paintings, autograph letters, and clippings. A few pages have clippings pasted over diary entries.
It is bound in quarter brown leather and marbled boards, with paper label on the cover (labeled "1886" in picture-like font). A bookplate states "Be Traist" ("Be Faithful", the crest of the Innes Clan).

Scrapbook contains:
Diary entries of important events, which were either personally experienced by Pocock or gathered first-hand from those directly involved.
Sketches and watercolour paintings of people, NWMP personnel, and scenes of life in camps and forts.
Letters to his mother, father, and sisters.
Imprint cuttings of various barracks and forts located on the Canadian Prairies, prairie wildlife and scenery, events, cities and towns on the Canadian Prairies, Indigenous people, scenes of ranching and hunting.
Handwritten entries of poetry and short stories, costs of goods, and pay rates of the different ranks within the NWMP.
Hand-drawn map of a section of the North Saskatchewan by Goshen (now Prince Albert), Saskatchewan.
Newspaper clippings related to the prairies and NWMP, and of anecdotes and jokes.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Scrapbook (1885)

Pocock's 1885 scrapbook contains approximately 70 pages, with entries (many dated) in a very legible hand, numerous tipped-in and loosely inserted original drawings, autograph letters, illustrations, and clippings. A few leaves have clippings pasted over manuscript entries.

It is bound in quarter maroon leather and marbled boards, with paper label on the cover (labeled "1885"). A bookplate states "Be Traist" ("Be Faithful", the crest of the Innes Clan).

Entries record important events, which were either personally experienced or gathered first-hand from those directly involved. Shortly after his entry into the N.W.M.P., Pocock was immersed in the official response to the uprisings known as the North West Rebellion of 1885. His 1885 scrapbook conveys the activities related to the military operations, as he had access to direct information. He also records valuable observations of his life as a N.W.M.P. officer. He compiled a list of duty-related statistics (kit prices, N.W.M.P. personnel statistics, expenses, deaths, distance, and important dates with incidents noted), and transcriptions from other sources (including Riel's personal diary). The scrapbook is illustrated with his own pencil and ink sketches and drawings. Included are letters written to his family telling of his experiences with the N.W.M.P. and events relative to the North West uprising, some illustrated with drawings and maps, apparently retrieved for inclusion in the diary books which were to become the source for his planned autobiography. Interspersed throughout the scrapbooks are short stories, poems, and other jottings. Notably this scrapbook contains an early and very faded photograph of Big Bear.

Pocock Scrapbook (1882 - 1884)

Scrapbook consists of typewritten diary accounts for the years of 1882-1884. Cuttings and lithographs are either pasted or tipped in. Loose diary entries and letters are contained in envelopes, which are tipped in intermittently throughout the scrapbook.
Scrapbook contains:
Photographs of graves on C.P.R. construction; voyage across Atlantic in 1882; and Lake Superior.
Diary accounts of Pocock aboard the "Peruvian" for a cross-Atlantic passage (approximately 89 pages of loose, handwritten entries); "Narrative of occurrences from the date of my departure from England to the end of the year 1882" (typewritten, with sketches, clippings, and maps); "Narrative to replace diary of the year 1883 which was stolen at Prince Albert N.W.T. in 1886 (1887)" (handwritten, with imprint cuttings, map, and sketches); and "Narrative to replace diary stolen at Prince Albert in 1886, of the events of my life during the year 1884 (1887)" (handwritten, with interspersed imprint cuttings, letters, maps, and sketches).
Imprint cuttings of Alexandria; 1000 islands; R.H. Lindsay sketches of Quesbec; animals; Port Arthur architecture; Lake Winnipeg; and the North-West (Red River to Hudson's Bay).
Sketches of Ontario and Quebec ("Sketches made from 'Picturesque Canada' during my convalescence in Prince Albert N.W.T. at the time of the Rebellion - Spring 1885").
Letters to father and mother.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Diary (1921, Vol. I)

Pocock's 1921, Vol. 1, diary mostly consists of notes and diary entries taken during an expedition to Spitzbergen, Norway, with Oxford University.

Diary contains:
Sea chanties [sic] and songs.
Clippings of [train?] schedules (in Swedish).
Diary entries for 13 May 1921 to 31 July [1922?] covering his expedition to Spitzberg with Oxford University
Sketches of geological features to supplement written descriptions.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Diary (1921, Vol. 2)

Pocock's 1921, Vol. 2, scrapbook mostly consisting of notes and diary entries taken during an expedition to Spitzbergen, Norway, with Oxford University. Many entries are undated.

Scrapbook contains:
Map of Spitzbergen.
Letters about the Expedition to Spitzbergen.
Descriptions of various fish from the region.
Observations of Norway, including geological features, climate, and cultural practices.
Diary entries covering his expedition to Spitzbergen with Oxford University and various other topics. Entries are inconsistently dated; Pocock seems to be recording various memories.
Sketches of geological features to supplement written descriptions.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Diary (1913)

Pocock's 1913 diary containing mostly brief notes and entries of his activities, meetings, and travels with Randle Ceceil.

Diary contains:
Receipt from Calgary Sales Repository for two horses (one sorrel gelding and one buckskin gelding), dated 20 June 1913.
Instructions of what to do with diary in case of accident to Pocock.
Clipping of review for Pocock's novel "The Cheerful Blackguard".
Diary entries from 13 May 1913 to 24 December 1913 about his activities, meetings, and travels with Randle Cecil through British Columbia.
Lists of food, dinnerware, and other goods.

Pocock, Roger

Pocock Diary (1881)

Pocock's diary for 1881. Though the diary is printed for the year of 1880, Pocock used it to record his activities and other events for 1881. On the first page is written, "My diary is that for 1881 and all dates must be altered for 1880." It consists of short, occasional handwritten entries; one tipped in document of Pocock's confirmation for 10 May 1881; one tipped in original sketch by Pocock of the Logan Rocks at Tintagel Castle, Land's End in England; and handwritten records of his finances. Recorded entries include specific personal events such as his confirmation and his uncle George's death; lectures he attended at the School of Submarine Telegraphy); activities; church attendance; visits; travel logs such as going to see his father in London; work schedule at shipyards; and jokes. He records his cash accounts at the back of the diary.

Pocock, Roger

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