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Copy of Police Report of Calgary Saloon Inspection

Two page mimeographed copy of a letter written to the Commissioner of the NWMP in Regina by J.H. McIllree Supt. Commanding “E” Division.
The letter contains extracts from a police report written by Corporal Walker. Corporal Walker conducted an inspection of Pullman Saloon which is “normally kept by J. McNeil” but is actually kept by a local man known as “Smithey” who is described as “the most notorious of the whiskey men in Calgary.” All kinds of whiskey and intoxicants were found on the property, covered by permits largely made out to “Smithey” under variations of his own name, the name of “a woman he keeps” and a bartender.
Sgd. McIllree claims his recommendation that permits not be issued to these individuals “has been over-ruled . . . by the personal exertions of the Judge of the Supreme Court and the members of the legislative assembly for this District.”

McIlree, John Henry

General Correspondence - 1902

General Correspondence – Personal letters, re: various matters; includes letters from family members; John McIllree; Lily McIllree; W.M. Herchmer; and material sent from a real estate agent in Toronto with information about farms for sale in Ontario counties, etc. Handwritten; Typewritten.

Herchmer, Lawrence William, Commissioner, NWMP

General Correspondence - 1910

General Correspondence – Personal letters, re: various matters; includes letters from J.H. McIllree and from the son of Lord Gordon-Gordon seeking information about his father’s death in Fort Garry years earlier. Handwritten.

McIlree, John Henry

NWMP Correspondence - Incoming, 1894, 1895

Letters from United States Indian Department agents discussing topics of concerns to both sides of the border, and a letter dated October 23rd, 1894 to SBS from the Office of the Commissioner, NWMP and marked private. The letter details the need for ensuring the force does not grow too large, and economic restraints are recognized. The letter is signed by [J.H. McIlree].

McIlree, John Henry